Episode 86

February 05, 2024


Sony's Answer to Elden Ring Revealed - EP 86

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Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
Sony's Answer to Elden Ring Revealed - EP 86
Oceanic Gaming Radio
Sony's Answer to Elden Ring Revealed - EP 86

Feb 05 2024 | 01:46:02


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[00:00:01] Speaker A: That's confirmed money income stream, isn't it, Grizz? [00:00:04] Speaker B: We are recording. Fuck, man. Content creation, dude. Holy shit. [00:00:11] Speaker A: Yeah, that's definite big spondulies. [00:00:14] Speaker B: How do you make money in content creation, Cap? Only fans. [00:00:19] Speaker A: Yeah, that's about it. [00:00:23] Speaker B: No, in all seriousness, I think you've got to do the multipronged attack and do everything you possibly can on every possible platform. Yeah? [00:00:35] Speaker A: You've got a no life at big time and got a fuck. Go hard. [00:00:41] Speaker B: Only fans. [00:00:44] Speaker A: What a name. [00:00:45] Speaker B: I love that. That's good. [00:00:48] Speaker A: That is baller. [00:00:51] Speaker B: Quickly. How are cap and I's levels? They look good on my end. They look pretty balanced. [00:00:58] Speaker A: How do we sound? [00:01:01] Speaker B: Sound all right? [00:01:02] Speaker A: Sound good. [00:01:04] Speaker B: Sound good at cheese? [00:01:09] Speaker A: Good cheese. Thank you. Please. [00:01:12] Speaker B: Excellent. All right. [00:01:15] Speaker A: Let me know when you want me to start it off. Grizzler. [00:01:17] Speaker B: Yeah, mate. Ready when you give it a bit of a kick. All right. [00:01:20] Speaker A: I'll do the old three, two, one. Count to five and we'll go. [00:01:22] Speaker B: All right? Give it a kick in the teeth. [00:01:25] Speaker A: Three, two, one. [00:01:36] Speaker B: Wow. Wait. [00:01:43] Speaker A: Wild ice. G'day and welcome to Oceanic Gaming Radio. It is the 5 February 2024. My name is Captain Perth. It's episode 86. 80 alongside me, as always. Grizzly gave me 86. [00:02:07] Speaker B: Look. [00:02:08] Speaker A: Wild. [00:02:10] Speaker B: Wow. One in 86. That's pretty cool. [00:02:13] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:02:13] Speaker B: Never going to happen again. [00:02:15] Speaker A: Yeah, it's the first and the last time we get to make that draw between your name and the episode number. Mate, how's things? How you been? [00:02:24] Speaker B: What's been going on, mate? I've been good, Cap, been really good. Had a great weekend. We had another show on Saturday night in Northbridge at a place called Sir Henry's, and we've secured a fortnightly gig there, basically up until April. Every couple of weeks we're there, which is cool. And it's pretty cool. I may have said it last time, I can't remember, but they're trying to build, like, a grunge rock kind of scene there, so it's really fun. Really fun. Big shout outs to our good friend and longtime listener John, aka Manoff. Q, a mod in my twitch channel. Met John from streaming, but just a real legend. He was there all night Saturday night with his missus, drinking heap of beers. And he was saying that him and his workmates listen to us as they're driving around to jobs. They listen to the weekly show. So shout out to a bunch of. [00:03:17] Speaker A: Legends on you guys. Thanks for putting us in your ears. That's wicked nice, mate. So what was the venue again, mate? Young Henry's it's called Sir Henry's. [00:03:28] Speaker B: It is an irish bar in Northbridge. It's only been open for a couple of weeks now and apparently they've got really good Guinness on tap. So if you're a Guinness drinker, maybe you're from the UK or you're looking for something for a real nice pint. I know that they're hard to come by in Perth, but apparently they do a pretty mean Guinness down there. [00:03:49] Speaker A: They must do the special pour. You remember how to do the special pour, Grizz? [00:03:52] Speaker B: I do remember how to do a special pour there. It's like a three part pour or something. Then you got to back pour it with the low pressure and stuff. Long time since I've done a little. [00:04:01] Speaker A: Put a little, what do you call clover on the top of that, mate? So if people did, per se, they wanted to go and check it out because they're in Perth. How do they do it? [00:04:13] Speaker B: Well, you can catch us from our Facebook page called Renegades of Rock. We're the only renegades of rock in Australia. In Perth. We post all of our shows there. I believe we're there not this weekend, but the following weekend, I think. I can't remember. I put the dates in my diary. But yeah, catch us. We'll usually live 08:00 p.m. And it's a good time. It's a good time for. Come by for a pint of Guinness and say hello to me. [00:04:41] Speaker A: Good day. [00:04:41] Speaker B: Come say good day, cap. I also caught up with our mate Pete on Sunday, came over and I bought eight very strong beers. I got a four pack of juices and then a four pack of 7% ipas. And Pete and I, by the end of the afternoon, were definitely slurring our words a little bit. [00:05:00] Speaker A: Big fan of that. Nice. [00:05:02] Speaker B: Good catch up. [00:05:03] Speaker A: Good stuff, mate. Yeah, I caught up with him a little while ago. I think it was a weekend before last, did the old zoo trip, which was lovely. So I'm actually going to catch up with him on Friday to go and watch a mate do some comedy stuff. Should be good. So I won't be drinking beers because it's the year of no beers for capo. [00:05:23] Speaker B: What is going to be your alcohol of choice then? [00:05:26] Speaker A: I've just been smashing vodka sodas. [00:05:28] Speaker B: Yeah, vodka sodas. Yeah. Very nice. Do you know how many calories is in a vodka soda? Is it like pretty much fucking nothing or what? [00:05:35] Speaker A: So the only calories are in the alcohol? Pretty much. Which are fixed. You can't really do much about it. And I think vodka is one of the lowest calorie alcohols you can get. Essentially. I think a shot is about 90 calories or just under. [00:05:52] Speaker B: When you think about alcohol, if you're looking at to be in a deficit, someone around my size is about 2000 calories per day. And when you think if you've got a vodka and soda and that's basically 100 calories just from the shot of vodka, you have ten vodkas, mate, and that's half your daily you cooked. How much is in a pint of beer? Like a good couple of hundred? [00:06:15] Speaker A: Varies big time. But it would be. I mean, your average beer is what? Well, for a pint, 565 mils. And like a can of beer is probably pushing 300 calories and that's 330 mils. So maybe 400 ish, which is fucked. That is a meal. [00:06:33] Speaker B: And you're at 4000 calories. You got to go and have a kebab at the end of the night. Captain, that's a good 800 or something, probably. [00:06:40] Speaker A: Well, I know it's a rite of passage. You can't leave without having a kebab. That's what I mean, mate. Beer makes life so much more difficult when you're trying to be in a calorie deficit, which I'm trying to do. So I went, you know what? I'm just going to make it this year. It's just one thing I have to think about, because I've already made the decision not to have it the whole year. [00:07:00] Speaker B: Cap. Yeah, no beers the whole year. [00:07:02] Speaker A: No beers the year of no beer. January 1. I've got a cheeky monkey. Portuguese tart sour. Ready to go as soon as I hit the 1. [00:07:13] Speaker B: January. Lovely. Yeah. [00:07:17] Speaker A: So I'm ready. [00:07:19] Speaker B: And what else have you been doing, capo? How's the weekend? What's been happening? [00:07:23] Speaker A: Well, look, we had a fair bit on last weekend. I had a mate, one of my besties, old sleepy. He had his 30 something 33rd. So we just went and caught up with him and we went to. It's called x golf, which is that VR golf thing. And that was really good fun. Went and did nine holes in Scotland somewhere. Good deal. [00:07:53] Speaker B: What's that? Big St. Andrews? Was it St. Andrews? [00:07:55] Speaker A: I don't think it was St. Andrews. I think it was one nearby, though. Pretty well known course, but apparently they update the courses every so often. And when they do the updates, they're not playable in the VR for a little while because they've been. I don't know. I don't know. Either way, we couldn't play St. Andrews. Everyone was spewing, but we played something pretty close and it was a brutally difficult course. But your boy capo came out on top. I think I shot like 46 or something, which is ridiculous. Not bad for some. [00:08:28] Speaker B: What was that short game or your long game cap? Where were you shining? [00:08:31] Speaker A: My drives were ridiculously good, actually. Yeah, and I haven't played golf for a very long time and these guys will play weekly. [00:08:40] Speaker B: Do you take your own clubs in there for this? [00:08:43] Speaker A: They did. I just borrowed theirs because I couldn't be fucked taking mine. I was going to go and dust off all the cobwebs and get my clubs out, so I thought, fuck it. But, yeah, it was really good. We had a few drinks there and just played nine holes. And it's definitely the way to play golf on a hot day, grizz, because, man, you're in air conditioning, you got a couch, you just get up, have a swing, off you go. Moving along. It's great. Really good fun. But yeah. So I can definitely recommend. And then went and had a few beverages at a local pub. More vodka sodas for big capo. And then we had a first birth, a second birthday party in the afternoon for a friend of the family. And then what we do Sunday. I was just a bit cooked, honestly. I've had a really big few weeks. Well, a few months, actually, at work and I think it's starting to slowly catch up with me and I was just really knackered. So had a bit of a slow one, honestly. We've got like a really big project that's wrapping up in about a week and a half from today. And, yeah, coming up to that has just been like a lot of work. So just doing. I did a couple of late nights during the week last week just to try and knock some stuff out so I didn't have to think about it too hard during the week. [00:09:59] Speaker B: You just turned into a real adult cat. [00:10:02] Speaker A: Yeah, pretty much. And it's happened very quickly over a year and it's pretty abrasive, may I say. It's pretty rough. Anyway, so, yeah, that was my weekend and actually played a couple of video games as well, mate. But more about that shortly. Let's dive straight bloody in, mate. Firstly, just want to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful weekly listeners on the Spotify's the Apple podcasts, the Google podcasts. Whatever you listen to, don't care. But we do care about you guys listening to it, regardless of where you are, if you want to do so and join other legends. If you're watching live, you can do so by going to your favorite podcast platform and search up oceanic gaming radio or go to OGR show and follow the prompts on that website. Now, regardless, if you do do that, you have to do us one big solid, and that is give us a five star review. We actually copped our first non five star review. That was get fucked, will you? [00:11:03] Speaker B: You know what? I actually reckon that's an indication that people not within our circle are listening to the podcast. So I think someone gave us a four, I'm pretty sure. [00:11:12] Speaker A: But you know what? I'll cop a four is pretty good. [00:11:16] Speaker B: Loz once said to me that you don't want to be a five star anything because that's either an indication that. [00:11:21] Speaker A: You'Ve paid for it. [00:11:22] Speaker B: You bought your fucking reviews. [00:11:24] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:11:24] Speaker B: You kind of want to be a 4.8. Yeah. [00:11:28] Speaker A: Which we are now. [00:11:29] Speaker B: Which we are on Spotify. We are. [00:11:38] Speaker A: Required anyway, so there you go. We'd really appreciate four star review or just tell someone about us. We really appreciate either of those two commitments to the podcast. Now, if you would like to watch this live, you can do so by going to twitch tv. Following us thereoceanicgamingradio and we go live every Monday night from 07:00 p.m. Australian western standard time. You can join such legends as Fancy Badger, Aus Slatos, lush 50 and me, and grizzly gaming. What could you possibly want? Yeah, it's about as good as it gets. To further spread the love and share the thank