Episode 80

November 27, 2023



Hosted by

Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
Oceanic Gaming Radio

Nov 27 2023 | 01:48:01


Show Notes

On this weeks Questlog:
00:21:00 Our Game Award Predictions!
01:12:00 OGR POLL
01:14:00 Half Life 1 Remaster!
01:23:00 Mario Races to another record!
01:25:00 The last of us 2... remastered?
01:34:20 RAPID FIRE!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:18] Speaker A: G'day and welcome to Oceanic Gaming Radio. Great to have you here. I just realized that we didn't set the bloody title, Pavs. A very quick placeholder. One in the Twitch and I wrote a head of Shit. [00:00:35] Speaker B: Head of shit. [00:00:43] Speaker A: Head of shit. [00:00:46] Speaker B: What were you supposed to write? [00:00:47] Speaker C: Cap. [00:00:48] Speaker B: Was that heaps of shit. [00:00:49] Speaker A: Heaps of. [00:00:54] Speaker B: That'S unbelievable. [00:00:55] Speaker A: Anyways, welcome to the Oceanic Gaming Radio. It is the 27th of the 11th, 2023. It's seven five p. M and we're coming to you live from Twitch TV Oceanicgamingradio, where the title is episode 80, head of Shit. My name is Captain Perth. Great to be back, by the way. Feels good. I missed you guys. I hope you missed me too, Pav. How was your weekend, boys? [00:01:21] Speaker D: I did not have a big one. [00:01:24] Speaker A: Yes, I love to hear that. It's good for you. [00:01:27] Speaker D: I had the wrestling show on Friday. [00:01:29] Speaker A: But other than that, I did see. [00:01:30] Speaker D: That, which was mental. I'm telling you guys, even if it's not your thing, I reckon go check it out. Because I'm always put out of my comfort zone, but I know they're all professionals and it's just the electricity of the crowd, it consumes you. It's wild. It is wild. [00:01:49] Speaker A: Yeah, it looks crazy. The things I saw on your Facebook looked like out of control. [00:01:56] Speaker D: In the main event, the final, they had a tag team. There was like glass shattering into the crowd, like, I swear. Yeah, like from light bulbs and stuff. [00:02:05] Speaker A: Holy shit. [00:02:08] Speaker C: Mental. [00:02:09] Speaker D: And because they've been selling out the shows, I think the venue is getting a bit more lenient on them. I kind of overheard a conversation and they're like, could we use the ladder this time? And the venue, fuck it, I guess so. [00:02:29] Speaker B: But it's pretty brutal, isn't it? [00:02:30] Speaker C: Path. [00:02:31] Speaker B: Like, there's blood and stuff. [00:02:34] Speaker D: That's the thing that weirds me out a little bit, seeing that much blood. There's pools of blood everywhere. [00:02:40] Speaker A: Is it like actual blood? [00:02:42] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:02:43] Speaker A: What? [00:02:44] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:02:45] Speaker A: Dude, that's fucked. [00:02:47] Speaker D: I won't go into it because those who know how it's all done and it's wrestling, people say shit. But what these people go through to be able to perform at this level is yeah, pretty mental, right? Mental. [00:03:05] Speaker A: Heaps of blood transfusion. [00:03:07] Speaker D: They're doing all of this on a cement floor. This is not on the stage. This is no ring death match. Wrestling insanity. Check it out. You may feel uncomfortable, but it's good. [00:03:18] Speaker B: Do you ever see yourself getting in the ring yourself, Matt? I could imagine you with, like, one of those Nacho Libre outfits on. [00:03:25] Speaker D: I'm not going to lie, you asked. [00:03:28] Speaker A: Me that ten years ago. [00:03:29] Speaker D: I'd be like, that is my dream. Absolute dream. Now at age 30 no fucking shot. [00:03:36] Speaker A: At age 30 with two bung knees. [00:03:38] Speaker B: Actually, that is very true. You fall real hard as soon as you hit the 30 mark, it's all over. We're not going to back up, dude. [00:03:46] Speaker A: My knees already started going, so don't you worry. Yeah, it's not good. They'll go downhill from here, pavo. [00:03:52] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:03:53] Speaker D: Rest of the week, I'm super chill. I bought a new coffee machine. [00:03:59] Speaker B: You told me you had a shitload of caffeine today. [00:04:04] Speaker D: I bought a coffee machine and I think I'm picking I think I'm, like, on another level. I'm living on another astral plane right now. It's been wild. [00:04:13] Speaker A: Let's go. [00:04:14] Speaker B: Having a good time? [00:04:17] Speaker C: Talk me through it. [00:04:18] Speaker D: When are you coming over? Some coffees, fellas? [00:04:20] Speaker A: Oh, some coffee? Yeah. I mean, I don't know