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November 06, 2023



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Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
Oceanic Gaming Radio

Nov 06 2023 | 01:41:27


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On this weeks Questlog:
00:49:00 Destiny Bungie Cord
00:57:00 No Man's Sky's the limit!
01:01:00 Goodby 3rd Party Peripherals
01:34:00 RAPID FIRE!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:18] Speaker A: G'day and bloody freaking. Welcome to Oceanic Gaming Radio. This is episode at 77 being brought to you on the 6th of the 11th. 2023 07:00 p.m. Australian Western Standard Time and 08:30 p.m. Darwin Standard Time. I don't even what's it called? Darwin standard time. My name is Captain Perth and alongside me, as always, Pavlova Face and Grizzly gave me 86 sorry, not sex. Who is coming to but maybe I don't know. What is he doing in Darwin? Let's find out. [00:00:56] Speaker B: Maybe that's yeah, look up front. I just want to apologize for the quality of my audio. This stream, I am not at home. I'm using very terrible microphone and very terrible camera. So sorry. [00:01:11] Speaker A: But also and some dodgy hotel WiFi. So it's going to be one of those episodes. But doesn't matter. We're here, we're doing it. We weren't going to put you guys out for another week. We've done it two times recently. We felt bad. I think overall we decided, I think. [00:01:26] Speaker B: I felt I'm just going to do it from Darwin. There we go. We're doing it. [00:01:30] Speaker A: Yeah. Fuck it. Let's do it. So, Grizz, give us a bit of a rundown. How you been? What's been going on? Where are you at? What's going on? [00:01:35] Speaker B: Starting with me today? Get wrecked pads? No, I've been good, Cap. I got the call on Friday asking me if I'd like to attend a work trip to Darwin just for a quick couple of days. And it was to fly on Sunday, return on Tuesday, and it was just a good opportunity for me. So I did it. So I'm here. It's great. I'll tell you what, boys. Last night they had the first rain of the season and it was like fucking what do you call torrential and like thunder and lightning. [00:02:04] Speaker A: Yeah, man. I've heard that Darwin is full on tropical kind know, storm level. Like I suppose it makes sense, know, in that know, you think about kind of near Malaysia and all that kind of area there. Sort of in the rough area, the Tropics baby. [00:02:28] Speaker B: But it's been great, Cap. I actually have day tomorrow where I was supposed to be attending another conference tomorrow. But we wrapped it all up today, which means I've got it. I don't know, I might go see some crocodiles or something. There's got to be something good to. [00:02:41] Speaker A: Do in Darwin, surely, man, there'd be shitloads of stuff. I mean, are you cruising around with any locals in your kind of work sort of crew like? Not really. [00:02:52] Speaker B: Just your friend, Cap. My mate name dropped that one up. [00:02:59] Speaker A: So don't worry too much. But I'm sure you could find something to do, Mark. Yeah, maybe crocs. I've heard there's some reasonable places to eat in Darwin, but I don't know. [00:03:11] Speaker B: Great eatables. Eatables great eating venues in Darwin. Yeah, really nice. It's got one of the best, like, curry houses that I've ever been to. I had this mango I think it's called a mango lassie. [00:03:24] Speaker A: Oh, dude. Yeah, mango lassies. Aren't they Malaysian from think they might. [00:03:30] Speaker B: Be this curry place. Actually, you know what, they did do some Malaysian curries in there as well as some Indian kind of like a mixed mixed but it was yeah. Unbelievable. [00:03:38] Speaker A: I wonder if it was like because I know Penang has an interesting kind of I think they've got like Indian, Chinese and Malay influence in Penang, so maybe it's that kind of melting mixture, pot of culture, perhaps, I don't know. Sounds very nice, though. What kind of curry did you grab? [00:04:01] Speaker B: We grabbed a bunch on the table and then just kind of like grabbed some rice and shares. But I think just from memory, I think we had like a lamb, like a Rogan Josh or something and a couple of others. It was good though. Honestly. Could not I think it's probably one of the best curries I've had to date. [00:04:18] Speaker A: Damn. Gee whiz. Okay, and you're back on Tuesday? [00:04:21] Speaker B: Back on Tuesday. I'll be home late though. I don't fly till like 05:00 P.m. Darwin time. So home pretty late and then straight into the office on Wednesday. No rest for the wicked, but I will say, capital. The room is beautiful here. It's been actually quite nice. [00:04:37] Speaker A: Yeah, fairly cruisey. [00:04:39] Speaker B: Pretty cruisey, yeah, quite hectic today in terms of the actual work. But it's fine, mate. Got to do it sometimes. [00:04:48] Speaker A: At least tomorrow you can kind of cruise and have a bit of fun around Darwin. Actually. You won't be here next week, mate. [00:04:57] Speaker B: No. So should let the viewers know that now. So I'll be flying out again for work, this time offshore, so I won't have access to good internet. So we've got a secret guest, cap, you haven't even told me who the secret guest is. Who's your secret guest? [00:05:10] Speaker A: All right, it's being announced here right now. It is straightjacket jim our boy. He's coming in hot, seriously fucking hot. So you're going to be getting me and Jimbo that week and then I'm going to be away the following week because my brother's having a baby. So I'm going to go and say g'day to the small child that gets birthed. And I believe Grizz will have a special guest, probably announced later on down the track for that. So fucking watch this space. But yes, you're going to have a week without Grizz, then a week without me. [00:05:45] Speaker B: It's just good that we've got legends in the wings, Cap, that are prepared to pick up the slack when we're too busy, mate. [00:05:51] Speaker A: Yeah, well, exactly. That's what it's all about, though, mate. It's all about being a manager yourself now, Grizz. It's all about delegating and not doing any work yourself. [00:06:03] Speaker B: You know what's actually really funny, Cap? Like, you're actually not wrong. The more senior you get in something. [00:06:10] Speaker A: The less work you do. [00:06:11] Speaker B: Fucking work you do, but you do cop the shit when stuff goes wrong. That's the thing. [00:06:17] Speaker A: Yeah, well, exactly. You gain responsibility and lose the amount of it's all relative, isn't it, mate? Absolutely. All right, Pav, what about you, mate? What have you been up to? What's news? I had a not so big one this weekend. Fellas was at a convention, it was called Kaikon. [00:06:38] Speaker B: Just on the Friday night I was. [00:06:39] Speaker A: Pretty chill, but then I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I kind of just I think all the other big ones have been finally caught up with him. I spend most of the weekend in bed, but I get a lot of rest, so no complaints. That's good. [00:06:53] Speaker B: Man there's COVID going around Perth right now, boys. [00:06:58] Speaker A: There is COVID going around, yeah. One of my bosses, he was out last week with it and I have a couple of friends who are out with it at the moment, so it's cruising, but it's not the only thing that's going around. I had gastro again over the weekend. You may have to say fucking over it. I think it's the fourth time I've had it in six months. So if we could just fucking put a fucking kibosh on that one for a bit, that'd be great. [00:07:27] Speaker B: Did you shit the bed? Cap? [00:07:28] Speaker A: Did you shit the bed? No, didn't shit the bed this time, but I did last time, so this time I was able to keep myself puckered up nicely. I was able to maintain elasticity. [00:07:46] Speaker B: Do you want to hear something funny, Kat? My mum is on our Instagram and she's been watching our reels and she goes, I really like your reels, but Captain Perth swears a. [00:07:58] Speaker A: Do you know, every time I've worn them, I'm like, Jesus, I do swear a lot. [00:08:03] Speaker B: Well, they're the interesting reels, though, mate. They're the ones. [00:08:06] Speaker A: I think it's when I get really passionate about something, like how bad starfield is or something like that. It was when the true cap comes out. Anyways, yes, another bad of gastro. But I'm feeling a lot better today. Yesterday, do you know what? I reckon I slept for about 18 hours yesterday, which was crazy, because I said to me, it's probably the most I've slept in a day in well and truly over since Ted was born. So it was wild. [00:08:38] Speaker B: I feel like it was did it screw with your sleep cycle, Kat? [00:08:42] Speaker A: Nah, I honestly reckon I slept like I would normally through the night, and then I slept most of the day as well. It was really weird. It kind of just like I mean, obviously the whole gastro side of it, but then I felt really achy and sore and some of my muscles were really sore and, yeah, just really cooked. But feeling a lot better today, still a little bit iffy, but I didn't go into work today because I just thought, no, I'm not going to try and recover from this. And I'll go in tomorrow, but yeah, well, exactly. That was the other thing. You don't really want to share this with people. I think I'm going to work from home tomorrow and then next day I'll go back in once about 48 hours. So I think that's probably a reasonable amount of time. But then over the weekend before I got gastro, I went to a VR golf simulator, which was really rad. Played with a couple of mates there. We played Pebbles Beach in I think so, and did it from the comfort of a air conditioned couch in Perth, Western Australia, which was bloody brilliant. [00:09:51] Speaker B: Give you beers, cap? [00:09:53] Speaker A: Well, they didn't give them to us. We had to purchase them. But yeah, we definitely got beers. And we bought like a big beer tower and bought some pizza and bit of chicken and it was dude, that's the way to play golf. I don't know why people play regular golf when you just play that. [00:10:09] Speaker B: What did you actually think though? Is it comparable to actual golf? [00:10:14] Speaker A: It's pretty impressive in terms of the tracking and whatnot. And I guess just what you get out of the actual your hit being calculated into a rough trajectory and stuff. I was really impressed. I mean, I'm a terrible golfer and it was the exact same as I would normally play. And you get a couple of really nice hits and it makes you feel really good. I don't know. Ultimately, I think that's the way to play because I have time to go and run around on a course for three plus hours and fuck around, whereas you go into that for an hour and a half. You can play nine holes really quickly and easily. And again, just re mentioned that you can drink pints of beer the whole time and not feel completely shattered afterwards because you've been walking around in 35 plus degree heat. It's pretty fucking good way to play golf. [00:11:14] Speaker B: You don't have to walk to your ball either. [00:11:16] Speaker A: It literally comes to you. It hits the thing at the back and then it rolls down into a little shaft and then it pops up in front of you. You don't have to do anything. You don't even have to go and click your balls. It's like bowling. Like the ball comes back to you. It's crazily good. Pretty rad. So, yeah, definitely. Highly recommend it. If you haven't played it before, it's a lot of fun. Even going and just doing driving