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October 16, 2023



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Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
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Oct 16 2023 | 01:39:22


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[00:00:18] Speaker A: G'day and welcome to Frickin Oceanic Gaming Radio. It is a pleasure to be spending this Monday evening, a very warm Monday evening scorching, actually. What a day we've had in a while. Absolutely. It is the 16th of the 10th. [00:00:41] Speaker B: Okay. [00:00:42] Speaker A: And it's a Monday night. 07:00 P.m. My name is Captain Perth. Coming to you live from Perth, Western Australia. [00:00:48] Speaker B: And alongside me, as always, Grizzly Gaming 86. How you doing, mate? [00:00:54] Speaker A: What's going on? [00:00:55] Speaker B: You keeping keeping cool? I am absolutely excellent, Cap. [00:00:58] Speaker C: I'm keeping pretty cool at the moment. I don't know, I feel like it takes like a good couple of days. [00:01:02] Speaker B: Back to back for it to get real stinking hot in the house, but. [00:01:06] Speaker C: We got pretty good aircons in this house, actually. You know, one thing, I don't have an aircon in this room. That is one definite downside. Oh no, just in the bedrooms and. [00:01:15] Speaker B: Stuff, but refrigerated reverse kind of wall. [00:01:19] Speaker C: Unit thing cycle, I think. Yeah, like just the little units in each of the rooms. [00:01:23] Speaker B: But dude, back in the day, mate. [00:01:26] Speaker C: I used to stream and game from my garage and my God, did it get hot back in the day. [00:01:33] Speaker A: Dude, I can remember you on stream in the early days just sweating bullets. [00:01:39] Speaker C: Yeah, I used to like stream in singlets. Sometimes it'd be so hot I have to turn my cam off, take the old shirt off. [00:01:48] Speaker A: I love it, mate. Well, I mean, we installed a new aircon last summer before Ted rocked up. Literally the week that Mia no, hang on. It was the week or so after. Maybe a little bit later than that, actually. Regardless, we had it around about the time Ted was born and so we've had it for a year and it's been the best thing ever. [00:02:10] Speaker B: Fully refrigerated. [00:02:12] Speaker A: Well, reverse cycle, I guess. Ducted aircon you got so you can you can automate it and do all kinds of shit with it. And it'll do things like if you tell it what suburb you're in, it'll figure out the average temperature and figure out what time it needs to turn itself on and stuff like that. It's fucking pretty intelligent stuff's. [00:02:36] Speaker B: Getting real smart these days, isn't it? Yeah. [00:02:39] Speaker A: We won't have to think very soon. [00:02:41] Speaker B: Not that I do much of that. [00:02:42] Speaker A: Anyway, but I can't wait for my. [00:02:44] Speaker C: Fridge just to figure out what's in it and I just put a predefined list of things that I want and when it runs out, just orders it for me and gets delivered. Yeah, that's going to be the dream. [00:02:54] Speaker A: That's not a bad idea. What if that mean partially maybe that I feel like that used to exist. You could buy those stickers back in the early days and it was things like a toilet paper sticker and you press it had a button like it was like an RFID button thing you press and it would send a signal to a base station within your home and then send an order for more of that thing to Amazon. [00:03:16] Speaker B: That's pretty cool. [00:03:18] Speaker A: I remember when I was young, our brother's mate, one of my mate's brothers, he went to the US and he had his full home decked out and all this shit and he just pressed things when he needed more stuff. [00:03:28] Speaker B: Barely left the house. [00:03:29] Speaker C: Do you run a smart home at? [00:03:32] Speaker A: Oh, my Aircon's about as smart as oh well, I've actually got cameras and stuff. [00:03:37] Speaker C: Yeah, you got a doorbell camera? [00:03:40] Speaker B: Don't you? Got a doorbell? [00:03:41] Speaker A: I've got a couple of courtyard and kind of driveway things going on, which has been really good because we used to get people walking up the driveway. Yeah, I know. And we actually had someone go through our car and pulled all the shit out of the car and all they end up stealing was a fucking mug mirror. Bought me for $5 and I was like, you guys suck. [00:04:03] Speaker C: Really? I must admit I don't have a. [00:04:08] Speaker B: Smart home at all, actually. [00:04:12] Speaker C: Lights. I've got some smart lights that I can turn on and off with an app. But I reckon like my kids on. [00:04:17] Speaker B: Their iPads and stuff. [00:04:19] Speaker C: Lily does it all the time, like the hey Google and whatever. Hey Apple or whatever and talking to their phones for putting on songs and stuff. [00:04:26] Speaker B: But I reckon when my kids move. [00:04:29] Speaker C: Into a house it's all going to. [00:04:30] Speaker B: Be like smart voice controlled voice things. [00:04:36] Speaker A: I bought one of the new Samsung watches and I use that a lot for making reminders because I find that works really well with my ADHD. If I make a reminder as soon as I think of it and say, okay, remind me in 2 hours and then it reminds me and then I generally do the thing, which is good. [00:04:54] Speaker C: I tell you what, dude, if I. [00:04:56] Speaker B: Didn'T set a daily task list in. [00:04:59] Speaker C: The morning, I would be the most fucking useless worker ever. [00:05:04] Speaker A: Actually, I've been doing that as well. But what I do is I bundle all my tasks into different buckets. And I have today as a bucket, I have tomorrow as a bucket, I have this week as a bucket and I have Future as a bucket. [00:05:19] Speaker B: And then at the end of every. [00:05:22] Speaker A: Day I move everything into different buckets. [00:05:26] Speaker C: Gee, that's not bad. [00:05:28] Speaker B: Maybe I'll start doing that. [00:05:30] Speaker A: It's good. [00:05:31] Speaker C: You know that I use one note basically for all of my stuff, including my podcast. Preparation is all in one note. I've got all of the notes back till episode one. Everything that I've talked about since the start of time. [00:05:45] Speaker A: That's cool. [00:05:45] Speaker C: That's what I track all of my daily tasks and stuff through that as well. I mean, one thing for me, Cap, is I need to actually tick a box when I've done something. [00:05:54] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:05:55] Speaker C: It's also a satisfaction. [00:05:55] Speaker A: That's why I use Google Tasks. [00:05:57] Speaker C: Done that. Google tasks? [00:05:58] Speaker B: Yeah. Is that the yes. [00:06:01] Speaker A: Yeah, it works really well for yeah. Anyways, how's your weekend, mate? [00:06:04] Speaker B: Did you get up to dude, weekend was good, actually. [00:06:07] Speaker C: Before this episode, I went and asked. [00:06:09] Speaker B: The wife, fuck, what did I do. [00:06:10] Speaker C: On the weekend, because I honestly can't remember. Everything's just kind of blurring into work and stuff at the moment. But I had a gig on Friday night with the boys. [00:06:18] Speaker B: First one back in a while. [00:06:21] Speaker C: It was really good fun. [00:06:22] Speaker B: I thought we played really well and bit of a quiet night on the town, though, in Littleville, but it was good. [00:06:29] Speaker A: Was it a warm night that night, Greg? [00:06:31] Speaker C: Yeah, it was a warm night. [00:06:32] Speaker B: It was a warm night, Cat. Yeah. [00:06:34] Speaker A: Interesting. You think people be out and about, wouldn't you? [00:06:36] Speaker C: And Fridays are usually really good because people come after work and do the. [00:06:39] Speaker B: Thing and the stuff, but who knows, mate? But Kat, what else? [00:06:45] Speaker C: I took the kids to the pool on Sunday, then had a little barbecue in the afternoon. It was great. [00:06:50] Speaker B: Cooked up some meat and just kind of hung around and did the thing. It was good, mate. Nice and relaxing. [00:06:57] Speaker A: Gorgeous. [00:06:59] Speaker B: Stretch the self too much, but it's just nice. [00:07:03] Speaker C: Summer is upon us now, capo? [00:07:05] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:07:06] Speaker A: Big time, dude. [00:07:07] Speaker C: Changed. [00:07:08] Speaker A: Yeah. And it's come quite dramatically, don't you reckon? I feel like almost two weeks ago we're kind of having rain and stuff and now it's like, bang, 36 degrees, or whatever it got to today. [00:07:19] Speaker B: Pretty brutal. [00:07:20] Speaker A: But I suppose that's Perth and Australia, really, we tend to have quite a dramatic shift in climactic conditions. [00:07:29] Speaker C: But, yeah, the other thing I've been doing, which has been very detrimental to. [00:07:32] Speaker B: My sleep cycle, is staying up very late, 01:00 A.m. For some of the Dota. I haven't watched any Dota, have you? Not yet. [00:07:42] Speaker C: There's been some fucking awesome games, man. [00:07:44] Speaker A: A couple what times are those games? Normally on, like, Perth time. [00:07:48] Speaker C: All right, so the games start at 01:00 A.m. [00:07:50] Speaker B: In the morning, but they go till. [00:07:52] Speaker C: About ten or 11:00 A.m.. [00:07:55] Speaker B: Okay, yeah. [00:07:56] Speaker C: So they go till like, midday for us. So when you wake up you can probably catch a couple. [00:08:01] Speaker B: But, yeah, when I got home from. [00:08:04] Speaker C: The gig on Friday night, I just. [00:08:05] Speaker B: Sat down and watched Dota for a couple of hours. [00:08:08] Speaker C: And after the gig? [00:08:11] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:08:12] Speaker A: Fucking wicked, mate. [00:08:13] Speaker C: That's been really good game so far, mate. But we spoke about it last time, but the price pool is so low. [00:08:19] Speaker B: And I actually feel like there's less. [00:08:21] Speaker C: Hype around the International for Dota Two. [00:08:23] Speaker B: This year because of that. I don't know you feeling like that. [00:08:27] Speaker A: Do you know what, I kind of personally don't feel that hyped about it this year. And I feel like the Battle Pass has been really shit and not that I want to reward companies for Battle Passing and cosmetics and making things. I mean, Valve is kind of fucked when it comes to its Battle Pass and how much money you have to actually spend or time played to actually get through a reasonable out of the Battle Pass. But yeah, just I don't know. [00:08:54] Speaker B: I. [00:08:55] Speaker A: Remember whatever year it was when they had 40 mil on the line. That was neck level, dude. You could feel it was during COVID as well. No one was in the stadium but it felt huge. Like people playing for 40 million fucking dollars and now it's 2 million and of course that's a lot of money but you split that between five people and all the other shit, it just doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? [00:09:18] Speaker C: So I don't know there is a whole minor thinking about that is that they'll be able to split money more across throughout the year for the different. [00:09:28] Speaker B: Tournaments and rather than having the whole. [00:09:30] Speaker C: Evolve putting and funding just the International. [00:09:33] Speaker B: But I also think, Cap, that the. [00:09:36] Speaker C: Battle Pass itself has funded so much. [00:09:39] Speaker B: Of that prize pool and you're just. [00:09:42] Speaker C: Not going to get that crowdfunding throughout the year for the rest of those tournaments. So I just don't see that showing. Right, that is a good argument. I think it's a bit of a shame really. [00:09:52] Speaker A: Yeah, big shame, mate. [00:09:54] Speaker C: But well, as long as you're enjoying. [00:09:55] Speaker A: The games mate, it sounds like the game is pretty good. [00:09:57] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm still on my ranked win streak, Cap. I've fucking added another. I actually ranked up into the next medal so I'm still not out of the trash tier, mate, but I'm an archon now so I'm slowly getting there mate. [00:10:08] Speaker A: Slowly. Very good mate. I'm proud of you. That's awesome. [00:10:12] Speaker B: Now. [00:10:12] Speaker C: What about you, Cap? How was your weekend, mate? [00:10:14] Speaker B: What did you get up to? [00:10:15] Speaker A: Weekend was really good. Friday night we went down to the Perth Foreshore with some other friends with young children around Ted's age and just kind of had a picnic, bunch of seltzers, watched the sun go down and then went home. That was gorgeous. And then Saturday kind of just cruised around and then had a daycare friend of Ted's first birthday. So we went and kind of checked that out and then came home. And then on Sunday I went to barbecue school and learned how to smoke fine meats and it was fucking awesome. I think you've done that before as well. [00:10:51] Speaker C: Jesus, did you do that? Where'd you do that? Where'd you go? [00:10:55] Speaker A: It was in