yous massive thank you to our wonderful patreons. Thank you so much for your continued financial support in these dire, dark economic times. They are the following bloody legends. Sukai, Moosey, caging, runt, Sergeant Paul Lee, GD Jlibbs, Brendan, Dan, fantastic strops and slatos. What a troupe of just absolute rippers. Appreciate you guys mentally. If you want to join them, you can go to patreon.com ogrshow and chuck your credit card details in and jump on one of the tiers. We'd appreciate it. All right, on with the show. Big old freaking quest log tonight. Yeah, there's a lot in there. Okay, but we're going to start right off the top with the hotness. Everyone's been talking about it. Power world. Grizzly hadn't managed to jump back in recently. [00:13:15] Speaker B: Power world. No, I have not. I have not jumped back in, but I probably won't because it's not really for me. But I am glad that I played it just to get a taste. What about you? Have you been rocking it? [00:13:29] Speaker A: Yeah, look, I think I've gotten what I want out of it as well. Grizzly gaming. I think I ended up with about 20 hours. I made my first gun, all that kind of shit. And I could just feel the scaling of things not going in the way I was hoping it would for a solo player. And things were just becoming difficult to mine and collect and, oh, you know, it's good. I really like what they're doing, and I think this is a really good representation of, I guess, what I maybe want out of a monster collectible game these days and what Pokemon isn't really doing for me. And I hope that, personally, I would love it if Pokemon just did this straight up. I think it would be really if they could just do it, give it a really good amount of polish. They've got all the fucking cool Pokemon that you love and know it would be amazing, but obviously they're not doing that. [00:14:28] Speaker B: I actually saw a TikTok and a guy was talking about one thing that Pokemon never did was you throw your pokeball out and your pokemon comes out of it and fights for you, and then you draw it back in at your own will and that kind of mechanic. And it's weird that pal world is the first game where you're doing that when it's such a Pokemon thing of throwing your pokeball and releasing your Pokemon like that. You know what I mean? Yeah. [00:14:56] Speaker A: Well, I suppose the issue with it is that your player character deals damage as well, right? So you're part of the equation, whereas in that equation, you're not. And so if your Pokemon's not out, you're, I guess, defenseless, realistically. So I do get it, though. I definitely think it's. It's. I still think, regardless, that whole kind of thing is cool because it feels like, oh, I'm chucking my Pokemon out and I'm making those decisions. But, yeah, I think ultimately, grizz, I've got what I wanted out of it, and I'm very glad to have played it. Now, Grizz, seems like a lot of other people have not got what they want out of it yet. It's 19 million players since release, 12 million on Steam, 7 million on Xbox. [00:15:48] Speaker B: Yeah. That is insane, dude. [00:15:50] Speaker A: It is crazy. It is Xbox's biggest third party game pass release ever, which is impressive no matter which way you kind of cut it. I mean, they've had all kinds of shit release on there, like vampire survivors and stuff like that. So it's pretty impressive that this has come along and released to this amount. And then I think it's still Steam's highest played game like two weeks after its release in mid Jan or just over mid Jan. It's still number one on Steam with somewhere in the tune of 1.3 million concurrent players beating out your classics like Counterstrike and Dota, two apex legends and shit like that. Those are all these. Actually, all these. [00:16:41] Speaker B: Kind of surprising to me, cap. We spoke about this early on when Pav was around as well, and our discussion was it's great, but we think it's going to be a flash in the pan. I know it's only been over two weeks, but I didn't think it would hold the viewership like it has here. And I would love to compare this to how Diablo four kind of was played out of the gate and whether there were that many players playing after two weeks. Because I don't reckon there were, Cap. I don't reckon there were. [00:17:09] Speaker A: Yeah, I reckon you're right. I reckon most people got what they wanted out of Diablo four in like the first week because I know I pretty much did. And realistically you could finish the campaign in that time. And then again, if you're someone like me, maybe you love the old Diablo games but didn't quite get what you wanted out of Diablo three, then you're kind of left twiddling your thumbs. But with this, Grizz, there is a shitload of content. Firstly, there's over 100 pals for you to collect, plus all the win wonderful variants of them as well, and the whole base building thing. And there's a reasonable amount of endgame content, I guess, plus exploration and the whole idea of playing with your mates. But yeah, it just seems to have legs and I don't know, it'll be interesting to see what they do next, Grizz, because I think the hot thing for a lot of games these days is to collaborate. And I wonder who collaborates with Powerworld? [00:18:04] Speaker B: Well, the general consensus here isn't. What I was reading before stream tonight was that a lot of people are impressed with the dev because they seem to be pouring the money back into the game with quite big plans and roadmaps for future content as well to deliver on this game. [00:18:24] Speaker A: Yeah, well, I mean, realistically, Grizz, if you could capitalize on mean, look at Pokemon, right? That's a multi million dollar franchise. Sells a shitload of copies every time they release anything. If Powerworld can kind of build a baseline like that and maintain a significant number of these players that are still concurrently playing the game, there's no reason why they can't do power world two in a few years. [00:18:57] Speaker B: I reckon PvP would be really cool in that game, and I know they got that planned, but that could bring a whole aspect to it. Cap, I know that you can find different abilities and stuff in the world and teach them to your Pokemon, and obviously the whole weakness strength thing, and you'd almost see. I know that some of the Pokemon games have, like, a ranked PvP tied to them. I could see something like that working pretty interesting. [00:19:24] Speaker A: So apparently the plan is to put in a bunch of arenas and stuff that you go and fight in and have special zones. So one thing that I briefly saw this the other day, I didn't read too far into it, but I think the idea was that the developer didn't want to emulate something like Arc, where just everything is pvpable if you want. They kind of wanted to have certain areas where that was PvP flavor. And I think realistically, the whole kind of everywhere is PvP does kind of suck sometimes. [00:19:55] Speaker B: Briefing and stuff like that. [00:19:56] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. Right. I mean, they're already having enough issues with cheaters and stuff at the moment, which they're trying to work on. But yeah, regardless, grizz, power world doing insanely well. I mean. All right, Grizz, call it right now, who do you think they collaborate with first? [00:20:14] Speaker B: Well, not Pokemon, I don't think. We kind of discussed that last week because it would be hilarious if you did. Sorry, my dog's barking at me. I should probably close my door for those on Twitch tail just wagging in the back. Yeah, because the whole hitting of your Pokemon and everything else and your pals. So probably not Pokemon. I don't know. Cap, what do you reckon? What about Fortnite? Surely Fortnite. [00:20:39] Speaker A: The first thing that came to my mind was probably Fortnite. [00:20:42] Speaker B: Surely Fortnite. Yeah. [00:20:44] Speaker A: Because I think Epic Games, they be keen to collaborate regardless, I think. I don't think they've done. Fortnite hasn't done a Pokemon collaboration or anything like that. I don't think they've done a Nintendo collaboration either. And I would definitely imagine that they would have tried. And obviously it hasn't gone well for them because I'm just know around about the time that the Super Mario movie came. Know, surely that would have been a thing. But I think obviously that's the same issue that had power world is the whole gun kind of situation. So they probably didn't want their Pokemon. [00:21:21] Speaker B: And there hasn't been any Nintendo collabs, have there? [00:21:24] Speaker A: From my knowledge, not that I'm aware of, I thought maybe there's a Metroid one or something, but I don't think so. I think it's that level of violence that I think Nintendo just goes, nah, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Grizzla, maybe you can correct me. But yeah, I can definitely see it happening in Fortnite and it probably would be pretty cool because I mean, you could do some of the classic attacks and stuff and you could even maybe have a few pals roaming around out in the Fortnite area that you need to catch and then you could use them as a weapon or something. Imagine if you could run around on that big electrobuzz looking guy with know. [00:22:07] Speaker B: Maybe this is the crossover that they've always wanted. Cap, I'm just doing a bit of reading here. Apparently Fortnite announced that they would like to collab with Nintendo. However, it says Nintendo has their strategy and we have our strategy. We hope at some point to use their characters. Was a spokesperson. [00:22:25] Speaker A: Yeah, I reckon that's absolutely will never happen. In all honesty, again, I think it comes down to video game violence and what level Nintendo finds acceptable, which I'm guessing is very. Yeah. Anyways, deviating away from Nintendo and third party indie titles, Grizz, PlayStation had their most recent state of play over last week. I think it was about five days ago or so, and they dropped a shitload of new information and stuff on some very well loved and well known ips. So, I mean, let's just start from the top. Grizz. Firstly, we had death stranding two, so we already obviously knew that this game was coming, but we got a bit of a better look at the game in general and just kind of what's coming. It looks insane in terms of just weird, super weird. [00:23:28] Speaker B: I kind of feel like death stranding one had the environments were all pretty same, same ecap. It kind of reminds me of the Irish Highlands and then like a bunch of swampy kind of areas that you're navigating across. But in the trailer it looks like some really interesting new crazy looking areas and habitats and bits and pieces and it all looks amazing. Coming to PS five in 2025. No official release date in 2025 yet. [00:24:05] Speaker A: Yeah, I did notice that, obviously. I don't think we had an actual date yet anyway, so this is kind of our first, I think real kind of like, hey, this is coming next year kind of thing. But yeah, look, let's have a bit of a chat about what we saw in the trailer. I guess more of just that weird kind of body horror shit going on with the first game and just kind of, I don't know, it's like reality adjacent stuff going on. Just bizarre things. They got the whole child in a little capsule thing, but also coming down your esophagus at the beginning. One of the lady in the first game, she's taking these weird things out of your arm. And then suddenly this person is in a weird sarcophagus thing that they're trying to open up and on a surgeon's table, and it's just fucking weird. And then you kind of continue on a little bit longer. You see a hand that looks just like a hand out of elden ring attacking Sam, the main character. There's this weird looking cat octopus thing that has a weird tongue. There is bizarre robot enemies that you seem to be fighting. One of the new characters is like this crow, as in the new. Well, not the new, but remember the old Crow movie? [00:25:35] Speaker B: You remember that one? Yeah, I do. [00:25:36] Speaker A: I think it had Bruce Lee's son in it. I can't quite remember what their name was. Brandon Lee. Anyways, this guy looks just know Brandon Lee, but he has a electric guitar that fires electricity at things and eradicates shit and looks like a bad guy. Looks kind of freaking rad, though, in all honesty. [00:25:56] Speaker B: Yeah, I did. I actually thought that the trailer in general cap was a little bit more focused on combat than what the first one