range and just pissing around with it. Just heaps of fun. Just smacking the shit out of balls. It's fun. That's what you want to so that was a pretty good weekend. But trying to think if there was anything else, that was pretty much everything for me. [00:11:54] Speaker B: Bit of gaming that we'll get to later. Cat any gaming. [00:11:57] Speaker A: I actually did a fair bit of gaming. I had a ted free day on Saturday and then Sunday ended up being mostly a ted free day as well because I was just asleep in bed being crooked. So it turned out to be a ted free weekend. But, yeah, I did a fair bit of gaming. It was actually quite good. But, yeah, on that note, let's freaking get struck straight into it, mate. As always, house rules. Just want to say a big thank you to our wonderful listeners listening live via Twitch Tvoceanicgamingradio, listening 07:00 P.m.. Awst. We pump this bad boy out every Monday so you can come and join such legends as Blindsided. Moose Straight Jacket, jim Sukai, erie. J. Welcome back, by the way, mate. Slatos. Who else we got in here? Yeah, bunch of freaking legends. Okay, so come and join them. Say good day, be a part of the conversation as it freaking happens, baby. And then we've also got if you would prefer to listen to it in your own damn time, you can do that. You just got to go and jump in on Spotify Apple podcasts. It's all there, baby, the whole lot. So just go and search up Oceanic Gaming Radio or OGR. Otherwise you can go to OGR show and find all of those links there for your easy gathering. So, yeah, anyways, now, also want to say a big thank you to our wonderful ongoing Patreons. They are the following legends Sukai Moosey, Caging, Run sergeant Paul Lee G-D-J libs brendan Dan Fantastic Straps and Slatos. Welcome to the Patreon FAM, mate. Appreciate you. [00:13:38] Speaker B: Don't you have to sing a song to the new Patreon subscriber? [00:13:43] Speaker A: Yeah, how did that song go again? Pav, could you start me off? Do you want me to do the beat or do you want me to do the lyrics? I'll do the beat and you do the lyrics. All right, take it off. Tail comes later. Coming in with the patreon. End it quick. End it. That's fucking bad, man. All right, it I tell you what the best part, though, was. You had so much gusto behind you, it was you were ready. Okay. Anyways, thank you for being a Patreon slate on. That's basically what you get. You won't get it again, though, so don't expect it. But, yeah, look, big thank you to all our wonderful Patreons. Appreciate you guys. Yeah, anyways, that's the one. All right, let's jump straight in. Fuck, I haven't got my freaking things up, guys. Shit. 2 seconds. Hang on. Talk about something whilst this happens. Fuck, it's still loading. What's going on here? Come on. All right, here we go. Big old quest log today. What do we got? Huge amounts of things today. Many. We're just going to start off with the first one. Just probably the best place to start, as always, the beginning. So there was a BlizzCon, it happened, we've gotten it. There was a fair bit of stuff that was about Grizzly to begin with. We got a shitload of Wood of Warcraft News, and by shitload, it wasn't out of control amounts, but we well, actually, I'll tell you what, I think announcing three expansions is probably the first time they've ever done more than one expansion at a time for their announcement schedule, I guess. And they had the old mate Chris Metzen, a Blizzard veteran who has worked in the sort of World of Warcraft Blizzard franchises since Day Dot. He left for a little while, came back, was brought in as, like, an art kind of not art, but, like, story consultant, I guess. And basically Metson's kind of words were that we're going to be getting three expansions and they're going to cover this idea of the world soul saga, and we got a really nice little cinematic that came alongside that. Now, did you watch that cinematic, Grizz? [00:16:19] Speaker B: No, I didn't. Sorry. But I did hear a lot of ramblings about it being an amazing cinematic and very well received. Tell me what happened. [00:16:29] Speaker A: So basically, if you're up to date with the story, you'll know that Anduan has not really been seen since Shadowlands, which was the expansion before Dragonfly, which was most recent one basically Anduan was effectively controlled by a really nasty bloke and made to do things that he wasn't proud of. And now he's having a bit of a sook out in the fucking desert. You had your old mate Thrall come out, who's our classic ORC guy, he basically gives him a bit of a pat on the back and says, mate, we need you, there's things about to happen. And, yeah, all this is done in beautiful cinematics, by the way. I've done a terrible job of summarizing the plot, but that's effectively what happened. And I guess what it's really hinging off is, I believe, Legion. Was it Legion? Yes, it was legion. The End Of Legion the Expansion There's a massive sword that gets driven into Azeroth and Azeroth is the planet, right? And at the very end of the cinematic, we see the big sword. And obviously that's going to play a big part in what's going to be happening next. But it seems like most of the story has always been kind of moving towards this idea of learning about the next big god in the, I guess, World of Warcraft pantheon, I guess is probably the best word being Azeroth itself. Azeroth is basically like an egg. And yeah, I think these next three expansions are going to cover learning who Azeroth is as a god and a titan. Or if you prefer, they've done a really nice job with the cinematic. Go and check it out. I think I was just hyper impressed with the realism of it. It was just beautiful, like, really well done, well acted. I think one thing I've noticed recently in gaming Grizz is I found that games and cinematics have just almost suddenly really leaned hard into having human expressive animation. Hyper realistic. Yeah, that hyper realism, where it's not just the fact that they look like a human. It's also just the micro things that are happening with their mouth and the way they grit their teeth and just little things like that. And the way they smile and those micro just movements being so well rendered suddenly. It's quite crazy because I feel like that's the next piece you'd always see, like, oh, that's a really realistic kind of looking model or something. But then you see them talk or something. And that's kind of where you lose that realism or that feeling of realism anyway. But this particular cinematic is beautifully done. So definitely worth a bit of a watch. [00:19:28] Speaker B: Did hear a lot of good things about the cinematic, but cap so we can expect this to come fall of 2024. And the first one off the rank will be called the War Within, it sounds like. So what are we taking here? We got two new regions. Cap a bunch more customization options as well as some new end game features for coming. But what's fall 24? Cap what's fall with the US. [00:19:54] Speaker A: Fall would be what's? The opposite in Australian is fall autumn. So that would be spring for us. Is that correct? So it'd be about this time next year, which lines up with their general kind of release schedule, I guess. Generally you get a new World of Warcraft expansion around about November ish. So that kind of lines up roughly. So they've got another year worth of, I guess, content. They're going to have to be scrounging together for the current. [00:20:29] Speaker B: So it seems like they're really focusing on delivering quite a large story here across these expansions. Cap I know that there's one particular guy in our group who used to be wow mad, but he was wow mad because he was in love with the World of Warcraft law. Do you think this is going to be a pretty good law through these through expansions? Does it sound like they're putting time and effort back into the law? [00:20:56] Speaker A: In all honesty, I think they're drawing off other franchises who have been doing really well recently. And the big one that stands out to me is Final Fantasy Online. They had an overarching story that spanned however expansions they've had since what was that? Five or six expansions since Final Fantasy Online kind of hit. So I think they're aware that a long overarching story is something that people will kind of like to sink their teeth into and hold onto, I guess. And they've seen that work in other video games and other MMOs. And it's probably the first time I've actually seen wow really kind of take from other kind of similar developers that are sort of developing in that MMO genre, I guess, and retrofit it for themselves. Will it work? Will it be a good story? I mean, I don't know until we actually get the story. I think the fact that they've brought on Chris Metsen, who is renowned for developing the majority of the World of Warcraft law as its base. He's the OG, basically. They're obviously pretty serious about it and hopefully that together can produce something pretty special. I think for me, World of Warcraft Law is one thing that definitely gets me excited about World of Warcraft because I love the story as well. I think it's know Shadowlands was a bit of a meh moment. I think Battle for Azeroth was a bit meh as think basically after Legion I kind of stopped really caring an awful lot. Dragonfly was okay, but it kind of felt like it lost a lot of the connection to the central kind of story plot for me. And so whether they're able to regain that through this big kind of content dump, we'll find out. But they do have some interesting features coming in the next expansion though. Grizz one thing that they talked about was this idea of war bands where you can group all of your alt characters together. They'll share banks, reputations, transmogs and all that kind of stuff, so you don't have to be fucking around with sending alts gold and this, that and everything else. So that'll be good. And then we've also got new allied race and there's also these new things called hero talents, which I believe are kind of like hero specializations. So that's going to be pretty cool. It seems like every class is going to be getting a new set of talent specialization, which is just going to be weird, but cool. [00:23:48] Speaker B: They've been running the three trees for ages, haven't they? [00:23:52] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. But I think it's going to be like three trees plus talents, I guess, and those kind of split into other trees. They always seem to do something like this, whether it's for example, the PvP world talents or whatever else. They always seem to have another secondary system and they just chop and change it every time. It's always something different, but it'd just be interesting to see how in depth they go and how meaningful the choices of your talents mean and feel. But one final thing on the World of Warcraft front. Grizz they've got these new, I guess content called Delves and they're kind of touted as bite sized experiences for one to five players with endgame rewards. Wow, which is interesting. So you're in a similar size to a dungeon group, which is five players, right? So obviously scales, but it'll scale between one and five players. So it's not quite a dungeon, but you can scale it with a single person, which I find very interesting. And you'll also get endgame rewards from it. So I'm interested to see what this actually looks like. Whether it's going to be something kind of with a road light kind of aspect to it or something like that, maybe kind of wave based stuff. Who knows, it'll be interesting. [00:25:23] Speaker B: I know that it