mainlands in Perth, so Perth Center, but yeah, it was really fucking good. I took my dad for his birthday this year so he turned 60 this year and bought I mean I was you know, you don't just buy one ticket, you buy two, you're not going without me kind of thing. So took dad there and we got stuck into the beers and just stood around Webbers all day and sweat our guts out but fuck, it was good man. The burgers they made were just out of control and insanely fucking surprisingly easy. [00:11:27] Speaker C: Like smash burgers made or what was. [00:11:30] Speaker A: They weren't quite I mean, you could have smashed them if you wanted to, but I think they're trying to show you the texture and stuff of the burgers I'm creating. Because he was going through the mince recipe and he was like, look, if you put egg and breadcrumbs and onion and shit in your burger, it's not a burger anymore, it's a riso. [00:11:48] Speaker B: All right? [00:11:49] Speaker A: And he had a few more F words fucking sprinkled in there, but what. [00:11:54] Speaker C: Was the guy's name? Dude, that was running this? Do you remember? [00:11:56] Speaker B: Gus. [00:11:57] Speaker A: Was his name Gus? [00:11:58] Speaker C: Okay, yeah. Different dude. [00:11:59] Speaker A: He was a bit of a mad dog. [00:12:01] Speaker C: Sounds like a similar personality to the guy that did our one as. [00:12:10] Speaker A: Big time ultra Aussie. [00:12:11] Speaker C: So have you got a Weber cap? You're going to start Webbering or what, mate? [00:12:15] Speaker A: Look, I've got a Weber cube, but I actually want to get a bullet smoker now I've been inspired smoker. [00:12:21] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:12:22] Speaker A: Now it's time for me to cradle my entire personality around smoking fine meats and drinking IPAs. So it's high time I grew up, basically. But yeah, honestly, it was fucking awesome. We had beef short ribs, we had a burger that we made on the thing. We did chicken wings. What else do we do? Lamb. [00:12:49] Speaker B: We did. [00:12:49] Speaker A: Wow, T Bone. A massive fucking T bone steak. I've never seen a T bone steak anywhere near as fucking big as this. What else? Big Tomahawk steaks as well, which were fun. [00:13:03] Speaker C: How did you feel after eating all this meat? [00:13:06] Speaker A: I felt like shit this morning, dude. [00:13:08] Speaker C: That was me after I did that as well. [00:13:10] Speaker B: Honestly. [00:13:11] Speaker A: Like garbage. Thing is though, right, you'd never really eat it in that kind of quantity and that much different meat at the same time. And obviously because you're there, you're like, well, I'm going to make the fucking most of this. And so you push it a little bit, but if you're doing it at home, you do one or two things and you wouldn't go too overboard. Or maybe you would, I don't know. But yeah, I can definitely see myself getting into it. So I need to get myself a bullet smoker and I'm going to some. [00:13:39] Speaker C: Mates get stuck into it, maybe. [00:13:40] Speaker B: Bit of bloodborne and hey, now you're talking. [00:13:44] Speaker A: Little bit of talking. [00:13:45] Speaker C: A couple of craft beers, mate. [00:13:48] Speaker B: Seriously. [00:13:49] Speaker A: Talking by language. All right, pretty good. Expect an invitation soon once I get my bullet smoker. But the other thing, final thing, we started sleep training. Ted and holy fuck, my life has changed, dude. [00:14:02] Speaker C: It's been amazing how fucking yeah, man, sleep training, honestly, like, has he settled into it yet? [00:14:09] Speaker A: Is he yeah, yeah, he takes about five minutes to fall asleep and we do a fairly gentle method where we don't really leave the room, but we're fairly quiet anyways. He has gone from maybe three ish wake ups per night. Plus sometimes to goes to bed now, wakes up at 06:00 the next day, and it is crazy. [00:14:35] Speaker B: The last few nights, man, it's been crazy. [00:14:38] Speaker A: I go to bed and I wake. [00:14:39] Speaker B: Up in my bed. It's crazy. [00:14:41] Speaker C: It is fucking crazy. Never forget the morning, dude, where we first sleep trained. I think it was Ada. We did the one where you like, just leave them in there and you count down the minutes. I think you do like, eight minutes first, and then you come in, go back in, and then you do six, whatever. But both of us fell asleep. We woke up in the morning, it was like, Fuck, is our baby okay? Because we got our first full night's sleep in ages. Almost running in there, fast asleep. [00:15:09] Speaker A: It's amazing. Can't believe you didn't do it earlier, but just one of those things. So, anyways, I've been very well rested recently, which has been fucking excellent. It's good. [00:15:18] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:15:19] Speaker A: Anyways, should we fucking jump into it? [00:15:20] Speaker B: Grizz? Yeah. [00:15:21] Speaker C: Matt, let's talk about video game. [00:15:23] Speaker A: Video game. All right, well, first, before anything, house rules. Just want to say thank you to all our wonderful freaking legendary listeners. You guys rock. You can listen to this podcast virtually anywhere. If it's a podcast site, it's probably there. If you want more information, go to OGR show and you can get all your links there. And then, yeah, if you want to watch this show live, you can do so on Monday night, 07:00 P.m. Awst by going to Twitch TV Oceanicgamingradio. Join legends such as Sikose Airy. J Sukaiau slatos Belly is here. Fancy Badger, Straightjacket Gym. You know, just just the freaking staples, the pillars of society. You two champions, big champs. So, yeah, go and do that now. Just want to also say a big thank you to our wonderful Patreons. [00:16:14] Speaker B: Every week they come out, drop a. [00:16:16] Speaker A: Few dollars in our pocket, and we thank them very much because you guys are virtually solely responsible for us having TikTok reels. So, yeah, good on your legends. They are the following Sukai, Moosey, Caging, Runt, sergeant Paul Lee, GD, Jlibs, Brendan Dan. Fantastic. [00:16:34] Speaker B: And stropty on your legends. [00:16:37] Speaker A: Appreciate you big time. [00:16:40] Speaker B: All right, well, with all that, let's. [00:16:42] Speaker A: Jump into the show, mate. Big old quest log today. Yeah, look, we're going to dive straight in PlayStation. [00:16:50] Speaker B: They're on diet. [00:16:51] Speaker A: Grizz on a bit of a Diet slimming down a little bit. They've been working on their beach bod for summer and, well, they're not calling it the PlayStation Slim or anything this time around, which they have done in the past with the smaller models. But they have significantly reduced the size of the PlayStation Five. So smaller PS Five designs coming on. [00:17:14] Speaker B: In, and I believe they've reduced the. [00:17:16] Speaker A: Volume by about 30%. So it's a significant drop in size. And when you see the comparison images. [00:17:23] Speaker B: It'S actually quite a bit. [00:17:25] Speaker C: It says, yeah, reduce volume by 30%, but weight by 18 and 24% compared to previous models. So did they have, like, a heavier model of the PlayStation Five and then slightly less? [00:17:37] Speaker A: Well, I think the 18 and 24% might be with and without the drive. So another feature of this new one for those listening at home is that the disk drive is detachable and you've got an extra faceplate you can use to replace where it goes. So it basically has this slit that runs down the side and you can pull that faceplate off. And then underneath that faceplate, you can pull the detachable disk drive off of it, which is kind of a cool feature. [00:18:11] Speaker C: I really like that cap because it means you can go in at a digital model and then later down the track, if, say, you want to buy your favorite game on a physical copy, can go and spend what is it like? I can't remember. $80, is it? [00:18:29] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:18:30] Speaker C: $80 to buy the disk drive and then you can just take off separately and attach it in there. [00:18:36] Speaker A: Yeah, which is pretty cool. It's also coming out with a new stand as well. A silver looking kind of ring like stand. I'm actually not all that wild about it. I kind of prefer my current stand. But yours has a stand, mate. [00:18:52] Speaker C: I just lie mine on the side. [00:18:54] Speaker B: I do. [00:18:56] Speaker C: Do you have a stand? What is it like an aftermarket stand? [00:19:00] Speaker A: No, yours would have come with a stand as well. You probably chucked it out. Thought it was like a piece of fucking packing plastic or something. [00:19:06] Speaker C: I've still got the box under my desk. I might have to have a look, but I'm pretty sure mine hasn't got a stand. Or maybe it does. [00:19:12] Speaker A: Yeah, it should have come with 100%, my friend. [00:19:15] Speaker B: Okay. [00:19:16] Speaker A: But yes, mine's been on a stand the whole time now. I believe there's also going to be some new sort of panel colors as well. So trying to remember exactly what the colors? Sterling silver and deep earth? [00:19:35] Speaker B: No, it's three colors. No, hang on. [00:19:38] Speaker C: Four colors. Four colors. It says there are four separate cover. [00:19:42] Speaker B: Panels, but the thing is, including the. [00:19:46] Speaker C: Regular, I don't think it's the whole PlayStation. [00:19:48] Speaker B: I think it's just like one panel of the PlayStation. [00:19:53] Speaker C: But I still think this is pretty cool. This is pretty cool. [00:19:56] Speaker B: I wonder whether there'll be digital or. [00:20:01] Speaker C: Deluxe versions of games that will come. [00:20:03] Speaker B: With their own panels that you can add on your PlayStation. [00:20:06] Speaker A: It's a good question. I think it could be fairly cool, like if you're mixing the panels up as well and doing different colors. Because you have up to four panels, right? Yeah, absolutely. I'm sure that you've got Spiderman Two coming up soon. I'm sure a lot of people would froth on buying a Spiderman Two themed version of one of these because the new stand is the silver rings and they've got the sterling silver plates. So I'd imagine a lot of people probably want to mix those two together for the ultimate singularity in fashion. So, yeah, interesting little vertical release. [00:20:47] Speaker C: And you know what, Cap, I think in terms of slimming down the PlayStation Five, let's be honest, the PlayStation Five. [00:20:53] Speaker B: Is nearly as big as a fucking. [00:20:54] Speaker C: Some of the small PCs, mate, and they weigh like 20 kilos. [00:20:59] Speaker A: Yeah, it's big. I actually lent it to a mate who's just had a baby, and when you have a newborn, you actually get a fair bit of free time up your sleeve in dribs and drabs, but you do get a little bit of time here and there. So he wanted to play Boulders gate, and I was like, well, you can borrow him a PS Five and just buy it if you want. And he was like, yeah, that sounds great. So when I packed it up, I was like, man, this thing is fucking huge. [00:21:23] Speaker C: Yeah, they're big. [00:21:24] Speaker A: It's out of control. I think this is going to do a lot of good in slimming down the PS Five. [00:21:33] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:21:34] Speaker A: Do you know what, though, Grizz? I actually think the PS Five is a bloody good looking unit, don't you? [00:21:38] Speaker C: It is a very good looking unit, mate. Yeah, I think the design on it as a whole does look pretty cool. I much prefer the design of the PlayStation Five over the Xbox consoles as a whole. Controversial. But I feel like they just look. [00:21:53] Speaker B: Like little fridges different. Yeah. [00:21:56] Speaker A: No, I agree. [00:21:57] Speaker B: They are kind of boxy and I don't know, they haven't got that really. [00:22:01] Speaker A: Cool, nice looking kind of contemporary design that they've obviously probably paid some design consultant a squillion dollars to put together. One quick thing here, Grizz. The vertical stand here, it says it's sold separately, so it doesn't come with it, just FYI. So maybe you didn't come with a stand, maybe it didn't. [00:22:20] Speaker C: You were check my box after this. But Cap, this is coming in November. But one thing that I find quite. [00:22:26] Speaker B: Interesting about this is that once the current gen PS Five sorry, gen is. [00:22:32] Speaker C: Not the right word the current PS. [00:22:33] Speaker B: Five s the big ones sell out. [00:22:35] Speaker C: Only the slim models will be available. I'd imagine in the years to come, you only be able to buy these. [00:22:45] Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, it makes sense. [00:22:46] Speaker A: I think they're probably cheaper to make because there's less, like less it's smaller components, right, easier to store because they're smaller. Makes complete sense. I guess it's interesting, right, because in earlier iterations of the PlayStation, we had like the PlayStation Two slim, and even the PS One