was. You do see a little bit of shooty shooty and a bit of different combat vibes there. So that could be interesting. [00:26:12] Speaker A: It definitely looks cool. I think the big issue I've got is I don't want to play the first one because I played, like, maybe an hour, and I found it insanely boring and just very difficult to get into. So I hope that they have, like, last time on Death Stranding, so I don't have to do this, but this looks really rad. [00:26:32] Speaker B: Well, so a couple of things here, capo. So Death Stranding two is powered by decima. It is a game engine owned by Gorilla Games. Now, it's the same engine that Horizon Zero dawn and I was going to say used. [00:26:46] Speaker A: Interesting. [00:26:48] Speaker B: Yeah, it's the same one as the first one as well. But apparently there's been a bunch of optimization, so that's why it's looking very pretty and in terms of who's cast in it. So obviously we know Norman Reedus. I don't know who these other people are. Leah, say Dukes, Troy Baker returning, but there are some new cast members as well. So we've got Ellie Fanning, who's in super eight, Shaoli Kutsuna, who's Deadpool two, and director George Miller are joining in the cast role. [00:27:18] Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, George Miller is a huge one. That's kind of wild, seeing them in the beginning trailer and stuff. Look, ultimately, this is a hard one because it's just one of those bizarre, abstract, Kojima thought projects that has just turned into a video game. And I don't know, it's going to be one of those things where you're just going to have to play it to see what it's like. I do think that the electric guitar, like, samurai blade thing, though, is fucking sick. [00:27:52] Speaker B: Yeah, it is. Cool. Look, cap, my take is very similar to yours on this. I wasn't drawn to number one. I liked the idea of the game, and I loved the idea of casting of Norman Reedus. And at that time, when that happened, that was when we had cyberpunk and we saw video games casting these real life actors, these actors to do things, but the gameplay didn't call out. To me, essentially, you're a kind of glorified delivery man and navigating your way across these environments. But I do think that this game looks not only beautiful, the landscapes are impressive. It seems to be a bit more of a focus on combat. So I'm kind of like youcap. I hope that maybe if they can provide a good recap, then maybe it's a good time to jump in and check this out. There's also a comment at the bottom of the YouTube video that I wanted to pull out here, because I have to tend to agree with this, because Kojima does such a good job at these narrative trailers. It's kind of gone. Kojima needs to make a movie because his cutscenes are better than most recent movies and tv shows. And I tend to agree. I think he's done it. They've done a really good job. [00:28:58] Speaker A: But don't you reckon that's true for a lot of video games? Grizz, you definitely got to give it to Kojima. He's an absolute legend of the media, and in terms of the way that he manipulates video games to tell a story is really impressive. And realistically, he is a filmmaker, in a way, in his own right. He rubs shoulders with guys like Guillermo del Toro, so he's in that ilk of, I guess, almost kind of semi, but also kind of indie art house. Kind of filmography, but I feel like video games just often have a lot of untapped potential that are just not used. I feel like it's even the same with some manga and anime and stuff like that. That especially when it comes to western media, I feel like if it's a little bit too far from against the grain, it's just not considered at all. Know, people are trying to, I guess, trying to make money, but also don't want to take risks. [00:30:04] Speaker B: I feel like it's only been in recent years, Cap, where we have started to see that conversion from game media to popular media and tv series and movies and stuff. Like the whole last of us coming to a tv series and the Witcher coming to a tv series and League of Legends and stuff with some anime. So, yeah, I 100% agree. There must be some real. Okay, Cap, in your mind, what is a game which you would like to see come to movie form, apart from. [00:30:36] Speaker A: Bloodborne Legend of Zelda, I think would be great. [00:30:41] Speaker B: That's true. [00:30:41] Speaker A: And I think you could do something really cool with the silent protagonist as know, because traditionally Link's a silent protagonist, and I think if it was handled really well, you could make that a really cool asset to even if it was a tv show as well. [00:30:57] Speaker B: You could do it when he attacks. [00:31:00] Speaker A: Absolutely. I feel like that's a no brainer in a lot of ways. I think there's rumors that we're getting a legend of Zelda, something other, because obviously we've had the Super Mario movie, but I think that would be the big one for me, even. Dude, I tell you what would be a cracker would be Metroid as well. There's a lot of Nintendo IP that I think would just be like, just such a no brainer. What do you reckon? [00:31:25] Speaker B: Story is freaking wicked. I remember actually quite, like, taking aback. I mean, it's interesting because there's no real dialogue, but I just really enjoyed. I enjoyed that media style. I enjoyed the world it was set in and kind of, like, post. [00:31:40] Speaker A: But imagine if they did like, a gritty Netflix special, right? And cast do it live action. It would be sick, dude. It's so good. What would be off the top of your mind? [00:31:55] Speaker B: You know what? I reckon that some of the souls games, if you did it correctly, I. [00:32:01] Speaker A: Mean, I know Sakiro could be really good. [00:32:03] Speaker B: Sakiro could be really good. Yeah, really good. [00:32:07] Speaker A: I think that's probably got the most tangible storyline for you to kind of hinge off. I mean, you could probably do dark souls. [00:32:15] Speaker B: It'd be hard because a lot of. [00:32:17] Speaker A: Dark Souls is kind of implicit storytelling where it's not particularly well. You're kind of trying to piece this unpeasable story together, you know what I mean? [00:32:28] Speaker B: Dive into the item lore and stuff. I wonder how that would. I guess they don't rarely tell the story. There's a lot of guessing and kind of trying to piece stuff together based on what you've read. [00:32:39] Speaker A: Exactly. I do think Sakira would work quite well. Yeah, there's a lot of really good ones. I mean, there's already talks about a horizon Zero dawn special shot of war. [00:32:50] Speaker B: Games are already basically movies, but you could. Yeah, they would go down a treat too, I reckon. Yeah. [00:32:57] Speaker A: There's a lot of bangers there, man. I can see a lot of them being really good. But, yeah. Anyways, look, Death Stranding two, it's going to be called on the beach, which I think people thought was a meme because it was leaked and it actually definitely turned out to be called Death Stranding two on the beach. [00:33:16] Speaker B: One other thing I wanted to quickly add, cap. So whilst it's only coming to PS five initially, it's likely that it will come to pc much like the first Death Stranding did. So. [00:33:28] Speaker A: Makes sense. [00:33:29] Speaker B: Yeah. So come eventually and also came to game pass in the end. [00:33:35] Speaker A: That's right. I forgot about that, which is kind of crazy, but I'm all for anything getting put on back Game pass. But yeah, there you go. Get excited. I mean, a pretty all star cast as know. It's a pretty big name, so pretty cool. All right, grizzly, the next thing that they kind of released and a bit of information about was firstly, Silent Hill. The short message. Now, grizzly, before we go any further, this is a free to play exclusive on PlayStation five. I believe it's kind of. You might remember the demo from once upon a time when Kojima co worked on a Silent Hill game for I think I can't remember who has the Silent Hill. What do you call it, IP or rights? I think it might have been Konami. Maybe I'm wrong there. But anyways, Kojima did partially work on a thing called PT and it got pulled off after Kojima left Konami and got pulled off the marketplace because I think Konami were no longer going to be doing video games and basically didn't want this ip out there. So what happened was people downloaded it onto their PS four s and obviously Sony couldn't take the files off those PS five s and PS five s that had the original. What do you call it PT game files on it became incredibly expensive on marketplaces and stuff because you just couldn't get it anymore. [00:35:20] Speaker B: No way. [00:35:22] Speaker A: And it was apparently this incredibly good horror game demo thing that was going to be kind of the next step. It was kind of. Remember when Resident Evil six biohazard came out and that was kind of like the next big sort of iteration on the whole resident evil kind of thing. That was what it's supposed to be. [00:35:39] Speaker B: Great. [00:35:40] Speaker A: Yeah. Banger game. And I think that was kind of what they wanted to do with Silent Hill. And that was kind know going to be the next thing. And it didn't quite eventuate into anything. So it kind of seems like this is that again. So you play as a lady who's got a phone. And that phone seems to be tied to some kind of silent hill kind of psycho horror thing. And you're running around in this dark area, there's freaking flickering lights and you're falling off buildings and doing all kinds of crazy shit. But it looks cool regardless if you get this for free. [00:36:19] Speaker B: Kind of a bit of a psychological thing, isn't. It's like a mix between reality and not reality from what I've. [00:36:26] Speaker A: Yeah, it seems like the main protagonist is demons. [00:36:29] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:36:31] Speaker A: The main protagonist is kind of getting, what do you call it? Getting texts and stuff like that. [00:36:40] Speaker B: So. So obviously this is released and there are reviews of this. So open credits critic is giving it a 57 out of 100 with already 25% of the critics recommending it. So it's not reviewing particularly well. Interesting couple of little comments here. So another disappointing Silent Hill revival that gets some of the vigils and tone right, but is let down by a hackard script and frustrating chase sequences. Another one here. An incredibly bland gameplay and some overly frustrating chase sequences make Silent Hill the short message a chore to play much of the time. So it's not being reviewed particularly well. But it looks good. The graphics look quite nice, cap. And it's great. [00:37:28] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. It is indeed free. So, I mean, you can go and download that bad boy now despite getting a 56 Metacritic score. But you make your choice up yourself. Now, they also announced Grizz. I mean, we already knew that Silent Hill two was getting a remake. What they have done though is they have released a combat reveal trailer. And it looks pretty good. Look, it looks just like Silent Hill two. Just kind of in a new engine. If you kind of think about the level of new engine that the Resident evil two and three remakes got, that's kind of in a similar kind of vein. So you'll kind of get a rough idea of, I guess, the graphical fidelity. It's a little bit more janky than those games, in my opinion. Just looking at the combat and I guess just the general look and feel, it does seem there's a little bit of jank there. You can kind of see that little bit of Jank, but it looks pretty good regardless. I think it'll probably play all right. I think also that Jank kind of comes a little bit from just being a Silent Hill game. The older Silent Hill games were a bit kind of janky, but, yeah, I mean, it looks just like Silent Hill two same monsters. The nurses with the no arms. [00:38:46] Speaker B: I remember that game being so freaky the first time I played it. When you're in that old school with your torch light the school tables and stuff, big time. [00:38:57] Speaker A: Silent Hill two, that's coming. When's that coming along, Grizz? Well, it's definitely still in development. I think you can wish list it. Don't know if they've announced an actual solid release date, so probably won't see it for a little while, but, yeah, keep an eye out for that. All right, so that was all the silent hill stuff they announced. Grizz. Now, the next thing they announced