was Shadowing quite a lot, but I actually quite liked Torgast when I played it. I liked the idea of a rogue light and picking up different powers for each run being different. But I know it was extremely tedious because it was a daily thing. But I would love the idea of, I don't know, a five man dungeon that leveraged a little bit more off some roguelike mechanics. I think that would be pretty cool. Not that this is hinting at that, but they could do some pretty interesting things, I think. [00:25:49] Speaker A: Yeah, and I think the idea of like, I mean, the word delve to me just sounds like we're delving into a dungeon or something and maybe there isn't an exact end to that. Maybe you keep going for as long as you can, kind of like that Torgast content where you did. I mean, you could end it, but you kind of would go through sections of it at a time. And it's going to be interesting to see what that actually is. But it looks like there's a lot of stuff coming to World of Warcraft. We get an awful lot of information from the we did get like a features trailer, but it wasn't a huge in depth one. So yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens just on the way. [00:26:27] Speaker B: Chris Metson spoke about World of Warcraft and presented this information and almost BlizzCon as a whole. And I'm sure we're going to do wrap ups on how we felt about it. But I just want to say that I thought he particularly delivered the World of Warcraft new expansion stuff particularly well. I feel like he spoke really well, but he also spoke with a lot of passion around what he was presenting at the time. And I think it was particularly quite well received by the crowd that was there from what I saw. Any thoughts on that, mate? [00:27:00] Speaker A: Well, yeah, I mean, Chris Metsen is like he's so well respected in the World of Warcraft scene, right. And the fact that he's come back to work on this I think speaks volumes about it because obviously Blizzard has had the shadow of activision and just poor kind of internal management happening over the recent years. And I think having him come back and potentially produce a killer expansion or set of expansions is pretty exciting. I think it's reasonable to get excited when you get a guy like Chris Metsen come back on board and say, I believe in this. And he said, it's time to come home, or something like that. Because I think the whole idea is they're trying to regain like our mate in our group who has been disconnected from wow for so long, it's time to come home. We're working towards getting you back on board because I think ultimately if you think about the people who play World of Warcraft, I think it's really difficult to onboard people to play Ward of Warcraft because it's a game that's been around for a very long time. And it's a known quantity for its players. But when you lose those players, they're the ones that you're more easily going to win back than brand new players. Because I just think it's a very difficult game to dip your toes into. It's very overwhelming. There's a lot of shit going on. Very difficult to if you are a law person, very difficult to spool up and figure out what's actually going on in the greater world of warcraft. So I think I can see their kind of halftime game plan here for Blizzard. I think they're trying to onboard old players that have left because they just weren't feeling like they were being serviced properly or the story was being mishandled. Yeah. So it'll be interesting to see how it goes. [00:28:52] Speaker B: A lot of people left to Final Fantasy XIV. The success of that game has been huge in three or four years as well. [00:29:00] Speaker A: That's for more reasons than just the law and the game kind of stagnating a little bit. I think also the fact that there was significant issues happening at Blizzard. People decided that now is the time to give it the flick. But yeah, we'll see what happens. But yeah, interesting announcements, Negriz. We also had Diablo Four announce an expansion also coming in 2024 next year. This is going to be called the Vessel of Hatred. [00:29:33] Speaker B: Yeah. I did actually watch the cinematic to this cat. And they don't give you a whole heap. Essentially. They give you someone talking over some very beautiful environments that are these lush jungles, almost like South Asian inspired ruins and other bits and pieces and given us a time frame for the launch window, which is the end of 2024. But I have a theory here, Cap. I've got a theory, mate. Do you want to hear it? [00:29:57] Speaker A: Yes, I want to hear it. [00:29:59] Speaker B: I think they will release a class character alongside this expansion. And I think it will be the witch doctor. [00:30:09] Speaker A: Right. Now I'm going to tell you something that will dispute that theory because they said they were definitely releasing a new class. However, it's not a class we've seen before. [00:30:23] Speaker B: Oh, okay. So, maybe not. The witch doctor. I thought the aesthetics of the video were very Witch Doctory. [00:30:29] Speaker A: I did too. I 100% agree. But they did say that the next class will be in line with the aesthetic of the new expansion. So not Witch Doctor, but something else similar. [00:30:40] Speaker B: Interesting. [00:30:41] Speaker A: Yeah. Which I kind of thought maybe they're bringing the Amazonian. Was it the Amazon from Diablo one? Yeah, I thought they were bringing that back. [00:30:49] Speaker B: But have they said that it's a brand new class? As in never been in a Diablo franchise? [00:30:55] Speaker A: Yep. As far as aware. Yeah, which sucks because I was really fanging for a wish doctor. [00:31:03] Speaker B: I know you were. Yeah. [00:31:04] Speaker A: It's one of your favorites. I'm so ready. [00:31:07] Speaker B: We do have, obviously, the seasons leading up. To because this DLC is still quite a way away. Cap, we've got a while to wait. Obviously we've got the seasons leading up to that. But look, I don't know how okay, I think the Season of Blood has actually done okay. I don't see too many complaints around the Season of Blood. Do I think it's bringing people back to the game? No, I don't. Or it hasn't brought me back to the game? It hasn't brought you back to the game. And a lot of my friends aren't playing it. But I do think that they have improved upon a few things. So we'll see how it leads up to DLC. [00:31:48] Speaker A: Yeah, well, they've got a few events coming between now and then. One being midwinter blight, which is a Christmas themed event. You're basically going to see the fractured peaks transformed into winter wonderland kind of thing. And then they've got a bunch of other stuff. There's one thing called the abattoir of Zia. Or Z. It's a six week long highly replayable event for high level players, which starts difficult and only gets harder. So there's a lot of stuff coming to Diablo for. [00:32:22] Speaker B: Kat. I don't know if you've got this further down or not. Are you talking about, wow Classic? [00:32:27] Speaker A: No, let's dive into that one now. Yeah, there's actually quite a lot of interesting shit coming to World of Warcraft Classic. Firstly, they're going to be releasing the next sort of chapter, I guess, of World of Warcraft Classic being the Cataclysm expansion, which is pretty exciting. Grizz, I don't know how popular that expansion was overall in my opinion. But I guess in terms of just purely being what do they call it economically, one after the next. I guess we eventually had to hit Cataclysm, but yeah, they're going to be releasing that in 2020. [00:33:12] Speaker B: It's interesting, Cap, because they've stated here that there is some improvements in new features coming, but it's less of an overhaul compared to the other classic campaigns when it's coming and it makes me think that how far are they going to take this? Have they announced how far down the line of the expansions they're going to be releasing? [00:33:31] Speaker A: Well, that's the I mean, I think Mr. Pandaria would be a banger going up to Mr. Pandaria, maybe even Legion. And beyond that I'm kind of like, do we really want to push that much further? Because then you're getting pretty close to current day. Wow. Right? And then you're like, how far are you going to go? Do they just keep rotating? I don't know. It's going to be interesting to see what they kind of do with this. But yeah, like you mentioned, they've got some little quality of life bits and pieces being added. Like they're just expanding some UI elements and touching up the dungeon finder, et cetera, so you can easily find groups. So they are going to be some quality of life stuff to come with this but yeah, it's a good question. Grizz, I don't think they have explicitly noted how far they're going to be going with these expansions, but yeah, I guess we'll continue to see. Now, one thing they did also kind of announce in tandem with this grizz is a thing called Season of Discovery, which looks really interesting. And this is well, it's an interesting I don't really know how to describe it, but it's like a separate offshoot of wow classic. They're calling it a well, the way it's going to work is players will start as a fresh well, they start a fresh adventure where exploration and experimentation will be key to unlocking new abilities for their characters. It was described as vanilla wow with new secrets and class altering abilities, imagining things such as tanking warlocks or mage healers. There'll be a level 25 cap which will be raised in a few months as endgame content is introduced. Season of Discovery will launch on the 30 November, which is next month. So they're basically turning wow classic on its head. [00:35:23] Speaker B: It's interesting cap. I kind of feel like this is designed for a more casual player. Is it with a lower level cap and some interesting mechanics? [00:35:34] Speaker A: Well, I'm not too sure it's going to be interesting to see how it actually plays, but there's always been a lot of people in wow. Forums, not speculating, but kind of almost theory crafting things like a tank, warlock or mages that can heal, for example. And I feel like maybe they're just trying to find ways to make wow classic, I don't know, just interesting. Maybe you're right for the casual base because there's obviously a lot of people who are like tried and true wow classic plays that's literally all they play. And then maybe they're just trying to find other ways to get people to play because I guess for me, how do you get people interested about wow. Maybe the more casual audience who normally play wow. Retail? And maybe what can we do to try and get them interested in wow when they're in a retail slump because the content is a little bit slower and maybe they try and have ways like this to kind of give them a bit of a carrot to try and get them into wow Classic. [00:36:46] Speaker B: Yeah, and a ten player raid seems like something that could be quite fun. And if the level cap is a little bit lower and you can go into it knowing that you can play with your friends and potentially do a raid with some interesting builds. Yeah, I think it could be something that could be interesting, for sure. [00:37:03] Speaker A: Yeah, maybe somewhere where anything goes. Because I think that's one thing with wow classic is the meta is so insanely stringent like, you cannot break from that meta. Whereas this is probably going to be something pretty unique, I guess, in a lot of ways. And people might be able to play fairly the way they wish to play, depending on how Metaric does or doesn't get. Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see what happens with it, I guess, ultimately, because we don't really know what we're going to be able to do or what is actually changing. But the whole idea of unlocking new abilities through exploration and experimentation, what does that actually mean? Am I unlocking abilities by doing certain dungeons or by doing certain quests? Is there some kind of alchemy aspect where I'm kind of unlocking things through experimenting with certain things like what's actually happening here? So yeah, it's going to be cool. I don't know what to expect, Grizz, but I'm actually pretty interested to see that in a month's time, not even a month's time, we're in November now. It's like one, two, three, just three and a bit weeks away, Grizz. So pretty close mental. There you go. All right, grizz. Now Overwatch actually had a fair bit of shit that was announced as well. They did announce a new hero called Morga. Morga is a tank hero with two big mini guns and actually looked pretty cool to be honest, I believe. Now what nationality were they going for? This bloke, I think he might be Maori. From the looks of things. [00:38:50] Speaker B: I think this character was teased apparently in a 2019 Overwatch comic. Now we see fully implemented in the game, which is pretty cool coming back to some old piece of media and bringing them in. Samoan. There you go. Thanks. [00:39:07] Speaker A: Samoan. Okay, let me get that correct because I know Mary, people that will get very angry that I said that. Anyways. Yeah. So I think the whole kind of Morgue's kind of talent is maintaining bullets on a character will ignite them, I guess, and slowly burn them over time. But then he's got a bunch of other shit, his ultimate ability looks kind of fucking dope, where he pulls everyone into a cage and chains them to inside the cage and then shoot, people can't get out of the cage or be healed from outside of the cage. And so they have to fight Morga, like one v one within the cage, which is kind of fucking rad, and traps them in there. Well, as many people who get trapped in there, but yeah, very cool looking hero. I thought the cage fight thing was particularly rad. How that actually looks in game and how it actually feels, who knows because I don't know whether he's like overpowered in that cage, couldn't really tell. But yeah, looks interesting. And then alongside all this, they've got a new game mode coming out. They've got a new map called Hanoka. They've also got two new heroes coming soon, which we got kind of teasers for. And yes, we've got a new damage hero and a new support hero. So for a game that has had a fair bit of criticism and I guess just not really had the support behind it because a lot of content was being pulled away from it and it seemed like, I guess Blizzard were kind of winding down the support for Overwatch. It seems like they've got a fair bit of stuff going on, I will say not as much as they would have if they kept the content they promised to have, but there's a fair bit of stuff coming. [00:41:02] Speaker B: Yeah, I think they're working pretty hard to fix things cap because they also had some things changed for season nine. The ranked matchmaking, there's quite a few changes and I saw a TikTok from a nerd at some point today who was very excited for these ranked MMR changes. There's a full rank reset happening for season nine and they're being rarely transparent with how you're gaining rank points as well. So you know how Dota does before your match? It tells you the rank of your teammates in the enemy. It does that and then it also when it calculates how much rank you're winning at the end of each match, it'll give you a bit more information on where that's coming from. They've also added another tier cap at the end of I think it's Grandmaster. There's another tier at the end of. [00:41:52] Speaker A: The rank as well. [00:41:53] Speaker B: So a couple of little things changing in the rank space for Overwatch. Two clearly trying to get the competitive scene up and cranking again. I believe, much like CSGO has cap, there's also different skins you can unlock based on your rank. So there's a green looking weapons for the different classes that you can unlock now as part of your ranking up as well. [00:42:18] Speaker A: That's interesting. I feel like that was existed back when Overwatch first came out with golden weapons. Or maybe that was just by using them a lot. I can't quite remember. [00:42:29] Speaker B: I haven't played enough to know. [00:42:31] Speaker A: Yeah. Anyways, there you bloody go, mate. Well, in tandem with all this, mate, we also had a bunch of Hearthstone stuff announced. They've got Showdown in the Badlands, which is kind of like a Wild West themed expansion for Hearthstone. I saw a few of the cards in the trailer seemed to have I guess the gimmick for the cards was if you don't have any duplicate cards in your hand, do this thing. So trying to minimize duplication in your deck. So that looks pretty interesting. And they also announced that Warcraft Rumble is now available, which I found really weird because I was like, wait, what. [00:43:16] Speaker B: The fuck, you're already playing it. [00:43:18] Speaker A: And apparently Soft launched in Australia only, which was kind of cool. Yeah, so I had no idea. Just I just assumed it was out. [00:43:27] Speaker B: But we just early just on Hearthstone, mate, just to jump back at a thing there. I used to play a lot of Hearthstone with a mate of ours, Pete, and I used to play it all the time, my iPads and everything else. And you know what I find cap is the game is just seriously too expensive to play. If you want to play standard ranked then you need to buy packs for you to be able to play the standard format as they kind of rotate the sets so that the current ones can only be played. It was just way too expensive to keep playing that game. I looked at this half stone expansion and it looks awesome and it actually gave me a big nostalgia hit and made me want to jump back in but then I just literally just remembered that it's just so expensive to stay current meta and compete and ranked in it. It's unfortunate. [00:44:19] Speaker A: What do you reckon it would cost you to I guess get an expansion's worth of cards grizz roughly all of the cards? Well yeah, if you want. I don't even know how many fucking cards there are in expansion so the. [00:44:34] Speaker B: Way it works man is you can actually craft the cards you want using dust so you can disenchant it. Depends. Look it would cost you a serious amount of money if you were to focus on more than one deck. Actually. Look, I don't play the game for a while, maybe it's changed. But back when I played, I had one deck that I would keep in standard and I would probably dump a few bucks to buy packs and I would be dusting disenchanting the cards that I didn't want from other decks to build the ones for the deck that I wanted to play, so I could do it that way. I don't know what it's like now but yeah look I dropped significant coin to buy packs so I could do that back in the day. [00:45:16] Speaker A: Yeah. Wow, toughie. Yeah it's a shame because well this is how they monetize free to play games I guess but ultimately it kind of just puts you off generally because you can't really have a good time without spending a shitload of money where I don't know, I guess MTG. Arena is probably in a similar kind of position right? Like if you want to do the same yeah you're going to have to spend some cash but then what you could do is not play either of them and play Slay the Spire for one buy in price and have a fucking great time. [00:45:52] Speaker B: I mean you could always play casual in it like non ranked and use any card you want. You could use all your old cards and all that stuff but I don't know there's something about playing standard comp ranked that is enjoyable. [00:46:05] Speaker A: Of course. [00:46:08] Speaker B: They have announced they are going to have these things called catch up packs that contain cards from the last two years. So if you really want to play it maybe the expansion, the release of the expansion is a good time to do it and maybe I'll do that and play it until I start getting my ass kicked from people spending more money than me and then I'll drop out again. [00:46:27] Speaker A: I'm sure you'll probably find that the new expansion cards aren't as tuned as hard as the other cards, I'd imagine. Classic. But yeah, there you go. I mean, that was pretty much all of BlizzCon as far as I'm aware. Grizz so that's pretty big set of announcements, really. [00:46:46] Speaker B: Yep. Cap, look, a couple of comments from me on General Blizzard know we had a couple of real controversial ones there for a while. We had the one where they came out and announced Diablo Immortal, which was just a sheer cash grab, and the one before that where they said, haven't you got mobile phones? And we're all waiting for news on Diablo Four and other bits and pieces. I feel like from what I saw, this bluescon in terms of the announcements and other bits and pieces were actually pretty good. The crowd seemed to be pretty hyped around everything they saw and I think the wow stuff was particularly well delivered and no real standouts as being those oh shit moments that Blizzard have put their foot in it. So overall I think pretty decent showing. What about you? [00:47:31] Speaker A: Yeah, no, I thought it was just a good, solid kind of touch on all of their major kind of franchises. I think it makes me wonder what they're going to do with things like StarCraft and if they're ever going to do anything with StarCraft in the near future. My guess is probably not. Will they ever try retry Heroes of the Storm? I'm guessing probably not, but for the most part I think we got what we probably wanted out of it. Generally, I was pretty interested to see what they had in store for World of Warcraft to the point where I actually downloaded World of Warcraft to just kind of dip my toes in and see what's sort of going on currently in the expansion. So probably just jump in for a month, fuck around and then wait until the next expansion comes out. But I don't know, I think I was kind of pleasantly surprised with all the announcements, actually. I thought it was a pretty reasonable swath of information, though I will say a lot of the announcements were fairly light in the gameplay region in terms of, well, not true for Overwatch, I'd argue that there's a fair bit for that. But World of Warcraft and Diablo, we didn't see an awful lot for the next set of stuff. We got some sort of minor features whatnot, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. [00:48:53] Speaker B: Just on another note, cap quickly before we move on. I did see that the actual physical attendance at BlizzCon this year copped very bad reviews in terms of people feeling like not a lot of money was spent on the event itself and the facilities and other bits and pieces, big lines and not much to see and bit of a waste of money, et cetera. So that's interesting as well. [00:49:18] Speaker A: Yeah, it's funny because I feel like there's been previous years recently where the same kind of sentiment's been shared. So I guess Blizzard kind of just trying to minimize their expenditure. [00:49:30] Speaker B: Exactly. Gaming gaming and tech industry right now is not particularly in a good place in comparison to previous years. [00:49:40] Speaker A: This next story. Just all it does is confirm that with Bungie having reduced its staff count by 100 staffers, all of whom will be parting ways soon, I think in the coming