if I go all the way out to your place for a coffee, but I go all that way to see you, so yes, I do too. So what did you get? Talk me through it. What kind of machine is it? [00:04:37] Speaker D: I splurged. I splurged a little bit. It was Black Friday sales. I'm like, why not? It's a DeLongi, if that means anything to you. [00:04:45] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:04:45] Speaker D: I don't really know anything, but all I wanted was, like, a nice espresso maker. I wanted to be able to froth my milk, grind my beans, be able to do it. It does all that shit. [00:04:53] Speaker C: Fantastic. [00:04:54] Speaker A: Lovely, mate, lovely. So you're a big coffee drinker before this purchase? [00:04:58] Speaker D: I have become in the last year. And ever since being in Melbourne, I didn't realize where everybody says coffee in Melbourne hits different. And all the other times I've been over there, I haven't felt it. But this trip, like, every coffee I had, phenomenal. And I come back to Perth, nothing has hit me. I felt flat and I feel like it may have become a coffee addiction that I have been feeling a bit lower. But I've been making myself strong coffees from Friday and I'm feeling good. [00:05:27] Speaker C: Dude. [00:05:28] Speaker A: Fuck yeah. [00:05:28] Speaker C: That's banging. I love it. [00:05:30] Speaker A: I love that, mate. Love that. We almost bought one last year, but we ended up not following through just because we don't really have the tabletop space for it and we're kind of like, oh, we'd love to do it. But then also we'll wait till next year or the year after when we get a potentially new house and we'll kind of play it from there. But, man, you can save a lot of money with those things as well. [00:05:51] Speaker B: Do you ever have coffee from home, mate, any kind of way? Rarely. [00:05:55] Speaker A: Do you know what? Sometimes I'll buy the parachute. Have you seen the parachutes? You guys seen those? [00:06:01] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:06:01] Speaker B: Like the tea bag? Is that what they are? Tea bag? [00:06:04] Speaker A: Yeah, they're a pour over, so they have, like, little wings and you pull the wings out and you sort of plop them down on top of the cup and then you tear the top off and it's like a mesh and bag. And then you pour in your boiling water up to the top and then it kind of filters through the coffee, through the mesh into the cup and you do that a few times and then you've basically got a pretty reasonable coffee and that's basically as far as I go. It does a job, it's pretty good. I'd love a machine but we'll get there one day. [00:06:42] Speaker B: We got one of those breville ones bought for us a few Christmases going. I'm talking about three or four years ago and it still runs hot. But what I love doing is we kind of start splurging on the nice coffee beans, small packet and then you. [00:06:53] Speaker C: Get a new one and yeah, it's. [00:06:56] Speaker B: Quite addicting as coffee is I reckon to get the perfect cupper. [00:07:01] Speaker A: Yeah, we've got some really great little what do you call them, beaneries. What do you call them? Bean sellers. [00:07:16] Speaker D: You know what, I like the word beanery. [00:07:19] Speaker A: Beanery. That's about as close as it's weird word. We're just completely busy. Anyways, it's some really good coffee shops that do bean sales. That's really weird. Anyways, so it would be great to have a coffee machine that I could then test those beans on. But maybe I'll just buy some for Pav. Yeah. [00:07:41] Speaker B: Pav's Coffee reviews content coming soon. [00:07:44] Speaker A: Coming to a channel near you baby. [00:07:45] Speaker B: That's awesome. [00:07:46] Speaker A: Pav really stoked. Anything else you want to take off? [00:07:49] Speaker D: No, I've been super chill. All I did the rest of the weekend was prep for the big Stream perp event next. [00:08:01] Speaker A: Like I'll see you guys this afternoon pav's like next week. And I was like, Fuck. [00:08:06] Speaker B: The funny thing is dude, when you. [00:08:08] Speaker C: Said that I was like fuck. [00:08:10] Speaker B: I was like, dude, I've got plans I can't. [00:08:15] Speaker A: To I had the mother in law and everything sorted to come and look after Ted and it's just like fuck sakes. Anyways, it's all good. We're out of here. I'll be there next week, don't you worry. [00:08:24] Speaker B: That's it. [00:08:25] Speaker D: It's going to be a good time. So just a quick plug. Stream Perth does a whole bunch of local events for Streamers content creators. All people who love to do this shit that we do or watch and support. And we'd love to see you at