was a gameplay overview trailer for Rise of the Ronan. Now, this is the game being created by, I believe, Team Ninja, who did Neo. [00:39:35] Speaker B: Neo, yeah. And Ninja Gaiden, which are the old and ninja guidance. Really difficult. [00:39:41] Speaker A: Yeah, the ones you know and do Tenchu as well. [00:39:43] Speaker B: Cap, or is that someone. [00:39:45] Speaker A: Oh, I think you might be wrong. [00:39:48] Speaker B: I think from software might have done an early tentu game. [00:39:52] Speaker A: Yeah, they did. Yeah, you're right. Something. Didn't they do something shadows or something like that? Tentu something shadows or something along those lines. And that was where they drew a lot of inspiration for, obviously, we used as whatever. But anyways, team ninja have been working on this new open world, I guess, japanese kind of era. I couldn't tell you the exact era, but it's kind know around about the time that the east and west kind of were slowly starting to mingle. And, yeah, they're releasing this brand new open world game that has similar ish combat to Neo. Definitely got a bit of a Sakiro flavor with the whole parry and dodge system and I think the whole. What do you call that system, grizz? It's kind of like when you block. [00:40:53] Speaker B: Perfect timing and then if you block perfect timing, then it will kind of wear the enemy's stamina bar down and open them up for certain attacks. Yeah. [00:41:02] Speaker A: So blocks and attacks against an enemy ruthlessly will eventually get them to a point where they can have a takedown issued against them and you can damage. Then you kind of keep going until eventually they die. But, yeah, it's kind of got a bit of like a secureo come Assassin's Creed kind of. [00:41:25] Speaker B: To me, you just nailed it there. Yeah, it's part secure, part Neo, part Assassin's creed. And it looks pretty convincing, Cap. So this is coming out very soon, March 22, 2024. So, like next month ish, not far away, and a couple of little things. So look, has very similar combat to what I see to secure, like you mentioned. So you got a parry bar and a stagger bar. Seems to be consumables that are available. Kind of like Soulsbourne games where you use your control pad to kind of use those from what you can see. And also notice cap seems to be pretty similar to secure stealth mechanics where if you get the jump on an enemy, you can kind of do a quick kill on. [00:42:11] Speaker A: Yeah. Or do a little bit of damage straight up. [00:42:15] Speaker B: Do a little bit of damage straight. I think it looks amazing. I think it looks really well put together. Just. It depends how it plays, I guess. But, you know, coming from the Dev of Neo, I really enjoyed the neo games. The one thing that I didn't enjoy about the Neo games is they didn't feel as fair coming from a soul born game. I felt like they would put you in situations where it was just like, well, that's bullshit. There's no way you can avoid that and I'm dead kind of thing. And it was quite a frustrating game. [00:42:45] Speaker A: I think a lot of that came from the itemization of that game. And the itemization, in my opinion, felt like shit. I really didn't enjoy the kind of Diablo approach to finding new weapons. And in that souls like kind of vein, because, like you said, if you didn't get a reasonable drop or you didn't know where to go to get the good shit, it just didn't feel right. [00:43:14] Speaker B: And there was like, I don't know, if you went into the wrong tree, it could really impact your impact in the game. And then if you went down the right tree and you did some research, then you're like a powerhouse and stuff gets a lot easier. But, yeah, I think, although I will say, cap, the actual physical combat in terms of the dodging mechanics and other bits in neo was pretty close to Soulsbourne, and therefore it played pretty nicely. So I've actually got quite high hopes for the rise of Ronan. I think it also gives me a few ghosts of sashima vibes as well. Cap, in terms of the open wilderness, you see some clips of the character where he's, like, on a rooftop and he's kind of doing the old sakiro and kind of grappling hook his way around, but then all of a sudden, he starts gliding on, like, this paraglider and gliding through the streets, and then drops onto a horse and is riding a horse. I think that traversal looks really nice and well put together. [00:44:11] Speaker A: Yeah, looks very quick and sharp. And again, it's got that assassin's creed thing from brotherhood where you had the moments where you could run around on or fly around on the Da Vinci flying machine. But, yeah, definitely I'm really excited for this after this trailer because I was kind of like, whatever beforehand. Everyone seems to be doing a japanese kind of not so modern era game. I don't know how keen I am for this because no one seems to have really pulled it off properly, apart from secure, which I really loved. But this definitely seems to be getting a bit closer to where I personally want it. And I think one thing that I did read, Grizz, was this game won't have the same itemization stuff that neo had. It's going to be find a new weapon, I guess, a bit more of a secure approach to things where you found techniques and stuff along the way. [00:45:04] Speaker B: I don't think you upgrade your weapon at all in that game. Or was it just a technique? [00:45:09] Speaker A: I can't quite remember. I remember you're getting hand new arms and shit like that. [00:45:15] Speaker B: Yeah. Prosthetic? [00:45:18] Speaker A: Well, you can find like a fire pipe and all this other shit. It seems a bit more considered in terms of what you're kind of getting. So I think that looks really exciting. One thing I find interesting, Grizz, and I'm wondering if they might do a bit of a bloodborne here because they've shown nothing even slightly mythological in this trailer or other trailers. But based on some of the things you see, I could see it working with this game as maybe a late game thing. Bloodborne did the exact same thing. When that came out, people didn't realize that it went kind of lovecraftian, like, alien horror shit towards the end of the game because reviews were asked not to say anything about it. [00:46:06] Speaker B: That's cool. [00:46:08] Speaker A: Everyone just thought it was like a bad werewolf game, and then all of a sudden, people started playing the game going, what the fuck is going on here? It's like some Lovecraft shit. So I would love to see that kind of same approach happen here. And maybe you do get some weird and crazy mythology shit towards the end. Not being shown in the trailer, obviously. And if it doesn't, whatever. But it would be cool regardless. So all the enemies you see are like humanoid enemy, like humans? [00:46:36] Speaker B: Yeah. You don't see any, like, crazy? Well, there is one guy actually reminded me of one of the enemies from. [00:46:44] Speaker A: Sakira, the centipede guys with the big claws. [00:46:47] Speaker B: Big claws. Yeah, big centipede claw enemies. But he does look like a normal human with big, long claws. So I don't know. [00:46:54] Speaker A: But either way, it'll be interesting to see what they do with it. Whether they do kind of expose you to a bit of japanese mythology or anything. Like, know, there's some pretty interesting characters in the trailer. So I could see it happening, but we'll see. Plus, I mean, obviously neo had the mythology flavor as well. [00:47:10] Speaker B: It had like a bunch of folklore and stuff in it as well that they had tied into that game. Some of the small enemies and things. Very cool. But yes. [00:47:19] Speaker A: There you go. Keep an eye out for that. That comes out the 22 march. [00:47:22] Speaker B: I think that one's definitely got the OGR potential tick of approval. That one looks to be like a pretty good game. [00:47:31] Speaker A: Yeah, definitely. I think you're on the money there, Grizzly. Now we'll just kind of zip through some of the other stuff that they announced at the state of play. Grizz until dawn. That old, bloody choose your adventure horror game. Been out for a while. That is getting a remake rebuilt for PlayStation five and pc. And it's out this year at some point. They didn't exactly specify when. I don't think. Let me just have a look at the end of this trailer. No, don't think so. Just is out this year from memory, but, yeah. So there you go. If you're into that, it's coming in hot now. They also gave us a bit of a trailer for hell divers. I don't think I give a shit about this. [00:48:19] Speaker B: No. So the original hell divers look a top down, but this one is what, like third person or something now, Cap, is it? [00:48:26] Speaker A: Yeah, third person. I just don't think I'm that fussed about it. It just looks like a kind of third person alien shooter thing and. Yeah, I just don't think there's much going for it personally. But I hope they can prove me wrong. One game I did play a little bit more recently was the new starship Troopers game. And that game was like you'd loaded in with a bunch of people. There was like up to twelve players or something like that. And you landed on a planet, and then you had to make like a little forward base. And then all of the aliens were kind of coming out to try and fuck you up on your new base. And then you'd get like a new objective where you had to make another forward base further away and mine all this shit. But if they did something like that, I think it would be really cool, but I don't think it is that. [00:49:19] Speaker B: Well, the first was really just a co op, like a same screen co op game. I think me and my brothers played it for a bit. There was like team kill, where you could shoot each other, so it was always pretty hilarious because you'd end up blasting your mate. It's like kind of like hell, but. [00:49:37] Speaker A: Yeah, I remember there was kind of a moment in time where those games were really popular for a little while. There was like a couple of zombie ones and those top down kind of like, I guess, horde shooters. Yeah, this is definitely not one of those. They've completely changed the perspective up. Anyway, so I guess we'll see what happens. Now. Another one that came out, Grizz. Or an announcement trailer for a game called Stellar Blade. It's coming out on the 7th of Feb, which is this week. It's kind of got like a post apocalyptic, cyberpunky kind of thing look going on for it, but very anime inspired. Kind know ladies with big. [00:50:22] Speaker B: Favorite. [00:50:22] Speaker A: That kind of looks pretty gruesome, actually. [00:50:26] Speaker B: Dude, some of the graphics. [00:50:27] Speaker A: Yeah. I was actually surprised because I didn't know, based off the thumbnail of the YouTube video before I saw it, I didn't really know what the hell to expect, but it's kind of like, you might not remember this game, but lost Odyssey crossed with Nia. Is that the one I'm thinking of? [00:50:51] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:50:52] Speaker A: Anyways, it's like a cross between those two things, but a little bit more cyberpunky, I'd even say. So a lot of bosses. [00:51:00] Speaker B: You know what I find funny is below that article, it says here it certainly looks like one for the Souls fans. Yeah, I don't know if that is one for the Souls fans. I don't know. One for the souls. [00:51:12] Speaker A: I don't know. It's definitely an action rpg, but I don't know if it's, like, in the ilk of that. Anyways, now, Grizz, the other one they announced was Shadow generation, so it's. I think it's just like a shitload of classic and modern Sonic games mashed into one and they've given a real nice little lick of paint. [00:51:36] Speaker B: They're really going hard on the Sonic cap in the last couple of years, haven't they mate? They've really tried to. [00:51:41] Speaker A: Yeah, I would argue very little success. But this looks pretty good actually. It seems like they're kind of remaking some of the earlier games. You might remember that one where Sonic's running through the city and then there's a big car behind him and he's running down the road and shit. So he's got, you know, I couldn't tell you which games they are because I mean I've played probably all of about 2 hours of Sonic in my entire life. But yeah, they've got, I guess the earlier 3d games that have been remade and the classic Sonic as well. So I actually think looks pretty good again in the last few years. It's been a bit hit and miss with Sonic. This looks pretty good