months. They have been given their severance packages and it looks like Marathon Bungie's upcoming sort of title kind of touted to be a kind of Tarkov esque what do they call that? Extraction? Luda Shooter and Destiny. Two's forthcoming expansion. The final shape they're all kind of expected to launch. I think the final shape was supposed to be June 2024. Whilst Marathon is not going to be ready till 2025, which of course you're going to be losing 100 people on your development team, I can imagine it's probably going to be quite a hit. There you go. Now there's a lot of speculation about why this was happening and some people were sort of going as far to suggest that Bungie was removing employees to replace them with Sony employees, which just made no sense. But that doesn't really seem to be the case. What we do know is that Bungie management triggered this ultimately and have done some kind of garbo shit. For example, now I believe some of the Bungee employee, I guess benefits and stuff that they had are kind of being severed early, which will mean they don't get as much as they should have. So for example, just to kind of make that a bit clearer, a lot of the employees had shares that were supposed to be handed over to them after a certain amount of time after the Sony purchase. Now the fact that they're being let go post before that time is up means they will not no longer be receiving those shares, which I guess is just kind of sucky. But I'm sure that kind of came down into the pros and cons of severing 100 people. They go, oh well, guess what, we'd have to pay these people their fucking hundreds of shares so we'll be able to retain those. How good is that. [00:52:06] Speaker B: Doesn'T it? [00:52:07] Speaker A: Yeah, of course it sucks, big time. I mean, a lot of those people are probably holding out for those shares, whether they wanted to keep them or sell them. [00:52:15] Speaker B: But you suggested cap that the slimming down of the team was probably directed by Sony. However, the terms in which these people are let go would be handled by Bungie as it's quite a separate thing. So that doesn't paint Bungie in a particularly good light in terms of the terms that these people are losing their jobs. Not ideal, for sure. [00:52:39] Speaker A: Yeah, pretty brutal. But on top of that, their benefits such as like health insurance and stuff like that will kind of, I guess, go with that as well. Yeah, kind of brutal. And 100 people is a lot of people for a development studio that size. Some development studios are 100 people. When you think about it like that, it's kind of wild. It's crazy. So pretty brutal. One thing that struck me with this, Grizz, is that Destiny Two has really been struggling recently. And I think it's really been struggling to maintain its player base and I guess provide an interesting set of challenges and content for new and consistent players. Me being one of those people, and I just don't know how the fuck they're going to create an interesting video game when they are already struggling to do it and now they're going to be trying to do it with 100 less people. It's going to be weird. I don't know how this is going to look. I do wonder whether Bungie just kind of got bloated and now we're just kind of seeing the after effects of that and maybe Bungie will never be able to really get Destiny Two under control. Yeah, I don't know. Questions I have in regards to an. [00:54:06] Speaker B: Interesting one, it could go either way, I think, cap it almost makes me think that maybe this is a direction from Sony as a bit of a cut the fat refocus and maybe they'll look to hire a bit later down the track to get some more fresh blood in there. But yeah, I kind of definitely see where you're coming from. It's a bit worrying for Destiny Two fans. [00:54:28] Speaker A: Sure, yeah, absolutely. If I was a Destiny Two fan, I'd probably be quivering in my boots at the moment, but we'll see what happens in the coming months and see how the next expansion shapes up out of the hundred. [00:54:44] Speaker B: Cap any notable people that you would know that have been laid off out of those hundred? [00:54:52] Speaker A: Well, one main person was Michael Salvatore, which is one of the original composers for the original Halo One themes tune, which you would all know, just look it up and I'm sure you're very well, I'm sure you're very familiar with it. So they were laid off and I guess, like a lot of senior kind of there's a few senior Bungee Devs as well. And yeah, it's just a lot of people being let go. I mean, ultimately we're seeing this over and over again. Grizz I don't think this will be the last one we see, but yeah, it's just kind of sucky. Hopefully these people can find another place of employment in the meantime. But when you're seeing iconic studio legends such as Michael Salvatore being let go, it's just kind of like, whoa, this. [00:55:42] Speaker B: Is we've been speaking about this quite a lot recently, cap you know, the whole tech gaming industry really suffering, and we've seen layoffs across the board and people being cut, losing their jobs, and, yeah, it's a shame, and it sucks. But I think for Bungie to be economically viable and keep making Destiny, I think these are probably the things that they actually have to do to maintain that. [00:56:07] Speaker A: Exactly. Ultimately, I think if anyone knows how to make video games, it's the development studios, right? And if they need to shed people, unfortunately, there's probably a reason for that. And generally it's numbers, right? If they can't continue to keep doing it because the numbers aren't working out, they're not going to keep trying to do it and just hope for the best. They're going to try and go into risk management and assess those risks and evaluate them. So, yeah, it's unfortunate, but this is the world we live in and it happens everywhere. And unfortunately, gaming seems to be copying it quite significantly at the moment. So, yeah, fingers crossed. For those people that have been let go now, grizz from people that aren't making as much money as they'd hoped, to people that are making a shitload of money. Just an interesting crazy stat. No Man's Sky generated fucking $81 million last year. [00:57:12] Speaker B: When you put this in. I'm actually quite blown away by that Cap, for a couple of reasons. First reason is that it's a one from my understanding, it's a one purchase game, right? You buy the game once and you get access to all the content and stuff that they keep pumping out. So they must be selling a significant number of copies ongoing, which is amazing. [00:57:34] Speaker A: Crazy. Absolutely crazy. I think two big things is well, one major thing is just availability across different consoles. They have got this on the switch now as well. But, yeah, these guys, they are the ultimate redemption story, really. One person I saw mentioned that for a company of 45 employees, each employee has a revenue once you distill the revenue it's made. Since it came out to now, each employee has made about a million. Well, I think that's just for last year sorry, actually $1 million in revenue last year per employee, which would actually pound $2 million revenue per employee, which is fucking crazy, dude. That is out of control. [00:58:29] Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, this is a game that went from overwhelmingly on Steam to five years later being one of the most highly reviewed games of all time. Overwhelmingly positive. So, yeah, absolute redemption. Arc and cap. This is my personal take on this, but I feel like this is like, no Man's Sky, sorry. This is like, what's? That fucking game starfield, but gives everything and more. Like, there is literally so much in this game. If you haven't played it, check it out. [00:59:03] Speaker A: Give it a mean. The fact that they just keep bringing out DLCs for this game that you don't have to pay for, they just keep on layering more and more systems and ways to interact with the game. It's really bloody impressive. One thing to note as well, Grizz, is that all whilst this is happening, they do have a side project that they've touted to be probably more impossible, or more seemingly impossible than what no Man's Sky was thought to be when they announced that project way back when. I remember when no Man's Sky was first announced, the idea of having an infinite universe of planets and procedural generation just seemed impossible. And here we are with no man's sky. So Sean Murray of Hello Games basically said, I think this was last year from memory, that they've got another big project in the works, so they're kind of working on the side whilst they keep belting out DLC. So, yeah, it's just kind of wild, man. [01:00:03] Speaker B: I think they've done a few things really well. Suka has mentioned one of them in Chat, they don't really hype up the updates. It's like, oh yeah, there's new content coming. And they do do that. And I think that underhyped thing just brings people in. But also, I think their monetization is really for gamers. It's a one pay game and you get the content they continually bring out for you. There's no three DLCs, this is what we've got. You pay for each of those separately and you got an ongoing subscription. None of that. It's almost like a live service game you're paying for once. But, I mean, have a look at it. Cap $81 million in revenue is clearly working for them. [01:00:39] Speaker A: Well, exactly. And then you have these other development studios that are trying to cram and shove microtransactions down your throat to the Nth degree. And I'm sure some of these mobile games are making a shitload of money, but obviously it's possible to have a good product that produces a significant revenue and you not be a complete piece of shit, basically. It's possible. Will people do it? I don't know. Larry and studios have done a bloody good job of it. It's possible to have a moral compass in this world of potential microtransactions as well. [01:01:16] Speaker B: Cap, I feel like, always hit the mark with that as well. [01:01:19] Speaker A: There's a lot of great developers out there that are trying to do the best by their gamers. And I think, yeah, you definitely got to give it to Hello Games. They've done a bloody good job of it. So, yeah, there you go. All right, grizz. Now, next I wanted to have a bit of a chat to you about do you use any third party video gaming controllers? Grizz? [01:01:46] Speaker B: No, but no, I don't, actually. I use the PS Five controller pretty much for everything. [01:01:53] Speaker A: Yeah, which is probably a smart idea because you never know when all of a sudden your third party controllers might just cease to work because maybe they're not no longer supported by the console that you're playing them alongside. And that is exactly what's going to be happening for Xbox players, basically, from November. You can say goodbye to your unofficial accessories. What's happening is they're going to be getting blocked via the kind of WiFi communication with the Xbox itself and would be returning an error zero x 82 D 6002 and you had better use. [01:02:35] Speaker B: Them, can't plug them into your Xbox and play. [01:02:41] Speaker A: I don't think plugin ones work either. I think you need either. There's a couple of ways to do it now. There's some certain policies that you need to stick by if you're a third party peripheral creator otherwise. Now, what was it? I believe depending on the device, there's also certain things like for example, Turtle Beach headsets. They have to have like a special Microsoft chip in