anything, anything we do. It's going to be fun. Next one. Next Sunday afternoon at Planet Royale. If you'd like to check it out. I'll chuck a link to RSVP and that'll be your ticket. [00:08:49] Speaker A: Is there any tickets left? [00:08:52] Speaker D: Look, we've done much better than I expected. I think we just hit 120. [00:08:56] Speaker B: RSVPs damn pretty good. [00:08:59] Speaker D: Given us capacity for another 40, which I reckon we may I wasn't expecting to hit but I think we may hit it. [00:09:05] Speaker C: Damn man, that's so good. [00:09:06] Speaker B: It depends on what time I get back from manjam up boys. But otherwise yeah, should be there. It also depends on what state I come back in. [00:09:15] Speaker A: Well, time will tell. Your state will be present at the Stream meetup. [00:09:26] Speaker B: To bring me a real strong coffee. Ask one from. [00:09:31] Speaker A: It. [00:09:32] Speaker D: I'll see what I can throw together for you. [00:09:35] Speaker A: Wrestle up all right, Grizz, what about you, mate? What's new? Talk me through. [00:09:38] Speaker B: Before we jump into my banter, I just wanted to quickly say, if Mags is still asking for games, have you played or heard of Cap Risk of Rain Returns? Has that come across your radar yet? [00:09:48] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:09:49] Speaker A: Isn't that a remastered version of Risk of Rain? One with some new content and bits and pieces? So, just for context, those listening at home and aren't a part of the Twitch chat right now, our good friend Maguire Magsie was after some good switch games to download for a flight. They're going to Spain tomorrow night. All right, so they needed some games. We basically quick fired about a billion potential titles, so hope you've got some pretty good bandwidth on that internet connection of yours, mate. But yeah, risk of rain. What was it called? Rerange or some shit? [00:10:27] Speaker B: Risk of Rain, dude, it's got nearly 20,000 Steam reviews and it's copping a nine out of ten on there, so. [00:10:33] Speaker C: It must be all right. [00:10:33] Speaker A: Damn, mate, the Risk of Rain games are very well received. [00:10:39] Speaker C: Actually, I don't know if you remember. [00:10:41] Speaker A: But didn't Gearbox, as in the guys who created Borderlands, buy the IP rights. [00:10:47] Speaker C: For Risk of Rain? I actually have no idea. [00:10:51] Speaker A: I'm pretty sure they might have, which is a bizarre purchase. I don't know what the fuck you're going to do. [00:10:56] Speaker B: Cat Publisher, Gearbox Publishing. [00:10:58] Speaker C: There you go. Yeah, I'm always right. [00:11:01] Speaker A: Unless I'm wrong and then I was right about being wrong. All right, now, what else, chris, what's new? [00:11:06] Speaker B: All right, Black Friday sales. I bought an electric vacuum cleaner robot unit that drives around the house and vacuums the floor and it's got this big bin it just drops stuff off to and then off it goes again. So I'm looking forward to that coming. [00:11:23] Speaker C: It's a good little purchase, yeah. [00:11:26] Speaker B: Which one did you get, Grizzly? That's a very good question, Pav. I can't remember off the top of my head. When Cap is doing his banter, mate, I'll look it up and I'll post it in the chat for you. Are you a vacuum aficionado, Pav? [00:11:40] Speaker D: Before my coffee machine. Probably the best purchase I've ever made for this robot. [00:11:46] Speaker A: What type have you got, Pav? [00:11:47] Speaker D: I've got the. [00:11:51] Speaker B: Ebot Ebot E something Dyson. [00:11:56] Speaker A: And it's manual. [00:12:02] Speaker D: I got the EcoVac. [00:12:03] Speaker B: The only thing is, you got to need the wife to operate those ones. Where this one? It's wife free. It's wifeless, wifeless, wifeless. Wait for it to come in and slap me my door. [00:12:19] Speaker A: You are a brave man. Nice, mate. All right, so, yeah, new vacuum cleaner. What else? We got little gems. [00:12:29] Speaker C: What else? [00:12:30] Speaker B: No, I don't think we ended up buying anything else. [00:12:32] Speaker C: Hang on, what else did I buy? And that was it. [00:12:35] Speaker B: But we had my daughter's birthday party on the weekend. Cap, Joyce, eight. And pretty crazy crossover here, but it. [00:12:42] Speaker C: Was a Harry Potter themed pool party. Oh, dude. [00:12:47] Speaker A: Sweet. [00:12:48] Speaker B: So that was pretty Golden Snitch related games. Yep, we had the Pinata was a Golden Snitch, actually, which was pretty cool. So they had to belt that. Lots of lollies and stuff in there. And then she had a Harry Potter. [00:13:03] Speaker C: Themed birthday cake