but. [00:52:36] Speaker B: You actually get to play as a character called Shadow. There is a campaign shadow, so if you are into that. I remember I was always excited for the Sonic games when you could play tails because you could get this little fly mechanic and just like use your tail to spin around and float. [00:52:51] Speaker A: Yeah, Tails is pretty rad. I remember. What was it called? Dreamcast. There was a Sonic in the chaos crystals or some shit game and there was like a little thing that sat inside the Dreamcast controller that you could pull out and it would have like your little eggs you would find. Yeah dude, if you look at the Dreamcast controller there's like a little lcd screen thing that you could pull out of the controller and it was almost like you could have your little Sonic egg that was hatching on the lcd screen after you caught it in the game and then walk around with. It was wild. I remember thinking as a kid I was like, man, this is the coolest thing ever. [00:53:33] Speaker B: You said it's a Dreamcast did you? Yeah, Dreamcast had a lot of quite different stuff. I remember playing. I can't remember what game it was, but it had the real time action sequences in there where you had to press other buttons and do certain things. And I remember it being quite different at the time. Almost something that you. [00:53:49] Speaker A: Oh man, that would have been huge at the time. I couldn't tell you a single game before the Dreamcast. Think about Nintendo 64, which is similar era, right? I don't think Quicktime events were even a big thing back then. I can't think of any games that did them. [00:54:04] Speaker B: Arcade games. I'm just thinking about time. Cris and stuff. Probably had ones like that that you would play, but nothing on a console that you would do. I remember. Yeah. Sitting in toy world and playing on a dreamcast and being like, whoa, this is amazing. But that console didn't do particularly well, did it, Cap? [00:54:21] Speaker A: I don't think. No, it shit the bed big time. Which is a bit of a shame because they had some pretty know, banger games on there, but it just didn't sell very well. I think the marketing for the PlayStation and the Nintendo was just too strong and it ended up being Sega's real kind of last venture, the. The hardware market. There you go. Now there's another game, Grizz, coming out called Zenless Zero, which looks like another weird anime game. So if that's your vibe, go and check that out from the developers who made Genshin impact and Hong Kai star rail urban action role playing game looks pretty fucking boring, honestly. Another thing that they announced, Grizz, Dave the divers coming to PS five and PS four and it's getting a DLC Godzilla style. [00:55:21] Speaker B: Godzilla style? What do you mean by that? [00:55:23] Speaker A: As in Godzilla is literally in the game. [00:55:26] Speaker B: Sweet. [00:55:28] Speaker A: Yeah. Towards the end of the trailer you see Godzilla slowly rise from the pit that you're exploring to find all of your weird and wonderful sushi components. Dave the diver is going to be getting a cheeky bit of Godzilla, which is pretty cool. [00:55:46] Speaker B: Little bit of Godzilla action. Very nice. [00:55:49] Speaker A: Now it's also going to be getting v rising after all, we haven't heard. [00:55:54] Speaker B: Of for a long time. V rising. Is that still being played or what? [00:55:58] Speaker A: Well, I don't think it's as popular anymore, which is a real shame because that game was a freaking cracker when it released. But yeah, it seems like this is the first time it's coming to the station, the play station. And yeah, it's going to be, I guess, getting all the most recent dlc bits and pieces that they've done. Go and build your vampire castle and sit on the vampire throne and explore the wastelands around you. Fight bosses and earn new vampire abilities. That game was a cracker. [00:56:35] Speaker B: Grizz was good. We played multiplayer. Yeah, the whole multiplayer thing was. Aspect was great in it. And it had like this kind of weird PvE. PvP kind of thing. Because there could be other guys in that world and you could come across them and fight them as well. So, yeah, kind of cool. I liked it. [00:56:52] Speaker A: Yeah, I hope they release a big dlc or something soon. Because I would love to get back into that, but I'd need a fair bit of incentive to go and give it another. Yeah, very, very cool game. I really enjoyed that top down kind of multiplayer aspect. Now, another one that we're getting soon, Grizz is a game called Judas. Now, this is being touted as well. I mean, it's literally from the creators of BioShock, as in not. I can't remember who made BioShock? Was it gearbox studio? Can't remember. Regardless, it's coming from some of the same developers that worked on the original BioShock. And it definitely has that kind of BioShock feel. So it looks like it's a space station, which is obviously a little bit different to under the ocean. But regardless, it looks pretty cool. Some weird and wonderful psychological stuff going on. And in addition to that, it's kind of got that bioshocky kind of almost like atomic heart. When that atomic heart game came out. [00:57:56] Speaker B: Yeah, that was, wasn't it, capo? [00:57:58] Speaker A: It was a big flop. Yeah. But it copped a lot of, I guess, a lot of attention just because it was probably one of the first games that really was working towards doing the BioShock thing. [00:58:10] Speaker B: People are screaming out for that. I feel like. What was that other Dead Space remake that came out as well? That kind of did a similar thing? [00:58:20] Speaker A: Another one. Callisto protocol. [00:58:22] Speaker B: Callisto protocol. I feel like those two would really got a lot of hype built around potentially building. [00:58:28] Speaker A: I think people just haven't done those games properly since they came out right. Like, BioShock's really not had another kind of BioShock esque game since. And neither has really unique BioShock cap. [00:58:43] Speaker B: There was almost like a dark humor that sat behind that game that I think helped sell it because it was like this wild and wacky kind of, I don't know, dark and gritty feeling that was behind this post post apocalyptic world. It was a very well done, quite a unique game, and I don't think it's easy to capture. [00:59:03] Speaker A: Yeah, and I think that the story was quite well written as well. I think it was quite a perfect storm of a lot of gameplay elements that people really resonated with. But again, even BioShock three didn't do quite as well as one and two. And I think a lot of that was because they deviated quite fairly majorly from the rest of the games and did the old there's ultimate realities thing. And I don't think people super love that. But hey, regardless, Judith looks pretty cool. The combat looks pretty rad. Definitely got the whole kind of weird bolt pistoly kind of thing going on with the weaponry. And it kind of looks like your character has weird and wonderful powers like you did in BioShock. So, yeah, keep an eye out for that. Looks really cool. Definitely worth watching the trailer for. And good luck trying to figure out what the fuck is going on with that because I could not. Now, what else do we have, Grizz? We also had Metro is getting a VR kind of thing. I think it's one of the original games tales. [01:00:07] Speaker B: Is that what you're talking about? [01:00:09] Speaker A: No, it's called Metro. So Metro had a few games more recently. I think there was one a few years back that was like the open world one that they did. It's based on a bunch of books written by a russian bloke. [01:00:22] Speaker B: Is that the human one? [01:00:28] Speaker A: Not who I mean, it was called Metro, maybe. [01:00:33] Speaker B: Metro. [01:00:34] Speaker A: Metro, yes, that's the one. Exodus. Yeah. So this one had a lot of know. Having to change a gas mask filter and shit like that, and some survival elements, plus the whole everyone's living in the metro because Russia's cooked and actually high ratings. [01:00:50] Speaker B: Didn't it cap that game? Nine out of ten, absolutely. Pretty good. [01:00:54] Speaker A: Yeah, no, I did quite well. So, yeah, it's getting a VR release and it'll be available on PSVR two. So there you go. Now, legendary tales. Grizzly. It's a dungeon crawling adventure that features multiplayer options. My good friend, this actually looks pretty cool. [01:01:13] Speaker B: I think we've spoken about this a number of times, cap, where VR, we feel like it's always a feasibility thing. It's always kind of like, oh, here's a test. But having dedicated games that are well delivered in VR and run well and feel great, we're not quite there yet, but looking at this, I know this probably isn't quite there yet either because it still looks a little bit janked to me. But you're there with your sword, you can craft things. You're wielding magic. You see a picture of him grabbing a skeleton by the neck and then you use your other hand to punch him in the face with your other hand. It seems to be slowly trending in the right direction towards not shit. Imagine a multiplayer VR experience. Medieval like this would be fucking hilariously fun, I reckon. [01:02:04] Speaker A: Yeah. Especially with your mates and stuff getting stuck in there, making potions with the boys on Friday night. [01:02:11] Speaker B: Pretty sick. [01:02:14] Speaker A: No, it does look actually legitimately cool. So I don't know, I guess we'll kind of wait and see how this. [01:02:20] Speaker B: One goes something about going into VR, into a bar somewhere. That would be cool. [01:02:30] Speaker A: That would be radical. Yeah, this definitely looks really good, and I think we'll see how it plays out. Definitely. I mean, realistically, all the particle effects look really good. There's a lot of skeletons in it, which is a little bit worrying because if you're showing off most of your enemies, they're all fucking skeletons. Might get a little bit samey, but looks pretty cool regardless. One game that came out recently, Grizz, was a game called Asgard's wrath two, and that came out on the kind of coincided closely to the MetaQuest threes release. And apparently that is an insanely good rpg. So if you are looking for in VR to the point where it got like nine out of ten and people were like, I can't believe this is a VR game. I mean, yes, it is one, but it's so well fleshed out. So if you are looking for a really good rpg experience on the VR system, apparently that is really good. Personally, I can't vouch for it, but I hear it's amazing. All right, chris one we got was another trailer for Dragons Dogma two, which continues to look really good. How are you feeling about this title? [01:03:47] Speaker B: Looks amazing, and I feel like it's in good hands. And I guess to give people kind of an idea of what we're looking at here, it's almost like a monster hunter. Yeah, no shadow the colossus kind of rpg. Yeah. [01:04:04] Speaker A: With monster Hunter esque things going on. [01:04:08] Speaker B: Yeah. And the other games have been pretty well received too, cap, haven't they? Like different mmos and stuff? [01:04:14] Speaker A: Dogma one was really well received. I don't know, it's just one of those ones that just didn't do critically. Not critically, but I guess didn't sell amazingly, probably because I think in more recent years, western gamers are more likely to try and play japanese games. I think this will probably do quite well. It's kind of got that Black Desert online combat kind of feel, but I think it plays a lot nicer than something like Black Desert online because it's less effort. It's not even an MMO. It's literally a single player rpg. So you won't be playing this with your mates, but you have little fellas that run around with you called pawns and. Yeah, it looks really cool. [01:05:01] Speaker B: Do different things. Yeah, it does look cool. It looks really well graphically. It looks amazing. It looks well put together. [01:05:10] Speaker A: A lot of the combat is you kind of running and jumping onto things and trying to smack them in the head and crawl up their body and stuff. That's the kind of vibe of the combat. So, yeah, that's where the shadow of the colossus part comes in. But, yeah, looks really good. I'm quite excited for this one. Now, this comes out on the 22 march, so you got just over a month before that one comes out. [01:05:31] Speaker B: So holiday of riches. [01:05:33] Speaker A: All right, so there you go. Well, that was all of the state of playgrid. [01:05:40] Speaker B: We nailed it, mate. Yeah. You know what? I would say that reasonably good offering. Probably a standout for me across the bunch, I would say. I think death straining two looks interesting, but I think Rise of Ronan is one to look out for. [01:05:55] Speaker A: Yeah, I think I'm very keen for the rise of Ronan since seeing that particular trailer. I think it just seems to all be coming together into a package that I really like the look of. Whereas before it was mostly just story trailer stuff, which is fine, but realistically, the gameplay is going to be good fun, and a lot of the gameplay is going to be combat and open world traversal. And how does that feel? And it looks really good fun. So, yeah, I'll probably be spending 110 australian dollars on that game, I guess. [01:06:29] Speaker B: Getting that now, Grizz. [01:06:32] Speaker A: Next week or this week, actually. Tomorrow, though, I think it'll end up being the day after for us. There's going to be another state of play completely dedicated to an extended look at Final Fantasy seven rebirth. So get excited. That's on the 6th of Feb. 03:30 p.m.. PT, which. 