them for them to for those particular headsets. And I believe that kind of proprietary shit's going to be required for everything basically to make sure that, well A, the big one for this is that a lot of these third party controllers were being used as cheating devices, basically. [01:03:30] Speaker B: Oh dude, okay, I spoke about this on the podcast. But you can get a thing for Call of Duty that you plug into the end of your controller and then you plugs into whatever device you're playing and it will automatically calculate the recoil for any loadout and any gun. So you can just point straight and hold the trigger and it will shoot straight for yeah. [01:03:52] Speaker A: So it's shit like that that they're trying to kind of get out of the whole ecosystem, right? So a lot of third party devices will just be flat out not usable because they don't have the integrated technology that runs alongside whatever Microsoft needs you to have as a developer of these devices. So, yeah, it's cool. Check your controllers because they may not work in November if they're not mean this won't be for all controllers. I will say depending on your controller, some of them might work depending on whether they've know their accepted official Microsoft third party stuff, but otherwise they're just not going to fucking work. So bad luck. Now, Grizz, another very interesting little thing that popped up recently when it comes to, I guess, console hardware. There was a patent that surfaced that came out of Nintendo and it's a dual screen system that can be split into two. A patent that has been kind of put together for a system like that. Looking at the pictures, it's not particularly interesting. It basically kind of just looks like a three DS that slides and splits. [01:05:12] Speaker B: I was going to say three DS. [01:05:14] Speaker A: Yeah. So if you can imagine like a circular three DS switch with I guess like two screens one under the other, that's kind of what we're seeing in this patent. What do you reckon? Do you reckon this might be the switch too? [01:05:31] Speaker B: Grizz has to be the Switch too. I can't see them putting another type of console out when we so badly need a fucking reiteration of the switch. So, absolutely. I'd say so, yeah. [01:05:45] Speaker A: We've got a lot of insider knowledge suggesting that we're getting the Switch Two very soon. Seems like a weird time for this patent to surface, in my opinion. I would have thought maybe we would have seen this earlier if they'd been kind of floating around, though. I tell you what, this is alleged series of applications filed by Nintendo in November 2022. So this is actually a fairly old one. So maybe this is I mean, this basically would have been submitted last year. So maybe this is something to do with a Switch, too. I will say multiple people have kind of suggested that, hey, these patents don't always come out. They're not always reflective. Sometimes it can just be like some internal development stuff that they're doing. Might not always be a thing. Sometimes they just put patents out for things that they think might be a thing in the future. But it'll be interesting to see whether we get some kind of I'm going to drop this in chat for everyone listening live, just so they can have a bit of a squiz. But it's a very interesting looking shape, and the lower screen kind of looks like it's got, like a joystick kind of thing going on. But it very much just looks like a three DS to me. It would be quite hilarious to see them go from the three DS to the Switch and then to the Switch DS. I don't know. Would they do it? Who knows? I feel like that would be quite a heavy device, Grizz. [01:07:18] Speaker B: Yeah, it would be. And it would make it I mean, that's the whole beauty of the Switch, right? The whole handheld thing. And they got to be careful, Cap, because they're competing with the steam deck as well. So they're going to want to make it pretty fucking watertight and good. [01:07:32] Speaker A: Yeah, going to be interesting to see what the Switch Two looks and feels like, but, yeah, looks wild. So I guess we'll find out more about what that is. I'm hoping that we get an announcement by February next year for the Switch Two. [01:07:50] Speaker B: Okay. Feb next year. All right. [01:07:52] Speaker A: Because I reckon they'll probably go through because I don't think it'll be ready till end of next year. But I'd imagine that they wouldn't want to announce it before holiday this year because then people will be like, well, why would I buy a Switch now when I could just buy the Switch Two next year? So they'll let people buy a Switch now and then come next year, they'll announce it, hopefully early, to get people excited, get the share price up and get that share price up, get people excited and go from there. So that's my estimation. But, yeah, anyways, that was the Quest log, ladies and gentlemen. We don't have a OGR poll this week because of my little gastro bout yesterday, and I was just in bed all day. So I did think about it. I just didn't have the power or the energy to type in multiple characters into Twitter. So I do apologize. We'll get that done next week. But, yeah, hang in there. Okay. Now, Grizz, I want to know from you, mate, I want to know how your gaming's been going. Please and thank you. [01:09:06] Speaker B: Hey, I always go first one day. We should do you first, Cap. You can ask yourself. [01:09:11] Speaker A: Yeah, true. [01:09:12] Speaker B: Look, a couple of new games I have been playing. Cap, I actually downloaded Lords of the Fallen. [01:09:17] Speaker A: Yeah, nice. [01:09:18] Speaker B: Last I downloaded it Saturday last week, I think maybe. Anyway, I've given it probably about nine or 10 hours now. And we'll start from the start here, Cap. Because loading into the game, I found the menuing to be absolute gabagio as even worse. [01:09:39] Speaker A: When I started, it was like fucked. You couldn't even get into the game easily because the buttons wouldn't fucking work and all kinds of weird stuff. [01:09:48] Speaker B: Half the battle was trying to get into the game, dude. And then character creation, I got into character creation, I was like, thank fuck, I've done it. And the character creation was even fucking worse, dude. I could not get my character to look decent. So it reminded me a lot of Dark Soul Three, where you could meme your guy, purple with big puffy cheeks and fucking all sorts of things. But loading times are also quite terrible and my animations were stuttering and else. Even though I was running like the lowest possible settings, I thought that my PC couldn't handle it. But then I was thinking, no, I played Liza P. I nearly had that on Macs. And Elden ring was fine. My PC should be fine. But Cap, I will say, once I got into the game, it ran buttery smooth, it looked amazing. And look, the game, it is a really good game. I love the way the game plays. I think that just to give people a bit of an idea of what this game is, it is basically like a I would say it's Souls. Like incorporates that combat style where you can block and dodge. There's lots of different weapons, different classes you can play. It is very difficult. I would say it's probably on the frustration levels for me. Cap, as the Dark Souls two DLC, there's some areas that are just bullshit and I don't know where I'm going. I'm trying to find the next area, but it still felt satisfying to me. And I think one of the mechanics that I love the most is traversing through the environments. You can use your lamp, this little lamp that you've got to essentially show like a new you can peer into an alternative kind of world or universe and you can use that. Say if you go up to a gate and it's closed in the universe you're in, you can use your lamp to look at the gate, it might be open in the alternate universe. Then you can walk through while you're holding your lamp, or you can bring yourself into the alternate universe and fight different enemies and stuff in there. Look, I'm butchering the explanation of this, but what I'm trying to say is I found the traversal mechanic using this lamp to be really interesting, and it provided something that the Dark Souls Games didn't give me, which was this kind of very unique traversal style through the game. And I thought, that's pretty cool. [01:12:12] Speaker A: Kat yeah. I think the way that you mix the exploration in that game with that mechanic is what makes it feel so satisfying is because you'll see certain things that you want to get to or you can't figure out what you're supposed to be doing. And then sometimes you get your lamp out and you go, oh, shit. Yeah, right, okay. Or you find little ways to kind of deal with certain situations with your lamp a little bit easier than you might have otherwise. It's pretty cool. And even sometimes you'll see areas you're like, oh, why is that up there? And, how do I even get to that? And then you'll further down, you get your lamp out, and there's a massive bridge that's in the area in front of you that you can't see unless you have your lamp out. It's really cool. It's having that kind of alternate dark world alongside. It's really cool. [01:13:01] Speaker B: And I also think I like the way because they punish you for being in the dark world. So when you're in the dark world, you basically got a timer. And when it ticks over time, enemies will just spawn out of nowhere and attack you. But if you leave it too long, more enemies and more enemies, and then a real big, bad enemy will come and kill you. So it means that you can't spend too long in there. So you do come to moments where, like, you say, you won't see something until you look at your lamp and go into the dark world, and then all of a sudden, there's this massive big structure in front of you that wasn't there. You can kind of traverse through. So I found the exploration really interesting, Kat, but I also am enjoying the itemization in it as well. It actually reminds me quite a lot of Elden Ring in that fact. I know my first playthrough of Elden Ring, I was playing a Dex character, but I found a bunch of spells and items and I was like, oh, man, it would be cool to do a second playthrough and do some spell casting. And I'm kind of feeling the same way through this game. There is a lot of mechanics that I'm not using, but I'm really enjoying the mechanics that I am using in terms of I'm actually paying a strength build and enjoying that. So, yeah, look, so far, for my 10 hours in. Apart from the menuing and my issues with the startup of the game. Yeah. I think it has potential if they can make another one of these down the track and fix those things. Yeah. Fantastic. [01:14:24] Speaker A: Yeah. Have you fought a boss yet, Grizz? I assume you must. [01:14:29] Speaker B: Yeah, I think I've got through a couple. I just killed the lady with the dogs. The. [01:14:38] Speaker A: Yep, yep. Another no, no, wait a second. You must have done a fair few. [01:14:45] Speaker B: I've done a couple of bosses, yeah. I've done angel lady. Yeah, the angel lady. Done the angel lady. [01:14:52] Speaker A: Then the other lady that's like with the fucking one after her in the depths bit. I think I'm up at her. So you must be one beyond me. Yeah. [01:15:05] Speaker B: And fuck, man, bosses are hard. Hey, Cap. [01:15:08] Speaker A: They are hard. They're really hard. They really punish you for not understanding their patterns and stuff. Like, you really need to know their patterns. You need to learn them big time. [01:15:19] Speaker B: Or you will get fucked. Parenting is definitely a big thing. It actually