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June 25, 2024



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Jun 25 2024 | 02:07:48


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Episode Transcript

Cappo (00:18) G'day and welcome to Oceanic Gaming Radio. This is episode 95. It's the 24th of June 2024. We're back after a month hiatus. It didn't we didn't mean for it to be that long. Yeah, I think it's been a month. Pretty sure. Hang on. I'll tell you. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. Greeeeeeezly (00:33) Wait, what? Has it been a month? Has it actually been a month, has it? Holy... Dude, time flies. Time freaking flies. Exactly right. Cappo (00:48) Time flies when you're having fun and can't do a makeup session. But yeah, apologies for the big long hiatus. It just kind of ended up happening. I can't remember what the reason was for not being able to do the original scheduled episode, but we couldn't do it. And then we tried to schedule a follow -up and then we just couldn't do that either. That's right. I remember now. And I was worried because she wasn't about to put Ted to bed that night. And I was like, well, fuck, this has been rough. And then yeah. Greeeeeeezly (01:05) Mia was sick. Your missus was sick, Cap. Hmm Cappo (01:17) just all fell apart basically. But we tried, it didn't work and we thought, fuck it, we'll just, we'll be back at, you know, at the next scheduled episode. So, you know, shit happens, but hope you're doing well. Thanks for listening. Appreciate you guys immensely. And yeah. How you been, Grizz? What's been happening? Greeeeeeezly (01:34) I've been good, Capo. What's been happening? well, man, I can't remember four weeks ago, but more recently, Capo, things have been good, mate. I had a, had a really fun gig on the weekend. We played, well, my second ever show for the Audio Slave Tribute Band, which was a lot of fun at a venue called, Linnet's Lounge in Perth, which is in Northbridge. No. Cappo (01:40) Neither. Hell yeah, man. I've never heard of that. We're Northbridge. Greeeeeeezly (02:02) Pretty much dude. I think it only opens for like certain events. Do you know where Johnny Fox's is? Johnny Fox's is where Rosio Grady's is But it's now called Johnny Fox's. Yeah, so behind that room is a function room in there Cappo (02:08) Ugh. yeah, okay. Yeah, yeah. Yep. Right. okay, with ya. Yep. Greeeeeeezly (02:20) that gets like live bands. It was awesome, dude. I love it. Love playing audio slave. It's such heavy melodic swagger. Just bang it, swag rock. It's exactly what it is, swag rock. thanks, man. Yeah, look, I took some really rough camera footage. Sometimes we are able to get like the stems from the desk and... Cappo (02:27) Yeah, just fucking swag rock. Yeah, can't beat a bit of swag rock of that. And you guys pull it off big time. Like, yeah, it sounds so good. Greeeeeeezly (02:46) get someone to mix it down and do a real pro mix. This one was just a camera, but everyone wants to go check it out. It is on my Twitter page. There is a video to some live footage from that show if you're interested, but it was a lot of fun, Cap. I really enjoyed myself. I still, after those kinds of shows, man, I get on this adrenaline rush literally for days after, and I'm still on it now. Like it gives me such a high, so it's cool. Cappo (03:05) Yeah. Hell yeah dude. Greeeeeeezly (03:12) But Cap, I've also been doing some oil spill training, mate. So, spent the day today, said, as in how to respond to an oil spill. Yeah. So I'm actually part of this thing called... Yeah, how to fucking... He's got to put it in the water, mate. Yeah. Yeah. I'm learning all the different response strategies, how to like do stuff, like set up, you know, containment boom and skimmers and... Cappo (03:18) as in how to do it all. Yeah, hopefully not teaching how to do it all. He's a doing god. You just like a spill it. It's fucking easy. Yeah, sick. Greeeeeeezly (03:41) how to spray dispersant on it and all this kind of stuff. And the idea is that I'll be part of what's called the core group, which is basically a group of people that if the shit hits the fan in Australia, I'll get a phone call and I'll be out there like helping clean up the oil, so to speak. It is pretty cool. Yeah. Cappo (03:54) Shit man, that's kinda cool though right? Like being response numero uno. That's really cool. Man, that's cool. Greeeeeeezly (04:00) Yeah, so I've been doing that mate. So I spent the day doing that today. I'll be doing that for the rest of the week basically that kind of training. So it's good. Cappo (04:08) Wow. Man, this is kind of semi related, but I remember my dad telling me about, I don't know whether it's an actual thing or not. But once upon a time, I remember him telling me about this bacteria that they were trying to develop that would like eat oil spills. Have you ever heard about that? Is that, is that a thing? Greeeeeeezly (04:12) Yeah. Hmm. Well, yeah, it is a thing. So the whole thing about oil spills is you actually want to entrain the oil from the surface into the water column, because that's what breaks it down in the water column. All the microbes and other bits and pieces actually eat it and turn it down, break it down in the water column. Whereas if it's stuck on the surface, it basically will just create slicks and strand on shorelines and stuff. So yeah, I think an old man might be, there is a bunch of research where they actually looked at introducing like bugs into the water. Cappo (04:35) Get stuck into it. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (04:52) to increase that microbial action to basically eat the oil faster, yeah, moving quicker. But that's the whole idea of dispersing. It's essentially like dish soap. So they go and spray it on planes on oil on the surface and it will disperse it into the water. Cappo (04:52) Yeah. Get it. Moving quicker. Yeah. Kind of like, you know, literally your kitchen sink, right? I mean, that's what soap does. It just breaks it apart. Greeeeeeezly (05:11) Yeah, it's the same stuff. It's actually less, it's interesting because there's a lot of people complaining about, well, they complain about the toxicity of dispersant, but dispersant is actually less toxic than your dish, dishwasher soap that you put in, that you wash your dishes in. Yeah. That goes down the sink every day and into drains and wherever else that goes. Cappo (05:26) really? Yeah, it's kind of like the the argument for like, there's, I feel there's a few very, you know, everyone always gets the fucking knickers in a twist about environmental stuff. And I totally understand. But there's things like fracking and even just like nuclear power where, you know, you'd be I think there's a shitload of misinformation about actually how bad those things actually are. And people are just like, it's so bad for the environment. It's like, well, actually, there's no research to suggest Greeeeeeezly (05:44) Mm -hmm. Yeah. Cappo (06:01) That it is. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (06:02) Particularly nuclear power dude. I mean, I think I think people look at like the Holocaust and a bunch of other stuff and go you know that that's real fucking bad Yeah things like that Cappo (06:08) you mean Chernobyl? Yeah, I mean, it's like anything if it's not monitored, yes, it's gonna cause a fucking issue, right? But, you know, like, I think about one thing is people worry about what you do with the waste afterwards. But they might just fucking just dig a big old fucking pit, like America did, like and bury that shit. Got a lot of space, a lot of space. But yeah, anyways, fucking very off topic. But yeah, all right. So you're doing some sick training. Greeeeeeezly (06:14) Hmm. We got a big Australia's pretty large cap. Australia's pretty large, right? Very off topic. Yeah, it's cool, dude. It's cool. I get to be out in the boat and like doing stuff and, and, and pretending to be an all -spiel responder. But now it's good. I'm enjoying it. What about you, Capo? What's, what's been happening on your plate, mate? A bit of gaming, but we'll get there. Cappo (06:48) Wow. yeah. Yeah, that's been really good. so what have I been doing? Not an awful just basically being a dad for the most part. Being a dad, being a fucking guy that works in development at a, you know, medium sized company and very, very busy there. What else have I been doing? man. It's just I've just been I feel like I'm just in Greeeeeeezly (07:03) Mm -hmm. Cappo (07:14) like a surge, you know, and I just kind of go with it at the moment. I just don't really have, Greeeeeeezly (07:18) You've lost a bunch of weight though, Cap, haven't you? Cappo (07:21) I have lost a bunch of weights. So it's been like, I've been trying to watch my weight for probably about six months now, maybe more. and I think I started off at like 135 ish or so, and I'm at, I'm just under 114 now. So, so the 20 kgs lost since the start of the year, which has been great. And, yeah. Yeah. So it's been really good. Plus also I'm really consistent with my gym at the moment. I've been going twice a week, doing nice big long sessions. Greeeeeeezly (07:28) Mm. Dude, that is insane. Cappo (07:51) and definitely noticing like some, you know, like basically putting a lot of muscle on at the moment. My PT has been really stoked. even like. Greeeeeeezly (07:59) Do you have, so you go and you have a personal trainer cap that kind of like. Cappo (08:03) Yeah, so I'm at like the local leisure center and you get like every, every month you get a free PT session for an hour and a half and it's and it's so good. You know, you just set goals you go and you know, figure out what you got any exercises you feel aren't really hitting the hitting it right or whatever else I give you a hand with that. I'm less less so interested in that more so interested in I guess we do a body scan every week. So just keeping an eye on like my, I guess my body Greeeeeeezly (08:10) Hmm. yeah. Cappo (08:32) percentages, which is great because it's, you know, I can see my body fat coming down, and I've kind of hit a bit of a plateau. I'm still losing weight, but it's definitely plateaued with my weight loss. But I can see that my fat percentage is coming down, but my muscle weight is going up as well as my protein overall protein percentage and water weight, water percentage, which is good, right? So it's just a good way to kind of Greeeeeeezly (08:43) Mm. Cappo (08:58) track progress when you feel like there is a progress there, but like underneath it all it's like, yeah, your weight might not have changed, but your body composition is, is way better. You know? Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (09:06) That's so good, dude. Yeah, I wish I had have done that, eh? Like, because my weight has pretty much, actually I'm a bit heavier than what I was, but my body shape has changed over time. But I'd love to know, yeah, what the percent movement was kind of like, so. Cappo (09:17) Yeah. Yeah, it's really good information. And I feel like now I know where I want to be weight wise. And I know what I think will be kind of healthy once I hit my kind of, you know, goal weight and stuff and where I want to be with like my kind of percentages and stuff and definitely can see myself getting there. Probably the most success I've ever had with weight loss ever. And a lot of that speed and fuel by just not even calorie counting, but just being conscious with my calories. And just like substituting a lot of things, not really restricting myself. But you know, kind of just adjusting my lifestyle a little bit, which has been kind of wild. I mean, realistically, it's all about being in a calorie deficit. But it's actually not that hard to achieve. And you'd be surprised at how much you can fit into it into like your calorie budget per day. With just a few kind of little tweaks, like, yes, it's crazy. So yeah, it's been it's been a big Greeeeeeezly (10:10) Mm. Cappo (10:15) big long journey for six months, but can't see myself stopping. Greeeeeeezly (10:18) So Kappa, someone listening in that wants to potentially lose weight, what is your biggest tip do you think? Where's the good starting point? Tip of the iceberg mate. Cappo (10:25) man. I think I resisted it for ages, right? But I think starting and counting your calories for a good fortnight will give you an idea of how much food you eat and how much what that equates to. So figure out your, I can't remember the word for it. But if you go to like fat loss calculator or some shit online, you'll figure out fat loss calorie calculator or whatever. You'll figure out what your daily Greeeeeeezly (10:46) Hmm Cappo (10:55) calorie amount needs to be to lose weight. And then track your calories, and you will be very surprised at how much you're eating basically. And there's some little things that you can do just to reduce that overall number really easily. And, you know, some people milk with coffee is a real big deal. And you might not be able to do that. But for me, I've just completely switched to Black coffee and cold brew and that's you know, like a cup of milk is like, you know almost 200 calories Which is fucking heaps and you're having three three, you know, big cappuccinos a day That's literally one meal a day in just your just your drinking. So Liquid calories are fucked Even sources and stuff. Gotta watch your sources sources add up really quickly. Cupid mayonnaise fucking Tasty as hell, but guess what? hyper calorific, you know, you know Greeeeeeezly (11:33) Hmm Full of calories, yeah, right, yeah, yeah. Cappo (11:49) Yeah, like a table, like a big tea, a tablespoon is like 200 calories or something ridiculous. It's insane. And I mean, you know, when you, when you go and squeeze that shit on your, on your teriyaki chicken or whatever, you squeeze half the bottle on it and you've just about had two days worth of bloody calories. So bad. Greeeeeeezly (11:55) Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, so I think yeah, it sounds like it's those little changes that you can make that make a big one make a big difference Cappo (12:13) Yeah. Yeah. Even just like, I don't, you know, I, I still like to reward myself, but I just changed the rewards. Like, you know, no sugar, soft drink, you know, for example, I've, I've smashed those at home. I love this. No sugar sunk is it's fucking awesome. I've been smashing instead of having like, I guess desserts or, whatever else I've been having like protein yogurt. And I've found this, like protein, not protein, like powdered peanut butter stuff that I put on top. Greeeeeeezly (12:28) Mm -hmm. Cappo (12:42) of the vanilla protein, it tastes freaking awesome. And then even things like having mini versions of your favorite ice cream. So like, you know, like a mini magnum, that's only going to be like 170 odd calories versus a big one's going to be closer to 300 plus. So, you know, it's just these little things, tweaks you can make in your life that you'd be really surprised at how far they go. And it's just being all it comes down to is consistency. And it's really hard to begin with. But you get to the vibe and These days, I don't even think about it. Just do it. It's easy. Greeeeeeezly (13:14) Good, gotta do it long enough for it to be habit, mate. Yeah. Cappo (13:18) Yeah. And I don't know what big ones have like plenty of water because that'll help satiate you as well. is that that's probably my biggest downfall. I think it might day to day is I definitely don't drink enough water, but a lot of that I put down in my ADHD medication. So, just kind of completely forget about it. But, but yeah, losing weight can be difficult, but, I guess the one thing I'd say is stay away from all those like bullshit. Greeeeeeezly (13:29) Mm -hmm. Cappo (13:40) like, you know, do the keto diet and all this other shit. So you don't need that. You just need to be a fucking calorie deficit and you're good. I have a, I have a bacon Nick sandwich every morning and I'm still losing weight. So you can lose weight and enjoy the things you want to eat, but you just got to find the way to do it. And a lot of that is just monitoring your calories. Yeah. Anyways, that's Capo's fucking, you know, life changing fucking, you know, weight coaching, fucking shit. but yeah, so I mean, last, last three weeks, Grizz. Greeeeeeezly (13:50) Yeah, fuck yeah, dude. Hot tips of the day. There you go. Cappo (14:10) yeah, things are just kind of being cruised and Ted's, you know, starting to, I don't know, he's just got such a big personality now at the moment, like, just like putting sentences together and stuff to like huge sentences, but conjoining words into things that I can actually go, okay. That's what you're trying to do or say or whatever. So, it's crazy. So, man, rapidly. So yeah. And, the only other thing we've got on the, on the. Greeeeeeezly (14:10) Mm. Wow, yeah, yeah. Time's changing, mate. Getting old. Cappo (14:39) on the back burner is we are about to sign a contract to get another story put on our house, which I'm pretty excited for. So Greeeeeeezly (14:45) Ooh. Bedroom upstairs, mate. Is the game room staying in the same room? Cappo (14:52) Actually, no. So my games room and Ted's current room, all the walls are being knocked out into like a big open living dining area. And then we're putting another big three by one on top of the house so that we've got enough rooms kind of thing. Greeeeeeezly (14:57) Mmm. are you checking your painted grain again, dude? Nah. Cappo (15:13) Nah, nah, nah, nah, I don't think so. I mean, I used it once upon a time, but I haven't used my green screen forever. It's just a, it's unfortunately a waste of green. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (15:19) You did? Yeah. Now I had a green screen as well, dude. Do you remember that room I had with all the fucking blankets on the walls? I had like a full studio proof room, dude. I had one set up in the garage, but also did one in the house where I just like bolted packing blankets up on all the walls and shit, dude. Yeah, it was mental. Yeah. We have, we have. Cappo (15:28) Yeah, yeah, yeah. man. That was in the was that in the garage? Yeah, that's right. We've had some ghetto setups. Crazy. So funny. But yeah, anyways, we should probably jump into a grease because you know, this is a show about video games. So firstly, just want to say a big thank you to everyone listening at home you guys bloody rock appreciate you for sticking by us. You know, through thick and thin months and everything else. Greeeeeeezly (15:52) Let's do it, mate. Yep, let's do it. Cappo (16:07) Yeah, you can do so if you're listening to this live and you'd prefer to listen to this, you know, after the fact, you can do so by going to ogr .show and you can find links to all of our main podcasting platforms, Spotify, iTunes, all the rest of it. Otherwise, if you want to listen to this live and you'll listen to this after the fact right now, you can go to twitch .tv slash Oceanic Gaming Radio, follow us there. And then after that, join us on Monday nights every second week. at 7pm. We, you know, we've got a few bloody legends in here tonight. We've got Fancy Badger and Aerie J poking their heads in saying g'day. So you too can join those legends. But yeah, anyways, outside of that, just want to say a massive thank you to our wonderful ongoing Patreons. They're the guys that come out each week, drop a few dollarinos in our back pocket. And it's much appreciated because, yeah, keeping these lights on ain't cheap. Okay, pal. So those legends are the following. Greeeeeeezly (16:36) Hmm. Cappo (17:05) I'm a Sukai, Moosey, Caging Runt, Lee, JLibs, Brendan, Stroppes, and bloody Slatos. Appreciate your legends. Also, blindsided Mooses in the chat. Moosey, love you, baby. There you go. All right. Diving straight in, mate. You know, we've got a big old, actually I played the wrong stinger, but you know, this was it for now. I mean, it's technically news. It's technically news. So, Grizz, follow up to... Greeeeeeezly (17:18) champions. He is Moussy. Moussy! Cappo (17:35) What will probably go down in history is one of the greatest video games of all time, Elden Ring. The DLC launched last Friday. Shadow of the Erd Tree. It's here and boy, it's kicking some arses. But pretty good reviews so far. I think there might be a few performance issues, but... Greeeeeeezly (17:41) Mm -hmm. It did. It's upon us. Yeah, people were talking about like micro status on PC and whatnot cap. Actually have not looked at the reviews at all for the game I've been just avoiding everything old and ring. So I'm going to look it up right now. How's it looking? How's the DLC looking, mate? Cappo (18:10) Well, I'm just looking at the it looks like it's 98 overall or 95 overall, which I believe is the highest rated piece of DLC of all time, beating the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine, which was an excellent piece of content. But I mean, so far with my playthrough is solely deserving of it. I mean, the thing is, it's really hard. Greeeeeeezly (18:20) Hmm. Yeah, that was great. Cappo (18:37) I think it would have been really hard for them to fuck this up. Basically, like they had they had they had Elden Ring, which, you know, again, incredible video game. And they've just given us more of that and just, you know, gone a bit harder on some of the design elements, I think. But but maybe we kind of start from the top gris, you know. You know, how's your experience been so far just Greeeeeeezly (18:41) Yeah Mmm. Cappo (19:04) generally, maybe we can kind of dive into the sort of certain aspects. Greeeeeeezly (19:06) Yeah, look, I think they've given me exactly what I wanted from the DLC cap, which is basically, I think, all right, so my perspective on this cap is every From Software Souls game to date, that first play through of that Souls game is something special because you're kind of exploring and, you know, fighting the bosses and that dopamine hit when you beat them. And that's what I wanted. I wanted Elden Ring, but just more. more of, more of what made Elden Ring great, which is the great exploration and everything else. Talked about it many times. And so far, after putting in probably maybe 15 hours -ish, I think I'm probably maybe two main bosses in and just kind of cruising through. It's given me exactly what I want, Cap. I'm really enjoying it. Challenging. In fact, it's probably a bit fucked in some places, I'd say. Yeah, it's hard, man. It's hard. And I'm just reading through some of the posts on... So it's actually copying mixed reviews on Steam. A lot of them are to do with performance, but there are some around difficulty in there. Yeah, could see. It's pretty hard. But I feel like that's what they did in... Do you remember the Dark Souls 3 DLC with... Who was that? There was one fight in one of the... Cappo (20:02) Yeah, tough as nails. guess it was a guest, something guest on or some shit. Gail. Greeeeeeezly (20:30) DLCs that was just... There was Gail, but there was this frozen chick who I reckon she was one of the worst Yes, sister friar and yeah, she's got straight. She's got three phases and just like brutal anyway anyway Cappo (20:43) Freya or something like that? Frisia? Yeah, Sister Freya and I, mate. Yeah, out of control. Ashes of Ren Arundel or some shit, I think that DLC. I never played it actually in the end, but yeah. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (20:55) Yep. man. Yeah. That was great. look, look, cap. I think the game's ticking the boxes for me so far. I just can't put it down at the moment. Every spare second I've got on picking it up and playing it. And unfortunately that means I'm having to put the old, beltless gates free on a mode. The boys are just waiting for me to get my Elden Ring fixed first as I spend my time playing that. But, no, I'm enjoying it. And I've kind of, I don't know if you're going to Cappo (21:04) Yeah. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (21:23) talk about builds at all, but I've approached the game differently this time around and I'm really enjoying the approach I've taken. But I do kind of feel like there is a lot of options to play the game. You know, they've introduced a bunch of new, I like builds based on spells and items that you find and you can boost certain things through some amulets or trinkets, whatever they're called, talismans. I feel like it says it's pretty, pretty open to play the game you want to play it, which is a classic golden ring style. I think it's, I think it's really cool. Cappo (21:32) Yeah. Yeah, yeah, maybe we'll save our builds for maybe towards the end. But I think I kind of just want to quickly touch on maybe some of the story. You know, I don't want to kind of spoil anything and I won't but I really like how they're introducing you know, we knew that Mikala was going to be one of the main characters of Mikala is not in the base game but alluded to heavily and you know, we know of their existence and who they are and they're basically a demigod. They're you know, like a Greeeeeeezly (22:12) Hmm. Cappo (22:22) you know, they, they, they're born of the main goddess in the, in the game. And, they're supposed to be this kind, you know, person that's, trying to make good. Kindly Mikala. Yeah. Yeah. And so, well, presumably, you know, I always think that, you know, when you're, when in a, in a, in a story like this, if you're being referred to as kindly, you're probably almost certainly not going to be kindly by the end of the game. Greeeeeeezly (22:30) They call it kindly, kindly. Yes. Is that because they are kind? Yeah. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Cappo (22:51) So I'm sure we're heading towards that. But it's really interesting. There's a lot of like iconography and, you know, even some of the character dialogue, you're meeting these characters that are following Mikala. They're kind of like the apostles almost. There's so much Jesus Christ symbology in this game. It's ridiculous. And then kind of setting up Mikala to be kind of like this Marder figure. And basically, the whole idea is that it seems like Greeeeeeezly (23:10) Mmm. Cappo (23:19) Marika, the original goddess from Elden Ring, kind of stole something from the shadow realm that we're in right now and basically fucked over an entire race of people to create her paradise in where Elden Ring set the lands between. In any ways, it kind of feels like Mikler has gone back to kind of make things right and is kind of martyring himself to undo the injustice and Greeeeeeezly (23:44) Hmm. Cappo (23:48) try and make things right, essentially. And so you're kind of following the footsteps of Mikler through the Land of Shadow as he's managed to get back into the land that's been obscured for ages. And he's been leaving parts of himself behind at these little crosses. And so you're finding out what he's been doing and where he's gone across the Lands of Shadow. But the interesting thing with the whole kind of game and the lore is there's so much parallel between environments in Shadow of the Earth tree with Greeeeeeezly (23:59) Hmm. Cappo (24:17) what's happening with the with an Elden Ring. And everywhere you go, you almost go like, my God, that's why that's like that. And in the land between and that's why that is there. And, this is the thing that you see over there. And, so that's why they're like that. And it's just, it's it's it's so enjoyable right now for me just exploring, because I'm doing a lot of that, because I'm finding that the main line bosses just to be almost fucking impossible. Greeeeeeezly (24:31) Mm -mm. Cappo (24:46) And so I'm like, well, fuck it, I'll just go and explore. And I think that's probably another thing I wanted to talk about Grizz is you're so well rewarded for exploration because of the new system that's in place with you basically collect these fragments around the world, just kind of littered in little points of interest. And you find these fragments called scowdo tree fragments, and you put them together to basically increase your damage negation and damage dealt. Greeeeeeezly (24:48) Hmm Yeah. Cappo (25:15) within the land of shadow. So the more you collect, kind of the better off you are, I guess. And it really promotes exploration. Greeeeeeezly (25:19) Is the blue one, is that your summons, the blue one that you find as well, the fragment? Yeah. Yeah. Cappo (25:24) There's two is the fragments, which are the tree fragments, which give you the damage negation and damage dealt. And then the other one, which is like, yeah, the blue things coming with a cold. And they basically improve your spirit summons and stuff. Greeeeeeezly (25:38) I think it's your spirit summons, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, dude, it's great. And you know what? Like it's crazy because some of the fragments are hidden in places that you wouldn't think there'd be an important item there. Cappo (25:41) Yeah. Yeah, which is great. So really promotes you to go and check everything out. And the one thing I've noticed is, so I haven't put in too many levels in the in the DLC for my character, because I've just either been getting completely fucked, or, and just losing my souls and why, okay, well, there goes, you know, 150k souls bugger, or probably 160 odd, maybe, maybe just under Greeeeeeezly (25:53) does. Hmm. Yeah, what level are you by the way, cat? What, what, do you know? shit, you're higher than me, pretty sure, yeah. Cappo (26:20) Yeah, but it feels like nothing like I'm you know, when I first walked in there, I got to hit by some by a general mob and I was like, what the fuck? This is insane. Greeeeeeezly (26:26) Yeah. Yeah, man. I found a random, like, one of those invader guys and he kicked my ass so many times. I was like, nah, fuck this. And he wasn't even doing anything special. He was just hitting like an absolute truck. Cappo (26:36) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I know. It's insane. I mean, the first time I found one of those big flame basket dudes, he just stomped on me and I fucking instant died and I was like, shit, really? And then the first boss I found, no, no, no, no, never even bothered, never even bothered trying. And then I found a boss and he well, I mean, if you see the trailer, it's the lion dancer boss, I found the lion dancer boss, and he fucking to hit me. Greeeeeeezly (26:48) Yeah. Yeah. Have you killed one of those flame basket guys? Nah, me either. Nah, left them for now. Yeah. Yeah, super cool. Cappo (27:09) I was just like, what the fuck I have 60 vigor and I am like a strength guy and he fucking to hit me. And I was like, this is shit ass. So I just left. But since I've been collecting the fragments, I think I'm at level five or six fragments, I can like really take a few hits now. I went back and gave him another crack. And I thought, I could I could beat you if I just sat here for an hour and I could go to bed you basically. Greeeeeeezly (27:12) to you. Yeah. Yeah. Mm. Mm. Cappo (27:35) I was like, I'm gonna go and do more exploring, go and find more fragments, just make this easier on myself. And I'm really enjoying the exploration. So I was like, fuck it, I'm just gonna do that. Greeeeeeezly (27:42) Are you summoning? Are you using all the tools? Cappo (27:44) I was summoning the NPCs, but because I was summoning the NPCs, I couldn't summon my Mimic. Greeeeeeezly (27:49) yes. really? Fuck, I've got both out in those fights. Yeah, I'm summoning. I'm using all the tools the game's giving me to play, because I just want to fucking beat the game. But yeah, I'm really enjoying it, man. The exploration though, Capo, I feel like, I don't know what it is, but, or maybe, maybe I do know what it is, but I feel like it's a little bit more complicated this time around. Right off the bat is what I'm finding. Cappo (27:56) I don't think, or maybe I did. I can't quite remember now. Maybe I did. Can't remember. Yeah, on the same. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I know exactly. Do you mean the exploration or? I know exactly what it is. Greeeeeeezly (28:25) Yeah, the exploration itself. So an example is the dungeon at the starting area of Elden Ring. The dungeon's very linear, straightforward. You do this, this, and this. I've found myself a few times already and I'm like, I just can't figure out where to go. And then, ding, and you'll figure it out. right. You've got to hit this lever. And it's almost like little Zelda dungeons now and stuff seems a lot more well hidden and yeah, harder. Cappo (28:40) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yep. I think the biggest component of it feeling complex is there's so much verticality. It's insane. If you can if you compare it to the base game, everything's just laid out and you can see, there's something over there and I can go in this cliff and I'll do that with this game. It's like, fuck, I'm on this plateau and there's fucking shit down there and like, how the hell do I get out there? man, it's insane. There's so much shit going on. But I think you do hit your stride. Greeeeeeezly (28:59) there is, yeah! Yeah, dude. I've been getting so confused. Yeah. Cappo (29:20) once you kind of really start pushing out beyond the first two major areas, and you can feel how things kind of, you know, a piece together. Once you start unlocking your map fragments, and it feels a bit easier. But that's the other thing is it's really hard to figure out how to get to some of the map fragments. I've still not filled the map out, but I've got most of it done. I think I've maybe got one or two, maybe one piece left. So Greeeeeeezly (29:27) you Yeah. Do you? Okay. Yeah. I think I found three, three map fragments and I've got one to go. And I was like, I'm just going to mark this, go pick it up now. And I'm like, no, I'm not looking off over this. Yeah. Looking down this. Yeah. It's big cliff. And it's just like, no way to get down there. Yeah. Cappo (29:47) Wait, I can't even get there. That's a fucking cliff. Yeah. Yeah. But it's really cool. The inter like the interconnectedness of the world is really interesting because it's it's often connected in ways you wouldn't expect. You know, there might be like a big chasm that you go into and you think, okay, well, this is now joined to this underground river. And now I'm suddenly out on this big coastline or Greeeeeeezly (30:03) Mmm. Cappo (30:14) You know, I'm doing all these other shit. Like I've gone through this sunken temple and now I'm suddenly out in here. It's, it starts to piece all together. Greeeeeeezly (30:22) It reminds you of like, you know how Dark Souls 3 did a great job of map design on a smaller level where you would unlock a shortcut back to a grace that you got at the start of that area. They've kind of done that, but on a map level, like on a world building level, which is just super cool. I'm finding the same thing. I unlocked like a jump on my horse, which took me to an area where... Cappo (30:34) Yeah. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (30:47) was linking already to another area that I've been, but just another little subsection of that. Yeah. Finding it. It's, it's so cool though, Cap. Like there's just, there's just so much to do. And similar to the last one. Yeah. If you're getting your ass kicked, you know, it's great to have that option to go and do something else for a little bit and find some more fragments and, and, and, and come back. Cappo (30:56) Yeah. Yeah. And you're really not locked in anywhere. Like I've almost explored pretty much all of them, not all the map, but like, I know, I understand how it's all pieced together now. And I know that I've got enough option to literally go wherever I want. I don't think I'm actually gated by any bosses basically to go into further areas. Like it tends to be like you can go to any area you want. And generally at the end of that area, there's going to be a boss there. Greeeeeeezly (31:26) Mm. Cappo (31:33) which I really like because you know, you can find stuff like I've had no issues with the dungeon bosses. I've been able to kill all of those. Every single one I've come up against. It's just those main bosses where I'm just like, holy fuck, this guy is smacking me to pieces big time. Greeeeeeezly (31:43) special. I think my build is OP, Cap. Cappo (31:54) Yeah, I think makes sense. I thought that faith and holy might have been really strong in this game, but it doesn't seem to be as strong as I was hoping for. And I kind of went all in on it. I can always like get out of it. Like I've got I've got enough like fragments and shit to go and do something else. But I think it seems like status effect stuff is really strong, like really, really strong. Greeeeeeezly (32:07) You can always change it, yeah. Hmm. I'm sure it'll change. It did in the, in the base Elden Ring game, a lot of stuff started to become immune to Scarlet Rot and to poison and things. But yeah, so my, my build right now is I basically try to get as many status effects on people as I can. So I go for poison and Scarlet Rot. and then I use, so I've, I've found a weapon in the DLC that's like a, it's like a fist. I think it might actually be an Ogre fist and it applies a poison debuff. Cappo (32:36) So how are you applying those? yeah. Greeeeeeezly (32:50) The special move on it just injects poison into the target. And if they can be poisoned, they will be poisoned in that one hit. So the idea is you put the fists on and you punch them and do that. And then I've got those gods miracle, the dragon ones, the dragon that can apply the scarlet rot on people, the dragon spells, faith spells. And then you use a bleed weapon. Cappo (32:54) Sick. yeah. Yeah. God, cause you're going to arcane, aren't you? Greeeeeeezly (33:18) I've got, so it's also the thing with arcane, it increases the damage and the build up speed of all of those poison, scarlet rot and bleed. And I'm using the talismans that increase my attack power when a target is poisoned or bleeding around me. So it's kind of stacking this. Cappo (33:28) Yeah. Yeah. So it's just like self -stacking and, you know, self -fulfilling. That's really rad. Greeeeeeezly (33:40) Dude, it is very fun. It is very fun because I'm changing weapons. So you start off with a fist and you punch a guy until he's poisoned and then you pull out my weapon and bleed them and I've got those two buffs on me and then you're pretty strong. Got those attack power buffs. Cappo (33:53) That does sound like a really fun way to play. Cause that's the other thing is like, I feel like with this DLC, like you were saying earlier, I think you're much less locked into a weapon or, and you feel less obliged to stick to one weapon. Cause I am playing kind of maybe like a strength, pretty much mostly strength faith, but I've got a little bit of dex to enable me to use the, use a particular colossal. I'm basically using colossal weapons for stagger. But I've got three main ones I'm using. I found a big katana that does bleed damage. So I've been running with that. Greeeeeeezly (34:26) Is that, where did you find that Katana? yes, I found that one as well. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks cool. Is it one of the big, big long Katanas? Is it? Yeah. Is it? Yeah. Cappo (34:29) in a dragon thing. Yeah. Yeah. It's really good. Really, really fucking cool sword. Yeah, really fucking cool. I was like, I'm fucking using this and because it's it's also a strength weapon as well. I thought fuck it. I'm going to use that. So I started using that. And then I've also got a big kind of like smash thing. Like it's one of the I found a new one. It's like a big holy black thing. Greeeeeeezly (34:44) yep. Hmm. Was that in a furnace thing, cat? In a... Cappo (35:01) No, this isn't that one. This is a it was it's held by those Knights, the black Knights with the they've got like feathers coming off their helmet. They've got this big bommi knocker thing. Now I got one of those. Yeah, that does a lot of holy damage and it does a shitload of damage as well. So heaps of stagger potential there plus of what so I've kind of got like that plus my bleed katana plus I've also got the fire great sword not the Greeeeeeezly (35:03) Okay. Yeah. yeah, I know what I'm talking about. Yeah, yep, yep, yep, yep. Cappo (35:29) not the blasphemous blade or whatever, but it's the, it's like the Queen's something or other. It's a very cool looking sword, but yeah, so I've got three different options and I kind of just figure out what might be the best to use based on what they might be sort of weak to, which is not always the case. Greeeeeeezly (35:32) Mm. What my work? Yeah. I do definitely find, and I don't know whether this has changed in the DLC, but the bosses seem to stagger less. Yeah. Cappo (35:54) way less. Yeah, which is really hard for just a little strong boy like myself. Trying to stagger people. I did I did I did know because a lot of people were there's one boss that you find pretty early on called Blackguard Knight or something like that. And it's like this guy in a little mausoleum. Yeah, and he just fucking is just like, yeah. So I was I had enough to stagger him. And so he was a piece of shit. Greeeeeeezly (35:59) You yeah. Yeah, he kicked my ass for a little bit, dude. He fucking kicked my ass, yeah. Cappo (36:21) pie for me. I basically one shot him just walked out as like, that guy was fucking easy. And then I saw online, everyone was just like, Yeah, well, that's what I saw. And I was like, fuck, okay, so there's certain things that I'm finding easier than what other people are. But then like, the lion dancer boss, fucking bullshit, because because I can't get out of his shit quick enough to get into do any damage. So it's really hard. So it's just it's like anything, you know, like all the all the bosses like summer easier. Others are harder. I found the dragons. Greeeeeeezly (36:24) really? I reckon I spend about 45 minutes on that prick, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mm. Mm -hmm. Cappo (36:50) that are floating around really easy now with my new sword because it does extra dragon damage. Like it's just, you know, shit like that. Greeeeeeezly (36:57) What the katana does, does it? Does it! shit! What is - Cappo (36:58) Yeah, baby. Yeah, baby. Yeah. It says in the tooltip. It's like this this weapon has an anti dragon effect. And I was like, fucking so wait. Greeeeeeezly (37:08) Is it leveled up with Tartnaut, that one? Or, so, that's all my weapons are Somba. You know what, I actually... Cappo (37:12) Somba. Yeah. Yeah, all the good ones always are the ones that have like special attacks and stuff. They always are. Because if you can put Nash of War onto it, it's probably going to be regular. Otherwise, it's going to be the other one. But I tell you what, Greeeeeeezly (37:27) Yeah, and because I haven't finished the main game cap, I haven't got all of the like the smithing stones. I've used all my nines and tens. Yeah. Cappo (37:33) Yeah. yeah. Though I'm finding I'm getting a lot of there's a fair bit of like, materials that you can find in the world, which I thought at first I was a man are boring, like, but then I was like, well, I'm finding all these weapons that I want to upgrade. So Greeeeeeezly (37:44) Mm. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. No, I think they've actually done a pretty good job. You're right. Actually. You're right. There are quite a few upgrades around like upgrade materials around the place. Yeah. Cause I do. So I am using that poison punch and I'm glad like, eventually I want to replace my main weapon as well with another bleed weapon, arcane bleed weapon, but I haven't come across anything yet. Actually, Cap, are you finding that you haven't found a heap of spells or miracles and stuff around yet? Is that going to, is it? Cappo (37:56) And it's varied as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not the hype. Greeeeeeezly (38:16) Is it gonna come later you reckon or Cappo (38:18) I'm I've walked into an area where I found a couple of spells already and I was like, is this like the spell area? what's going on? You know, you know, I mean, because like some like when you go to the academy, like it was like, fucking there was like 50 spells in there. So I was like, Okay, maybe this is like the zone for that. So they are they are littered. But I was expecting to find way more faith spells because I was like, sweet, I'm gonna go faith incantations and just like do fucking faith spells. But I found nothing I feel like three or four Greeeeeeezly (38:25) Okay. It's gotta make sense, yeah. Yeah. Yep. Mm. Yeah. Cappo (38:47) Max and they're all like some of them are just fucking useless. So yeah, it's a bit of a shame. But, you know, you fucking whatever, it's fine. But yeah, I've been really enjoying I tell you what the the environments gris are striking, like some of the best game environments I've ever seen. And when you've got Greeeeeeezly (38:51) shit. They are, yeah. Cappo (39:09) know, like a nice PC to run this stuff on, like you walk into some new areas and I just go fuck man, this is like a water painting. It's unbelievable. So beautiful. And the variance in because it's not just like, I don't know, like some of the areas in Elden Ring, like, again, beautiful, but there was a lot of similarity in between the areas where some of these places they are, like, vibrant in a different kind of hue, and they kind of, or you know, there's a Greeeeeeezly (39:15) Yeah, dude. Yeah. Cappo (39:39) type of weather thing happening. Greeeeeeezly (39:39) Yeah, you're totally right. Cause when you first come out, there are similarities to what is it called? The lands between or whatever it is. But then I went back and I was screwing around in normal world. I was like, actually they have totally changed the yet like the saturation or something. There's just these slight little differences that make it different. Cappo (39:46) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And even like the whole, you know, not a tree in the background. and that's like slowly crumbling and there's like certain other things you can see off in the distance that are kind of like, it almost reminds me of like, you know, in Ocarina of Time, you could always see like death mountain out in the background. And eventually you got there. you know, I'm finally kind of starting to make my way to those certain points on the map and you like, you get there and you're like, fuck, this is pretty hectic. Like. but yeah, God, so far I'm insanely impressed and I think it's definitely worth the review score it's been getting. you know, I haven't finished it yet, but, I think that on pretty much every level that I, I would probably, you know, give it a score on. I think it's definitely probably one of the most impressive things I've ever played. and again, it just kind of builds on Elden Ring in the best ways possible, you know. all the character designs and environmental storytelling, even into like the appearance of certain characters and enemies and stuff. And what that says about who they are, what they do in this land, what that might imply about how they got here or, you know, parallels in the base game. It's just so well put together. And yeah, the difficulty is really tough, but I'm quite appreciative of Greeeeeeezly (41:08) Hmm Cappo (41:29) that because it would really trivial trivialize a game that is known for its difficulty if because they weren't able to scale it properly. You know, because I mean, there's people coming in from all different, you know, from a new game plus backwards and everything else and different variances in levels and stuff. It would have been really hard to scale it firstly. So the system that we've put in place, I feel like it really makes you appreciate and enjoy Greeeeeeezly (41:45) Mm -hmm. Cappo (41:57) I guess the exploration as well, because then you're rewarded for that. Greeeeeeezly (41:59) Yeah, they did a great job at that. I think you pretty much come in at any level as long as you've killed Moe and have the same experience based on the way that they've designed that. So the only difference that I could see, Cap, is tied to your stamina or your mana and being able to cast spells, I think. But otherwise, stuff hits hard and you hit like a wet sock regardless of how many stats you have in your main stats. Cappo (42:19) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, because I suppose you'd probably want minimum 50 Vega. Otherwise, you I don't know how you'd manage to survive a lot of these enemies. Greeeeeeezly (42:28) Yeah. I've just got 50 figure now. Yeah. And I think I'll probably try to stick with that for the rest if I can. Cappo (42:37) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, I think I'm sitting at about 55 to 60, I think closer to 55, but, it's a good amount. but you're right. I think, I think that's kind of the sweet spot, but, but yeah, incredible game so far. I'm really looking forward to, you know, keeping to work my way through that game and, yeah, just, just experiencing it. Greeeeeeezly (43:01) Can't wait. I definitely will be doing a stream at some point when I find some time. And I'm not fucking NAKK IT. Get in there. Cappo (43:05) Yeah, buddy. mate, I know, I know, tell me about it. But yeah, so there you go. That was our big Elden Ring Shirley Earldtree deep dive. But I'm sure we'll be talking about this, you know, in Fortnights to come. So yeah, hope you guys are enjoying it back at home. You know, if you're not part of the Discord and you want to have a bit of a chat about it, you can go to ogr .show and look for our Discord link and then tell us how your playthrough is going. We'd love to hear from you. Greeeeeeezly (43:15) Great, Ken. Hell yeah. Cappo (43:35) But yeah, legends. All right, Chris. Now, we meant to talk about this a month ago, but we didn't because we didn't have that show. But anyways, there was like, there was like 50 fucking game shows that happened. There was a lot. So I figured we'd just go through the fucking list basically of the of the of the top picks. So I think we had there was these PlayStation state of play. There was the summer games fest. We also had like Greeeeeeezly (43:40) Yep. Cappo (44:03) PC games show and a bunch of smaller directs like I think there was a Devolver Direct and some other bits and pieces. And then we also had the Xbox games showcase. Where are we? We've also got, we also had the Nintendo Direct more recently. So we've had a shitload of stuff come out and some pretty cool games coming and sneak previews. So some exciting stuff. So I think we'll just start. Yeah, absolutely. I boy am I excited. Greeeeeeezly (44:17) Mm -hmm. Yep. A lot of stuff coming, Capo. Cappo (44:32) I think we'll start with the earliest of these being the Sony PlayStation state of play, which is the 30th of May. Now, a lot of big kind of reveals here, Grizz. I'm just going to start with, I guess, we'll go through the kind of more, I don't know, bigger ones for each one, for each game show. Sorry. But starting with Concord. So, we had a bit of a look at Concord. Concord was this kind of Greeeeeeezly (44:45) Mm -hmm. Cappo (45:01) God, I don't even know what you call it. I guess it's like a... Greeeeeeezly (45:05) Reminds me a lot of like Destiny. What is it Cap? It's like a first person Overwatch 2 kind of competitive shooter, I guess you could say. Cappo (45:13) Yeah. Yeah. I think it's, I think it's like a 6v6 online competitive shooter. Yeah. I think it's got like a, it kind of got the visuals akin to like Destiny, but then I think it's got humor and I guess the sensibilities of something like Guardians of the Galaxy. Sorry. So 5v5. Greeeeeeezly (45:19) Hmm. So I reckon this guy put it right here, Kat. 10 % character design from Overwatch, 10 % character design from Garen to the Galaxy, sprinkled with a bit of Destiny gameplay. Cappo (45:44) Yeah. Yeah. So it looks pretty interesting. I don't think there was actually any gameplay revealed here. It was pretty much just all cinematic, but it kind of gave you an idea of, I guess, some of the characters and stuff. And I don't know, they're all kind of like, you know, semi edgy kind of bullshit characters. And I didn't find them all that particularly appealing, but you know, nonetheless. Greeeeeeezly (46:06) trying to build some lore and stuff in there, but it's interesting though, Cap, because obviously, I don't