03:30 p.m. PT to AWST. That is 07:30 a.m. The next day for us. That'll be Wednesday at 730 for Australians. [01:07:11] Speaker B: But I think that will be probably about mid. [01:07:16] Speaker A: What's that, 1030 or something for eastern stators, just FYI. [01:07:22] Speaker B: Check it out. We'll be bringing you some news on that for sure next time. [01:07:25] Speaker A: Next week, one Honda. All right, Grizz. Now, it continues to happen, mate. We've got who? More layoffs. [01:07:36] Speaker B: More layoffs. God damn. It's one of our beloved companies, Cap. One of our beloved. [01:07:43] Speaker A: It is indeed one of our beloveds. Digital devolver has announced a bit of restructuring, and alongside that, they're also losing their CEO, Douglas Morin, as they stepped down. You know, it sounds pretty dire when people word things as I'm stepping down immediately. It's like the high idea of when people word it that way. It kind of has that implied, like, get the fuck out of here, kind of vibe, you know what I mean? Whereas you could have know Douglas has had a great time here and know we're going to be parting ways now. Whereas when they say it in that way, it kind of feels like, okay, obviously maybe this person has been marked as the reason for Devolver's revenue not being in line with their expectations. [01:08:40] Speaker B: There's some talks about that in that obviously cultural lamb was successful, but I think they had a few other releases that maybe could have done a bit better. They talk about wizard with the gun and gun barrella not doing particularly well. And they've got baby steps coming, which feels like all right, but who knows how well that'll do. But also on top of all this, cap, they're saying here that Devolver's stock is down 89.3% from IPo. I don't know what IPO means. And at the same time, Devolver just laid off 28 developers at artificial. Clearly fucking brutal. [01:09:19] Speaker A: 80% down on a share price is pretty brutal, dude. Honestly, the last Devolver game I played was cold of the lamb. And before that, I couldn't even really tell you what my last one was in my library, in all honesty. But you're right, I think the more recent ones have maybe, I don't know. [01:09:45] Speaker B: Did they do takes two? No. Did they? [01:09:48] Speaker A: No, that was ea. They did do. What was that freaking game? They did that bloody card game that was like the vhs weird one. [01:10:04] Speaker B: Inscription. [01:10:06] Speaker A: Inscription, yeah, they did inscription from. Pretty sure they did. And there was something else that I played. [01:10:12] Speaker B: Loop hero. They did loop hero. Loop hero as well. [01:10:15] Speaker A: I think they're doing plucky squire, which I'm quite excited for. [01:10:19] Speaker B: They are. [01:10:20] Speaker A: But I think. Yeah, I mean, the two big standout ones, Grizz, obviously Gumbrella, and I can't remember what the other one you said it was, but in the last year or so, there just hasn't been an awful lot of games that they've published that I've kind of gone. Yeah, I want to play that. Like, even that game, it was like the bloke running around kicking everyone in the face. Yeah, I think it was supposed to be a bit of a meme, but I don't know, it might not even be out yet, maybe, but didn't sell it to you. [01:10:54] Speaker B: Look back at their previous. They bought out enter the gungeon and stuff, and they actually had quite a lot of successful early games. But I agree with you, Cap, in recent times, say in the last year and a bit, it seems not a lot going their way apart from Cult of the lamb, but in terms of what they've released, it's a very small. [01:11:17] Speaker A: Portion, unfortunately, a bit of a one trick pony or a one trick lamb, if you will, at the moment. Anyways, we'll see how they go. Hopefully some of their next up titles do a bit better for them, but, yeah, I'd hate to see them disappear into obscurity, because they have brought us some incredible games. Hopefully, Plaquey squire and the like can do better for them. [01:11:43] Speaker B: Yeah, plaquey Squire looks good, so hopefully that does well when that comes out, for sure. [01:11:47] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. All right, Grizz. Well, that's the bloody. The menu, the bloody quest log for the day. [01:11:57] Speaker B: There you go. We nailed it, mate. [01:12:00] Speaker A: Absolutely, mate. We never do. Not now. Grizz, I want to ask you a little. I wonder how your gaming's going, mate. What's been happening? Talk me through it. [01:12:11] Speaker B: A little bit of everything, capo. Nothing new, so to speak. So, continuing with the Isaac. I've been playing quite a lot of dirty two. Had a couple of games with Pete last night. Dominated the safe lane. Do you know that, Pete? My win rate is, like, 20% or something. Like, it is 20% bad. It is like one in five games. We've win out of, like, a significant amount of games. I love it. Look, other things that I've been playing, kind of. Kind of ducking in and out of different games. Cap, continuing my belters gate three honor mode. We had a session in the multiplayer co op playthrough as well. Just trying to think where we got to in that. So we are now in the foundry trying to disarm all of the big metal Walker guys. What are they called? The big metal robots that walk around and clamp you in Baldor's gate? [01:13:06] Speaker A: The steel watches. [01:13:08] Speaker B: Steel watches. So we're in the factory trying to figure out how to disarm the steel watches. Messing around in there. I don't know how much we got to go. Yeah. [01:13:19] Speaker A: So what else have you done in the boulders gate township? [01:13:23] Speaker B: So far apart from that? We went to the circus and did everything we could do in there, man. What else did we do? We've talked to the devil and he wants us to go collect something. [01:13:43] Speaker A: I can't remember what he wants you. [01:13:44] Speaker B: To collect or he wants us to do. I can't remember. Wants us to kill someone or do something. We haven't decided what we're going to do there yet. We have found the submarine that can go underwater to go and free, like, a bunch of the workers families and stuff that are trapped down there. [01:14:04] Speaker A: Trapped in there? [01:14:05] Speaker B: Yeah, trapped in there. I've convinced the guy to take us down there. We haven't gone down there yet. We've just cleared out that area and freed, like, a bunch of the worker slaves in there. But they're worried about their families getting killed. So we're trying to figure out how to go do that. We went into one of the end game areas and I think I was telling you this last time and we decided to turn around because they didn't think we're ready for it yet. But we just all reached max level. So we are level twelve now. Yeah. [01:14:36] Speaker A: Once you hit that, you're good to go anywhere, basically. [01:14:40] Speaker B: Who knows? [01:14:41] Speaker A: Fair bit. There's still some other. [01:14:44] Speaker B: There's so many different threads that are happening. There's other ones as well. And I like it, but I also feel like it's quite overwhelming if you're not playing all the time because you come back. What were we doing going through the quest log and trying to figure it out? [01:15:01] Speaker A: It might be just put a bow in it situation for you guys. Wrap if you're kind of feeling like that. I think I did everything I possibly could. And, yeah, I definitely hit a saturation point where I was like, fucking hell, man. This is hectic. [01:15:18] Speaker B: You just go into an area and all of a sudden it opens up and then you go down, you meet. [01:15:23] Speaker A: A bunch of new people that opens. [01:15:25] Speaker B: Up and then it's just like, my God, it's really good, though. Yeah. [01:15:31] Speaker A: I think it'll be interesting to see whether they do more. Like, whether they do a little dlc or something with it. It's quite insane what can happen beyond the final kind of chapter and what can eventuate from that. I don't know how they do it. [01:15:49] Speaker B: Like, the way the game has progressed. Because in the first area, whilst it's not linear, it is kind of linear. Like, you've got to go through the Druid encampment and do that, and then you've got to go through the goblins and do that as well. But by the time you're in the final act, I honestly feel like there are so many different places you can go and explore and you're not driven to any of those rarely, unless you really want to follow a story. So I know that a lot of people were daunted first coming to Battlesgate three because they haven't played DNd before and didn't quite understand the game. But I do really feel the way that they've written the story and the game through the acts, that it drives you in the direction you need to go in the first act, and then you're kind of given more freedom as the game goes on. And it's very well designed. But also, I'm always finding it a little bit too much for the head to figure out exactly what we're doing now and understand it needs to be. [01:16:43] Speaker A: Kind of your dedicated game for a while, just so you can kind of mainline it, because you're right. Once you go in and out of it and a week passes and then you kind of try to come back into it, or a couple of weeks pass, it's so hard to recontextualize where you were at and what your goals and objectives were, or even what you wanted to achieve personally. You know what I mean? Yeah, it's pretty tough, but, yeah, I'm looking forward for you to finishing that up so we can have a bit of a good chat about it, mate. [01:17:12] Speaker B: Yeah, we're trying to get done. Unfortunately, Kurt is away this whole week for work, so there's going to be no Beltos Gate three co op happening this week, unfortunately. [01:17:21] Speaker A: But I'm actually going to take that. [01:17:22] Speaker B: Time to start Elden ring Cap. I'm going to restart a brand new character. I've bought it on steam. Yeah. I'm going to give it a crack. Well, I don't know. I don't know. Last time I did magic, not mellow, and I did Dex int and I used Azua's comet and, like, Rani's moon thing, and I had. What was that wet katana cap. What was it called? [01:17:46] Speaker A: That was just blood something. [01:17:50] Speaker B: Not that one. It was the other one that shoots the moonvale. It was called Moonvale, yeah. [01:17:56] Speaker A: I remember when that first released, those were just insanely overpowered. And there was a blood one, though, wasn't there? [01:18:07] Speaker B: Rivers of blood. [01:18:08] Speaker A: I think that's the one, yeah. God damn. [01:18:11] Speaker B: Maybe, like. I don't know. What is it, Narcan? I don't know. What do I want to do? Maybe a strength, something else. Strength and something. I don't know. What do you reckon? Yeah. [01:18:22] Speaker A: You could do strength, though. It doesn't tend to be your style, though, mate. Yeah, maybe like a. I don't know, maybe just go something that isn't. That is maybe more of a pure mealy build, just for a bit of fun. [01:18:41] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:18:42] Speaker A: I can't even quite remember what the weapons and stuff were. I'm starting to think about it myself, dude. It's like, okay, maybe I want. I think my next playthrough, because I did a strength playthrough, and