reminds me they've kind of taken some of the things from other Souls games. I think you might have spoken about this when you were talking about Laws of the fallen, but yeah, there's a whole mechanic where if you block the enemy perfectly, they have like a stagger bar that builds up on them, so you got to parry them a good few times and then stagger them. But I'm finding that it's interesting because the bosses, it's almost like a dance. A lot of them have a couple of phases, and one phase might be really block and parry heavy, and then the next phase, it's like you need to dodge all the attacks because parrying is nearly impossible. So I'm liking that you got to kind of figure out which way to approach the fights, and I think that's pretty cool. [01:16:01] Speaker A: Good game. The game's a cracker, but absolute cracker. I haven't had the stamina to really sort of sit through a Souls game, though I do really like what they're doing with the aesthetic and stuff. And I'm probably going to have to restart that game at some point in the near future and really give it a good crack when I've got some time up my sleeve. But, yeah, bang a game. Anything else, chris, you've been on your radar. [01:16:23] Speaker B: I've been playing Baldor's Gay Three, which I think I already told you yes, spoiling anything for anyone here. But we killed Shadowheart. She's been a member of our party pretty much the whole way through. A few tears were shed. We didn't know that was going to happen. But we're also being pretty strict with not loading things. We're not even in Baldor's Gate yet. Cap, I just cannot believe the scope of this game. [01:16:46] Speaker A: It just keeps it's unbelievable. Yeah, it's actually crazy. [01:16:52] Speaker B: It's very enjoyable. Apart from that, the only other thing that I wanted to bring up is. I don't know if you've seen it, but in the Fortnite universe they actually brought out OG Fortnite or Fortnite OG. [01:17:05] Speaker A: Which was I did see this. Yeah. [01:17:06] Speaker B: It was the release of the original map from season one. And look, it actually brought back some nostalgia for me because at that time I was playing it maybe season one to three, something like that. So places like Lazy Links, Cap you remember when we used to drop there all the time that hasn't been in the game for like seven or eight seasons now? Something like that. [01:17:28] Speaker A: That's wild. [01:17:29] Speaker B: Yeah. So seeing some of the original locations has been and also some of those streamers that used to stream that kind of rekindle their relationships and play again. So I was actually watching Ninja, Tim, the Tatman Courage, a few other guys that were playing back around that time. And yeah, just interesting to see how much that game's changed and bring it back to season one. [01:17:54] Speaker A: It's cool. Hey, I'm not a Fortnite guy, but you can't deny the effect that Fortnite's had on just via games in general, I guess even in terms of games as a service, like providing a consistent world for people to play it. And it's a really popular game. You can't deny it's its draw and for them to go and put the OG map back in. Is it Tomato Lake? Is that still in there, mate? [01:18:20] Speaker B: Yeah, Tomato Lake's back in there. Tomato Town, I think. Is it Tomato? [01:18:25] Speaker A: Tomato Town? Yeah, Tomato Town. I mean, we used to go there a lot and get our asses kicked. [01:18:30] Speaker B: Yeah, you could hit one of the structures there and get a heap of metal at the start of the game. I think it was like the big Tomato dude or something. So it was a good drop to go. [01:18:39] Speaker A: That's wicked, mate. Love it. Captain. Yeah. [01:18:43] Speaker B: How's your gaming been going, mate? What have you been up to? [01:18:45] Speaker A: My gaming has been going really good, mate. I've been playing a lot of Alan wake two. I've been trying to pump through that. That game's awesome. It's like playing a cult thriller film. And it is such a great job with the cinematography. And this is the game I was talking about earlier when I was sort of saying that we've hit this point where video game facial animations are actually becoming more photorealistic and I guess human in general because the facial animations of the CGI characters you're playing are just incredibly well done. And there's certain little micro movements where you're like, man, that's fucking crazy. It just feels super real. And they've done a really good job of mixing it up with live acted sequences as well. So your character in the game suddenly is now being acted as, like, an actual actor. And that person is obviously the design impetus for that character as well. So the actor is the person there and they've based them off one another. And yeah, it's a really unique game. I think it's a shame that you really need to play or at least have a really good understanding of Alan Wake One to really get into Alan Wake Two. I think you can get away with not understanding the story, but a lot of it would just make no fucking sense. But yeah, the game's really good. I'm currently in the kind of meat of the game where I'm switching between two characters and one's an FBI agent, the other person's like a writer and the FBI agent's trying to piece like, a case together. And you've got like a case board you're adding clues and shit to and then the writer, you're finding these areas where you're then having to rewrite what's happening in those areas. And it's really cool because you're kind of trying to traverse through this area and then rewrite these little moments and then piece them together in different ways so you can access certain things in each area in different ways. I'm doing a very poor job of explaining how it actually works, but ultimately the game fucking rocks and is quite scary in a lot of ways. It maintains a significant amount of suspense throughout the entire thing. And yeah, many pants have been shitted and they just do a really good job of scattering the game with very few jump scares, like significant jump scares. And when you do get the jump scare, it actually means something. But yeah, really good game. Definitely worth a crack if you haven't played Alan Wake One. I watched just like a 20 minutes here's Alan Wake One video, which I think was definitely worth it because I think without that pride knowledge, there's a lot of shit that I just wouldn't have understood. Certain characters and character interactions and understanding what had happened in the first game really is important for sort of, I guess, understanding the motivations of certain characters and what's actually going on in the greater world of Alan Wake. But yeah, banger. Game worth a crack. Especially if you're into horror games. I wouldn't say it's super horror. I'd say a lot of it's more thriller, but just the way they kind of do the whole detective noir New York murder tale thing. Really bloody good. Definitely worth a crack. And extra points if you're into Twin Peaks because there's a lot of Twin Peak esque moments in that game where you just think, that was fucking weird, but it was really good. Yeah, definitely worth a really, really good game in a year that has been littered with just shitloads of good games. [01:22:50] Speaker B: Yeah, I was about to ask you that, Kat. We've had a crack a year after a not so good year last year. What is your current take on Game of the Year for you? [01:23:00] Speaker A: What do you think? Oh, man, it's kind of wild because I think Boulders Gate is still like a real standout for me. But I mean, playing Alan Wake too, I'm like, man, this is like a real hallmark in, I guess, just like emotive narrative and impressive cinematics and bringing kind of almost closing the gap between film and gaming, I guess, in a lot of ways. And that deserves to be praised just as highly as Boulders Gate Two. In some ways, even Cocoon being by far probably one of the best, if not the best puzzle game I've ever played in my life. It's just fucking crazy. And then we've also got Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which is by far probably one of the best 2D platformers I've played in a very long time. And it's completely revitalized the Mario kind of 2D platforming space for me. Then we also had Tears the Kingdom that came out this year as well. And I mean, excellent game, I would say. Probably not the same. I think the issue with Tears the Kingdom for me is it's not really recreating anything that wasn't already a known quantity, though. Still an incredibly impressive and fun game. I really enjoyed my time with that game. [01:24:26] Speaker B: We had Hogwarts legacy as well. Cap. [01:24:28] Speaker A: This year Hogwarts Legacy. We also had Jedi Star Wars Survivor. [01:24:34] Speaker B: Let's not forget Redfall. That's one of your favorites. [01:24:37] Speaker A: Another huge banger. I mean, see us Stars, if we're going to be talking about indies as well, grizz. We had Liza P, Lords of the Fallen came out as well. They're definitely nothing to not forget. [01:24:52] Speaker B: If those games came out last year, it would have been like Game of the Year material, mate. [01:24:57] Speaker A: Yeah. It's just kind of crazy. I don't know if you remember, but I mean, Hi Fi Rush came out this year as well. Hi Fi Rush was quite a fun little cult kind of Bethesda hit that came out of nowhere. Shadow dropped. That was a fucking banger. I think I'm still probably boulders gate, team. Boulders gate at the moment. But they're still looking forward to our. [01:25:28] Speaker B: Game awards show this year. Cap, like, let's fucking suit up, mate. And just really this one a good crack, I reckon. [01:25:36] Speaker A: Yeah, let's do it. I'm keen. I'm keen. For sure we'll have a real good one ready for you guys. So you guys freaking strap yourselves in. But yeah. God, it's been a good year. We've been eating well, mate, for sure. Big time. [01:25:51] Speaker B: All right on your gaming radar, Cap? [01:25:53] Speaker A: Anything else you've been tickling away? Covers everything I've been playing. I almost started up World of Warcraft today, but I didn't quite get in there. But I'm probably going to just dive in, dip my toes in. I've got time to really get stuck too deep. [01:26:08] Speaker B: Cap? [01:26:10] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:26:11] Speaker B: Do you want to play hardcore vanilla with me, mate? [01:26:15] Speaker A: Fuck no freaking way. I got way better things to do than that. When season discovery comes out, talk to me then about classic. I reckon that's what's going to get me involved for sure. That's going to be interesting, but hardcore. The idea of hardcore sounds great, but then I also just don't have the patience to lose a character and lose all of that progress, especially as a man with very few gaming hours. As it is, I'm not in a stage of life where that tickles my fancy just at the moment. [01:26:56] Speaker B: Fair enough, mate. Not for everyone. [01:26:57] Speaker A: I'll get there eventually. [01:26:59] Speaker B: Hardcore. [01:27:02] Speaker A: I'm casual, mate. All right, let's freaking dive in, baby. It's time for the freaking rapid fire. Okay. Brought to you by DJ Francesco. It's in the freaking game, baby. Thank you very much to our wonderful ongoing sponsor, DJ Francesco. Every freaking week. Just lending that little beautiful sound bite to this wonderful podcast. All right, straight off the top, Grizz. GTA Six is patenting a new Locomotion system to make highly dynamic and realistic animations. So you can expect in the next iteration of GTA that they're going to also