May 23, 2022


Triangle Head. Ep.17

Hosted by

Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
Triangle Head. Ep.17
Oceanic Gaming Radio
Triangle Head. Ep.17

May 23 2022 | 01:39:39


Show Notes

OGR Episode 17: Triangle Head

In this Episode the boys chat about:
00:11:00 New PSPLUS games revealed
00:29:10 More Silent Hill on the horizon?
00:36:33 Playstation CEO sends tone deaf email (TW:Abortion)
00:39:00 Sony Donates to reproductive rights charity
00:43:00 New Microsoft patent application
00:47:00 God of War Ragnarök accessibility features revealed
00:55:00 Death Stranding 2? Last of Us Remake? Incoming!?
01:00:00 OGR Weekly Poll

01:08:00 Big player numbers from V Rising!
01:11:50 Dead Space Remake Release Date Announced
01:13:00 New PS5 Model coming?
01:15:40 Final Fantasy 7 Remake news incoming!
01:19:00 FF14 Now working on Steam Deck
01:22:00 Dying Light Devs tease next NON-ZOMBIE game
01:25:00 CoD Warzone 2 leaks
01:28:00 Warner Brothers Multiverse Fighting Game News
01:31:30 New Marvel Card game?
01:33:00 New Ditto Mechanic in Pokemon TCG

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