and had the music. [00:13:06] Speaker B: On and it was just a good day, mate. Lots of fun in the sick doing things. So that was my weekend. [00:13:14] Speaker C: Love it. [00:13:14] Speaker B: Apart from that cabo, not much, mate. I haven't been playing too many video games either, but we'll get to that in. How's your gaming going? Just life is busy this time of year, mate, isn't it? [00:13:22] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, mate, don't you worry. I'm fucking right there with you. It's really hard to squeeze extracurricular Tory things into your day to day, week to week at the moment. It's bloody tough. [00:13:33] Speaker C: But we're out here. [00:13:34] Speaker A: We're out here Grinded, so it's all right. [00:13:37] Speaker B: What about you, mate? What have you been doing? [00:13:39] Speaker A: Yeah, well, look, not an awful lot, mate. I had my work Christmas party last Friday that was incredibly boozy, but a lot of fun. We have an app that we service and the app has a bunch of users and so we invite a lot of our users to come out to basically our HQ and have a few drinks and listen to we had a band playing and stuff. Yeah, it was great fun. So that was basically Friday. [00:14:13] Speaker C: And then we went out for a. [00:14:15] Speaker A: Few drinks afterwards and I kind of remembered why I don't really go out and drink too much these days. Because I get real tired real fast. I think I hit a brick wall about 1030. And then we're also out in Frio. And you know what? It's funny because I'm so spoiled here in Vic Park, because I could walk down Vic Park at virtually any time of the night and get something to eat. And then I left Frio and this. [00:14:39] Speaker C: Pub we're at, and I was like. [00:14:41] Speaker A: I'll just go and find something to eat. And there's fucking nothing like it is. [00:14:44] Speaker C: Just pubs that's it. Nothing to eat. Really? That's it? [00:14:48] Speaker A: Yeah, it was real sad. Well, the southern part of Frio anyway. But my mate was like, well, one of the guys I worked with, he was like, Mate, this isn't bloody Vic Park anymore. And I was like, Shit. [00:14:59] Speaker B: Yeah, right. I actually reckon Frio has changed a lot in the last five years. Every time I go there, I'm kind. [00:15:06] Speaker C: Of like, It's just shit now. [00:15:07] Speaker B: It's just like really dirty and HJ's is closed down. [00:15:13] Speaker A: Yeah, well, the most important thing yeah, the little Burger King. Yeah, it's a bit sad, really, but yeah. I don't know, mate. Can't see myself going there too often for, I don't know, just RnR and drinks. I mean, I'm quite happy to stick in my neck of the woods. But it wasn't too bad. The pub we're at was quite nice. The frio local. And yeah, just kind of cruising there and then. Yeah, Saturday, caught up with my brother. He's just had his first baby. Baby Charlie was welcomed on last Monday. Hence why I wasn't here, because I went straight out to see him after work and yeah, that was really awesome as well. And then Sunday I kind of just cruised around nursed. I didn't really have much for hangover. I just had no motivation to do anything, essentially. [00:16:01] Speaker C: So made parenting really difficult. [00:16:05] Speaker A: But yeah, kind of just like coasted through the day and just got through it. [00:16:10] Speaker B: And then what was your hungover meal? [00:16:14] Speaker C: Cap. What did you eat? [00:16:16] Speaker A: I had KFC on Saturday night and it was delightful. It's pretty good, yeah, loved every bite of that little barbecue bacon cheese combo meal. But yeah, this is not a sponsored podcast, but I will give credit where credit is due. [00:16:32] Speaker B: Rip zinger works. Burger Cap. R-I-P. That was the fucking best. Was the pineapple. Pineapple with everything in it. [00:16:40] Speaker A: Okay. Have's ears are pricked. Yes, very nice. But yeah, other than that, mate, that's pretty much it for me. I haven't really had an awful lot going on outside of that. Just kind of been getting pumped at work big time. [00:16:56] Speaker C: We're trying to do a redo of. [00:17:00] Speaker A: Our app, which is taking up a significant portion of my time. And I was saying to you guys before I jumped on the podcast that I walk into work at 08:00, whatever it is, and then I think I blink and then it's fucking 04:00 P.m. And I'm ready to go home and I'm just like, what the hell did I do today? [00:17:17] Speaker B: Where did the day go? [00:17:19] Speaker A: Every day, I think this is the first time I've ever had a job where my days are like that. There's not like moments throughout the day where I am just kind of counting down the hours