sort of slim models as well. But those were marketed as different devices and you could buy either the big dog or the small dog, and it didn't really matter because they had the same specs. [00:23:20] Speaker C: Regardless, slims were cheaper from memory, Cap. [00:23:22] Speaker A: Weren'T they they were cheaper as well. They always came out later in the cycle. But we've got the same thing happening here, except again, we're not calling it the slim. And it seems like you said, well, PlayStation is pivoting completely to this being the only offering, which again, makes complete sense. Smaller componentry and probably, I don't know, maybe the components are even slightly cheaper. [00:23:45] Speaker B: Because well, I'm sure they probably would. [00:23:47] Speaker A: Be less volume, right? [00:23:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:23:49] Speaker C: I wonder whether there's anything else in there, because I know that right now, some certain materials are really hard to get hold of and they're driving prices up for certain things. I wonder whether this new PlayStation has. [00:24:03] Speaker B: Kind of maybe changed some of the. [00:24:05] Speaker C: Products it's made out of somewhere in it that's making it easier to build. [00:24:09] Speaker A: What's interesting is even thinking about the weight of a product, right. And if you're moving a shit ton of product via shipping or whatever else, a lot of that probably will be like if you're shipping it from A to B, you probably have a weight component to the pricing of you having to ship that. Right. So if you're suddenly your stuff is 20% lighter, I don't know how much that converts into pricing, but I'm sure that they're probably saving money on shipping costs because it is a lighter product overall. [00:24:38] Speaker C: Or they're able to get the actual physical transport of it. Probably plays a part. [00:24:43] Speaker B: Yeah, absolutely. [00:24:44] Speaker A: So there's all kinds of bonuses for this, for Sony, I imagine, but ultimately also bonuses for us because they'll fit in more places because they're fucking smaller. [00:24:53] Speaker B: So that's great. [00:24:55] Speaker A: Yeah. One final thing, Griz. Sony has also confirmed that it will support expandable storage. So if you are interested in adding, your know, I know a lot of people who know added their own solid. [00:25:08] Speaker B: State drives and shit like that. [00:25:11] Speaker C: Can you add solid state drives to the PlayStation Five? [00:25:15] Speaker B: Can you? Yeah, I believe so. [00:25:17] Speaker C: By USB? Or do you have to crack it open? [00:25:20] Speaker A: No, you have to crack it open. Yeah, it's not too bad. It's fairly well supported and there's a pretty good guide on doing it, but I think it's fairly straightforward for adding further storage. I'm pretty sure it's an NVMe drive, but maybe someone in Chat might be able to confirm that for me. But you always see drives going on sale on Amazon and stuff, and they're marketed as like the best PS Five. Solid state drive. Yada yada yada. It's all fucking bullshit. There you go. [00:25:53] Speaker B: Cool. [00:25:54] Speaker A: I don't think the price is dropping either. I actually think the digital one's gone up slightly in cost. [00:25:59] Speaker C: Yeah, I saw that in reddit somewhere. Someone was saying the digital new slimmer version is more expensive. [00:26:07] Speaker A: Slightly more expensive not by a shitload, but just enough to be like, wait a second, I thought that was cheaper. [00:26:12] Speaker C: And wait, how does that work, I wonder? I saw something in the comments someone. [00:26:16] Speaker B: Was saying maybe it's because it includes. [00:26:18] Speaker C: The infrastructure to add on the disk. [00:26:21] Speaker B: Drive should you want it later down the track. [00:26:26] Speaker A: Okay, well, actually, that would make sense because, I mean, all of a sudden you've got this detachability thing going on and it's not an all in one product and it probably has in terms. [00:26:37] Speaker B: Of manufacturing that part of it probably. [00:26:42] Speaker A: Would be, I would assume, more difficult than just having it soldered on the side. And so be it. [00:26:50] Speaker B: Interesting. [00:26:50] Speaker A: Regardless. There you go. Get ready. I think when did you say that was coming out, Grizz? November. [00:26:55] Speaker B: Coming November? Yeah. Soonish. [00:26:58] Speaker C: Matt and I wonder how long the old models will be floating around for. That would probably rare as hen's teeth for a while, man. [00:27:05] Speaker A: I would have thought for a fair while. I'd love to see the current trajectory of sales for PS Five. Actually, we don't have that data in front of us, but I can't imagine that it's not as busy as it was when the PS Five first came out. I would have thought it would have dropped off quite a lot. [00:27:30] Speaker B: Yeah, you would assume so. Yeah. [00:27:33] Speaker C: There was massive hype. Remember how much hype was there was around the PlayStation Five, mate? Because it was also rare and everyone was trying to get it was exacerbated. [00:27:42] Speaker A: By the inability for anyone to get their hands on one or had a lot of difficulty because the shipping was completely rooted due to COVID and all that stuff. I remember a mate of mine put his name down on about five different websites, managed to get two out of those five and I couldn't get one. And he gave me one of his preorders because he didn't need two, obviously. I remember being Wild Wild West when that first happened, man. [00:28:12] Speaker B: It was fucking crazy. [00:28:15] Speaker A: Anyways, there you go, PS Five slim, but not known as the slim, just the PS Five movie. Ford now, Grizz, we spoke a lot. [00:28:26] Speaker B: About Unity over every episode, like the. [00:28:29] Speaker C: Last four episodes or something. Unity has been on the headlines. [00:28:33] Speaker A: They've been doing the old flippy floppy on their poor business decisions, but I think they're making a pretty good decision here. They're getting rid of John Ricciatello, the. [00:28:47] Speaker B: Current CEO of Unity. [00:28:50] Speaker A: Now, John Ricatello is kind of sort of well known for being an EA, I think. I'm pretty sure it was EA. [00:28:57] Speaker B: Yeah, definitely EA. [00:29:00] Speaker A: An ex EA CEO and caused a bit of a ruckus when it came to Monetization and just kind of generally being a fucking asshole, like Jim has said in Chat. But, yeah, generally just being a bit of a bit of a dong beater. But, yeah, they're giving him the flick, basically. The news came out last week that Unity was going to, I believe it was worded, effective immediately, get rid of old mate. And he, as such, has been let go. But, I mean, the best part about it. Is you always get all this bullshit fucking fluff that comes in these step down, step up kind of roles at this level of companies. The new guy coming on board was saying working with Unity under John's leadership is one of the highlights of my careers. It's just like, dude, I think, you know, Unity's fucking bullshit that's happened recently has been a very poor highlight on a lot of people's careers recently. So I don't know if I'd be categorizing myself in that. [00:30:08] Speaker C: But anyways, so apparently the replacement guy is just a placeholder cap. So if anyone is looking to become a CEO of Unity, they've said here that the board will initiate a comprehensive search process using executive search firm. So get on your LinkedIn, update your profile there. [00:30:30] Speaker A: Yeah, in all honesty, I think it might be a bit of a tough gig. I think Unity's really struggled to turn profit ever since it kind of began. And it seems to have quite a significant amount of employeeship under its banner. [00:30:46] Speaker B: Of which they seem very resistant to. [00:30:50] Speaker A: Getting rid of, which is a nice thing. I suppose you see a lot of game dev companies shedding employees recently. But, yeah, I think it's going to be a very difficult gig for whoever sort of picks this up. I'm not too sure. I mean, obviously what's happened recently with the pricing considerations and changes to their pricing policy and the changes that were made in terms of the runtime fee and all this shit, that caused a massive shit stir. Honestly, I can see where they were coming from. Obviously, it was a shit idea and a terrible way to announce something and also just generally a shit way to try and monetize your product. There's got to be better ways than that. But ultimately, I can see that it was a knee jerk reaction in response to things happening on a wider economic stage. We've seen so many companies getting rid of employees recently, even big companies like your Google's and your Amazon's and everyone else, and then you're also your game devs. So I can see why something like this would have happened, but I think John Ricciatello is pretty fucking gross. And I was reading that. I think the issue was John Riccatello has been quite good at hiding the. [00:32:07] Speaker B: Shit he gets up to and how. [00:32:09] Speaker A: He pushes kind of agenda and all that kind of stuff. But I think this time it was pretty fucking obvious and the writing was on the wall and so he couldn't survive this particular ousting. But, I mean, he's probably got 50 fucking super yachts and having a great day, so I'm sure he doesn't care. [00:32:25] Speaker C: There must have been a better way to do I mean, look, you touched on it there, cap but apparently the. [00:32:29] Speaker B: Company hasn't made a profit in quite a number of years, literally losing millions of dollars every year for a while. [00:32:38] Speaker C: Now and has been struggling. [00:32:39] Speaker B: But they obviously felt like they had to do something but I think just. [00:32:44] Speaker C: The way that it was gone about. [00:32:46] Speaker B: Know, I think they probably should have reached out to the developers that were. [00:32:51] Speaker C: Using Unity and come to a better solution than what was proposed and how that was kind of managed. So I do know we'll see what. [00:32:59] Speaker B: Ends up happening with Unity. [00:33:01] Speaker C: I feel like a lot of devs have, some of them have probably washed their hands of the company well. [00:33:06] Speaker A: And that's the thing I think when it comes to a company like Unity where your entire business model realistically is business to business, it's not business to consumer. So you've got this issue where your clientele has a lot more power over you as a business. Not to mention some of the businesses that they have under their umbrella probably have a fairly reasonable amount of legal backing. Because I can't imagine if that actually did go through and they kept with it, I would have thought that there probably would have been some laws broken in Europe and stuff in terms of just the way you can't just suddenly change your fucking billing practices so suddenly like that in such a stark, random way. Maybe I'm wrong, but especially for games. [00:34:01] Speaker C: That were potentially already released out there years ago. [00:34:05] Speaker A: That's a big one that use Unity. [00:34:08] Speaker C: I agree with you Cap. There would have to be some kind. [00:34:10] Speaker B: Of law breaking place. [00:34:13] Speaker C: Yeah, absolutely. [00:34:14] Speaker A: By doing that somewhere in the world. And that's the thing if you're delivering software products markets across the globe like you're going to have to be beholden to global laws. And I would have thought somewhere that would have been breaking a law but yeah, still fucking crazy. So anyways, overall John Ricatello, see you later you fuck with and I hope you don't set foot in another gaming related CEO position just fucking anywhere really. In all honesty you're just a fucking turd. See you later. Have a good one. [00:34:50] Speaker B: All right, Grizz. It's done. [00:34:53] Speaker A: Microsoft has dropped the fucking ring into. [00:34:55] Speaker B: Mordor and AKB is theirs. They own it, simple. [00:35:03] Speaker C: So activision Blizzard King is now owned by Microsoft. I swear we have been speaking about. [00:35:09] Speaker B: This cap for near on a year longer. [00:35:12] Speaker C: Two years. Is that how long it's been bantered for? [00:35:14] Speaker B: Two years? [00:35:15] Speaker C: Two years. [00:35:17] Speaker A: Which is wild. I still remember going into work at my last job and all of us were gamers and we were just gobsmacked. [00:35:27] Speaker B: With the fact that Microsoft had made a bid for Blizzard at yeah I. [00:35:36] Speaker C: Was in my other house man, it was such a fucking long time ago. So just to refresh because I know. [00:35:41] Speaker B: This is a know we talked about. [00:35:43] Speaker C: This a long time ago but just. [00:35:44] Speaker B: To tell you guys a bit of. [00:35:46] Speaker C: A summary of the deal. So this was microsoft now own all the developers under the Activision Blizzard company. It includes the teams at Activision Publishing. [00:35:56] Speaker B: Blizzard