it was, like, honestly punishing in every way. It was not particularly fun in certain areas. [01:18:59] Speaker B: Just pure strength. Cap, is that what you did? Pure strength? [01:19:02] Speaker A: Pretty much, yeah, pure strength. And I think I had a little bit of faith or something, but in the end, it did not pay off for me. I think this time I'm just going to go a cheesy magic build and just play the new DLC using that cheesy magic build. So whatever the cheese is, I'm going to go, cheese. I don't have the time to really sink into it now, but I want to experience it, you know what I mean? [01:19:29] Speaker B: Yeah, I remember when that happened, dude. We were, like, fucking clocking the hours on that. My wife's like, what, are you playing Eldon ring again? It was like. It was literally like that for, like weeks, weeks and weeks. [01:19:43] Speaker A: I remember just skipping fucking social shit just to play Elden ring and stuff. And when I'd be working from home, my lunch break would just be straight into Elden ring. Yeah, it's just fucking wild. But, yeah, I'm excited for that. I need that DLC ASAP, though, grizz, because I'm kind of like, how far into the game is this going to know the DLC opening area? It's an interesting thing, actually, to plan for when you think about it, because it's been almost two years since release, right? So now you release this DLC. It's probably an interesting design consideration for a developer, because it's like, okay, I'm pretty sure I saw a table of when the DLCs for other Souls born games released after release DS three was. [01:20:41] Speaker B: A year after, wasn't it, for each of them? Pretty sure it was like one year. [01:20:46] Speaker A: Yeah. I think it might have even been less than a year. It might have been something. [01:20:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:20:50] Speaker A: Because I remember thinking that the longest one I saw was bloodborne, and that was just over nine months. Or, you know, it's not that long. And it's been two years since the Elden ring. [01:21:03] Speaker B: Yeah, we'd do it, but also, I don't know, I kind of feel like Elden Ring is a bit of a different beast. Like, they rarely took what was successful from Souls games and kind of made them into this very open world exploration. So I'm hoping that it's going to be another massive, big chunk of content for us. I don't know. Two years doesn't seem unreasonable for them to develop something. [01:21:28] Speaker A: No. I do think the interesting thing is, how do you integrate your DLC into a game that took people upwards of 150 hours and a lot of people probably haven't touched that game since. How do you produce a dlc that they can easily come back into? [01:21:51] Speaker B: Well, let's talk about all the other souls game DLC. [01:21:54] Speaker A: Exactly. [01:21:55] Speaker B: It's like. [01:21:56] Speaker A: But do they. [01:21:57] Speaker B: Bloodborne is at the end of the main game, and it's some fucking random place that you go to. [01:22:06] Speaker A: This fucking eyeball. [01:22:07] Speaker B: You just like. Will never was so hard to find. I remember watching Pixel Nine Tales and he was like, no, I don't want spoilers. I'm going to find it. And he was like, literally spent like fucking 15 hours to find a most obscure entry of the DLC, Dark Souls three. Whilst it wasn't as obscure, it was still obscure, and it was like part ways through the game. I think you can enter it like halfway through the game maybe, but yeah, look, I don't know. I feel like from Software has always kind of stuck reasonably to their guns cap. In the Souls game, there's a lot of controversy early that there's no quest icons of where to go and fuck you haven't got. How are you going to track your quests and things? [01:22:47] Speaker A: Here's what I reckon might be the approach, right? I think if the rumors are true, and it's kind of like a shadow world to the elden ring, right? It's kind of like the classic. [01:23:04] Speaker B: To. [01:23:04] Speaker A: The past where you could go between the shadow world and the regular world. If they did something along those lines, but made it so you could pretty much mostly just do the shadow world, then you could have an argument for starting fresh, going through the shadow world. Because, I mean, from all accounts, apparently it is fucking massive. Like, it's supposed to be almost as big as the original game for the most part, which is fucking crazy. Again, if the rumors are believed to be true and then have the DLC just be a brand new ending. Right? So you're basically just playing through the DLC as you would the main game, but then you just kind of. [01:23:43] Speaker B: But you do go through that. Yeah. Okay. [01:23:46] Speaker A: And it could warrant having a new character as well. [01:23:49] Speaker B: The only thing about that is it wouldn't reward you for playing the normal game at all if you access DLC straight away and work your way through. Whereas I feel like. So for Dark Souls, well, actually, I guess with Dark Souls three and stuff to finish the game, you don't need to go to the DLC at all. You can still finish any percent and finish the game. That way the DLC is almost optional to go and do that. Yeah, it's interesting. I wonder how they'll approach it, because. [01:24:26] Speaker A: Realistically, for me, I'm kind of like, well, how much time do I need to put into a save file before I'm going to. Because I want to play on my pc. I played on my ps five originally. How much time I have to put in to kind of get to whatever the content that they're going to be dropping? So, yeah, I don't know. [01:24:43] Speaker B: Well, look, either way, cap, the rumor is right now is that there's potential for it to be shadow dropped in the end of February or towards the end of February. That was the rumor coming from December last year. People are still kind of like, that might happen. So if that happens, I kind of want to at least be familiar with the game. So I am going to jump back into Elden ring. [01:25:03] Speaker A: Tell you what, man, if that happens, I'm going to fucking shit my pants. My pants are going to be shitted. I'll be fucking in the OGR Facebook message. [01:25:17] Speaker B: Did the Souls game dlcs bring new classes as well that you're able to create? I don't think so, no. So I reckon that would be cool. I mean, I know they mean fuck all because you can always change your class, but I like the class. I like the way the class is kind of. Yeah. [01:25:35] Speaker A: I mean, it could be a good reason, again, to make a new character and start afresh. I do think that because traditionally, obviously, from software, has been very. They cared very little about the impact of their decisions on people's, I guess, quality of life when it comes to gaming. Quality of life. Right. But I do feel like with Elden ring, maybe they have slightly more reason. 13 plus million copies sold. Maybe they got slightly more reason to maybe keep their player base, I don't know, roughly happy. Again, if you go down the making it easy route to get into the DLC, diehard fans are going to complain that it's too easy to get into the DLC. Then if you make it too hard, all of the people who aren't diehard fans are going to be complaining about how hard it is. And I've got to make a brand new save file. I mean, we literally had the exact same thing with the old Diablo four conversation. [01:26:29] Speaker B: Yeah, we did. We had a lot of that with elden ring. Still, people were complaining about the difficulty curve and the approachability of that game, even though it probably is the most approachable of the souls by far. Games. [01:26:44] Speaker A: Yeah, you can ignore things. Like certain things. Purely ignore it. [01:26:48] Speaker B: I think whatever way they're going to go, they're going to cop criticism though, cap. Most likely 100%, yeah. [01:26:53] Speaker A: There's going to be issue people articles. Is it time we started to think about Souls born accessibility? Like all this other bullshit? I'm just not keen for it, but I know it's going to be coming for us, Grizz. [01:27:06] Speaker B: Coming for us. Coming right for us. [01:27:08] Speaker A: Speaking of coming for us, Grizz, watch out. Rapid fine. It's another freaking rapid fine news. The freaking game grizzly shooting at me, man. [01:27:20] Speaker B: I was dodging. [01:27:22] Speaker A: I just realized I didn't even talk. [01:27:23] Speaker B: About what I've been playing. What have you been playing, cat back? [01:27:28] Speaker A: Well, three reloaded is on Xbox Game pass that came out last Friday, I believe. Pretty classic Persona game. It's a remake of the third title. I started playing that. It's got the whole kind of anime fucking high school thing going on. And you're going into the fucking, I don't know, the shadow realm, trying to figure out why people are becoming depressed and dying and all this other shit. And you're having this Pokemon esque kind of, I don't know, it's not really Pokemon, but you're having this Persona collectathon thing going on. Then you use your personas in battle. Very similar structure to all the other ones you played. If you played five, pretty much the same structure. You got your days where you're trying to update your characters stats, charm, courage. [01:28:24] Speaker B: All the other shit, all that stuff. [01:28:26] Speaker A: Trying to make relationships with people so that all your personas do better things, essentially. But the cool thing is it's got this persistent, I guess, like combat zone that you go to, and it's called the Tartarus. You just keep going to this big kind of tower, and the tower changes all the time. You're trying to ascend as many floors as possible each time. And yeah, it's good so far. I'm really enjoying it stylistically. Man, the Persona games are so sick. I don't know, it's just cool menus. Really cool. Just approach to art and how that expression comes through the menuing and stuff like that. It's just such a freaking cool looking game. Highly appreciate that immensely. [01:29:16] Speaker B: How does the voice acting go, cat? Pretty good voice acting. [01:29:19] Speaker A: I don't listen to the English because I just don't like it. Yeah, I feel like when japanese media gets dubbed by English voice actors, it tends to be like their voice acting just gets overdone and it just bothers me a lot. So I listen to the Japanese with subtitles just because being a non japanese speaker, I can't hear shit voice acting. And it just sounds good anyway. So I tend to listen, but the Japanese sounds really good. Grizz, to answer your question. There you go. But yeah, that's what I've been playing. Nothing else. Anyways, let's dive into. [01:30:01] Speaker B: You think you'll play old ring cap? You think you will pick it up? [01:30:04] Speaker A: I think I will. I might even spool that up this week sometime. I think in between Persona three, I also need to finish yakuza like a dragon. [01:30:14] Speaker B: But I'll get there. [01:30:16] Speaker A: I'm not in a huge rush, but I do want to try and finish before Final Fantasy rebirth comes out, which is end of this month. So got a bit of gaming to do. [01:30:25] Speaker B: Grizzly gaming. [01:30:27] Speaker A: Nice gaming, bit of video game. All right, Grizz. [01:30:31] Speaker B: All right. [01:30:31] Speaker A: Number one off the rapid fire list, Daju Valley 1.6. The new patch is being delayed a little bit further. The developer concerned ape, has apologized, citing that the scope of the patch has been much larger than expected, anticipated. Sorry. And they're currently in the bug fixing and polishing phase. I did see, I think a few weeks back, just that concerned ape was getting really excited for people to play the, I don't know, just the new patch and what's coming with it. There's a lot of new shit. [01:31:06] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:31:07] Speaker A: So, I mean, you know, if you're a star Junior Valley fan, I got to look after. [01:31:10] Speaker B: Absolutely. [01:31:11] Speaker A: It's coming. It'll be in there soon. I mean, one thing that is definitely coming is hats on cats and dogs. [01:31:19] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Nice. [01:31:21] Speaker A: Pretty exciting. [01:31:22] Speaker B: There you go, Cap. Suicide squad. Kill the Justice League. It looks like they have failed to share review codes before the game is going to be released. So Feb second is the official release date. And people who preordered the game should have