to get to the other side of it. I legitimately am just so busy in every aspect. And it's great. I love it. It's really good because I am enjoying work. [00:17:38] Speaker B: Yeah, it makes time go quick too, doesn't it? Makes those days. [00:17:41] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it would suck if you hated your job, but I love my job at the moment. It's really good. So happy days. Anyways, we should freaking jump into it now. [00:17:53] Speaker C: House rules. [00:17:54] Speaker A: As always, just want to say a big thank you to you wonderful legends listening at home, whether it be live via Twitch Tvshanagamingradio, I mean, you too could be listening live. If you're listening not so live, just join that little link I mentioned there from 07:00 P.m. On Australian Western Standard Time Monday nights. So, yeah, pretty exciting shit going on in here. Lots of legends. Temogen, who else we got in here? Blindsided. Moose got a Pavlova Face, who's also producing this podcast. Who else we got in here? Sukai magsi Sikose slatos. You know, just the freaking regulars, just the rippers. So, yeah, thank you. Now, if you like to listen to this in your own time, you can do so. Just jump onto your favorite podcasting platform, type in Oceanic Gaming radio and bing, butter, boom, you've found us. And then just choose your favorite episode, probably the most recent one. And reviews, please, immediately. If you're listening via podcast, you have to leave a review. I don't make the rules, but you have to do it. So I apologize. [00:19:00] Speaker B: We've actually copped another one since the last episode, Cap, so thank you. Maybe a couple more, yeah, awesome. Keep them coming. [00:19:09] Speaker C: Yeah, keep them rolling in. [00:19:10] Speaker A: I want to see more. Thank you. Anyways, also, big thank you to our wonderful Patreons. They are dropping some coinage in our pocket each month and we greatly appreciate it. If you're wondering where that money goes, it goes towards keeping our website live and also paying for mad, sick little snippets of us on services such as YouTube and TikTok bite size content. What more could you possibly ask for? So anyways, the people responsible for that monstrosity are Sukai Moosey, Caging Runt, sergeant Paul Lee, GD. Jlibs. Brendan Dan fantastic, strops and slatos. Cheers, Legends. Appreciate you guys immensely. [00:20:02] Speaker B: It's a roll call in the Twitch Chat. We've got a couple of those legends in the Twitch Chat right now, Capo. [00:20:07] Speaker A: Look at it. Present. Very nice. Now, big thanks to you guys. You guys rock. If you guys want to become a patron, you can do so by going to Patreon.com Ogrshow or go to OGR Show and you'll find a link there. And, yeah, just set up the billing, hit maximum tier and just forget about the rest. [00:20:27] Speaker C: Don't worry about the pricing, I've got you covered. [00:20:29] Speaker A: All right? Anyways, let's freaking dive in. We got a big old quest log coming at you hot, live, very fluid, all at once. What do we got? All right, our pick for the Game Awards. Our picks, okay, we're going to be doing some predictions, some selections. It's going to be great. We did get the nominations a couple of weeks back, but I said to bloody Pav and Grizz, I said, you guys better not be doing that without me or I'll be very disappointed. Upset. So Grizz, to avoid me throwing a tantrum, decided not to do it until I was back. So thank you, Grizz, appreciate it. [00:21:08] Speaker C: No worries, anytime. [00:21:10] Speaker A: So let's just dive straight into it, mate. I reckon we'll just kind of rock and roll with the rest of them as they come and go. All right, so Game Awards happens every year around about December. It's hosted by our good friend Jeff Keeley here at the show. We love him, he loves us, and they announce all kinds of shit. The big drawing card is the game awards. Awards? And last year, I think we had Elden Ring take out the Game Award for Game of the year. It's a very prestigious, kind of very prestigious award. Award ceremony get a lot of famous people and infamous people rock up and, yeah, everyone has a great time. We also see things like trailers get announced. Elden Rings was not announced at this particular show, but its first gameplay trailer was shown at this show, which that's huge. [00:22:02] Speaker B: Again, may we see the DLC trailer? [00:22:06] Speaker C: Cap, may we potentially think 100% are. [00:22:12] Speaker A: Going to see the Elden Ring gameplay trailer for the next DLC? What is the shadow of the URB tree? This one? I'd be very surprised if we don't, but maybe not. I think there's been enough time in between