entertainment and King. [00:35:59] Speaker C: It also encompasses the following subsidiaries as well trayark, Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, High Moon Studios, Benox, Toys for Bob, Activision, Shanghai Studios, Solid State Studios. [00:36:14] Speaker B: And a bunch of others as well. So it is seriously a lot of. [00:36:18] Speaker A: Things cap do you know what is. [00:36:22] Speaker B: Wild is Microsoft owns Call of Duty. [00:36:27] Speaker A: And Halo, which to me is kind of massive because the cross kind of collaboration shit that even thinking about overwatch and stuff of that they could easily cross collaborate with. And I think just the cross pollination of different IPS now is probably going to be pretty fucking crazy. [00:36:46] Speaker B: But, I mean, just the fact that. [00:36:47] Speaker A: Microsoft does completely own AKB now is kind of wild to think about. But, yeah, you're right. Look, there was obviously it was pretty bumpy. There was a lot of backlash, especially sony was not particularly happy about it. To the point where they're saying that they were never going to financially recover from this ever again, which I'm sure they very much will. But you had the federal trade commission and the US. Really try to put the foot down on this one. They couldn't they couldn't front up a reasonable enough legal battle against Microsoft. And frankly, the FTC was made to look like a bit of a fucking idiot. [00:37:23] Speaker B: Multiple times during they had campaign lawyers. [00:37:27] Speaker C: In there and stuff that didn't know anything about the subject matter. [00:37:29] Speaker A: They were asking really weird questions and dumb questions and almost kind of putting themselves in the shit, I guess. I think on top of that, then, we had the CMA, which was kind of the UK regulator and European regulator, I guess. I think mostly UK, though, and they basically laid out their terms and conditions and said, this isn't going to go ahead unless there's because it's going to be monopolizing the cloud provider side of the business. Which I found quite surprising because if you ask me, the thing they're really monopolizing is Game Pass. No one has anything even fucking close to game. [00:38:13] Speaker B: Sony's tried cap. [00:38:15] Speaker A: They can't do it. [00:38:16] Speaker C: Can't do it, mate. They just can't give them the offering. [00:38:19] Speaker A: They're not willing to lose a shitload of money. [00:38:23] Speaker B: But regardless, Microsoft said, no worries, here. [00:38:26] Speaker A: You go, Ubisoft, you can have the rights to our video games. Which I actually think was a fucking. [00:38:32] Speaker B: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, genius idea because no one's ever going to go to fucking. [00:38:39] Speaker A: Ubisoft to play their fucking cloud games, ever. No, ever. And I'm sure that they thought when the CMA was like, all right, thanks, guys, at least you've unmonopolized it, it's like, yeah, but we've given it a fucking fucking dropkick. Bob down the road, he's never going to sell a single fucking subscription. [00:38:55] Speaker C: The fucking Ubisoft launcher is the worst. [00:39:00] Speaker A: No one's going there. So I'm sure Microsoft were laughing all the way home when the CMA accepted that as reasonable grounds for not having a monopolization on cloud streaming. [00:39:14] Speaker C: So Cap, just on the exclusivity thing. [00:39:16] Speaker B: Obviously this was a major point of. [00:39:20] Speaker C: Contention with this, know, so Microsoft did obviously come to an arrangement with. [00:39:27] Speaker A: Nintendo. [00:39:29] Speaker C: And Nintendo, so they announced that Microsoft and PlayStation have signed a binding agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. We look forward to a future where players globally have more choice to play their favorite games. [00:39:46] Speaker B: Also Call of duty on switch as well. [00:39:48] Speaker C: Cap, is that Nintendo, they did the same. [00:39:51] Speaker A: Well, presumably we're going to be getting Call of Duties on the Nintendo Switch moving forward. But the interesting thing is we know that there's going to be a Nintendo Switch to thing coming soon. So I'd imagine that whatever talks they had, they probably knew about that device and they said, we'll be targeting that, not the current Switch. [00:40:15] Speaker B: I can't fathom Call of Duty coming. [00:40:18] Speaker A: To the current Switch. [00:40:19] Speaker B: How would you do it? [00:40:22] Speaker A: How it's not going to run? [00:40:24] Speaker B: You're running at ten FPS and downscale. [00:40:29] Speaker C: The graphics and off you go. [00:40:30] Speaker A: Matt man, I think the only other thing you could maybe do would be fucking somehow have some crazy AI Nvidia DLSS or the whatever FTX thing that AMD has. Can't remember what it's called, but even then I can't imagine it really doing justice. But Sukai and Chat saying otherwise, probably cloud based, that was probably another thing. [00:40:58] Speaker B: That it might work. [00:40:59] Speaker A: They've tried to do that with other I mean, you never said what version of Call of Duty you wanted. [00:41:09] Speaker B: Give you the old original. What was the first call of duty? [00:41:14] Speaker C: Modern Warfare One or something? [00:41:15] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:41:16] Speaker A: Modern Warfare. One cop. This one. But yeah, I mean they could potentially do that. They've done that with a couple of other games on the Switch. For example, they did Kingdom Hearts on the Switch by Cloud, and I believe it ran like utter fucking shit. But Microsoft has much better infrastructure than whoever was running that. [00:41:36] Speaker C: So anyways, I've been thinking about this all day since thinking about putting this run sheet together and doing some research. [00:41:46] Speaker B: On this, but I can't help but think Blizzard have been developing Diablo Four. [00:41:52] Speaker C: Knowing it's going to go to Game Pass. [00:41:57] Speaker B: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe. [00:42:00] Speaker A: I think because the game and they've. [00:42:02] Speaker C: Got an ongoing monetization model that they can still cop funds off from. It sitting there idle in the store and it gives a reason for people. [00:42:10] Speaker B: To jump back in, or even people. [00:42:12] Speaker C: That haven't paid the game to play it. [00:42:15] Speaker B: I also feel like a lot of. [00:42:16] Speaker A: Developers these days is they know that they'll probably rerelease the game in different marketplaces, right? So clearly, Blizzard was ready to release Diablo four on steam, right? And so they probably thought, okay, well, we'll time that release with another season and hopefully we'll get a bit of more hype behind the game. And maybe you're right, maybe their next kind of, I guess, like marketing push will be guess what's coming to Game Pass? It's diablo four, baby. And then they release another wave of content. Maybe that the timing of things like this I think is really important. But I think for me, Grizz, it's going to be interesting to see what happens with Game Pass. There was a tweet that came out from Activision saying we don't intend to put there's been a lot of questions around whether Call of Duty and Diablo Four and stuff would be on game pass soon, and we don't intend to be putting them on within the next few months or anything, but you'll hear more news about this kind of stuff next year kind of thing. So presumably we will find them on Game Pass at some point. I'm sure that Call of Duty will go to game. [00:43:24] Speaker B: Pass. [00:43:24] Speaker A: I'd be very surprised if we didn't get that. But I could maybe see another tier of Game Pass being added or maybe they alter the Game Pass in a way that they kind of prime, like a premium. That's not quite the cloud streaming side of things. I'm not too sure. I'm wondering how Game Pass looks in the next year, basically, because I think the ecosystem for Microsoft is going to be quite dramatically different with the different games they're going to be having on there and the quality of games are going to be having on there. Because let's be honest, Redfall and Starfield have not been fucking trailblazers, right? [00:44:03] Speaker C: No, they have not. [00:44:04] Speaker B: They have not. [00:44:05] Speaker C: Well, they'll be on Game Pass, surely. [00:44:07] Speaker A: Those games well, I mean, Redfield and Starfield is already on there. [00:44:12] Speaker C: Is starfield on game pass. [00:44:14] Speaker A: Yeah, you could get it day one, day one, but you could also pay $50 to get it three days earlier as well if you wanted. [00:44:26] Speaker B: What was I going to say? [00:44:28] Speaker C: What happens to the other Diablo? [00:44:32] Speaker B: Diablo's cap like Diablo Two resurrected and. [00:44:36] Speaker C: That kind of thing. And the other thing that I'm curious about is the Battlenet launch still going to be a thing or are we. [00:44:42] Speaker B: Going to see a lot of these. [00:44:43] Speaker C: Games transfer over to the Microsoft store? [00:44:46] Speaker A: It's a really good point. I would be very surprised if they maintain the Battlenet launcher for more than two years because I think for Microsoft, they want to consolidate. They want to get people into their ecosystem. They want to get people using their apps. And it doesn't make sense having people across the Battlenet. Why would you do that? The ultimate move will be to transition people across. You probably still log in with a Battlenet account, maybe. I don't know how that looks. I mean, in all honesty, I think that sounds like a fucking development nightmare. Is trying to provide user experience. [00:45:24] Speaker C: You'd put in like your bungee when. [00:45:26] Speaker A: Bungie when that shifted to Steam and. [00:45:29] Speaker C: You'D have to put your bungee ID in and then it would transfer over and all that. [00:45:33] Speaker A: I mean it worked but like oh god, gross. I don't know, I think two ish years would be maybe it's longer, I don't fucking know. [00:45:43] Speaker C: But we're going to see Minecraft in Diablo, mate. [00:45:46] Speaker B: Surely going to be able to go. [00:45:47] Speaker C: Play Steve as a playable character? [00:45:49] Speaker A: Dude, I actually reckon that would be fucking tight. Imagine going through a rift and it's like Minecraft Diablo. That would be sick. I mean, we've kind of had that. Minecraft came out with dungeons. It could be a minecraft. Dungeons cross diablo four. Well, actually how does that work? Because very different IPS, serious question, very. [00:46:10] Speaker C: Different people, serious question. [00:46:12] Speaker B: Cap. Yeah. [00:46:13] Speaker C: You've got these battlenet IPS. [00:46:15] Speaker B: Blizzard IPS. Right. [00:46:17] Speaker C: So you've got all those things in that universe. Do you think we will actually see crossover with Microsoft Xbox titles? [00:46:27] Speaker A: I think so, for sure. And the only reason I say that is look how successful Fortnite's been with their collabs. [00:46:33] Speaker B: Right? [00:46:34] Speaker A: And I think ultimately when it comes to especially live service games, I think collaboration and IP cross pollination is where you get a lot of people getting pretty excited for shit, right? I honestly do think we'll see a lot of stuff like that. I mean we've already we'll talk about it later today. Obviously it's internal collaboration between Diablo Four and Overwatch, but we're getting Diablo Four skins into Overwatch this next season. [00:47:04] Speaker B: Fucking expensive. [00:47:05] Speaker C: But yeah, we'll talk about expensive mate. Jeez where's as much as a disk drive to add to your PlayStation Five. [00:47:11] Speaker A: Cap well, exactly, I know hectic you could see all kinds of shit. I mean, Bethesda and Blizzard are now brother sister companies, right? This is the kind of stuff we're going to potentially be seeing coming into, you might see, I don't know, the next Doom game, have Halo skins on day one release as part of a pre order bonus or some shit like that. You're going to see that kind of stuff for sure. But yeah, pass soon. Do we see it? Who fucking knows? But yeah, regardless, pretty interesting, microsoft announced the news via Twitter that they had sort of sealed the deal and they know, welcoming Activision Blizzard to the family and stuff. So yeah, it's very much done. Grizz and it feels a little bit, I mean for me it feels a bit surreal. [00:48:05] Speaker B: But yeah, long time coming. [00:48:09] Speaker A: Crazy time to be alive, my friend. [00:48:11] Speaker C: Just my personal take on it. Cap I mean, there was a lot of talk about this early on about it being either positive or negative for the gaming. [00:48:18] Speaker B: Actually, I don't think it's a negative. [00:48:20] Speaker C: Thing for the gaming industry. [00:48:21] Speaker B: I think that Sony had a bit. [00:48:23] Speaker C: Of a cry about some exclusivity stuff solely around Call of