have some pretty realistic animations. I presume locomotion also implies well beyond just facial animations. I believe it's to do with everything. Like this one person was saying that characters would sort of match the way the weather is and how their energy levels are and their injuries and make the game feel overall more immersive. So I guess kind of taking the general population of a game, the Fodder, the kind of crowds, and taking them to that next level where they are having a little bit more personality in the way that they'reacting to their environment, I guess rather than just like bumping into things and just generally being fairly static. But yeah, that could be pretty cool. Like seeing people kind of a bit of rain starts coming down and then people start sort of scurrying to try and get under things and stuff. That could be really cool. [01:28:48] Speaker B: The age of gaming, Cap. We got a lot to look forward to, mate, don't we? [01:28:51] Speaker A: Oh yeah, big time. [01:28:53] Speaker B: Really ramping up in terms of graphics and other things. [01:28:57] Speaker A: AR. Yep, big time. Big time. So pretty cool. [01:29:01] Speaker B: Hey, Cap, so quickly background on this one. Hasbro, it is the parent company of Wizards of the coast, a subsidiary that owns the rights to Dungeons and Dragons franchise and of course Baldor's. Gate Three, using the DND Five e rule set owned by Hasbro, obviously gets a cut of their profits. So battles. Gate three helps. Spike Hasbro's digital game revenues by 133%, obviously from Battles Gate Three success. So interesting there, man. [01:29:39] Speaker A: Yeah, it's kind of wild that Bouldersgate would have that much influence over a company's entire kind of digital sales because it's not just that, but it's obviously also led to I think there's been a lot of strong sales in the D D tabletop scene as well recently because Bouldersgate has kind of helped promote that as well. So, yeah, just really fucking cool. So there you go. All right, grizz. Now I'm going to do the next two because they kind of lead into one another. The finals reached so the Finals is a video game that's been produced by X Battlefield Devs. I believe it's kind of a game show FPS game where the whole environment, the entire environment is destructible and everything's crumbling around you and looks pretty cool, actually. But regardless, the Finals reached an impressive 139,531 concurrent plays during their open beta, requiring the they had to implement a temporary login queue to keep up with the amount of people jumping in, which is kind of wild. So pretty fucking cool. Now, they also one thing that they've done during the development of this game, they started using AI text to voice to get voice lines cranking. And we've obviously spoken about how the effect of AI on voice acting and seen kind of that effect on how people are taking away, I guess, the rights of certain voice actors by utilizing these services. But this has also been quite interesting because the developers of this were saying that they're able to kind of have an idea about a voice line or something that they want to do and they're able to spool up. That and get it working in a matter of hours rather than having it take a matter of months to get those ideas into fruition, which is kind of cool. [01:31:41] Speaker B: This is my thing on technology. Cap right. I know that we've seen a lot of negativity surrounding the use of AI in a few different things, not only voice acting, but AI art and AI imagery as well. And I honestly think that what am I trying to say? You cannot keep this down. We need to embrace AI and find a positive way that it can influence markets and other bits and pieces. This is just one example of that. But yeah, pretty interesting. [01:32:18] Speaker A: Until AI can kind of mimic the kind of finer points of human emotivity and vocal kind of construction, which is not quite there yet. But I think there's definitely a place for using AI to do these kind of quippy, kind of short kind of voiceover stuff versus whole lines of dialogue. We're still not quite there yet. And I think there's still a place for voice actors in that. [01:32:49] Speaker B: You know, it needs to be regulated. And it needs to be regulated so that our voice actors and our actors aren't out of pocket from it. And whether that's paying the rights to use someone's voice and paying them adequately enough to use their voice. Because the way that I see this cap and the potential that AI has in terms of voice acting, just imagine having a game that had a really good AI in it that an NPC could respond to you in a way that is different to anyone else playing the game. Depending on how you interact with that person, the AI in video gaming could seriously be absolutely groundbreaking when it comes down to having interactions with NPCs in. Video games. And I think that alone would be pretty interesting and pretty cool. [01:33:35] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. Like you said, obviously minimize the harm, but maximize the effective use for making video games better. For sure. That's really better. [01:33:48] Speaker B: Cap, we've talked about this on this podcast a few times. Bloodborne Cart, which was originally a meme made. It was like basically like a Mario Kart, but Bloodborne from all the characters and the other bits and pieces. It's happening. Cap it's being released 2020, first of the first. [01:34:08] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. It's coming with a bunch of races, I believe. There's twelve races. There are 16 maps. There's a full single player campaign mode with boss fights, local split screen multiplayer, and a verse battle mode. So it's basically, literally Mario Kart in bloodborne. I think they've kind of nailed that kind of Nintendo 64 PS, one era of visuals. It looks good. It looks good. It's really cool. We'll be interesting to see if Sony from Software do anything about the distribution of this video game because it's obviously impinging quite heavily on the intellectual property of Bloodborne. We'll see what happens. I'm hoping that they will let this one slide because it looks fucking radical. But yeah, go and check out the trailer. All right, moving along, Grizz from Software are hiring for multiple new projects. Now, there's no information on these projects, just we know that there is internal development I mean, sorry, internal recruitment happening and they're looking for people to join the ranks from Software. But yeah, no info on what those projects are, but I'd say probably we're probably getting at least the Dark Souls elden ring, too, kind of, or Next Souls thing. [01:35:44] Speaker B: Cap batterscape Three released a massive patch a few days ago. I think about four or five days ago, it was like 15 or 16 gig with over 1000 changes. But I think this one's probably the most pertinent to you, cat it is going to severely impede your ability to speed run the sex scenes. [01:36:06] Speaker A: Shit. [01:36:07] Speaker B: So Lazelle. Lazelle's sex scene is no longer available. Within two minutes of the game, they have way more difficult I didn't even. [01:36:18] Speaker A: Know you could do it that quickly. It's crazy. [01:36:22] Speaker B: Yeah. The current record by Entitle of the Undisputed Sex Champion belongs to speedrunner 50. 1 minute 58 seconds to bed. Lazelle. [01:36:34] Speaker A: Unbelievable. I don't know if that's something to brag about, 1 minute 58. [01:36:41] Speaker B: But seriously though, it's just great to see that these guys are putting the time in. So, patch four is a Gargantuan update. 1000 fixes have been adopted the game, including new settings for colorblind players, some upgrades on some of the lighting, some upgrades to some of the highlings, as well as balancing across weapons and spells and other bits and pieces. Pretty cool. [01:37:07] Speaker A: Yeah, looks pretty rad. It's just cool that they continue to just keep tightening the screws on this game and adding some little interesting features here and there. Yeah, it's just fucking cool. Good on you, Larry. You guys fucking rock. You guys are good eggs. Well done. All right, Grizz, final little one for tonight. Just want to say, don't worry, guys, elden Ring DLC is proceeding smoothly. And that is, in their words, it is proceeding smoothly. And that, I think, is foreshadowing. We're going to get a Elden Ring DLC announcement gameplay trailer. This Game Awards, I don't expect anything. [01:37:51] Speaker B: Less from software Cap. They're all over Cap when's the when's the game awards. Because I wouldn't mind doing a replay of Elden Ring before the DLC drops. Well, I don't think we have a. [01:38:05] Speaker A: Release date, but I reckon we might find out more information at the Game Awards, which I think was December the Game Awards 2023. Let's find out. That is the December 7. [01:38:22] Speaker B: December 7. [01:38:24] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm seeing December. Is it December twelveTH? I'm seeing 7th here. [01:38:28] Speaker B: Well, I'm going from Straight jacket Jim. He's pretty knowledgeable. Bloke. [01:38:34] Speaker A: Well, I don't know. I think it's the 7th. [01:38:38] Speaker B: Jim was guessing. Okay, I think we'll go with the 7th. We'll go with the 7th. [01:38:42] Speaker A: Well, that's from the website, so I'm pretty sure it's the 7th. But, yeah, I reckon we saw Elden Ring get a full gameplay reveal at the Game Awards. I reckon we'll probably see a DLC gameplay reveal again at the Game Awards this year. So that's my little hot take. Get it in. Um, all right. Anyways, that's it from us, Grizz. That's the show. [01:39:07] Speaker B: Sorry for my audio being so scuffed, you guys, but also get wrecked. Get wrecked your ears, get wrecked. [01:39:14] Speaker A: Audio listeners, look, we'll be back next week. I just want to say thank you so much for consuming and enjoying our content. It's actually kind of wild, our current stats at the moment, so we welcome you all listening from all over the joint. It's good to have you here. If you're new and you're enjoying the show, we really appreciate a cheeky review on The Old Spotify or whatever you're listening through. So go and drop a big five stars on there. And if you're not new and you haven't left one yet, well, what the fuck are you doing? We've been asking this for literally every week, so pull your head out your bum and sort it out now. If you want to listen to this live, you can do so Monday nights, 07:00 P.m. Awst on Twitch Tvocanicgamingradio. All of our other links can be found on OGR Show, including a link to our patreon. If you would like to join our other wonderful patreons, a link to our discord. If you'd like to come and join the conversation during the week, tell us what games you've been playing. We'll be talking to you about what games we've been playing, all the other shit, and also Twitter, twitter, TV, Ogshow. Normally, we post a cheeky little poll each week that you can vote in. That's pretty much everything. Keep an eye out for our TikToks and freaking stories during the week. We've had a bunch of those going out weekly, so they've been really fun to chuck out and yeah, we'll see you guys next week on the show. Grizz won't be back. We'll have our special guest straight, Jack and Jim, so get excited for that. But he'll be back the following week and then I'll be gone. So we're handing the Torch over. All right, Legends, take it easy and see you next week. Oh, yeah. [01:41:25] Speaker B: Nice up. [01:41:26] Speaker A: Very good.

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