know, what do you reckon? It seems to be maybe a, because this is the second game that we've seen in this genre, our last episode a month ago, we also talked about another game that kind of looked quite similar, and just strikes me as being an Overwatch 2 competitor, noting that... Cappo (46:16) Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it's kind of interesting and actually there was some gameplay that was put out and it does look insanely Destiny 2 -ish. Yeah, in a big way. Greeeeeeezly (46:34) Yeah, which is great because the gunplay I think was one of the best things about Destiny Cap. It always felt really nice and does... Cappo (46:39) Absolutely. If they can emulate the Destiny 2 gunplay, I think they're going to be onto a massive winner. I mean, they've even got a character in here called Star Child, which there's a character in, obviously, the galaxy called Star Lord. So, you know, I feel like that's an intermediate nod to that. But yeah, you're right there, Grizz. It's funny though, mate. Like, I feel like, you know, the whole Overwatch, you know, five -by -five competitive shooter had a real Greeeeeeezly (46:53) Heh heh. Mm -hmm, mm -hmm. Cappo (47:07) Renaissance at one point and you know, there was a few companies trying to do it like obviously Tom Clancy's Rambo six came out and stuff like that. Not that that was a, you know, hero shooter, but you know, kind of I feel that was like a, an attempt there to be something similar. There's a couple others that came out. I think lawbreakers was one of them maybe from memory. But then I feel like we've had a bit of a lag. Greeeeeeezly (47:32) Dude, some of them have just, dude, some of them have just come out and then died weeks later as well. What was that, dude, what was that one that was massive for a little bit and everyone was playing and then it just has completely dropped off? Splitgate or whatever, remember that? Remember that Splitgate? Cappo (47:37) instantaneously. Yeah, that was kind of... yeah, I think that was... Was that a bit cooler shooter -ish? I think that was a bit more closer to an arcade shooter though, wasn't it? Greeeeeeezly (47:53) It wasn't, what, yeah, it wasn't a hero shooter, like you say, but still it was a competitive shooter that literally came out for five seconds and then disappeared. Cappo (47:58) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but so we obviously had Concord get announced, but there was another one that got announced recently. There was a 5v5 shooter that I can't quite remember off the top of my head, but I guess what I'm getting at here is that we're kind of hitting this point where suddenly these 5v5 shooters are being announced. It feels like there's been a bit of lag time or maybe developers have seen a bit of a niche open there with Overwatch 2 kind of doing particularly poorly and Blizzard. Greeeeeeezly (48:22) Yeah. Cappo (48:30) not really being able to support that game properly, I guess, realistically, and their fan base is probably for the most part, probably hungry for something reasonable. So, you know, and I mean, this looks pretty cool looking at the gameplay, like the, is it kind of got the whole floaty jumpy stuff and it looks, it looks quite nice as well. So yeah, I mean, it'll live and die on how good the gunplay feels and whether you as a player can have Greeeeeeezly (48:48) Yeah, Destiny has, yeah. Mm -hmm. Cappo (49:00) significant impact on the flow of the game based on the characters you pick and you know how well balanced is it and all the rest of it but you know we'll see what it looks like looks pretty cool so there you go all right so the next one Grizz was they announced that God of War Ragnarok is going to be coming to play at a not PlayStation I mean it's already on PlayStation personal computer my good friend so Greeeeeeezly (49:13) Hell yeah, brother. Yeah. Yeah, obviously we knew this was going to happen eventually, Capo, with the last God of War also coming to PC. But I think the announcement also said that there's a bunch of supporting some other, like different display support and other things. It supports ultra -wide display as well as the Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR and a bunch of other bits and pieces. But I imagine it'll look pretty dang good. on PC. I guess the only thing is cap. Didn't God of War when that first came out on PC, wasn't it pretty much unplayable for a little bit because of the optimization stuff? Cappo (49:56) yeah. I can't quite remember. I know that last of us was horrific. I can't quite remember if God of War was. I think they might have been some maybe a little bit. I don't think it was as bad. I can't quite remember though. Maybe. Regardless, this one will hopefully be fine. You know, touch wood. But there's some big big updates coming Grizz. So it's going to include super ultra wide display support, which I think is great. There's a lot of people who play on super ultra wide monitors these days. They're also going to be launching it alongside the video DLSS AMD FSR and Intel XE SS. Those are your AI kind of supported frame rate, improve us. And it's also going to include the base, sorry, the Valhalla DLC, which I think was free anyway. So, you know, you kind of get the free DLC. Greeeeeeezly (50:53) Dude, I actually didn't know there was a DLC for that. I don't remember that even coming out, but there you go. Yeah. Cappo (50:57) Yeah. So they announced it a while back and they basically made a rogue light, within Ragnarok, which is really cool. So, I believe the whole idea was that you were kind of after the bait, the main game, you could go and do this. And it was, you were going back into, Kratos' memories and stuff and, working your way through there and, you could unlock, you know, rogue light abilities and stuff to Greeeeeeezly (51:03) Whoa. Shit yeah dude. Cappo (51:24) progress through the memories and unlock some of his past and understand better about who he is and all the rest of it. So it sounded really cool. And I had a real fucking good time with that game. And I intend to go back and do that DLC at some point, but I just haven't really had the drive to get back in and start again. Because I really wanted to go and get the platinum, but I just never really quite finished. I was very close though. But yeah, fuck that game is a is a ripper, bloody ripper. Right. Grizz now. The next thing that they announced was, and there was a lot of speculation about this title, but they announced a standalone Astro Bot game, which looks really good in my opinion. So Astro Bot, if you're not aware, Astro Bot was kind of like the, I don't know, it kept like Astro Bot, I think first came out with the PS4 and it was kind of like a, like a tech demo kind of, you know, character kind of showed off thing. Greeeeeeezly (52:02) Yeah Yeah, they always used it to show off the capabilities of the console. So for PS5, it displayed the haptic triggers, and I'm sure PS4 probably vibration, and I don't know, a bunch of other shit that happens. Did they? Cappo (52:26) Yeah. Yeah, and they did it with the PS VR as well. They had like, yeah, you know, they did things like, you know, the little astrobot dude, he go into the PS five and go and look at like the the water cooling waterfalls and like all this other shit, you know, you know, really gamified. It was great. It was a really good way to kind of, I don't know, just kind of fluff up what's going on inside your console. But, but yeah, so they basically announced this Greeeeeeezly (52:48) GPU and yeah, yeah It was pretty cool, dude. Yeah. Yeah Cappo (53:03) Man, it's like a 3D action platformer kind of, you know, akin to something like Super Mario Galaxy, and it looks fucking really good. Greeeeeeezly (53:11) Yeah, yeah. I actually am a big fan of this cap. I think it's great to see a dedicated release because I don't know, playing through the, I actually played through the original on PS5 on stream and it gave me big, I guess like kind of ratchet and clank vibes, almost maybe even Mario 64 slash, I don't know, those recent Mario 3D games, great platforming, great boss fights with some really interesting level mechanics sprinkled throughout. So. Cappo (53:39) Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (53:41) looks like this offering is going to be much the same. But you know what I find funny Cap, I don't know if you saw this post on Twitter, but apparently Astro can transform into other famous characters like Kratos and you can change into Alloy and Nathan Drake and all those first title PS games. Apparently you can change into a Hunter from Bloodborne. And so there was a lot of stuff on Twitter saying how fucking dare they. Cappo (53:58) All your classic IPs, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cheeky cheeky. Yeah. I mean, look, they're always going to do it. They're going to leverage every single one possible. And I mean, this is, I guess, the bloodborne to where people have always wanted at the most part. So, but look, I think ultimately grids like it looks amazing. Like, I think one thing that I have to say about it. So, you know, Greeeeeeezly (54:09) blood -borne remastered but they're gonna they're gonna be releasing a game where you can transform into a yeah into a hunter Cappo (54:37) Astro Bot is this little robot guy and you know, he looks like a little, I don't know, like one of those old, I don't know when, if you can remember when you were a kid, like those little toy robot dogs that were going around maybe like 10, 15 years or maybe not that long ago. Maybe that long ago, maybe a bit older than that, maybe 15 or so years ago. But he looks like one of those little like programmable robot dogs. But everything in the game kind of looks like that as well. Greeeeeeezly (54:48) Heh. Mm -hmm. Cappo (55:06) I don't know how I feel about that being the main aesthetic, but you know, looking past that as being my biggest criticism of all this. I think it looks like a really well polished action platforming game, you know, again, akin to a Super Mario Galaxy. And it looks like they're actually pulling it off, you know, like I feel like there's been a lot of attempts at the indie level to try and get some of that Mario magic going, but not quite. Greeeeeeezly (55:34) Yeah. Cappo (55:35) had the budget or you know, just the expertise to quite get it there. But looking at the the gameplay that's being shot off in this trailer, it looks really promising and really fun. Like, you know, there's a lot of abilities and stuff that you seem to be collecting as you go through the different worlds. And each world seems to have maybe a few kind of PlayStation characters that you're leveraging to give you further abilities and stuff. And the big bosses look really awesome. Again, you know, there's obviously like Greeeeeeezly (55:36) Mm -hmm. It does, yeah. Cappo (56:05) big boss in every sort of major zone. And you kind of, I guess, fighting those, but then, yeah, you just got all these little things that you're doing and kind of running or floating around on your little, you know, spaceship and trying to repair it to go to the next world by the looks of things. And yeah, all the enemies look really unique and there's lots of, well, I say unique, they still got that kind of robot aesthetic, but I guess the, you know, they've all got their own kind of gimmicky kind of stuff going on and there's different ways you approach them and Yeah, it just looks really good and well polished grids. I think that's the big one for me is this looks like a, I mean, if you just slapped fucking Mario sprites on everything, this, this could be a Mario. Greeeeeeezly (56:44) Could be, I guess, yeah. And it's interesting thinking about this on another level, Kat. I guess what sells Mario for Mario is those years upon years upon years of developing those characters and the voice acting and everything else that goes into that. So the gameplay can be amazing. I mean, I look at, I guess, it's a similar thing. I guess Ratchet and Clank maybe might be a good example of something that's... been a competitor but yeah it looks wicked mate and the boss fights look pretty interesting too have you seen some of the some of the little very very Mario -esque I would say Cappo (57:18) Yeah. Yeah. The big bosses and you know, on the platform and you kind of try and dodge stuff and use your special abilities to, you know, kind of knock them out whatnot. But yeah, I think, this is a really intelligent use of like PlayStation IP. And again, like I said, you know, they're, they really seem to be pulling off the, you know, the Mario kind of 3d platformer. and I think the, you know, cause like you were saying before is like, you know, it's been attempts to try and do the Greeeeeeezly (57:28) Give them the clamps. Hmm. Cappo (57:47) the action platformer well, but they either fall down maybe because the IP is not as beloved. Like I mean, I love the whole Russian clank thing, but it's not really quite, it's not Mario, right? Whereas with this, I think it's kind of got that Super Smash Brothers feeling to it where you're finding these characters, you know, ⁓ shit, you know, we got freaking snake or whoever else is in there. Greeeeeeezly (57:53) Yeah. Yeah. Well, maybe that'll help sell it a bit, Cap, you know, when you're finding those beloved PlayStation characters as you explore throughout. For sure. Cappo (58:09) Yeah. Yeah, well, exactly. Like, like you said, like, you know, you got all these beloved characters that you're coming across and yeah, and I guess what effect they have on the wider game with the abilities that you're able to lend from them. I mean, you see Astro Bot trying to pick up Kratos' Axe and stuff, you know, so obviously you're going to be using these Axe potentially. And yeah, I think there was even Shadow of the Colossus. You can see the character out of that. So what's that going to mean as well? I mean, yeah, it looks really, really good. I mean, Greeeeeeezly (58:40) day Cappo (58:45) You know, it looks like a lot of fun. Like I think this is going to be a really, really fun game. I'm actually really looking forward to get stuck into it. Comes on the 6th of September, Grizz, this year. Come and see. So there you go. All right, Grizz, the other thing that was shown off here was the next Monster Hunter game. So this is called Monster Hunter Wilds. It seems like it's the next step after Monster Hunter Worlds, which was kind of the first attempt at like, I guess, kind of Greeeeeeezly (58:52) 6th of September, okay. Fantastic, mate. Not far away. Yeah, nice. Cappo (59:14) I would say like the massively multiplayer style of Monster Hunter and being a little bit more accessible and open. Because I mean, the Monster Hunter games have always traditionally been quite, I don't know, they kind of got that Dark Souls cumbersome UI kind of thing going on. And, you know, it could be a little bit hard to navigate whatnot. But I think they kind of slowly trying to open up the Monster Hunter series. Greeeeeeezly (59:31) Yes. I think, I think they did a good, you know what, for me Cap, Monster Hunter World was the first Monster Hunter game that I ever played. That game sold 19 million copies, hugely successful, brought a lot of people to that franchise, including myself. I mean, look, the game isn't for me, but I will say that I think from what we can see, this seems to be delivering to that fan base. Once again, see things like, you know, slaying and trapping large monsters across these various Cappo (59:44) Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:00:07) beautiful landscapes, seems to be questing items and classes and all the things that was fantastic about Monster Hunter World, but still has a pretty active player base. I just hope Cap that they have the cats that cook your sushi. If they don't have the cats that cook your dinner, mate, yeah, Palicos. If they don't have that, mate, it's not gonna be 19 million copies sold. Are they? Okay, fuck, yeah. Cappo (1:00:24) Palicos? Yeah. Yeah, well, they're in the trailer, right? So I'm sure they'll be in there. Yeah, I mean, that that is part of the Monster Hunter brand. Like, I feel like they can't do a game without it these days. So I'd be very surprised. But I mean, so I mean, let's talk about what looks new. You know, there's obviously a bunch of new monsters and stuff, Grizz. And, you know, I think there's a lot of new weapons and whatnot. So I mean, you know, your standard new things for a Monster Hunter game, but Greeeeeeezly (1:00:38) Rock. Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:00:52) They're kind of going in on this, you know, your mount, like you've got this little kind of like ferret -y fox looking mount thing that you can use to get in and out of battle. It kind of looks a bit like a bird -like kind of velociraptor thing. And that kind of helps you, you know, get in and out of battle and kind of gives you a bit more agility, which looks really cool. And yeah, I think it looks rad. It looks really, looks really good. It looks like a Monster Hunter game. So... Greeeeeeezly (1:01:02) dang. Cappo (1:01:20) temp your expectations if it's not kind of your game. Like you said, Grizz, I think, you know, it's still at its base, a monster hunter game, but it looks like they're pushing the story a little bit harder this time. There's like some more voice acted cutscenes and whatnot. So yeah, they obviously made a lot of money off this game and they're off the previous games and they're trying to put it back into, you know, these, these titles. So yes, it looks good. Greeeeeeezly (1:01:28) Yeah. I'd love to know what the active player base on Monster Hunter world, maybe while we're in the next story, I'll have a quick look at that. But yeah, for me, Cap, look, the game was great when I picked it up and I really enjoyed it playing with friends, going out and hunting monsters. The bits that I didn't like about it, I felt the progression was just a little bit too slow and grindy for me around a particular monster parts and other bits and pieces. And I wasn't quite getting enough dopamine hit to keep me playing the game. But look, I think if you are a Monster Hunter lover, this looks... to be in the same wheelhouse as the last one and should be giving you what you want. Cappo (1:02:14) Yeah. I think you're going to be eating well. Also the environments look pretty cool. They're kind of doing this whole desert thing and it seems like there's maybe kind of, you know, underground areas of the desert. It get pulled into with quicksand and yeah, I think the whole, I think a lot of what was fun about monster Hunter was the unpredictability of where the fight could take place, and where the fight could progress to as well. and it seems like that's really pushing that into different areas that will, you know, just make things look. feel, I look and feel like kind of crazy. So they're big sandstorms and, you know, underground like caverns and stuff that you get pulled into. So it'd be cool. It looks cool. Greeeeeeezly (1:02:51) So I tell you what Cap, just looking at the player numbers here mate, so Monster Hunter World released 2019 and on release it copped a lot of players, I won't talk about that, but it seemed to decline to about 35 to 50 ,000 players per day and right now it's peaking around 100 ,000 players per day, so, foray. Cappo (1:03:11) I mean, that's still a pretty significant amount of people playing the game, right? Like, you know, and I mean, they had the frozen wilds DLC that came out. So there's a fair bit of content in there, I suppose. But yeah, I mean, man, like 100k active players, like that's fricking pretty good. Greeeeeeezly (1:03:22) Hmm. Yeah, for a 2019 game, that's not bad. Cappo (1:03:30) Absolutely, you probably expect to see a bit more of a drop off from that. But especially considering there's been two or three different Monster Hunter games that have come out since since worlds like they've had. God, I can't even think. Yeah, they've had other Monster Hunter games. I think they've been kind of console facing games, whereas world was kind of a bit more multi platform kind of whatever that. But yeah, they've had a had a couple of at least two other Greeeeeeezly (1:03:43) I have that. Right. It is. yeah. Cappo (1:03:58) games that came, Rise was one of them, I can't think of the other one. But yeah, so there you go. Negris, those were kind of the big announcements, I guess. Also, Monster Hunter Worlds coming out in 2025, open world, follow up to Monster Hunter World. Anyways, so there's a bunch of other stuff that they announced as well, we're not gonna go too deep on this. We knew that Silent Hill 2 remake was coming out, they gave us the date for that, that's coming out in... Greeeeeeezly (1:04:12) Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:04:26) the 8th of October is a cheeky little spooky new trailer. You can go and check that out and show you some of the scenes from the original game in the new remake engine. They also announced a new mainline entry to the Dynasty Warriors games called Dynasty Warrior Origins. I couldn't give a fuck about these games. I think they're kind of boring, but but look, it's there. The next game is coming out on PS5 in 2025. Also coming to Windows PC at Xbox Series X. Greeeeeeezly (1:04:45) Yeah. Cappo (1:04:57) Now, they also announced the Path of Exile 2's coming to PS5. I don't know how big a deal that is. Is Path of Exile 1 on PS5, Chris? Do you know? Greeeeeeezly (1:05:06) I believe it. I don't know what it was going to be but I don't know. Might need to have a look. Potentially. Potentially is. Cappo (1:05:13) Yeah, I would have thought it's out there. So yeah. anyways, I just kind of assumed that was going to be the case anyway, but, I'm sure it's probably big news for the console players. So I'm sure they're pretty keen. Looks like early access, early access to path of exile two on PS five is coming out this fall. So what's that for us? Is that, that would be spring, I guess. So kind of what's, what's spring for us kind of September. Ish. Greeeeeeezly (1:05:44) like opposite seasons between us and them right so Cappo (1:05:47) Yeah. Yeah. So fall would be spring and obviously winter is summer, you know, vice versa. So, yeah. So upside down land. yeah. So there you go. They also announced there's going to be an until dawn remaster that's coming in, this fall as well. So spring for Australians. they also showed some more game play, for the, it says Greeeeeeezly (1:05:52) Mm -hmm. Yep, and we're upside down. we can't. Yep. Cappo (1:06:15) Wuxia style. I don't even know what the fuck. What does Wuxia mean? Is a genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists in ancient China. Yeah, looks pretty cool. Anyways, there's a open world action RPG called Where Winds Meet. Now you probably remember if you saw the trailer, but it's, you know, highly stylized, a little bit kind of Greeeeeeezly (1:06:26) Hell yeah, brother! Cappo (1:06:43) anime -ish but heavily influenced by Chinese mythology and ancient mythology and whatnot. So it looks quite cool. It's got a bit of a neo kind of vibe to it, but maybe a little less, I don't know, loot -y, loot -driven, I guess. So it could be really cool. The boss battles look pretty nuts. So go and check that out. Definitely looks like it's got a bit of souls. Greeeeeeezly (1:06:44) Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:07:12) I'm in it Anyways outside of that there's a bunch of other shit in here They know one of the one other things coming out is the alien rogue incursion of VR a PlayStation VR to thing coming out And they've also got another thing called behemoth, which is a VR to think anyway So there's a bunch of other shit fucking boring you won't go and check it out You know, I just pull this off polygon. So, you know, you don't find it Greeeeeeezly (1:07:36) So, Cap, there's one that I wanted to pull out that you haven't spoken about yet. It could either be really good or really shit. The Ballads of Antara looks interesting. So this is touted as an ambitious... This is my watch one for the show. Yep. It's about Ballads of Antara. It is touted as an ambitious souls -like in a faraway land on the verge of being lost to conflict by the invasion of some crazy creatures and looks very... Cappo (1:07:42) Yeah. Okay, talk to me about it. Is this your pick of the show? Greeeeeeezly (1:08:06) mystical, a little bit more maybe cartoony slash, I don't know, almost like Final Fantasy -ish kind of. Combat looks okay, Cap. I think it could go either way, but the bosses and the enemy design that you see look pretty cool. So, I don't know. I think it either could be really good, Cap, or it could be really shit, but I think it's probably one to just keep your eyes on and see how that... Cappo (1:08:11) yeah, whatcha doin' now? Yeah. yet yesterday at now does look pretty right Greeeeeeezly (1:08:35) kind of develops as we see bits and pieces. We do see gameplay though, which makes me think that that's always a good sign when they are free to show some gameplay. So. Cappo (1:08:38) Yeah Yeah, I've just seen that there's like the main character or something has like his brother or something on his back and I don't know. I can't do games like that. It just makes me too fucking sad if something happens to one or the other. I just can't fucking do it. So I probably won't play this one. Greeeeeeezly (1:08:52) Ha! Okay, the other one I wanted to talk about Cap, not in a good way, but did you watch the trailer for the alien rogue incursion? Cappo (1:09:07) No, do I need to? Is it fucking bad? Greeeeeeezly (1:09:08) Dude, I reckon it's 15 FPS, if not less. It is, the frame rate is so bad in that trailer. It's like... It's... Cappo (1:09:12) Really? I'm watching it now. What the fuck? I don't know if whether that's a stylistic thing or whether it's like, yeah, it does not look good. I hope it's a stylistic thing. Like it's supposed to be like, you know, like a, you know, video recorded footage or some something. But yeah, I don't know. It does. Yeah, it is pretty low frame rate. Not not not too good. Not too good. But yeah, so your pick of the pick of the thing is that was that potentially that Greeeeeeezly (1:09:24) Bye, baby. A bit hectic. Yeah. Pretty low framerate. Not too good. Ballads of Antara, yep. Because look, there's nothing else in there that really excites me. I'm not gonna play Monster Hunter Wilds. I've already got God of War Ragnarok on the PS5 that I'm gonna play. Concord looks all right, but I don't remember to play a first person shooter competitive game. So I'm gonna pick something that just kind of looks interesting in there. What about you, mate? What's your pick of the lot? Cappo (1:09:46) Yeah, nice one. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. I am quite excited for Astro Bot. I really think that's going to be a banger. Yeah. I'm really excited for, I don't know, man. I just, I really loved the Mario Galaxy and I loved Odyssey. and I'm, I mean, I'm really interested to see another developer take that reign and, and really try and, push that and maybe give Mario a bit of run for his money. Like I'm, I'm just really excited to see what this looks like. Yeah. So. Greeeeeeezly (1:10:10) Are you? OK. True. Does look good. Yeah. Cappo (1:10:32) and, and it's coming soon, like September 6th. That's not far off. So pretty rad. So, so there you go. All right. That was, the PlayStation state of play. Now the next thing we had Gris was, the, the summer games fest and, it was, it was a bit fucking boring. Greeeeeeezly (1:10:36) Nice. Cool. Yep. Jeff Keely. He knew it was shit too though. So he always puts a poll up on his Twitter after these to say, Hey, how was it? And what did it, did it get bad? It got bad votes. Didn't it? Cappo (1:10:53) Yeah. How was it? How'd we go? Yeah. Yeah, it was not great. I think 65 % of Keely's own Twitter followers gave it a C or D grade in the poll. Greeeeeeezly (1:11:08) Yeah, that's right. Yeah. And he responded that to saying, yeah, true. It was a bit of a light year, but that's, I don't know. Is that an excuse, Cap? Like... Cappo (1:11:17) I do know what I think I think Keeley just see this is the thing I think I think he goes really hard on the game awards and the game awards works really well because people are willing to give their games a bit of screen time then and there because it's a bit of a spectacle you know people are really excited to see who wins game of the year at that particular award and stuff so I think it's a good time to put things on display and a lot of people probably and developers put their product Greeeeeeezly (1:11:23) Mm. Yeah. Cappo (1:11:45) there because that's, you know, the place to be. Whereas, I don't know, man, there's a lot of, there's a lot of other game showcases happening at this exact time of the year. I mean, we literally had an Intent to direct with PlayStation state of play, we had an Xbox that have played Devolver Digital had theirs like, who's putting their games first on this stage? No one. Greeeeeeezly (1:12:02) Yeah. Well, we've been talking about this for a while now, Cap, that in -person events, it feels like E3's gone. Maybe not a thing of the past, but definitely people are doing their own showcases. Do you even need a Summer Game Fest, Cap? People seem to be just managing their own releases by these... Cappo (1:12:22) I don't think so, honestly. I mean, maybe like maybe for some of the smaller indie developers, but I think it's just a bit of a moneymaker for Keely. And I mean, look, sure, you know, hats off to you. You put together something that makes you a fair bit of coin and, and yeah, I don't know. It just, yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:12:31) Well. Well let's talk about the cost here Cap. Apparently the costs to have a trailer on the big stage at the Summer Game Fest. $250 ,000 USD for one minute, $550 ,000 USD for two and a half minutes. That's quite a few spondoolays mate. Cappo (1:12:52) It is a lot. So conversions, Grizz. What was it? 250k USD is 375 ,000 Australian dollars or 550 ,000 USD is 824 ,000 Australian dollars. That's the thing. No Indy is going to be able to pay that. No one for a minute, two and a half minutes. No one's going to pay that. It's ridiculous. So, and I mean, what, what Greeeeeeezly (1:12:59) Yeah, US, yeah. Hmm. Yeah, yeah, they're not. Cappo (1:13:18) AAA developer these days, you know, a lot of developers in general, realistically, you know, it's a cost of living crisis. A lot of people are tightening their belts. Who looks at those price tags and goes, let's fucking do that. That's a fucking gravity. Instead of just putting it out on YouTube themselves or making their own kind of place, you know, it's, it's insane. Greeeeeeezly (1:13:23) Hmm. Yeah. Yep. And the way that, you know, I actually kind of see this alongside of, of the advancement in, in discovery across our social platforms. I mean, you look how much Twitch has changed, for example, and YouTube and TikTok and reels and everything else. It's much easier to get media across to people via a digital platform, easier than it ever, ever has been ever. So kind of, kind of Cappo (1:13:57) Yeah. Yeah. I think if you've got a good product, it will pull like gamers want good product, right? And I think it will naturally like proliferate through channels. If, if, if that's the case, you know, if you've got a shit product, of course people are not going to be interested. And maybe you need to spend fucking a million dollars to try and get people interested in your shit game. But, you know, I mean, ultimately, I don't think you have to spend that kind of money. And obviously AAA developers just not. Greeeeeeezly (1:14:14) Mm. Yeah. Cappo (1:14:28) because you know, they're doing their own game showcases, like you said, but then yeah, like Airy J and Chats noting that, you know, some of these, these, these amounts are, that's a, that's a full budget for a two to three person studio, right? Like Airy J said, and that's 100 % true. You know, who had like, who wants to actually spend that? And I guess, are you going to get your money's worth? Probably not. A lot of these things that are being announced on the show on that show, like they're probably already been announced or Greeeeeeezly (1:14:41) Mm -hmm. Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:14:58) know, I don't know if you're going to get quite and especially if you're then getting on Twitter, you know, people saying that the, you know, the, the show was a C or a D. Do you really want to be on a show that's got a C or a D rating? Don't know. Greeeeeeezly (1:15:09) No, I mean, when you look at the games we're about to talk about, Cap, there's nothing on there that's like, wow, this is amazing. There's no Hollow Knight sequel. There's no, there's nothing like that really. Yeah. Cappo (1:15:16) my god! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now, this is obviously bias. Maybe we don't like the games as much as someone else does, but let's start from the top. There's another Lego game coming, Grizz, but it's not the game you expected. It's not Batman. It's not fucking Superman or something else. We're apparently getting a Lego Horizon Adventures game, which sounds bonkers, but when you see the trailer, I kind of get it. Greeeeeeezly (1:15:26) It's true. Yeah. Ha ha ha. Yeah. Dude, apparently I haven't played one yet, Cap, but my brother's kids have played them. Apparently those Lego games are fucking really well made. Cappo (1:15:56) Yeah, no, they're they're they're great. And I think normally like the Star Wars Lego games are goat games, they're rippers. And I think in a lot of ways, this almost will probably work better than the original horizon games, I think, because I don't know, like, there's something about the horizon games that just, I really like what they're trying to do. But I feel like they just kind of miss the mark. And it just feels a bit Greeeeeeezly (1:16:13) no! Dude, you reckon? Okay. Cappo (1:16:26) plasticine if that makes sense like it doesn't feel like it's kind of all there to kind of feel organic and natural. It just you can kind of see the RPG edges a bit too often. And I just kind of lose my interest with the those base games. But there's things about this and I guess just the whole Lego kind of thing and you know, you're trying to set setting traps for these Lego monsters and you're breaking pieces off the Lego monsters and it just looks really freaking cool. I really like the look of it actually. Greeeeeeezly (1:16:55) Kev, apparently Ashley Birch is doing the Alloy voice acting in this still. Yeah, who is the voice actor of Alloy from the Horizon Caves. So that's cool, isn't it? Cappo (1:17:01) that's pretty cool. That's great. Yeah, but yeah, they basically just looks like a Lego game in the style of Horizon doing a lot of the similar stuff and guess there's a lot of gags and whatnot. I mean, Aloy literally throws a sandwich in the mouth of a dinosaur at one point in the trailer. So, you know, you kind of get an idea of the tongue and cheek kind of thing going on. But yeah, looks cool. Go on, check it out. Now, next on the list, Grizz, we got a teaser. Greeeeeeezly (1:17:33) Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:17:36) for Sid Meier's Civilization 7. No gameplay, no nothing. It was just a, hey, it's coming. Here's a bunch of figurines that imply historical things and whatever else. Greeeeeeezly (1:17:40) Okay. Yep. I think this is almost the announcement of the show, Cap. These games are pretty dang popular. Although I will say, Cap, I feel like people play more Civ 5 than 6. That be accurate? Cappo (1:18:01) I don't know. I don't play strap games at all. So I anytime anyone talks about civilization, I pretty much tune out because yeah, we probably should give it a crack. But also I hear it takes ages to play like, you know, you got to wait for old mate to have his turn. And then like someone, someone's like, all right, my turn. And then they sit in there fucking around trying to figure out what they're going to do. And it's like, well, I'll just go and Greeeeeeezly (1:18:11) Yeah, maybe we should try it out, dude. Apparently it's really great. Yeah. You Cappo (1:18:28) I don't know, make dinner or something, I'll come back and then maybe it's my turn eventually. I don't know, that sounds like shit. Greeeeeeezly (1:18:34) Yeah, it's like a real strategy game. I actually think it's definitely a game for nerds. Real fucking smart nerds cap. So maybe that's not me. Yeah. Cappo (1:18:36) It sounds fucking boring. Yeah. Yeah. Look, yeah, it's definitely not for me. I'm not a smart nerd. But I'm a nerd. I just don't find this particularly engrossing. Unfortunately, strike games had never really interested me even real time strategy stuff. I really haven't kind of gone towards them. The only thing I've really played to great depth when that kind of area is is World of Warcraft is Warcraft three. So Greeeeeeezly (1:18:51) Hmm. So, so Cap, anyway, it is coming 2025, Cap. The game will be launched on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Cappo (1:19:21) Yeah. Why? switch. Okay. Interesting. Interesting. Well, 2025 that makes me think that maybe we're getting a switch to announcement soon because I can't imagine Civ seven running too well on the switch. Right. So it's going to have to be on a new console. So surely, surely. Anyways, we'll see. Watch this space. Gris, the next thing that was announced was a game called Asgard's Wrath 2. Now, Greeeeeeezly (1:19:24) Apparently. And switch. Yeah. No, maybe not, no. Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:19:50) people probably thinking, what the fuck is that? Asgard's Wrath is what was touted as one of the best fantasy RPG VR games of all time. If not the best. It comes for free on the MetaQuest 2, and now Asgard's Wrath 2 comes out with MetaQuest 3 for free. And apparently it's a really solid RPG game in a VR space, so... worth a bit of a check out. It's kind of got the whole Egyptian God thing going on. And yeah, if you buy a buy a meta quest to you'll get it for free. But yeah, it looks pretty cool. You know, this is a sort of VRE. But I think it's like the the quality of the RPG in the game. You know, a lot of I feel like a lot of RPG games you look at. VR games in general, I guess. you look at them and you think, God, man, that looks pretty rough. But yeah, it looks like it's pretty well put together. Greeeeeeezly (1:20:44) Mm. It does look a bit rough, but yeah, I think you might be right in that respect. It'd be different once you get the headset on, doing the thing and stuff. Cappo (1:20:55) Yeah, exactly. Right. Once the headsets on, you know, the fidelity drops a little bit to ensure that run smoothly. but also I think it's, it's quite well put together that original game. So I think a lot of people are pretty keen on this one as well. And I don't know if I ever get a meta quest, I reckon I'll give it a crack as well. There you go. all right, Grizz. And the one that was announced at this same, show was a game called tears of metal. Now I thought this looked fucking sick. Greeeeeeezly (1:21:11) Give it a whirl. Yes. Cappo (1:21:25) It is, you play as this Scottish warrior who is just, you're in, I think it's like a rogue light, kind of hack and slash, kind of third person over the. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:21:28) Hmm. Here we go, cat. I got it. It is a Scottish dynasty warriors with a slash of rogue -like metal music with the darkest dungeon aesthetic. What do you reckon? It's... Cappo (1:21:48) Yeah, that's literally what it is. And I did shit talk to a dynasty warriors earlier, but I would play this. It's something about it. It's fucking weird. And the main character is just something about it, but I feel like he looks like my granddad or something like he I'm fucking I'm all for it. So my heritage is tingling here. I need to I need to give it sort of crack. So Greeeeeeezly (1:21:56) It's such a bizarre combination dude, but you playing some bagpipes, Cap, and you see him entering those big, genusity warrior -like battles and Braveheart kind of screams and doing their things. It does look pretty cool, Cap. There's a lot of positive comments on the YouTube video of this. People actually legitimately look pretty excited, but it is co -op, Cap, which kind of gets me excited. And I also really like that it is a rogue -like as well. So obviously you make those little decisions as you play through the game to make your build. Cappo (1:22:15) Yeah. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:22:40) kind of make your place stronger and then also at the same time if you die you start again with some small little upgrades so I like it. It looks cool, it's interesting, Cap. Could be good. Cappo (1:22:54) Yeah. Yep. No, I like it. I like the look of it. Now the final kind of main thing that came out of this show Grizz was a game called Phantom Blade Zero. Now, it was interesting that this wasn't shown at the state of play because well, I guess maybe state of play was for newer games, but they had spoken about Phantom Blade Zero at a previous state of play. But this was a gameplay trailer for a upcoming kind of Greeeeeeezly (1:23:05) Hmm. Cappo (1:23:21) hack and slashy soulsborne style game. It's kind of set in like a kind of post, it's almost like a post apocalyptic Japan kind of thing going on with like cyber ninja kind of shit. But it's it's very, it's a bit closer to, I guess, like the dynasty. Greeeeeeezly (1:23:33) Mmm. It kind of reminds me of God of War with like a almost Sekiro aesthetic cap kind of a little bit. Cappo (1:23:50) Yeah, yeah, but things are like, there's a little bit of technology sort of splattered around. So yeah, it looks pretty actually looks pretty cool. I think Greeeeeeezly (1:23:55) Yeah. Yep. I actually quite like the story sitting behind this one, Kat. I'll just quickly read this out to you here. So you play as Phantom Blade Zero. You play as a soul, an elite assassin serving an elusive but powerful organization. After being gravely injured, he was brought back to health by a mysterious healer. In effect, this curse that only lasts for 66 days, meaning he's only got limited time to seek revenge on his enemies. So you've got a bit of a time. time criticality here, 66 days to go, go wreck people. Cappo (1:24:36) Yeah, that does sound pretty fucking rad, to be honest. So yeah, no, it looks cool. Interest to see, I guess, some more and see what how it, I don't know how it gets critiqued and see whether it's worth my time. But yeah, that's coming in TBC. Not sure yet. But they're showing it in September at other game shows. Greeeeeeezly (1:24:38) Pretty rad, isn't it? Yep. Hmm. Lots of gameplay in that trailer as well, which I think is generally a pretty good sign for games like this that you can kind of see a little bit around how the game's actually going to play. So it took me by surprise this one a little bit. I think it could be pretty fun. Cappo (1:25:05) that it's coming up soon. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. A hundred percent. Looks very rad. Yeah. So Grizz, those were kind of the main, I guess, titles that were shown. There was a bunch of other stuff. I'm just going to quickly kind of scoot through some of these. There was a zombie game called No More Room for Hell 2. There was a Quidditch game from Harry Potter coming out. They released some Star Wars Outlaws stuff. Bunch of little indie games that did show some information on Greeeeeeezly (1:25:23) Mm -hmm. in a year. Cappo (1:25:44) Black Myth Wukong, which releases on the 20th of August. I think it was like a pre -orders are open now kind of trailer and a bit of cinematic stuff going on. There was also a trailer for a game that people are getting pretty jazzed about called once human. Don't know an awful lot about that one, but I think people are pretty keen on it. Some more Warhammer Space Marine 2 stuff, bit of Street Fighter 6 DLC shit. Yeah, I mean, look, there's a bunch of other shit in here. I'm not going to even fucking bother with, but yeah, basically there's a bunch of smattering of stuff. One other thing that was in there gris though was, the cinematic trailer for June awakening. so that's that kind of open world kind of MMO style survival game. and the more I hear about that game, the more I think, fuck, that sounds fucking sick. There's some pretty cool shit. There was some. Greeeeeeezly (1:26:24) yeah. Mmm. Cappo (1:26:39) There was some behind closed doors, kind of, I don't know, preview stuff. And they were allowed to talk about what they saw. And what they were saying was basically this game takes place in like an alternate universe where the events of the movie don't happen and instead this happens. And so one of the kind of gimmicks of the game is that you can either become part of House of Traitors or part of, you know, the Harkonnen kind of guys. So. good or the bad guys kind of thing. And then the whole idea is that you're going and making like kind of, you can build stuff out in the game, kind of like, you know, your classic survival stuff, but you can build stuff and then turn it into blueprints. So you might go and build a special little shelter or something. You maybe come up with this great idea for a shelter. So you can build the blueprint, but then you can sell the blueprint on the marketplace to people. Greeeeeeezly (1:27:29) Hmm. dude, that is cool. Yeah, how good is that? Cappo (1:27:35) Which I think is fucking cool as hell. That's a, I think it's really freaking cool. another really cool thing that they've got going on is the whole game revolves around spice. So, you know, you're, you're, you're trying to find more spice to improve the abilities that you can utilize in the game, to, you know, give you access to different, materials and stuff and all that kind of shit. so it's really important. It's like a fuel. It does, it does lots of different things. all of the spice competitive stuff. So you're kind of fighting for spice with other players and stuff. Now, there's this big kind of sandstorm happening in the center of the map where you go into and you try and set up four bases to get access to more spice. And you can use your blueprints to kind of put, you know, structures and stuff into. the sandstorm to try and get like forward bases and stuff, but every at the end of every week, the sandstorm wipes everything clean, you've got to start all over again to get more spice. And it's really fucking cool. Yeah, so it's kind of got that kind of, like kind of extraction thing going on, but not quite. But also like your character can get addicted to spice and shit. And like, as you use more spice, you need more spice like your character does. So Greeeeeeezly (1:28:32) Mmm. shit, yeah. There's a bit of risk reward action there. That's cool. Mmm. Yeah. Cappo (1:28:56) It's, it's kind of cool. Like the whole risk reward thing really amplified it. Like more I hear about this game, I think just, fuck, this sounds unbelievable. Greeeeeeezly (1:29:04) Cap, wasn't there a Space Marines 2 tickle here as well somewhere? Cappo (1:29:10) there was, but I think it was mostly the same stuff that we'd already seen. maybe some rehashed shit. So, Greeeeeeezly (1:29:15) Yeah, okay. We also got a cinematic trailer from the Black Myth Wukong as well, which added a little bit more hype, I thought, Cap. They're also offering a pre -order for that as well. You can pick up. We've been talking about this game for a little while now, but... Do we know release date of that? Yeah, August 20 is coming, so that's not far away. Pretty close, yeah. So trying to build a bit of hype up there, but I think that's from the showcase, Cap. I think... Cappo (1:29:36) Yeah, it's pretty close. Pretty bloody close. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:29:45) for me, obviously we already know this game is here and coming, but great to see another cinematic trailer come from that. And the other one that I haven't talked about yet, Cap, is this new skate game coming out. It is Skate 4, I believe. We saw a gameplay trailer as well. And I think the skate games were always in the heels of the Tony Hawk games. They're always a little bit behind the eight ball in terms of popularity, but... Cappo (1:29:50) Yeah. Couldn't quite meet it. Greeeeeeezly (1:30:13) Yeah, couldn't quite meet it, but I do feel like the multiplayer aspects of the skate games have always been better. And I'm hoping this looks pretty great. This big open skate areas where you can skate with your mates and almost like an open worldish kind of skate games that seem pretty fun. So it isn't a yay game, but yeah, we'll see. It could be interesting. Apparently we're going to see that fall 2024. When the hell is fall 2024? Cappo (1:30:32) Yeah. I think it's spring, so I'd say around about September -ish. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, nice. Well, I think for me, Grizz, pick of the stuff, probably, I mean, not the trailer was anything special, but the just more of here about June Awakening just makes me go fuck and I need to play that game. Yeah. And then, I mean, Tears of Metal looked really cool. That kind of Scottish metal roguelite thing going on. Greeeeeeezly (1:30:44) Okay. Yep. Same time. Hmm. Yeah. Looks cool. It did actually look cool. Yeah. Cappo (1:31:11) and I mean, I'm actually kind of, I think Lego horizon adventures actually looks pretty sick. Yeah. I actually got a lot of look of it. So yeah, those are my picks for summer games first. So there you go. All right, Chris next showcase. We had the Xbox games showcase on the 9th of June, and there was some fucking shit that came out of there, Chris. so let's just kind of start at the top. Firstly, we had. Greeeeeeezly (1:31:18) You reckon that's gonna be nice, man? Cappo (1:31:40) Call of duty black ops six. So they announced the formula announced that that's coming out. It's kind of, they've got, George Bush, what is a Bush senior? I think this is like cold war. Yeah. It's a cold war. S shit going on. Greeeeeeezly (1:31:49) Mm -hmm. It's... Yeah, definitely looks like him. Yeah. Set, apparently it's set in the year of the Gulf War, Kappa. I don't know if that means anything to people, but yeah. Me either, no. Cappo (1:32:01) of the golf wall, okay. I don't know, fuck all about wars. So, but it looks like there's a lot of kind of like FBI shit going on and, you know, it looks, it's got a little bit, kind of like oceans 11 kind of stuff going on, but then also, you know, mixed in with the, you know, big kind of global conspiracy kind of shit that have, have, I guess the black ops games have been known for. and then there's some weird shit going on with like crash test dummies, like picking you up and. Greeeeeeezly (1:32:13) Mm -hmm. Yeah. Cappo (1:32:35) choking you so I don't know whether that's a... Greeeeeeezly (1:32:36) So this will be a new campaign, right? That's what these Black Ops new games are. It's a kind of playable campaign. Cappo (1:32:42) Yep. Yeah. And the previous Call of Duty game was heavily criticized for its shitty campaign. So I think they've gone pretty hard on this one. And it looks pretty cool. So yeah, I guess go and check that one out. Looks pretty rad. But yeah, I mean, it's a Call of Duty game, you know, so expect the expected, I guess. That's coming out on the 28th, 25th of October. on PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC and all the rest of it. It's also coming to Game Pass on launch day, which is kind of wild in my opinion. So... Greeeeeeezly (1:33:18) Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Wow. That means it's going to be shit or what? Cappo (1:33:23) I don't know. I just think, I just don't think it's sustainable. I can't keep putting these games out for free on fucking Xbox game pass. Cause you know, people are just going to spend, you know, 15 bucks for the month and then just drop it and not play it again. So I don't know. I feel like they're losing out money, but Hey, I'm not a, I'm not a businessman. but they're negros. The next thing that they announced was what was, hyped and leaked before the showcase. And it was doom the dark ages. So. Greeeeeeezly (1:33:52) Yep. We talked about this actually a month ago on the last episode cap, didn't we? Cappo (1:33:57) We did indeed. Now, I guess it's kind of doom as we know it, the Newwood style doom. You know, the heaving kind of metal songs and like, you know, just, yeah, just, you know, Greeeeeeezly (1:34:04) Mm -hmm. And the pace and fuck it. Even the demons and stuff. The enemies actually look reasonably similar, right? Like the guys that we see. Yep. Cappo (1:34:17) Yeah. Yep. So I mean, kind of your classic doom mobs and stuff, but the aesthetic is very, it's a little bit different. It's still kind of got that kind of technological thing going on, but it leans quite heavily into, I guess, like medieval kind of, yeah, the medieval battle. Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:34:27) Yeah. It does, dude. We see Doomguy in armour with like shoulder pads and spikes and stuff and at one point he's wielding a ball and chain. I don't know if you saw that and he's like swinging it around his head and Cappo (1:34:45) Yeah, yeah, it looks really rad. I actually really prefer this aesthetic to the kind of I've always found the more recent ones to be games to be quite vibrant. And this looks a bit more grim and dark. And yeah, it looks pretty sick. Like some of the weapons are just ridiculous. Like, there's literally a gun where it's just crushing skulls and shooting out the skull fragments out at an enemies and then there's a big Greeeeeeezly (1:34:57) Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:35:13) Like kind of big flail and you've got a shield that you can use to block bullets and stuff and yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:35:18) And the shield seems to be the new version of the chainsaw because at some point he like pulls this thing and there's like these fucking sharp things that are going flying around the outside of the shield and cutting people in half with his crazy shield chainsaw. So, it looks cool. But he still has the shotgun cap. That's one thing that I noticed, which the old Doom shotgun in medieval times. Yeah. Cappo (1:35:32) Yeah. It looks really cool. He still has a shotgun. Can't forget the shotgun, baby. but yeah, just looks like, so I'm about to sneeze. This looks like more, probably going to do it again in a second. more doom. That's me. There it was. I'm quick. I'm quick. more doom, demon hunting, fucking annihilation fun. And, yeah, the doom guy looks really cool. He's got this big kind of like third cloak and. Greeeeeeezly (1:35:48) Bless you. Bless you. Mate, good muting, cat. Fuck, that's clever, mate. Look at that. Yeah. Cappo (1:36:11) It looks like a fricking bad ass plus the music man. It looks, it looks good. So yeah, go and check that out. Now next on the list here Grizz. we had a trailer for now. I didn't put this in the run sheet, but, I kind of just thought I'd bring it up anyway. they revealed the dragon age, the veil guard video trailer. Now this was a cinematic trailer. no, this is a brand new game. Greeeeeeezly (1:36:16) It does. It's very good. Mm -hmm. Ooh, what? DLC? Is it? right. Cappo (1:36:40) so drag is a brand new dragon age game. Now people saw the trailer and thought, what the hell that looks fucking gross. and like it did look kind of gross and it kind of made it look like a guy is the galaxy rip off a little bit and people are just like, what the fuck are you doing to dragon age? You idiots. yeah, no, it just kind of, it just didn't fit the style of what Greeeeeeezly (1:36:48) You Is it a fucking mobile game? Or does it just look shit? Cappo (1:37:07) Dragon Age has been Dragon Age has kind of been like a kind of, it was one of the first, I don't know, Dragon Age for me, I guess, was like one of the more adult kind of RPGs, like it touched on, you know, relationships and other stuff. And this kind of really took it back a little bit. And the humor was just a bit fucking lame. And the character interactions in the trailer were just like, yeah, it kind of felt like a Guardians of the Galaxy, like trailer or something, a bit stupid. Greeeeeeezly (1:37:10) Fail card. you Cappo (1:37:37) Anyway, so people got really annoyed by it. Now, what happened after this was, I guess they went into damage control and they essentially revealed a gameplay trailer that was 20 minutes long. And people were like, okay, this actually looks wicked. Yeah, wow. It looks amazing. And I had a bit of a look at the gameplay trailer and I thought it looked fucking boring as hell. I thought it looked Greeeeeeezly (1:38:04) So. Cappo (1:38:07) really fucking mid, so I don't know. Greeeeeeezly (1:38:09) Apparently the former Dragon Age boss cap has said that this is the best Dragon Age game that he has ever played. Cappo (1:38:17) Well, yeah, I'm sure he thinks that I don't know. I looked, I looked at the game. I really enjoyed, the last Dragon Age game, which was, can't think of the name of it. I'm sure someone in chat will tell me what it is. it was an open world MMO or not. It was an open word RPG Dragon Age game. And I thought it sounded really, you know, quite, quite well in general. Greeeeeeezly (1:38:21) Ha ha! Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:38:44) But the other, it had a lot to live up to. The other Dragon Age games were excellent. Really well put together. Greeeeeeezly (1:38:48) Yeah, did I play one of the early ones? I think it was Inquisition maybe and it was... Yeah. Cappo (1:38:52) Inquisition is the one I'm thinking of. Nice. That was one of the later games actually. hang on. No, it was. Yeah, it was the most recent one. The latest game anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So there was Dragon Age one, Dragon Age two, I guess, which had a name. I can't think of the name of it. Origins. Greeeeeeezly (1:39:02) Was it? Origins, I think I played one of the real early ones and it was really really good Cappo (1:39:19) Yeah, I think they've all been excellent. Now I watched the trailer for Veil Guard, the gameplay trailer, and it was just very on rails. it seemed a bit linear and I don't think it's open world at all, which, you know, open was not deal breaker for me, but I just looked at the combat and I thought this looks very fucking boring. Kind of got the MMO kind of ESO kind of style. Like you choose your abilities and use those abilities and Greeeeeeezly (1:39:30) Mm. Cappo (1:39:48) Yeah, just kind of like, okay, I'm walking to from here to the next bit of dialogue, and then fighting some boring enemies in between, and then doing that again and again. And now I'm at the final cutscene of this area. And now okay, cool. On to the next area, guys. Yeah, I thought it looks very, very boring. So people seem to be really jazzed about it. But I thought it looked a bit shit. So anyways, interesting to see what people at home have to say about it. And if again, if you don't the discord, yeah, dot show, go and check out the discord. Let us know what you think. Greeeeeeezly (1:39:55) you Just one more thing here, Cap. I'm just reading an interview here apparently with one of the Dragon Age directors saying that apparently the progression is incredibly deep, comparing it to the long running series by Bioware Mass Effect. So if they're comparing it to that, I don't know. We'll see. Cappo (1:40:34) Yeah, it's a pretty difficult comparison, in my opinion, because Mass Effect was kind of open. And it wasn't you weren't kind of drawn into a like fairly linear story where this one feels like it's going to be kind of walking down a fucking corridor. So I don't know, I didn't really like the look of it. But I mean, I hope that I can be corrected. But I tell you what, Chris, I've generally got a pretty good fucking feeling about these things. And I reckon I've got a pretty good feeling about this one too. Greeeeeeezly (1:40:51) Mm -hmm. Cut. Yeah, you do mate. Yeah, I'm usually off the mark with this shit. Cappo (1:41:04) So, I don't know, it looked a bit mid. Anyways, so we had that. I'm just going to kind of skip through some of these grids. But so we, they showed off some of their Starfield Shattered Space DLC stuff coming soon, which I'm sure Slaydos is fucking pretty keen on. Actually, it's all right. Probably like a quite a cool little addition. Looks like there's an extra area and some weird space kind of, I don't know. Greeeeeeezly (1:41:07) Mm -hmm. Yeah, it was. Cappo (1:41:32) soul shit going on. There's some DLC coming to Fallout 76. That game is a pile of shit. So I would not play that if I were you out there. So don't play that game. A bunch of other stuff. They also announced, well, they released an official date for the World of Warcraft the war was in, which is the next addition to the, you know, the World of Warcraft, the next DLC. Greeeeeeezly (1:41:42) Yeah. Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:42:01) That's on the 26th of August, which I don't know, I might get back in, we'll see. Greeeeeeezly (1:42:08) I actually wouldn't mind either cat. Maybe I'll free out a ring. Do something fun. Yep. Cappo (1:42:11) see you there. Let's do it. There was much other shit in here, Grizz. I'm going to kind of go through this. They and yes, so that was the next in here. So I missed that one. Yeah, so they announced Gears of War E -Day, which, so if you're a Gears of War fan, you probably know a bit more about this than me, but I believe the whole idea of E -Day is the day that Greeeeeeezly (1:42:16) for the horn. What about this Gears of War E Day cap? Did you check that out? That's all right. Yeah. Cappo (1:42:39) the I think they call them the swarm or the bad guys. I think that's what they call the swarm. The day that the swarm emerged basically. So it's a day emergence day. Because they come from within the like planet or some shit. Anyways, this game is basically a prequel. So we go back to it's the origin story, which I mean, I think people are really keen on because I don't think people were like the new characters as much as they did the original characters, which is fairly standard. Greeeeeeezly (1:42:40) Hmm. Locust tour or something. Yeah. Yeah. It's like the origin story, isn't it, Cap? It's like the origin story. Cappo (1:43:09) classic but you know is what it is. So you got Marcus Phoenix and his friend, fucking old mate, Dom Santiago. Dom Santiago. So the Locust Horde. Greeeeeeezly (1:43:20) I think this could be cool cap. So apparently it's built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5 and apparently delivers very, very nice unprecedented graphic fidelity. So the trailer does look pretty cool. It is going to be a co -op shooter. And so far from what I've read in comments sections, people are actually quite keen on this. A bit unexpected. Not to see a Gears of War 6, but see something that's a bit different in Cappo (1:43:38) Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:43:49) in this universe. Cappo (1:43:49) Yeah, I think, you know, the gears of war games always had a really good, I don't know, you know, just really well received because they did the whole co -op shooter really well with the whole cover based system and you know, you kind of having to communicate and work together to kind of clear areas and stuff. So I think people are pretty keen for this. One thing I will say is I love the ideas of prequels, but then I always worry that like, for me, because I'm such a story buff and I want to know more about the world and Greeeeeeezly (1:44:17) Yeah. Cappo (1:44:19) You know, I guess I'm always looking for that next big hook, whereas, you know, with a prologue or something, it's like, well, what can you tell me about the events of things that what implications can you give me to make me go, shit, you know what I mean? So it's possible, but I always worry that maybe I won't get those shit moments as much. Greeeeeeezly (1:44:36) Yeah, because you kind of feel like they're doing that thinking after the fact when they've already written that main story. You're worried it's going to be more of a disappointment rather than, you know... Cappo (1:44:41) Yeah, exactly right. So. Yeah, and they can't it's like, how can you take the story to the next level without it being in the next level? You've gone back, you know what I mean? So yeah, anyways. Greeeeeeezly (1:44:54) Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear what you're saying, Cap. I hear what you're saying. Yeah. Cappo (1:44:59) But yeah, trailer looks cool, interesting to see some gameplay. Now, probably the, I think this is the big one for me, Gris, and I'm going to say this is the pick of the show for me. They announced Perfect Dark, which is a brand new game in the, I guess, the Perfect Dark Now series. It's a brand new kind of, you know, video game. Greeeeeeezly (1:45:19) Mm. Cappo (1:45:25) And it looks very different to the original perfect that came out in Nintendo 64 for way back when. But you've got your, your Joanna dart, you're a special agent, you're following a target and you're in this weird, you know, futuristic city out in like somewhere that looks kind of like, I don't know. It's almost like Rio de Janeiro or some shit. and yeah, you're doing all this shit where you're like spiking, audio. Greeeeeeezly (1:45:31) Mm -hmm. Mm -hmm. Yeah. Cappo (1:45:56) equipment to try and get access to areas and then there's, you know, you're kind of doing some, what is it? Yeah, that mirror game where you're kind of doing like parkour stuff, mirrors edge, kind of some mirrors edge stuff going on. And it looks, I think it looks pretty cool. And I mean, I just love the idea of Perfect Dark because I love the Perfect Dark and I think it's one of the best games on Nintendo 64. Greeeeeeezly (1:46:07) Beer is edge. Beer is edge. Yes. Yep. Cappo (1:46:22) They just weren't quite able to really follow it up well, but this could be really cool. Greeeeeeezly (1:46:28) I think it looks really cool, Cap. I actually didn't play Perfect Dark, but I do remember seeing it around. And it's kind of the whole premise of the game, right, is a futuristic society, but the world's on verge of collapse kind of thing, isn't it? So it's kind of like a, I don't know, everything looks fine, but actually it's not fine. Things are actually quite fucked up. So I think it looks really cool. Honestly, I think the... Cappo (1:46:49) underneath it all not going too well. Greeeeeeezly (1:46:56) Kind of gives me a bit of a, well, Mirror's Edge, definitely. Yeah, bit of gunplay, bit of interesting, interesting kind of, I don't know, what is it? Is it first person? Cap, third person? I don't know. Cappo (1:46:58) The gameplay, yeah. Yeah, first person but I think, you know, it's kind of got the, you know, there's points where you're shooting like gas canisters to make, to reduce the visibility and then you're shooting through it because you got a special gun that has like thermal sights and stuff on it. So they're kind of drawing on the original game that had, you know, guns that could shoot through walls and stuff like that. So, and there's kind of some stuff towards the end of the Greeeeeeezly (1:47:16) Yeah. Cappo (1:47:34) trailer that implies maybe there's some alien stuff happening, which was a big thing in the original game, like you find you meet an alien, and his name is Elvis, and he runs around with you. And you're like Elvis is part of the fucking crew, and you're doing shit with him. So I'm just really interested to see where this goes, basically. And I think, you know, there's a, it says here that you're following one of the world's most wanted criminals, Daniel Carrington. Now, I swear that was the name of your leader in the original game. Which maybe not. I can't quite remember. No, maybe not. I think I might be wrong. But he was a character in the original game says Daniel Carrington, an intelligent scientist entrepreneur founder of the Carrington Institute. He's no, he is he's joined as boss. I was right. I'm fucking right. As always. Anyways. But yeah, so Greeeeeeezly (1:48:05) Mmmmm It always runs, okay. Cappo (1:48:31) interesting stuff. So they got, you know, recurring characters and stuff. So yeah, I'm quite, quite interested in this one, Grizz. looks good. Now I'm just going to pick out a couple other ones and we've got to keep moving cause we've still got one more thing to go through. But, they also released another trailer for Fable, which looked really good. kind of liking the English humor that's quite present in this kind of just gives me a lot of like kind of almost IT crowd kind of vibes. Greeeeeeezly (1:48:41) Go on. Cappo (1:48:59) but like obviously medieval fable kind of style stuff. and yeah, just, just, just quite funny. So, go and check out that trailer. It looks really, really good. they also released a trailer for Diablo four vessel of hatred. and then that fucking, what was that character's name? Narelle, in Diablo four, she really annoyed me in the game and she's annoying me again in this fucking trailer. She's just a, just an annoying character. and yeah, I don't know. It's going to be interesting to see how this DLC goes. Greeeeeeezly (1:49:41) I reckon it will be the redemption cap or what? Cappo (1:49:45) I think they're laying the groundwork maybe for there to be an attempt at that and I hope I hope they can do it because I would love a great Diablo game and I'm sure you would too Grizz. I think that would be brilliant. But they've got some work to do to make it really make it just feel good. Now there's a lot of body horror stuff in that trailer and it is pretty fucking gruesome actually in some areas. Not for the squeamish but worth a bit of a look. If you're not Greeeeeeezly (1:49:54) I would, I would mate, yep, yep. Hmm. Which