August 15, 2022


Can eSports go Mainstream? - Ep 27

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Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
Can eSports go Mainstream? - Ep 27
Oceanic Gaming Radio
Can eSports go Mainstream? - Ep 27

Aug 15 2022 | 01:35:29


Show Notes

OGR Episode 27: Can eSports go Mainstream

In this Episode the boys chat about:
00:20:00 Grizz and Cappo take Cult of the Lamb for a spin! and more!
00:39:30 Modders add Shadow of Mordor Flavour to Skyrim
00:45:00 OGR Weekly Poll?
00:48:40 Microsoft makes accusations against Sony!
00:55:40 Sony surveying gamers?
01:03:00 Splatoon gets SPLATTED with its own Nintendo Direct
01:10:00 eSports hits the Commonwealth games?!
01:19:00 Quick Fire News!

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