Duty, which sucks anyway. I think that maybe there's potential that. [00:48:32] Speaker B: We can clean up some of, I don't know, Blizzard's other games that aren't. [00:48:36] Speaker C: Doing particularly well and maybe have an impact on those. [00:48:40] Speaker A: Yeah, look, I think I'm kind of in the same ultimately. You know, Blizzard's been through a fair bit of shit recently and they've dragged themselves through the mud quite. You know, Microsoft is obviously another large corporation which is going to be owning another large corporation that was doing some shady shit for a while. Will that solve things? Probably not. But will it maybe provide a better environment for people to make good games? I hope so, because Blizzard is not the Blizzard that we once knew and loved. [00:49:15] Speaker B: They are a shell of their former selves. [00:49:18] Speaker A: And I don't know. I do genuinely just hope that Microsoft can give them a platform to create reasonably just good games. Games that aren't just fucking shoveled with microtransactions and ways to flog increase shareholders sales. Yeah, exactly. So I know that's still going to be obviously on the board, but hopefully they can do gamification and Monetization in a better way and not make me feel like Diablo Four is trying to fucking pull my wallet through a fucking rift. We'll see what happens though. We'll see what happens. [00:49:58] Speaker C: See what happens. [00:49:59] Speaker B: We will now grizz. [00:50:01] Speaker A: One thing I wanted to touch on today as well, the Steam deck has left the Steam top Ten global bestsellers. [00:50:09] Speaker B: Chart after 80 weeks. Yeah, right. [00:50:13] Speaker C: The charts have things like anything available on Steam that you can buy, is that correct? [00:50:18] Speaker A: Yeah, correct. So the Steam deck has been selling like hotcakes and yeah, I just thought ultimately incredible run to be in there for 80 weeks. But I really do feel like the. [00:50:32] Speaker B: Steam deck has, I guess, put handheld. [00:50:36] Speaker A: Gaming on a map. We've since had the asus ally or. [00:50:42] Speaker B: Rogue ally come out. [00:50:44] Speaker A: We've had a shitload of other kind of devices. We've even it wasn't Lenovo or Logitech is putting out their cloud gaming device as well. I think it's really highlighted this idea that people would like to be able to perform some kind of handheld gaming on the couch or in bed. For me, it's been a fucking game. [00:51:10] Speaker B: Changer, literally, because I don't have to. [00:51:14] Speaker A: Sit on my PC. [00:51:15] Speaker B: I mean, a lot of the days. [00:51:16] Speaker A: In the last six months I've been completely fucked because I've got a baby and I still want to game, but I don't want to sit on my PC and game because I'm cooked. [00:51:24] Speaker B: Should I lie down and play a. [00:51:26] Speaker A: Little cheeky game and even if I'm just doing Steam remote play. But regardless, I think the Steam deck has really opened the gate for people thinking about ways to provide a good handheld experience. Not too heavy. Multiple options provide almost like a desktop PC, like a mini desktop PC that's still going to punch fairly well. We're still not quite there yet with great specs and running your cyberpunks at Ultra. Obviously we're not going to be there for ages. But I think having a good ecosystem like Steam does. One thing I will criticize Steam for is they Steam Deck verify a lot. [00:52:06] Speaker B: Of Steam Deck games and they're quite frankly not verified. [00:52:12] Speaker C: Some of them are not particularly well optimized. [00:52:14] Speaker A: No, they run like shit and it's like, oh, well, it gets more than ten frames and it's like, well, that's not fucking verified, mate. [00:52:20] Speaker B: That's fucking gabby. [00:52:23] Speaker A: For example, I think when Boulders Gate first came out, boulders Gate Three came out. Don't know how it runs now, but when I first loaded that onto my Steam Deck, it ran like garbage. And so I ended up just remote playing it. And that was a much better kind of, I don't know, much better experience for me. [00:52:41] Speaker B: But guess we can play turn based. [00:52:44] Speaker C: Combat and stuff like that. [00:52:45] Speaker B: Probably allows that to be an okay experience. [00:52:48] Speaker C: Just one thing on the sales cap, so it says that one of the reddit comments was that good to note that the Steam bestseller list is based on the amount of revenue something makes. [00:52:59] Speaker B: Not the amount of units sold. [00:53:01] Speaker C: So one Steam Deck sales equivalent to. [00:53:03] Speaker B: Like eight full priced games. [00:53:06] Speaker C: But I will say this though, mate. [00:53:09] Speaker B: When I did my trip away, I. [00:53:11] Speaker C: Took a gaming laptop with me, my brother's gaming laptop. And it was fucking beefy, dude. Because I wanted to play Steam games while I was away, I actually spent my whole time playing Binding of Isaac. [00:53:23] Speaker B: Which you can do that on a Nintendo. [00:53:25] Speaker A: Would have been great on a Steam Deck. [00:53:27] Speaker C: It would have been great on a Steam deck. But it did make me realize that I think I need to get a Steam Deck if I'm going to be. [00:53:33] Speaker B: Away because there's no way I'm carrying. [00:53:36] Speaker C: Around a laptop like that out offshore and everything else. [00:53:39] Speaker B: It's cumbersome, but also like the risk of breaking something like that. [00:53:44] Speaker A: Absolutely. [00:53:45] Speaker C: Steam Deck seems like a bit more protectable. [00:53:48] Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, the case is bloody good as well. Like really well padded and it's even got like a really good band on it that you can use to kind of attach it to luggage and stuff like that. So, yeah, I think they've thought really hard and well about the product in general, but I'm really interested to see what they do in the next couple of years. [00:54:08] Speaker C: Do you think it's going to give. [00:54:10] Speaker B: Us the experience that you're hoping for. [00:54:14] Speaker C: In terms of all the pretty much. [00:54:17] Speaker B: Things working out of the box and. [00:54:19] Speaker C: The Verified Games working as they should. [00:54:21] Speaker B: What is the technology gap that would stop happening? [00:54:26] Speaker A: I think it's hard because we're always moving forward with technology, right? And I think there's only so much we can do in a handheld device. Compare the size of your computer and the cooling characteristics of a PC and what you're able to do with that sized device in terms of what we can fit in there and how much airflow and whatnot we can get through it. And then you got to take that and then put it into a very small device which can't pull as much air through it and needs to do a lot of things at once. I think it might be a while off. [00:54:59] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:55:01] Speaker A: Maybe we'll never quite get there. [00:55:04] Speaker C: Maybe similar to virtual reality, cap I feel like we've kind of reached this fucking mass where, yeah, it's better, but it's honestly perfect. [00:55:15] Speaker A: I think in the next five or so years, we'll probably be using handheld devices as just cloud gaming devices. You know how it goes. [00:55:25] Speaker C: I think that's the way it should be. [00:55:27] Speaker B: And that's difficult too in itself, Cap, because the world has every place you. [00:55:34] Speaker C: Go has different quality of Internet speeds. [00:55:37] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. [00:55:38] Speaker C: And I feel like that you have a nice experience on using remote play. [00:55:43] Speaker B: Heavily relies on your quality of your Internet. [00:55:47] Speaker C: We're getting know we used to complain so much about Australian internet, but I must say, Kat, my Internet is pretty. [00:55:52] Speaker B: Stable now and pretty quick, but it wasn't long ago. [00:55:55] Speaker A: It's not perfect everywhere, but I mean, you're right, mate. I remember my house probably two or three houses ago. Yeah, my Internet was absolutely garbage. I was on the phone to Telstra just about every fucking week, just trying to figure out what the hell's going on. My Internet. [00:56:11] Speaker B: Yeah, I remember that as Pav. Yeah, I know. [00:56:19] Speaker A: What ended up happening to his internet. Something crazy. [00:56:21] Speaker C: I can't even quite every four minutes. [00:56:24] Speaker B: Or something, his Internet would stutter and our podcast would drop out. [00:56:29] Speaker C: That went on for like eight months until he called the ISP and they got him to do a firmware update on his router. [00:56:39] Speaker A: That becomes a user problem. User error, my friend. But yeah, anyways, I think I'm very excited to see what happens with the Steam deck moving forward. I would love to see a beefier Steam deck in the next few years because I think we're kind of going to end up leaving it behind. But yeah, by then, hopefully we'll see a significantly more powerful switch as well. So some things to look forward to. So there you fucking go. [00:57:07] Speaker B: Now, speaking about Steam, grizz, steam Next. [00:57:10] Speaker A: Fest is back on. [00:57:12] Speaker B: It's on right now. Now? Yeah. [00:57:14] Speaker C: Open today, right? 16th. [00:57:16] Speaker A: I think it opened last week sometime. [00:57:18] Speaker B: Or maybe was it today? I thought it was earlier. I can't remember. [00:57:23] Speaker A: Cannot remember, my friend. Anyways, doesn't matter. Regardless. There is a shitload of indie game demos, straightjacket gym and chat saying it was last week, but it'll probably end at some point this week. I'm not too sure on the exact day. It's probably like Wednesday, Thursday this week from memory. But yeah, basically jump onto Steam, you'll see a big splash screen saying Steam Next Fest. And it's basically just a celebration of upcoming video games and they do a shitload of demos and you can kind of have a bit of a squeeze through the most popular demos at the moment. A couple off the top are Enshrouded, Japanese, drift Master, Deep Rock, Galactic Survivor, Micro, civilization and more. But yeah, I downloaded a bunch. Haven't had a chance to play any. I was really hoping to find some time to play some of this stuff before the episode, but just did not happen. But I was going to go through what I downloaded. [00:58:21] Speaker B: So we've been talking about the Deep. [00:58:24] Speaker A: Rock Galactic Survivor we've talked about for a while. [00:58:27] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:58:28] Speaker A: So that's kind of got the deep rock kind of mining, isn't it? Dwarf mining, space dwarf mining simulator thing going on with hordes of enemies, but they've kind of taken into like a. [00:58:42] Speaker B: Top down, shoot them up kind of. [00:58:44] Speaker A: Survival game with gathering and rogue elements. [00:58:49] Speaker C: So that looks really fucking rad right up my alley. I'm definitely going to give that a go. [00:58:54] Speaker B: Cat it is a different dev, I. [00:58:58] Speaker C: Believe, to the actual Deep Rock Galactic game, is that correct? [00:59:02] Speaker B: I believe it's actually a different dev because that game is pretty freaking cool. [00:59:06] Speaker C: I could be totally that is a good question. [00:59:08] Speaker A: I think maybe you're right, actually. I didn't actually know that. I just assumed it was the same dev. But it does kind of look a little bit different. [00:59:18] Speaker B: But either way, it does look pretty cool regardless. [00:59:24] Speaker A: Same kind of aesthetic. Now, what else have I got in here? I've also got a game called The Last Faith, which is a so this looks like a 2D side scrolling, Bloodborne style video game. Kind of like blasphemous cross bloodborne. Much heavier on the Victorian kind of Bloodborne esque style. So very gothic. But yeah, there's a lot of very similar stuff. Even the map looks almost identical to the Blood, the Blasphemous map. And yeah, looks very similar to that. A lot of bats and gothic things and things with wings and that kind of vibe. But it's a bit Castle Vanierish as well. So cop that one as well. Again, haven't played any of these, but now what else have I got? Also got this thing called Sky Children of the Light. [01:00:22] Speaker B: Now it's an MMO and MMO. [01:00:29] Speaker A: It kind of looks a bit like a sky version of was it called Dust? It's an old indie game. Anyways, highly minimalistic, like very little the whole game. [01:00:42] Speaker B: I remember I can't remember what the. [01:00:44] Speaker A: Game was called, but someone might be able to remember in Chat and bring it to my attention. But there was this game on PlayStation a while back and you kind of literally just you walking through a desert and you could run into like a friend and then you'd walk together for a bit. And that was kind of the game. And it doesn't seem like much, but it was quite a heartwarming, touching