armored core four and now for there to be enough breathing space for that game for us to now go as from software. [00:22:34] Speaker C: Yes, here it is. [00:22:36] Speaker A: You can see what your new DLC will look like and prepare to shit your pants. I've heard rumors grizz that the DLC is supposed to be about half the length of the campaign. And that's out of control if that's the case, because. [00:22:53] Speaker C: I spent 150 hours in that game. Me too. [00:22:57] Speaker B: Matt close. [00:22:58] Speaker C: Something like that. [00:22:59] Speaker A: That's a lot of time. That's a significant amount of DLC. And I guess on top of that, presumably the DLC will be harder than the original game, which the original game pretty fucking hard at certain points. [00:23:10] Speaker B: That's it. I reckon that's the only reason why I haven't replayed Elden Ring, because every time I go to do it, I'm just like, I've got a will of my body to getting clamped over and over again a few times. [00:23:22] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:23:23] Speaker A: Love it. [00:23:24] Speaker C: But yeah. [00:23:25] Speaker A: So pretty exciting time of the year. Anyway, so that's happening on the 7 December. So we have got from next Thursday, Australian, so it's technically next Friday. So I think we'll get it Friday in Australia and then it'll be Thursday in America. [00:23:43] Speaker C: Very cool, very radical. [00:23:46] Speaker B: The way that they choose the voting is they take 90% from a jury and then public voting is 10% for the different areas. You guys can all go vote. Voting is still open. So if you wanted to navigate to Game of the Year website, you can look at the different bits and pieces there and vote so that the people's component will make up 10% of the total vote. [00:24:11] Speaker C: So your vote counts Cap, doesn't it? [00:24:14] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely it does. It counts more than you think. But yeah, anyways, so let's freaking dive in, I reckon. Look, we basically pulled out one, 2311 categories because there's a lot of categories, so we could have been doing this all freaking night. But we chose eleven. In fact, I chose eleven. I chose the best ones. I basically ignored all the esports ones. But anyways, so, yeah, basically, we are going to give you the following who we think will win and who we'd like to win. [00:24:52] Speaker C: All right? [00:24:52] Speaker A: So probably start off with who we'd like to win and who we think will win. So we'll go through each step by step, and maybe each of us describe why we think. I guess we'll go from there. Hey, so let's begin with the first category. Narrative. So the best narrative, best gaming narrative, we had the following. Alan wake Two Boulders gate Three cyberpunk 2077 phantom Liberty Final Fantasy 16 and Marvel Spiderman Two Now, I would like Boulders Gate to win because I think it very much deserves it, and I think Bouldersgate will win this particular category. [00:25:40] Speaker C: Chris, mate, we're singing off the same song sheet here. Capo all right. [00:25:46] Speaker A: Classic. [00:25:47] Speaker B: Yeah. So, look, I agree and just a couple of reasons why I think this is the storytelling in Belto's Gate Three is just truly impressive. And I know that this is narrative. [00:26:00] Speaker C: So what's written, but the narrative to. [00:26:04] Speaker B: Be accompanied by such fantastic voice acting just made it all more enjoyable playing through the game. So many fantastic little side stories that I would imagine not everyone got to see and feel and hear, because they may have missed that component, but really deep lore and a deep universe, and it just felt like a handcrafted DND campaign to me. [00:26:26] Speaker A: Cap yeah, I think it's also the level of narrative divergence and your different choices you can make to still craft an insanely cohesive but different narrative, like the degree of variation throughout the entire campaign is out of just it's hard to really imagine anything else winning. I will note that I think that Cyberpunk, their new DLC, was quite good. I don't think it was probably in the same category of strength for the actual narrative. And Alan, wait, two, I haven't finished it yet, but it's been incredibly good. Again, I don't think it's quite the same level, but I think what they've done has been excellent. And I love the story and their take on the whole kind of wacky. I don't know, would it be 80s weird fiction kind of detective story? But yeah, BG three. It's really hard to it's difficult to really think that it's going to lose any of the categories it's in. But anyways, we'll kind of get to