trailer? Cap the debbler one? right, okay. Cappo (1:50:15) The Vessel of Hatred trailer, yeah. Yeah, there's some like body horror shit going on and yeah, but yeah, very look, the trailer is really good. Classic Blizzard kind of cinematic. It just looks really, really sick. Now the final thing I'll talk about Grizz is they also announced that there's some new Xbox Series X consoles coming out. There's now a two terabyte SSD version and an all digital Xbox Series X. so there you go. You can get a discless, X, series X. So, I won't bother going through all the other stuff. A lot of it's stuff that's already been announced. You know, Indiana Jones got, got shown there was, avowed made another appearance, Microsoft flight sim, some sort of smaller indie games, age mythology retold got another trailer, middle gear, solid triangle slash three. but yeah, so there was a bunch of stuff that got announced here. Greeeeeeezly (1:50:49) Nice, mate. Mm -hmm. Cappo (1:51:15) My pick of the bunch, Grizz, I'm gonna say Perfect Dark. Greeeeeeezly (1:51:19) perfect dark. Fuck, did I actually pick one? We're right here. I didn't pick one, mate, but I'm going to just agree with you. Perfect dark. Yep. Cappo (1:51:30) All right, Grizz. Now the final thing on our list to talk about tonight. Greeeeeeezly (1:51:34) No, just gonna change my mind. Doom, Dark Ages, mate. Cappo (1:51:37) Yeah, nice. I was going to say Doom also looks really fucking good. Yeah, very, very keen. All right, Grizz. We had a Nintendo Direct six days ago and it was a bit of a doozy actually. There was a fair bit of shit that was announced. So let's start from the top Grizz. We had Mario and Luigi Brothership announced. Now I'm a big fan of the Mario and Luigi games. They're kind of the Greeeeeeezly (1:51:39) Let's go. Does look good. Yeah. Holy. Yep. Yep. Love this. Cappo (1:52:07) they're kind of the RPG, Mario games where they tend to embellish the Super Mario RPG, form factor and go really hard on, just weird moves and stuff. you know, they had like, Mario and Luigi dream team and some other earlier titles. and yeah, it kind of goes heavier on the, I get the part partnership of Mario and Luigi and then. kind of using each other to do big moves and stuff. But this looks really cool. Greeeeeeezly (1:52:41) I don't think you can go wrong with this one, Kat. I just think it looks fantastic. It's giving me a bit of Peppermario vibes, this 2D, kind of 3D thing happening. And yeah, the old... Cappo (1:52:44) No. Yeah. Yeah, they've kind of got a cell shading thing going on to kind of give it the feeling of the earlier Mario and Luigi titles, whilst also kind of being, I guess, like a Switch 3D kind of thing. It looks really cool. The art style. Greeeeeeezly (1:53:04) Yeah, yeah. It does look great. And I just think the whole, you know, they remastered that original Super Mario RPG recently, was it this year, last year, whatever it was. But look, that game and games of that nature from Nintendo are just great. That whole turn -based thing where, you know, you're reacting certain button presses to... or bounces on the enemy's head and defend at the right moment. I think they just are a really enjoyable game to play on a handheld like the Switch. So I think this looks pretty cool, Cap. Coming November. Cappo (1:53:42) Yeah, yeah, come in November, there's a lot of little mini games and stuff and, and yeah, I'm pretty keen on this one actually looks really looks really good. So yeah, there you go. And the next one Grizz they announced was the Nintendo World Championship NES edition. Now I really like the idea of this. There's kind of all these, you know, early. So basically, there's, it's like an online thing where you can play the old NES games. So Greeeeeeezly (1:54:02) What is this, mate? Cappo (1:54:12) you know, early, Mario Zelda ice climbers, Kirby, and there's all these different challenges you can do. so there's even like, excite is it excite bike? and you can basically go on these leaderboards to see, get the highest score on these small little challenges from those games. there's even like challenges like, they're called legend challenges where you can basically see who can get the fastest time on certain levels and. Greeeeeeezly (1:54:36) So... Whoa. Cappo (1:54:42) it's yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:54:42) Dude, this actually looks dope, man. It's kind of like that, you know, when they released that very limited time, that Mario 100, 100 man Mario thing. It does, yeah, yeah. So you, man, it's crazy, because like so many different genres of games, we see that original Zelda in there. You can see Metroid as well. The original Metroid games and a bunch of Mario and things in there. So yeah. Cappo (1:54:51) Yeah, it's got the same feel. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, you can. Yeah, there's all kinds of stuff in there. It seems like there might be things like who can kill these enemies the fastest and who can do, you know, world four level stage two of Mario of the original Mario game, the fastest and stuff like that. So there's always weird and wonderful challenges and you go on a leaderboard and yeah, you race against ghosts and stuff. So that looks really cool. I thought that I'm actually quite keen on that. Now Gris, they also announced Greeeeeeezly (1:55:22) the Cappo (1:55:39) Another Legend of Zelda game, which I was very surprised for. There was no leaks or anything for this. So I couldn't, couldn't quite believe it. Now, it, the game is a top down kind of a link between world style Zelda that came out earlier. this one is called the Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom, which launches on the 26th of September. Now the whole story for this one is Link has been pulled into another world. Greeeeeeezly (1:55:44) Yeah. Yeah. Cappo (1:56:08) And so Zelda's actually going to save me. So this is the first time we're playing is I guess Zelda is the main protagonist, which I think is awesome. so link basically kind of. Beats defeats Ganon, but then Ganon like creates this big void and link gets sucked into it. And so the Zelda, kind of gets saved, but then she's got to run away from this void and she's left behind. go try and figure out how to save link. And so the whole gimmick here is that Greeeeeeezly (1:56:32) Hmm. Cappo (1:56:38) Zelda has this special like wand or something, or a little fairy pal who gives her a wand and she can use that one to copy objects in the world to then put out into the world. So you can go and copy a table, then you can go and put tables down in the world to give you extra height and stuff. And then you can put two tables on top of each other to give yourself a little staircase. Greeeeeeezly (1:56:56) Okay. Cappo (1:57:03) And so there's all these different things you can do with all these objects that you find in the world, crates and beds and even water cubes to, you know, do like elevators and stuff. Greeeeeeezly (1:57:16) So what do you think cap? It's gonna be hot or flop? Think it looks good? Cappo (1:57:19) I actually liked the look of this. I think it's because I mean, they could have just done the standard, you know, here's his link again in another game, sure. And I think that would have been perfectly fine and been really good. But I think this is a cool, it kind of has the breath of the wild, like, make your own adventure or make your own solution vibe, but then in the top down environment. So, you know, you're even doing these things where you're copying enemies to fight on your behalf. Greeeeeeezly (1:57:49) Dang. Okay. Cappo (1:57:49) I think this looks really cool and I'm really keen to give us a crack because I think there's going to be a lot of ways for people to come up with different solutions to problems that maybe even the developers did to see. So, and I think this is going to be a speedrunners delight when people find all these weird stupid ways to defeat bosses and, you know, do certain challenges and stuff. Greeeeeeezly (1:58:01) I love this. copy enemies and shit. I love this comment in the YouTube video here, cat. Finally, my grandma will be right when she tries to guess the main character of my Zelda game. Yeah, very true. Cappo (1:58:23) Yeah. Yeah. And my wife. So yeah, I'm quite keen on this, Chris. I think it looks really good. And yeah, I mean, you can't really go wrong with the with the link between worlds kind of visual kind of on the switch. I think it looks really good. So yeah, really keen on that one. Now, the final thing, big announcement anyway, that they announced Chris, they formally revealed Metroid 4 Prime, which is just one of the exact trailer Metroid Prime for beyond now people have been waiting and waiting for this and they finally dropped this bad boy. It looks like a prime game. I'm not the biggest Metroid kind of person ever. It looked pretty good. I thought visually it was it was Greeeeeeezly (1:58:56) Yeah. Hmm. Cappo (1:59:22) pretty serviceable. I didn't think it looked amazing. Did you watch it, Chris? Greeeeeeezly (1:59:30) Yeah, I did. I did watch it, Cap, and similar vibes to you. I mean, I'm biased here, right? I haven't really enjoyed any of the Metroid 3D games. I'm much more of the SNES and the NES and the Dread 2D side -scroller Metroid games. And I kind of felt that, I don't know. I don't know how I feel about a 3D Metroid shooter on Switch. It just doesn't fill me with... Cappo (1:59:55) Yeah. Greeeeeeezly (1:59:59) confidence, but apparently this was pretty well received, right, Kat, by the community that love these games and people are pretty dang hyped. So much that I saw some footage of a guy literally fainted on the reveal of this in an audience somewhere watching this live. So yeah, clearly people are pretty, pretty dang hyped up. Cappo (2:00:04) Yeah. Holy shit. That is wild. Wow. Yeah. I mean, look, the, the Metroid Prime games have been beloved basically, and people have been really, really hanging out for this. I think, originally, this, this game was in development, I think back in 2019 and they restarted the development in 2019 because Nintendo wasn't happy with the product that was being made because They basically have a third party developer creating the game. I think they were retro studios or something. and yeah, Nintendo basically, they weren't happy with the product and they pulled it and they said, we're going to restart from beginning, which I think is a fucking big ball move in all honesty. But, but yeah, Nintendo doesn't fuck around. So anyways, it's exactly it's been in development for five years and this is where we're at. So, you know, it looks pretty interesting. Greeeeeeezly (2:00:50) Mm. They do not fuck around, mate. They do not. Cappo (2:01:12) I will I play it? Who knows? Probably need some more gameplay to really decide because it just looked a little bit I don't know, a bit vanilla ice cream to me. Not particularly appetizing, but you know, with a bit more stuff. We'll see what happens. So yeah, now other stuff that was announced in here, Grizz, you know, there's a lot of Japanese RPG stuff. Ace Attorney was was littered in there. Looks like Lego Horizon Adventures is coming to Switch, which is kind of wild. Greeeeeeezly (2:01:19) Mm -hmm. Mm -hmm. Cappo (2:01:40) They announced a new Super Mario Party game called Super Mario Party Jamboree. Pretty cool. Yeah, pretty rad. We're also getting Darkest Dungeon 2 on the Switch. We're also getting a remake of Donkey Kong Country Returns HD. Greeeeeeezly (2:01:46) Dang. OK. Yep. Yep. Mm -hmm. You see the... Yeah, I seen that. Now what was that on cap that was on something was on like a game cube? Were you? Yeah, maybe some of that. Yeah. Cappo (2:02:05) Was that on Wii U or Wii? I think it was one of those. I don't know if you've seen the remake, but the graphics look pretty fucking rough. Greeeeeeezly (2:02:15) Yeah, dude, I actually saw a guy post on Twitter about this comparing it to the original saying the graphics is actually worse in a lot of ways. So what I mean, look, sorry, it's not worse, but there is less particle effects and less little bits and pieces and details that were in the original. So. Cappo (2:02:25) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I actually think the fidelity of the original way with like just the graininess of things kind of took the edge off it. And now because it's like a high fidelity kind of thing, it just looks a bit shit. But I'm sure people will enjoy it. It's, you know, but some of the sprites in there, and they look hot, hot garbage. Yeah. So yeah, anyways, that's all that was a bunch of other Greeeeeeezly (2:02:46) Yeah. Hot Carburs Yo! Cappo (2:03:05) Yeah, mostly just RPG stuff. Greeeeeeezly (2:03:05) Cap, there's a Lord of the Rings game coming, mate. Tales of the Shire, you can be a hobbit in Hobbit Town. Yeah, look, if you're looking for a cozy game, I think you can plant crops and cook food and have your hobbit friends over for dinner, but it doesn't look graphically very nice, does it? Cappo (2:03:11) Yeah, I thought that looked pretty average. Pretty boring. Yeah. Look, I think... Greeeeeeezly (2:03:19) Yeah. Cappo (2:03:23) Yeah. No, I think cozy gamers will be pretty stoked, but I don't know what they've done to the Hobbits, man, but they look weird. Greeeeeeezly (2:03:32) You know what they're going for here, Cap? What's that island game that everyone fucking loves, dude? Where you like, have your little island. Cappo (2:03:38) is it Animal Crossing? Greeeeeeezly (2:03:42) Yes, they've gone for Animal Crossing in Lord of the Rings. That's what they've done. Cappo (2:03:46) Yeah. Which I look, I get it, but I don't know what, like the visual style of the faces of the hobbits. I, I do not like at all. I actually hate it. That's not fucking Gandalf mate. That's some fucking imposter. Yeah. It does not look fucking, it does not look appetizing, honestly. So I don't know. It's. Greeeeeeezly (2:03:57) Gandalf looks like shit too. Did you see Gandalf at the end, mate? You Cappo (2:04:13) it I'm sure it's gonna be fine and Airy J in chat saying it's taken inspiration from 80s cartoons. Yeah, yeah, I can get that. But yeah, I don't know. I don't know how I feel about it. Visually, I feel like what they shouldn't have should have done is just made it not Hobbits. Do something else. Greeeeeeezly (2:04:26) Mm -hmm. Maybe I shouldn't sandbag it before the games out, but this is a fucking good idea dude a farming sim Lord of the Rings farming sim Hobbit game. in the Shire. be great Cappo (2:04:39) It is a good idea. Yeah. The only issue is like, you know, I was really keen on that dwarves, dwarven middle earth under the fucking that just bombed. I think it's not doing too well. yeah, I think it was shit. So I don't know. There's something about this that just looks a bit. Boring. So I don't know. We'll see. Greeeeeeezly (2:04:51) yeah, where did that go? That lasted two seconds, didn't it? No. Anything else to your fancy in there, Cap? I think that's pretty much it, isn't it? Cappo (2:05:08) Yeah, look, that's pretty much it for me. I think pick of the pick of the bunch for me was Echoes of Wisdom. I'm pretty keen on giving that a whirl. Close up after that will be Mario and Luigi Brothership. I'm pretty keen on another Mario and Luigi RPG. And I've always really liked the Mario Luigi RPG specifically. I like Paper Mario, I like the original Mario RPG, but I've really liked the Mario and Luigi RPGs. It's just a little bit more silly. But then also, I feel like they're a bit more Greeeeeeezly (2:05:12) Mm -hmm. Cappo (2:05:39) they push the combat a little bit harder and like inputs and stuff. I just feel like they're a little bit more well put together. Greeeeeeezly (2:05:46) Yeah, I like the, for me, I think Mario and Luigi, brother ship, 100%, looks amazing. But I think the World Championship NES edition could be interesting, Cap, to see some little PvE, PvP action happening. Could be fun. Cappo (2:06:02) Yeah, yeah, definitely could be fun. Tell you what else could be fun, Grizz. Finishing this show and going to bed. I'm a bit tired as well. But it's been a ripper. Thanks for sticking around guys. Really appreciate it. Hope you've enjoyed the show. We're not going to be doing a wrap of fire news tonight because we had way too much shit to talk about from all the game shows. So hope you understand. Greeeeeeezly (2:06:11) I agree. I'm fucking tired, eh? too many things. Cappo (2:06:26) we don't anticipate another month long hiatus, but, you know, strange things have happened. Look, it won't happen again, that we are aware of, but, yeah, you can expect us back in a fortnight from today. again, thanks so much for listening. if you'd like to find this, you know, putting podcast form, you listen to this live right now, you can do so by going to OGR .show for the links there. You also find a link to our discord. If you'd like to come and chat to us, you know, if I also find a link to our Twitch, very easy to click that link. Otherwise go to twitch .tv slash oceanic gaming radio. Go and follow us there. We're live every second Monday from 7pm Australian Western standard time, baby. Also there's Patreon, you can go and pay us some money. Patreon .com slash OJSO. So yeah. Anyways, thanks so much. Appreciate you guys immensely. We'll see you guys in a fortnight. Look after yourselves and just be fucking legends. Peace out Grizz. Greeeeeeezly (2:07:16) Hell yeah, brother. See you, Matt.

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