little gaming. Journey is the one I'm thinking. Now, I don't know if this is made by the people that did Journey, but it's got very similar vibes. Low poly. Doesn't seem like there's an awful lot of dialogue or anything going on, but a lot of emotive kind of things happening. And the game is kind of described as helps players meaningfully connect with one another. You are a child of the light with a magical cape set out into the world to find others like yourself. All are welcome in this cozy, open world adventure. [01:01:31] Speaker C: Above the clouds. [01:01:31] Speaker A: I don't know, I just thought it sounded interesting and so I wanted to try it. I can't imagine it being a trailblazer or anything like that, but you can explore seven dreamlike realms, embark on a quest to save spirits in each constellation, live an epic journey to restore light to the falling kingdom, and then play collaboratively with friends and find collectibles and just fun things. [01:01:56] Speaker C: Will it be a once paid, not a subscription kind of thing? Cap, do we know? [01:02:00] Speaker A: It looks like that's the case. Yeah. The last one I've got on here, Grizz, is a game called the thermitage or is that was on my list, too. Yeah, looks really good. Turn based isometric RPG. Think of, well, God, basically boulders. Gate style video game. Looks like it's kind of set in like World War One or two ish era, but it's got magic. [01:02:33] Speaker C: 20Th century Warsaw. [01:02:35] Speaker B: Cap. [01:02:36] Speaker A: Is that World War One? [01:02:38] Speaker B: What is that? [01:02:39] Speaker C: Yeah, 20th century Warsaw, I think. So demo, the two find themselves in a remote Russian mountain village looking for. [01:02:47] Speaker B: A preacher who turns out to be Rasputin. So looks really interesting. [01:02:53] Speaker C: Looks quite dark as well. I think it looks pretty well done. Some of the art style in there, for sure. [01:02:59] Speaker A: Yeah, looks really bowler. I don't know, just the aesthetic and the background kind of story and whatnot seems really cool. And just like you said, that mix of Warsaw cross magic and sort of lovecraftian weirdness. Looked really fucking rad. So I'm pretty keen to give that one a crack. [01:03:26] Speaker B: I don't know if I'll I'm kind. [01:03:28] Speaker A: Of about whether I actually play this demo because I actually think I'd probably just rather play the video game when it comes out, but we'll see. I've got a lot of stuff on my bucket, so anyways, those were the main ones. Grizz, what about you? [01:03:38] Speaker C: I've got two to add to your list, mate. You've actually picked up the ones that I thought looked cool. First one called Exhausted man. [01:03:46] Speaker A: Exhausted man? [01:03:47] Speaker B: Exhausted man. [01:03:48] Speaker A: Is that a game about me? [01:03:50] Speaker C: It sounds fucking hilarious and it looks ridiculous, but you play as an exhausted man. You play through a string of scenarios that feature a person who is exhausted but cannot sleep until they finish their goal. Each person is too tired to stand up, meaning they must do everything lying down. [01:04:09] Speaker A: Amazing. I like the sound of that. [01:04:11] Speaker C: Sounds a bit like that Devolver Digital, that guy who's kind of baby steps walk. [01:04:18] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:04:18] Speaker C: So there's a couple of screen captures you can see the game. Look, these are pretty memey. The other one that I saw, that. [01:04:24] Speaker B: Looks pretty funny as well. Cap is called another Crab's Treasure. [01:04:28] Speaker C: The developer is Agro Crab, and it's a agro crab. [01:04:33] Speaker B: Love it. [01:04:35] Speaker C: Instead of fighting your way through dungeons, you battle your way through a crumbling. [01:04:39] Speaker B: Undersea kingdom in this fast and furious combat underwater. [01:04:45] Speaker C: And you're kind of working your way through it's. [01:04:47] Speaker B: Kind of like a hack and crab battle game. [01:04:55] Speaker A: Where do people go up to this shit? [01:04:57] Speaker C: Yeah, but guys, there is a lot of games for you to check out. Now's a good time. Get in there, check it out. Some of these are smaller devs. In fact, most of these are smaller devs like agro crabs. So if you play a demo that you enjoy, go wish list it, wait for it to come out, support these. [01:05:13] Speaker B: Little devs, and it's all good. Yeah, just get in there. [01:05:17] Speaker A: And all you literally got to do is jump on the main page and just see what's trending and have a click through some of the stuff in there that you like the look of. You can set your tags and stuff. So narrow it by a tag that you like the look of. Yeah, worth a crack, but yeah, there you go. All right, grizz. Now, one final story that I just thought was fucking hilarious. So basically, people were wondering in the latest Legend of Zelda video game, Tears of the Kingdom, what happened to all the Guardians and the chica tech from Breath of the Wild, the original game and the boss of Legend of Zelda, Mr. I can't remember whether it was. [01:06:03] Speaker B: Enuma. [01:06:06] Speaker A: No. Zelda director Hidomaro Fujibayashi said the following. I think people were like, what happened? Why did everything mysteriously disappear? [01:06:18] Speaker B: And his response was, well, everything mysteriously disappeared. [01:06:23] Speaker A: And it's unsure why they mysteriously disappeared. That was essentially the fucking reasoning. [01:06:31] Speaker C: Assumed that it was like a change in time, that that stuff was no longer there. Zelda's always weird with time scales. [01:06:38] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. [01:06:39] Speaker C: There's always different shit happening on different timescale. [01:06:43] Speaker A: But Nintendo is pretty good at just being like they don't give you the answers to absolutely everything. If they want to employ gameplay over some story continuity, they're probably going to do that nine times out of ten. And it's one thing I definitely commend Nintendo for, because they will often just. [01:07:04] Speaker B: Go, well, who cares? [01:07:05] Speaker A: Get rid of it and we'll make the game fun. But, yeah, I just thought the fact that it's like, well, they mysteriously disappeared without any reason and basically. [01:07:20] Speaker B: Keep them. [01:07:20] Speaker C: Guessing, cat, that's what you got to do. [01:07:22] Speaker A: Absolutely. All right, grizz. Now, Grizz, I want to know. [01:07:29] Speaker B: How'S. [01:07:29] Speaker A: Your fucking gaming been. [01:07:31] Speaker C: Right. [01:07:31] Speaker B: Can I be brutally honest here, Cap? [01:07:34] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. [01:07:35] Speaker C: I own a game podcast here, and I pretty much haven't touched games since last we spoke. Look, I started a new job, right? Started a new job. It's been fucking pretty busy, but I have been consuming my gaming through watching other people play video games. There is a couple of things that. [01:07:51] Speaker B: I wanted to talk about. How's your game going? [01:07:54] Speaker C: First one, Cap, is Grandpa World Three has officially been announced with a release date. [01:08:00] Speaker A: Now, for those that don't know, what is that? [01:08:03] Speaker C: All right, so Super Mario World, there's a whole community that basically. [01:08:10] Speaker B: Use the. [01:08:11] Speaker C: Assets of Super Mario World to create. [01:08:13] Speaker B: Harder versions of the game. [01:08:15] Speaker C: It's called Kaizo Mario World and things like you're jumping off shells and doing all crazy stuff and very difficult hard platforming. There's a few different games that have. [01:08:27] Speaker B: Been made by, I guess you could. [01:08:29] Speaker C: Call them developers, creators, Rom hack, creators. [01:08:31] Speaker B: That have really broken the mold in. [01:08:33] Speaker C: Being the best in field. And of those, one particular streamer called barbarous king has created the grand Poo world series. We saw Grandpa World One, Grand Poo World Two, and those games partly bought. [01:08:47] Speaker B: Him success to his twitch stream, but. [01:08:50] Speaker C: Also people fell in love with Kaizo Mario World. So we've been waiting many years for the announcement of Grandpu World Three. In fact, there's a Twitter account saying, is Grandpa World Three out yet? And he literally says no every single day. But we have a release date, I believe it's coming out November 10, so next month sometime. So the Kaizo. Yeah, it's pretty cool. So I've got like a HDMI version of a Super Nintendo called a Super. [01:09:20] Speaker B: Nt that takes cartridges. So I'm going to start picking it. [01:09:23] Speaker C: Back up again and warming up my fingers, I reckon, because I think it's a good opportunity to play something new and give it a crack. So there's that. [01:09:31] Speaker A: Got to get your practice happening, mate. [01:09:33] Speaker C: Yeah, got to get my practice happening, mate. So we'll jump back. [01:09:36] Speaker A: Muscle memory. [01:09:37] Speaker B: Get the muscle memory. [01:09:38] Speaker C: Yeah, I might play through a couple of the old Rom hacks and see how we go. Quickie world too, mate. [01:09:45] Speaker B: Absolutely, there's that. [01:09:47] Speaker C: But like I mentioned in the introductory section, I've been watching a lot of. [01:09:52] Speaker B: Dota Two, the international tournament, which it's. [01:09:59] Speaker C: Great, lacking prize pool, but I just really enjoy competitive Dota Two. I think in terms of all sports that I view esports and normal sports, dota is what I enjoy the most. I just really enjoy the intricacies of the pro scene. [01:10:13] Speaker B: And, yeah, it's exciting. [01:10:15] Speaker C: I laid down a couple of bets, mate, so one of them is completely fucking dead in the water. But I did put money on Tundra to get into the final and they're looking pretty tasty so far. So that's got tops in the mid lane and everything else, so they're looking pretty good. [01:10:28] Speaker B: Let's go, let's go. [01:10:30] Speaker A: Beers on grizzly if it pulls through. [01:10:32] Speaker B: That's it. [01:10:33] Speaker C: A couple of beers on me if it pulls through. What about you, Cap? How's your gaming going? You've actually been playing video games, haven't you? [01:10:38] Speaker A: I have been playing a fair few video games basically still pumping through a bit of cyberpunk. I'm actually really enjoying just kind of doing a couple of missions here and there and then just putting it down again. I think they do a really good job of just giving you good reasons to go and do little side quests and stuff. And the main story content for a lot of the main storylines in there are just very well put together and I just really like all the characters that I'm encountering and I really like it. It's surprising because when that game first came out I was really put off by just the technical state of it. But now I've had no issues with it at all. [01:11:23] Speaker B: Just very much enjoying it. [01:11:26] Speaker A: No, it's been a really fun game to get stuck back into. It's in a really good spot at the moment, so I'm really enjoying that. I've been still slowly making my way through Cocoon, which is this little kind of indie puzzler. [01:11:39] Speaker C: Spoke about that last time. [01:11:41] Speaker A: You're kind of manipulating all these weird insectoid, low poly alien fucking machinery as a bug man and it's just awesome. Such a good game, really well put together. If you find a copy of it on Steam on sale or if you're willing to pay full price for it, you will not be disappointed. I think it's also might be on Game pass, so go and give it a crack. It's a really, really definitely going to be in my game of the year's sort of rundown for sure. The other game I played grizz was Lords of the Fallen. Lords of the Fallen came out last week. [01:12:19] Speaker C: Yeah, dude, I've actually watched some people play through that. [01:12:23] Speaker B: It looks awesome, but also it looks. [01:12:25] Speaker C: Extremely fucking frustrating at the same time. [01:12:29] Speaker A: Yeah. How are you finding it, Janka? I really like it for a lot of reasons. [01:12:36] Speaker C: Maybe tell the people what it is. [01:12:37] Speaker B: First before you tell. Look. [01:12:40] Speaker A: It's a Dark Souls. Souls born like I guess, but its big gimmick is that you kind of are walking the line. You have this lamp that you can shine on things to show the undead realm version of the current area you're in. And you can go into that realm to do certain things. Sometimes it's your only way forward. You need to go into that realm to get a different path to get out of somewhere. Or it might open up secret passageways or show you insights into some of the law or future or whatever else. [01:13:14] Speaker C: You can also use treasure and stuff in there as well. [01:13:17] Speaker B: Cap like chest. [01:13:19] Speaker A: Yeah, you can. You can also use the lamp to rip the souls