been able to have access to the review codes, and they did not. [01:31:52] Speaker A: We had the same thing with, was it forspoken? [01:31:55] Speaker B: I think. Was it? [01:31:58] Speaker A: Yeah, the Square Enix game. And I think maybe when people know they've got a bit of a stinker, they wait for the hold up the review codes a little bit. [01:32:09] Speaker B: Is that what they do? Is it so that people can't review the game before it's released? Exactly. [01:32:15] Speaker A: And then people buy the game do that as well. I can't quite remember. There's been a couple of games that have done it recently. I'm pretty sure for spoken was one of them, but just a bit brutal. Now to follow up on that one, Grizz. An hour after they did do the early access release, they pulled the game offline because the game had a bug in it that was autocompleting the entire game as soon as you loaded in. So it'd be like, hey, congratulations. You beat the game. Just fucking open the game up. What are you talking about? Yeah, well done. I'm just that good. So in response to that, the devs gifted $20 worth of in game currency to everyone for the downtime. [01:32:59] Speaker B: Cap, is it reviewing Bad Suicide Squad? Is it not doing well? [01:33:02] Speaker A: I think it's reviewing that. I think people are reasonably happy with it. I think a lot of the criticism comes from the only way you're really going to probably enjoy this game is if you're a big Marvel fan, which. Not a Marvel fan. DC fan. Sorry, but fuck, you're playing a DC game. Of course you're probably going to be a DC fan. Before I even knew this game was potentially going to be shit based on the whole review code thing, I had no interest in this game whatsoever. So of course I think you need to be obviously interested in this game from the beginning to probably want to play it. [01:33:41] Speaker B: So. Yeah, fair enough. Capo. Obsidian have a new rpg coming out called Avowed. If you don't know Obsidian, they've done games such as Outer Worlds, two Grounded, Pathfinder, Adventure, South park, the stick of truth, and pillars of eternity. Like a bunch of stuff, right? Pretty good, Dev. [01:34:05] Speaker A: Really good shit. Yeah, big time. [01:34:08] Speaker B: Really good stuff. They've said that recently that there will be no romance options in their newest forthcoming rpg, obsidians avowed. So I don't know, Cap, if you're used to battles gate three and being able to romance, well, unlucky for you. [01:34:25] Speaker A: Yeah, unlucky, fella. [01:34:28] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:34:29] Speaker A: I don't know how I feel about this, Grizz, because I think the devs were citing the reason behind this being like, it gives people the ability to focus more so on the rpg elements than wanting to kind of have subpar romances with fucking virtual animated characters. But I do wonder if maybe the reason this is the case is because the game just is a bit Garbo, and they had to divert resources from elsewhere to make the game less garbo, despite it still being fairly garbo, based on the recent trailers. So I don't know, Grizz. We will see. [01:35:06] Speaker B: Development hurdle. Got to design those sex scenes and other bits and pieces. [01:35:11] Speaker A: Yeah. And I mean, when your characters look like fucking human chalkboards with the way that they are animated. They're not particularly interesting. Well, I don't know. Just like the more recent trailer that they released. Just the facial animations just look like average, like really boring. Especially when I've played recent games like Alan Wake two, where the facial animations were like, fuck, man, this is sick. This is so impressive. And then you see those and you. [01:35:45] Speaker B: Just think, okay, look, every game is. [01:35:49] Speaker A: A little bit different. Yeah, look, I mean, it looked janky enough as it is with the combat, let alone everything else behind it. So, yeah, who knows? There you go. All right. Grizzly Gaming 86 burnout paradise remastered developers. It's coming to you soon. They've also teased a potential burnout revival. So a revival to the Burnout series. They're doing a remaster of the original kind of 2018 burnout paradise. But it seems like potentially we might be getting a revival of it. So we'll see what happens. [01:36:29] Speaker B: There you go. It'd be interesting. Cap, look. Layoffs. More layoffs. Cap. Seager America is laying off 10% of its staff. Haven't got any more details than that. But dang, that sucks. [01:36:41] Speaker A: In a year of lots of thinning of staffing. Yeah, it's pretty hectic. All right, Grizz, apparently this is not news to people, but the Dragon Ball Z fighting games tend to have a shitload of characters in them because there's just a shitload of characters in Dragon Ball Z these days. Now, the first 24 characters of the new Dragon Ball sparkling zero game have been announced. Your classics such as Goku Vegeta. And I will just say the first 25 characters are all different iterations. So it's Goku Z early. Goku Z mid. Goku Z mid Super Saiyan, Goku Z N go to Z n Super Saiyan. And then there's like 50 fucking vegetas as well. [01:37:39] Speaker B: Generations of them. Yeah. Interesting. [01:37:41] Speaker A: So apparently there's going to be potentially over 166 characters in this fighting game. [01:37:47] Speaker B: Dang, that's cool. I kind of like that. [01:37:49] Speaker A: Yeah, it's wild. [01:37:51] Speaker B: Massive, bonkers. Very cool, Cap. So we had Katase, who I assume is a dev. Cap, potentially says a final Fantasy six remake, like Final Fantasy Seven, would take roughly 20 years to make. He said he gets a lot of requests from fans and from media. Says that as a company, he is sad that he can't confirm it, and obviously for good reason. Cap, if it's going to take 20 years to recreate Final Fantasy six in the same way they have with Final Fantasy seven, now, I assume. Cap, that's because the narration. Is that game just massive or why are they saying that it will take that long? [01:38:32] Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, it is huge. You got to remember, this game came out once upon a time on a console not too far away. The Super Nintendo pixel art was the prime. Well, it was the only way to create graphics and pixels and art, but I think that is difficult to translate into a fully fledged 3d video game these days. And there's x amount of playable characters in that game. There's all these different threads that they'd have to unravel. I mean, realistically, yeah, maybe it will take them 20 years to make and will probably be more like five or six different kind of games, whereas Final Fantasy seven is going to be three in total. So I think it's just a lot for them to have to go through, which is a shame, because I think six is amazing and it could be really cool. [01:39:29] Speaker B: But, yeah, who knows? [01:39:31] Speaker A: There you go. All right, Chris. Now, I don't know if you're aware of the meme, but when the Xbox 360 was kind of coming towards the end of its lifecycle, people were meming about the fact that the next one was probably going to be called the Xbox 720 because that's obviously 360 times two now. It ended up becoming the Xbox one. However, internal documents point to the fact that it was originally code named and referred to internally as the Xbox 720. So it was never actually a meme. It was legitimately going to be called that at one stage until they kind of did a bit of a 360 on that one and called it the Xbox one. There you go. [01:40:18] Speaker B: So does that mean the next one is going to be the Xbox two, cap or what? Are they going to go, the Xbox zero? [01:40:25] Speaker A: I reckon they do something fucking crazy and go, the Xbox 1080. [01:40:28] Speaker B: Okay. Yeah, right? They could release 1080 snowboarding on it or something. Yeah. [01:40:35] Speaker A: Actually, you know what? It could be like the Xbox eight k or something when eight k tvs start coming out. I don't know. Something like that, maybe something cool. [01:40:45] Speaker B: But, yeah, cap, my favorite game of all time, bro Tato, is on game pass. Guys. If you would like to play the best vampire survivor like game, bro Tato, get it on your game pass. Do it. [01:40:59] Speaker A: Yeah, dude. Do you know what? I reckon they should collaborate with Spudshed and get Tony Galati in there. [01:41:07] Speaker B: Yeah. Get a big eyebrow. [01:41:11] Speaker A: For anyone listening. [01:41:13] Speaker B: I wonder. Sorry, who's the devs rotator? Are they Aussies or not? [01:41:18] Speaker A: No, it's just some random american person, I think. And I think it's like a one man dev team, but I don't know anyone listening that's wondering what we're talking about. There's a grocer here in Perth, Western Australia, called the Spudshed. And the person who runs it is this kind of guy that's got really big eyebrows. His name's Tony Galati. He's a bit of like a local legend hero. And I think he would be great as a go. All right, Grizz, I'm going to send him an email. I'm going to fucking put him in myself. New guitar hero like controller has been announced that will be usable in Fortnite and rock band. Looks like Riftmaster has created a ambidextrous fuck. [01:42:03] Speaker B: Are you going to use it in Fortnite? He hasn't got control sticks and shit on it, does it? [01:42:08] Speaker A: Well, apparently you can go and play. You can do guitar, which is kind of cool. [01:42:19] Speaker B: Did you know they think of everything in that game, mate, don't they? [01:42:24] Speaker A: They do indeed. That is a meme that no one will ever understand unless they've been listening to us for a long time now, Grizz, the cool thing I like about this is it's got buttons on the upper neck, but also on the lower neck as well, so you can kind of shred down. [01:42:40] Speaker B: Really? That is pretty cool. You can take your solos down the top there. Yeah, which is cool. Jim will be interested in this, dude. Surely, surely. [01:42:52] Speaker A: For sure. [01:42:53] Speaker B: For sure. [01:42:54] Speaker A: So that's being made by PDP, which is a well known. [01:42:59] Speaker B: Believe fucking drum brand, dude. PDP make drums as well? Actual drum kits? [01:43:06] Speaker A: Well, it's going to be called the PDP riff master. [01:43:12] Speaker B: PDP is. Maybe it's different, but PDP is specific drums and percussion. So maybe it's like a different PDP that I'm talking, but. [01:43:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't know, mate. It's not elaborating on exactly who the PDP is. And even when I google it, I can't find a. I can't find a website for the controller or, uh. Oh, hang on. [01:43:41] Speaker B: That's the same company, but I don't, uh. [01:43:46] Speaker A: Award winning, officially licensed headsets, controllers and accessories. There you go. Maybe not. We will never know, Grizz, until we get sponsored by PDP and get our own ones. We'll find out. Find out if that actually eventuates on the next episode, I guess. Which brings us to the end, Grizz. This is it. [01:44:06] Speaker B: We're all done. Yep, that's it. [01:44:09] Speaker A: Nailed it big time. Thank you so much for listening, everyone that comes know, every week, live, rain, hail or shine, or listens to us in their own personal time. We bloody appreciate you guys immensely. If you do us a big favor, share us, review us with five stars, we'd really appreciate all of that. If you'd like to join the other wonderful Patreons, you can do so by going to patreon.com ogrshow and joining the wonderful ranks of our financiers. So we'd appreciate that, too, if you would so wish to be one. Other than that, if you would like any of our links, you can go to OGR show and follow the links there. We've got a twitter where we post polls every so often and a bunch of other shit. You can go and follow. Discords. You like discords, kid? You can join that, too. So there you go. Anyways, that's it from us for this week. Thanks for being here, and we'll see you guys next Monday on the oceanic gaming radio podcast. [01:45:10] Speaker B: Hell, yeah, brother. We did. [01:45:44] Speaker A: Hey, g'day, Eric. J. [01:45:45] Speaker B: Belly. [01:45:45] Speaker A: How you going, mate? I'm muted disco. Welcome to the show, fella. [01:45:50] Speaker B: He wrote Dog, and I wrote cat, mouse, rat, lion, tiger, Trainosaurus, Rex. And I was like, I'm not going to keep going here. It was such a random interaction. Cap, we've got Jim online.

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