out of enemies and deal some pre damage to things beforehand. [01:13:30] Speaker B: But look, the game feels a little. [01:13:33] Speaker A: Bit more arcade than your typical Dark Souls. I think your character runs like a lot faster and just stuff like that and seems to be able to dodge. [01:13:44] Speaker B: And run around a lot quicker. [01:13:46] Speaker A: Whereas your Dark Souls feel a little bit heavier and weighted. [01:13:51] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:13:52] Speaker A: Whereas this definitely has a bit more of an arcade kind of feel to it and honestly, not really to a fault. I think it kind of feels like its own kind of thing. It definitely shares a lot of stuff with lies of P in a lot of ways. It has virtually the exact same blocking mechanism behind it where if you block, you take sort of damage which you can earn back through hits. I don't mind. [01:14:17] Speaker B: Interesting. [01:14:17] Speaker A: Yeah, so it feels good and I quite like that approach, but, yeah, I'm really enjoying it. I just think it's paced fairly well so far. The first boss wasn't too bad, but the second boss was a real fucking ballach and I was just like, you know what, fuck this, I'm just going to get someone in to come and help me. [01:14:35] Speaker B: And you know what, they were more of a burden than just doing it myself. [01:14:41] Speaker C: Actually, the guy that I was watching. [01:14:44] Speaker B: Sing Singh, was playing through it and. [01:14:47] Speaker C: He was saying that a lot of people were complaining about the difficulty of. [01:14:50] Speaker B: The game, but then also not using. [01:14:54] Speaker C: All the tools at hand to make the game easier. And he goes, at that point, you may as well be doing a challenge run if you're not using the tools. [01:15:02] Speaker B: That they've given you in the game. [01:15:05] Speaker C: To play the game as is, like summons and stuff like that. What do you reckon, Cap? Is it frustratingly difficult or is it all right? [01:15:18] Speaker A: I haven't had that much difficulty with it yet. I think there's kind of some spikes that feel a bit rough here and there, but I did kind of find myself kind of running past some of the enemies just to get to the next kind of like bonfire, just so I could have a place to be and go backwards rather than having to go back all the way through it. [01:15:41] Speaker B: I think my first biggest rough point was the second boss that I fought and even then it wasn't like out. [01:15:49] Speaker A: Of control difficult and I knew what I needed to do and I was just probably getting a little bit greedy. Yeah, I don't know. It is hard in places, but yeah, I think it's just a different kind of game. But I do really appreciate the aesthetic. [01:16:02] Speaker B: Of it and it's kind of got this kind of undead death thing going. [01:16:07] Speaker A: On with the parallel realm crossed with this kind of very Dark Soulsian kind of story going on behind it. Yeah, it feels good and I quite like the way they've put it together. It feels very Dark Souls in the menuing and everything else. I will say there's been a few technical issues that I've run into with the game and they've kind of been pretty rough. Like, I couldn't even interact with the menu using my controller at the start menu, I had to use my mouse and keyboard to get into the game, which obviously felt like, is it on. [01:16:44] Speaker C: PlayStation Five as well? Can you get it? [01:16:47] Speaker A: I'm not too sure exactly what other I'm sure it would be. [01:16:53] Speaker B: Good question, actually. [01:16:54] Speaker A: I'd have to check that, but I'm pretty sure it is. I think it's on consoles. [01:16:59] Speaker C: Are you going to go finish Liza p cap? [01:17:02] Speaker B: Do you know what? Probably won't? [01:17:04] Speaker A: I can't see myself doing it. I could probably see myself finishing Lords of the Fallen over Liza P, actually. Yeah, I think the thing with Liza P for me is there's just something about the level design and how it's put together that just feels a little bit stale in some places. To me, I think Liza P is an incredibly well put together game, but sometimes I just feel I can see the edges a little bit of just how things are kind of put together. [01:17:32] Speaker B: And it just kind of puts me. [01:17:33] Speaker A: Off it a little bit. Whereas, I don't know, I think with Lords The Fall and I think I don't know their approach to level design and just the way it feels a little bit arcade and a little bit funny and weird, and Janky just kind of feels good in some ways. So, yeah, I don't know, we'll see what happens. But at this stage, maybe I'll go. [01:17:53] Speaker B: Back to Liza P. But it's going. [01:17:55] Speaker A: To just be nice playing some Cyberpunk fairly. [01:17:59] Speaker C: We're never going to run out of games, Cap. I don't think there's ever going to be a point in time. We're like, nothing to play right now. I might go play Lives of P. I feel like there's just so many releases now and not enough time to play them. [01:18:10] Speaker A: Well, the next big one for me is going to be playing a bit of Super Mario Wonder. I mean, that's not too far away, that's like a week or so away. I think it's the 24th of this month or something like that. So there's always something on the horizon. Grizz, and that's how they get you mola the expensive hobby gaming. [01:18:30] Speaker B: We need to start getting review keys, Cappo. [01:18:32] Speaker C: We need mate, I know. [01:18:34] Speaker A: We need to get someone to hook us up. Get straightjacker Jim to start pulling some strings for us. [01:18:39] Speaker B: Jim, hook us up, mate. Yeah. [01:18:43] Speaker A: Anyways, that was my gaming mate, so it's been going pretty well, thank you for asking. [01:18:48] Speaker B: Very nice. [01:18:49] Speaker A: Yeah, one final thing I just wanted to say, grizz is a quick Stat CD Projekt Red spent $125,000,000 on Cyberpunk post release. Just trying to get that game back together, really. I also think that might include production for doing the anime and stuff like that. They've now got a live action series in the works that's going to be going through Amazon, I think. Or maybe not Amazon. [01:19:19] Speaker C: Live action, I reckon, would be fucking great. Cyberpunk, I reckon it'd be cool, yeah. [01:19:24] Speaker A: If they can get some really cool actors and good actors in there that don't make it cringey. Because I think the cyberpunk stuff could potentially come across as cringey with real actors. We'll see what happens. But, yeah, if they can put a good fucking cyberpunk story together, they've got the attitude of cyberpunk and it's pretty baller, I think. [01:19:47] Speaker B: Yeah, it's going to be good. [01:19:48] Speaker A: So I'm interested to see what they pump out, but, yeah. There you go. [01:19:51] Speaker B: All right, grizz. You know what time it is, baby? [01:19:56] Speaker A: Baby, rapid that fire. It's in the freaking game, Grizzly. Brought to you by our good friend, Mr. DJ Francesco. [01:20:10] Speaker B: What a legend. Appreciate you, baby. All right, grizz. [01:20:14] Speaker A: Now, remember Lord of the Rings Golem? Remember that one? [01:20:16] Speaker C: I do remember Lord of the Rings golem. [01:20:18] Speaker B: Yep. [01:20:18] Speaker C: That terrible. Terrible game that I was. [01:20:21] Speaker A: Terrible video game. [01:20:22] Speaker C: Very excited for that. Just didn't go that good. [01:20:24] Speaker A: Yeah, it just did not go well. The development kind of seemed to just go into development hell and just a bug filled fucking mess. [01:20:31] Speaker B: It did not rate well. [01:20:33] Speaker A: It was not well received by the consumer base. Just a hugely terrible video game that came out. Now, they subsequently apologized with a tweet, which was memed on quite significantly. And following that, it seems that that tweet was probably written using Chat GPT. [01:20:53] Speaker C: Can you retrace what was written in? You can, can't you can put like a bunch of text into chat GPT and it will tell you, I don't. [01:21:00] Speaker A: Know if it will purposely retrace or you might get close, perhaps, but I think where this all came unraveled was there were some sort of private, anonymous insights into the behind the scenes development of Golem. And I think one of the things was the use of chat GPT for that particular tweet pretty rough. So there you go. [01:21:25] Speaker C: Classic. Okay, Cap, I'm going to do a double header here, mate. I'll do this and into the poll because it kind of sings off the same song sheet here. So, Counterstrike Two has become valve's worst rated video game ever. And as part of the poll this week, we asked the question. We do run a poll every week, don't we, Capo? From our Twitter account. Twitter.com ogrshow. [01:21:50] Speaker B: Yes, you got it. That's the one, baby. [01:21:52] Speaker C: That's the one. Look, we asked people, Cap. Counterstrike Two has become valve's worst rated video game ever. [01:22:00] Speaker B: Boasting. [01:22:00] Speaker C: A 3.2 out of ten on Metacritic user score. Do you think Counterstrike deserves counterstrike Two. [01:22:06] Speaker B: Deserves such a low user review score? All right, me personally, what do you think, mate? [01:22:16] Speaker A: I actually probably would have voted no for this, I think, but I'm not a massive video gamer. But we had the following options. Grizz. Yes, it's justified no and results, please. Of the yes and no's, we had 36.4% of yes and for no, 27.3%. So, look, rounding that and taking away the result, please voters. We kind of got a fairly close 50 50 split. [01:22:47] Speaker B: Really? It's pretty close, isn't it? I don't know. I feel like a lot of people. [01:22:51] Speaker C: Are bandwagoning on this, Cap, because it hasn't got the features of Counterstrike. [01:22:56] Speaker A: One stuff that I feel like are fairly staple features. I mean, for me, the big one is fucking gun game. I used to love going and playing some gun game in Counterstrike, but yeah. What do you think, Chris? [01:23:10] Speaker B: What do you think is sort of holding it back? [01:23:12] Speaker C: I don't really know, to be honest, Cap. I mean, I have noticed it has dropped off on Views a little bit on the old Twitch TV. [01:23:18] Speaker B: But, yeah, look, I tend to think. [01:23:20] Speaker C: That it's just those things that were built into counterstrike, one that are no. [01:23:24] Speaker B: Longer in the second one, people are missing those. But I also know that a lot. [01:23:27] Speaker C: Of pros felt like there were things with the tick rate and the game didn't quite feel the same. [01:23:32] Speaker B: So who knows? Matt yeah, absolutely. [01:23:38] Speaker A: Yeah, I guess we'll see where it's at in the next kind of six months and see whether it can pull its shit together. But, yeah, I think you're right. I think obviously just missing a few features people expected, but yeah. Anyway, all right. Grizz. Now, the indie lovecraft in fishing game, Dredge hits 1 million sales, smashing expectations, which is really rad. [01:23:57] Speaker B: I mean, Dredge is such a good game. [01:23:59] Speaker A: It was one of the first games I got on my Steam deck. And what a perfect game for that device, may I say. But they've since done a bit of DLC and done a heap of updates and yeah, banger of a game. If you haven't played Dredge, go and give it a crack because fuck, it's good. [01:24:14] Speaker C: Did you play? No, I still haven't played it, Cap. [01:24:16] Speaker B: Fuck, I should play that. [01:24:17] Speaker C: Too many games to play, mate. Put on the wishlist. [01:24:20] Speaker B: Yeah, I think you'd really enjoy that. [01:24:21] Speaker A: I think you really get a kick out of that game. [01:24:23] Speaker B: It's really, really well put together. [01:24:26] Speaker C: Cap interesting news here, mate, but CD Projekt Red Devs are forming a union. We are a trade union connecting all professional. That's a ad. [01:24:38] Speaker B: What are they doing, Cap? What do they form a union for? [01:24:41] Speaker C: To protect their workers or something? [01:24:42] Speaker A: Are they essentially just protect their workers rights? I think City Project Red in well, I think there's been a lot of crunch and stuff at City Project Red in the past and they just want to kind of protect their employees from things like crunch and I guess just kind of wage disparity and fair treatment pieces like that. [01:25:05] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:25:06] Speaker A: And just kind of also things like maybe a bit more representation when it comes to things like layoffs, et cetera. I actually think game development is the perfect place for unions. I mean, unions can be fairly controversial, but I think places like game development really need some regulation and people to bat for the dev. So, yeah, I'm really glad for these guys that they've got that representation and are going to have that moving forward. So good on them. [01:25:36] Speaker B: It's fucking great. Very cool. [01:25:39] Speaker A: Now, Grizz, we spoke about it briefly earlier, but Blizzard has locked some very sought after skins behind a. [01:25:51] Speaker B: Mean. We're very aware that you pay for. [01:25:54] Speaker A: Skins, sure, but more recently, Blizzard kind of spruked the idea of a Diablo themed kind of flavor in the next sort of overwatch season. And what's since happened is they've kind of announced that the Lilith skins and I'm trying to remember who the other what was it? What's the rocket launcher lady's name? [01:26:22] Speaker B: Farah. Yeah, think so. Maybe Moira and Farah skin. [01:26:28] Speaker A: Farah, yeah. So Moira is getting a Lilith skin and Farah's getting like Inarius kind of Archangel skin. Basically they've locked it behind a almost $60 ultimate Game Battle Pass bundle, which comes with the Battle Pass plus a bunch of extra shit. But that's Canadian dollars. So probably roughly Australian ish dollars. But yeah, very fucking expensive. [01:27:00] Speaker C: Big buck. [01:27:01] Speaker A: Virtually, you're basically paying for a video game at that price, which you're not getting. You're getting a season part Battle Pass and some fucking skins. So well played, Blizzard. Hopefully you stop doing that shit with your parent company, your new parent company. [01:27:14] Speaker B: But we'll see. Okay. Very interesting. [01:27:18] Speaker C: Capo too expensive, mate. Just don't buy it. [01:27:21] Speaker B: I guess the thing isn't yeah, Cap. [01:27:24] Speaker C: Lies of P is confirmed to be getting a DLC developer. Noah's confirmed it on a Korean job. [01:27:31] Speaker B: Board. [01:27:33] Speaker C: Where they've got clearly a dot point there as part of their employment. Said DLC planned for production. So it's pretty cool. [01:27:42] Speaker A: Yeah, which is rad. So it's good to see that Liza P, the developers, they've managed to clearly get good response on this. So, yeah, stoked for them. It's bloody great. GG now, Grizz, the Game Awards, our favorite event of the year, run by none other than Jeffrey Keeley, is going to be ran this year on the 7 December. This is the same event where we had a young boy come up and accept the Game of the Year Award. And he was just some fucking random bloke off the street and fucking Miyazaki from Software was like, the fuck is this guy? So anything could happen this year, guys, so get around it. But yeah, so this is where you're. [01:28:32] Speaker B: Going to get turns out that guy's. [01:28:33] Speaker C: Been in a lot of stuff though, hasn't he, Cap? Like heaps of different media things. [01:28:38] Speaker A: Yeah, he's a fucking weird cat, but regardless, get around that often you get some pretty good game announcements and stuff like that. I probably expect to see some gameplay for the Elden Ring DLC, hopefully. I think that's what we're going to see. So I think that could be pretty exciting. But yeah, probably. Book what day is that? Grizz hang on, the 7 December would be a Thursday, so I think that might be Friday for us, which is great. I work from home on, you know, we have to have that on the side monitor. [01:29:21] Speaker B: Bit of game awards over here, bit. [01:29:24] Speaker A: Of work things over here. [01:29:27] Speaker B: So it's going to be great. Perfect, mate. Cat. [01:29:31] Speaker C: Saji Valley, mate, you played that game. [01:29:34] Speaker B: Look, sort of not an awful lot. Do you have the dog or the cat? [01:29:40] Speaker C: What kind of person are you, mate? [01:29:41] Speaker A: I think I had the cat. [01:29:43] Speaker B: Probably had the cats, but I had the cat. [01:29:46] Speaker C: There's always been hats in that game. [01:29:48] Speaker B: But they've got hats on cats and dogs now. [01:29:51] Speaker C: More hats on cats and dogs. In a recent update in Stardew Valley that you can acquire. There is a little hat vendor, pretty sure you can buy stuff. [01:29:58] Speaker B: So it's pretty cool. Keep adding to that game. [01:30:02] Speaker C: In fact, speaking about Concerned Apecap, they've. [01:30:06] Speaker B: Got a new game, that Chocolate Tear. [01:30:08] Speaker C: That we should be hearing about soon as well. [01:30:11] Speaker B: That's been in development for a while. [01:30:13] Speaker A: We've also got a massive update coming to Stardew, right? Like this hat thing probably is coming in as a part of that massive update that he's planning. Or they're planning. [01:30:25] Speaker B: Absolutely. [01:30:26] Speaker A: Now, Grizz Arcane, as in the League of Legends anime adaption that came to Netflix, the second season dates have been announced and we can expect the last quarter of 2024, which is pretty exciting, mate, because that TV series won a shitload of awards. But it was incredibly well received by the public. I think the cool thing was you didn't really even need to be a League of Legends fan to really get into it. You kind of set the pace. [01:30:58] Speaker B: I loved it. [01:31:00] Speaker C: I think I spoke about it on this on OGR, but when I did my recent trip over to somewhere over east and ended up just binging the. [01:31:09] Speaker B: Whole arcane season one, not a league. [01:31:12] Speaker C: Legendary fanboy at all. But yeah, fantastic. [01:31:15] Speaker B: So I'll definitely be keeping the eyes peeled to watch. Exactly. [01:31:18] Speaker A: If they can turn a dota two fanboy into. [01:31:26] Speaker B: I did, yeah. [01:31:27] Speaker C: Played like a bunch of aram and stuff, which is crazy, right? Media look, cap. This is a pretty cool story that. [01:31:35] Speaker B: I found, but essentially a voice actor. [01:31:39] Speaker C: That was in Cyberpunk 2077 passed away in 2021. His name was Milagost Resic. City Project Red reached out to his family and gained permission for them to recreate his voice using AI for some of the recent DLC and other bits. [01:32:01] Speaker B: And pieces in the game. [01:32:03] Speaker C: So I know that we've had a lot of negativity around AI, particularly in. [01:32:07] Speaker B: Voice acting, but I feel like this. [01:32:09] Speaker C: Is potentially one of those little diamonds. [01:32:11] Speaker B: In the rough that can keep someone's legacy alive using this kind of technology. Absolutely. [01:32:19] Speaker A: I mean, we've even had the recent strikes for SAG and AFTRA, the unions that operate within their site. That some of the things that they want companies. To adhere to is correct and proper use, or just no use at all of AI generated voice acting. But, yeah, you're right, this is a nice little story. And what a great way to pay homage to an incredible voice actor. It sounds like, by all accounts, that this particular voice actor was incredibly talented. And, yes, a huge loss to their sector. Obviously. So good on CD projekt red for reaching out. I'm not too sure who they voiced. I can't see that in this article. But. [01:33:08] Speaker C: Anyway, citizens or something, not sure. [01:33:11] Speaker B: Very well could have been. Absolutely. There you go. [01:33:14] Speaker A: Now, Grizz, Bungie has wrongly banned players and gives them $40 in premium currency as compensation, which is pretty fucking rad. $40 is a lot, man. [01:33:26] Speaker C: That's a lot of sparkly things, for sure. [01:33:30] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:33:33] Speaker A: You can get quite a lot with that amount of silver in Bungie. [01:33:39] Speaker B: I think it's 5000 silver, is that correct? [01:33:42] Speaker C: That seem like right? [01:33:44] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:33:45] Speaker A: Which I imagine would get you most things, basically. So very fucking cool. And yeah, just a good way to kind of compensate players for I think. Bungie's been copying a lot of flak from its player base recently, and I think this is like a good show of faith. So good on you, Bungie. Well played. [01:34:08] Speaker C: So, Cap, the richest player in old school RuneScape, had more than 1 trillion gold. Yes, 1 trillion gold. And a market price gold is roughly. [01:34:18] Speaker B: 160,000 actual dollars is the market price. On a gray market. Selling has been banned permanently. [01:34:28] Speaker C: He's a streamer. He insists he did nothing wrong. But JAGX says the evidence has been. [01:34:33] Speaker B: Thoroughly reviewed and the ban won't be overturned. [01:34:37] Speaker A: Wow. I'd love to know the details on how this person was making their cash. [01:34:43] Speaker C: I wonder what he was doing. [01:34:45] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. It says here that this particular player has described Jaggett's anti cheat team as dumb and corrupt. [01:34:58] Speaker C: That sounds like I know it's RuneScape player right there. [01:35:01] Speaker B: Doesn't. [01:35:04] Speaker A: Grizz final story. Rest in peace, Rocket League economy player player item trading is being removed in December. Wow. That's actually really fucking surprising because I don't understand why they're doing that. [01:35:21] Speaker B: So apparently it's to bring this into. [01:35:23] Speaker C: Alignment with Epic's overall approach to game cosmetics and item shop policies. [01:35:30] Speaker B: Very interesting. [01:35:31] Speaker C: Player to player trading is not something. [01:35:32] Speaker B: That Epic wants to do, but yeah. [01:35:35] Speaker C: An interesting one for sure. [01:35:37] Speaker B: Interesting. [01:35:38] Speaker A: I mean, does Epic own Rocket League or something? [01:35:42] Speaker B: I don't know. That's a good point. I don't know. Maybe. Yeah. I don't know. I do not know. [01:35:49] Speaker A: Looks like the developers brief FAQ on the change also warns players that if they lent an item, they should get it back before the trading system is removed. Yeah, look, I don't really understand all. [01:36:04] Speaker B: That, but apparently it's happening, so there you go. [01:36:06] Speaker C: Hopefully they don't do that to Dota Mate, because Dota cosmetic buying and selling is big. [01:36:13] Speaker B: Yeah, it's probably do. [01:36:14] Speaker A: You know what? I actually think it's probably a smart play in the long run, short term, whatever, but I do think that economies like this probably I don't think they'll definitely be banned or anything, but I think they'll be heavily regulated moving forward if they're things that can be betted on or wherever else. So I don't know what the setup was for Rocket League, but I just think in game like Marketplaces and stuff like that, and regulators trying to keep video games safe for young children, I think you might see in the future maybe approaches to monitoring and maintaining sort of safe. I guess I'm going to put in inverted brackets, but safe ecosystems for children, it might sort of extend into these kind of areas and you might see these marketplaces just have to go down rather than going down by choice like this. So might actually not be a bad play overall, but yeah, interesting regardless. [01:37:17] Speaker B: Very interesting. There you go. [01:37:20] Speaker A: Anyway, speaking of interesting, we've reached the end of the show. What an interesting conundrum. Thank you so much for being here, as always, we bloody appreciate you. If you enjoyed this podcast, we'd really appreciate if you would go and tell someone about us or just drop a review. [01:37:35] Speaker B: Drop a review somewhere. [01:37:37] Speaker C: Go and share quite a few reviews. [01:37:39] Speaker B: Cap. [01:37:39] Speaker C: I don't know if you've had a look at the recent reviews, so thank you so much if you have reviewed. [01:37:43] Speaker B: But if you've got this far into. [01:37:45] Speaker C: Listening to us and you haven't yet reviewed us in your platform 2 seconds. [01:37:50] Speaker B: Just get up there. Go and do it. Get up there, get in there. [01:37:53] Speaker A: Go and say some nice things about us. We really appreciate it. Now look, we got a bunch of social media, all of which links to them are on our OGR Show website, on our Twitter. It's on there. Twitter.com ogrshow got our Twitch on there. Go and watch us live on Monday nights from 07:00 p.m. Awst. Also got a link to our discord, so you can go and chat to us live literally any time of the week and our patreon and stuff like that, so you can join us, pay us some cash. And that cash is going to go into making sick TikToks. So excited. [01:38:32] Speaker C: We've got TikToks, we've got YouTube shorts, we've got Instagram reels, we've got Facebook reels, all that. [01:38:38] Speaker A: We got it all, it's all out there. So expect to see us in the flanks. [01:38:44] Speaker B: But yeah, other than that, have a. [01:38:46] Speaker A: Banger, have a rip a week. We'll see you guys on the following week. I don't think Pav's going to be back just yet then, but he'll be back the following week from memory unless his flights change. So you might see him next week. [01:38:59] Speaker B: Why not? Anyway, we'll see how we go. [01:39:01] Speaker A: But yeah, anyways, see you on the other side. Take care. Peace out. Love you. [01:39:05] Speaker B: See you next time. [01:39:06] Speaker C: Adios, amigos.

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