the other one. [00:27:42] Speaker B: I'm the same. I think any category it's in, it's going to cop. [00:27:45] Speaker C: But we'll see. [00:27:46] Speaker B: I mean, you never know. [00:27:47] Speaker C: It'd be interesting. [00:27:48] Speaker B: There's been some great games this year. Capo yeah, absolutely. [00:27:52] Speaker C: Now, Pavo, what about you, mate? [00:27:54] Speaker D: All right. I'm going to preface all of my picks today with just with I haven't played any of the games nominated at all in the entire you've heard us. [00:28:06] Speaker A: Talk shitloads about them. [00:28:08] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:28:08] Speaker D: So all of mine are going to be just who I think are going to win. And it's pretty much purely based on our discussions over the year. And narrative. I'm giving boulders. [00:28:17] Speaker C: Gate three. Yeah. [00:28:19] Speaker A: I think that's a pretty safe pick. We're also going to do a tally of who wins at the end and see who gets the most points. Just like last year. Okay. [00:28:25] Speaker B: Didn't we all draw last year? Isn't that what happened? [00:28:28] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm pretty sure we did. Which is we had a three way. [00:28:32] Speaker D: Exact draw, but we all picked different things. [00:28:34] Speaker B: That's right. Yeah. Nuts. [00:28:36] Speaker D: I think we all got 25. [00:28:39] Speaker A: Yeah. Because we did every single category from memory last time, which was ridiculous. [00:28:45] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:28:45] Speaker A: We shouldn't be doing that ever. All right, next one, guys. The best adaption. So adaption is, I guess, adapted material for different media. So I-E-A TV show from a game. [00:28:57] Speaker C: Or something like that. [00:28:58] Speaker B: So, Cap, I've got the official descriptions, and I can add them in if you like. So this one is recognizing outstanding creative work that faithfully and authentically adapts a video game to another entertainment medium. [00:29:11] Speaker C: Yeah, basically what I just said pretty. [00:29:14] Speaker B: Much exactly the same. [00:29:18] Speaker A: All right, so we had the following. Grizzly. Actually, that'll be a nice way to do it. [00:29:22] Speaker C: You can bring it in. [00:29:23] Speaker A: Okay. You say a nice little blurb about it, and then I'll go through who was nominated, and then I'll drop in who I think is going to win. And then you'll just say who I thought is going to win as your answer. How's that sound? [00:29:34] Speaker B: I'm glad we talked about this before we did the episode tonight. [00:29:37] Speaker A: Kevin. [00:29:38] Speaker B: That was a really good idea. [00:29:41] Speaker A: All right, so we got the following castlevania. Nocturne, excuse me. Grand. Tourismo. The Last of US. The Super Mario Brothers movie and twisted metal. All right, grizz. I believe I would like to see the last of us win. I just thought the entire thing was phenomenal. And I don't know, just the way that they were able to retrofit the story, but then also faithfully recreate that in a live action kind of setting and it not feel weird, I think was very impressive. [00:30:19] Speaker C: And I think they took nice kind. [00:30:21] Speaker A: Of deviations with the story, or slight deviations. Not entirely, but they took the story in their own way. There were some incredible episodes in there. The episode with Bill, I think, is some of the best television I've ever fucking watched in my life. And, yeah, incredible, incredible TV series. And I do think it's going to win. [00:30:43] Speaker C: So that's my pick. Okay. [00:30:47] Speaker B: So, Cap, first of all, who would I like to win? I actually really enjoyed the Mario movie this year. [00:30:54] Speaker C: I thought it was really well done. I thought they added a lot of. [00:31:00] Speaker B: Little culture references and throwbacks to the video game that only us gaming nerds would understand and get, which I thought was really cool and took my kids to watch it, and it was great. But I'm with you. I think the last of us will win. And the reason why I think The Last of US will win. [00:31:19] Speaker C: It really. [00:31:20] Speaker B: Did resonate with people that were not familiar with the game. I remember going into work and colleague. Of mine was like, hey, oh, have you seen that TV show The Last of US? And I'm just kind of like, oh. [00:31:30] Speaker C: No, I never heard of that. [00:31:31] Speaker B: Just played dumb. Meanwhile, knowing that it's funny. It's pretty funny. [00:31:38] Speaker A: I think everyone was able to kind of buy in quite easily, you know what I mean? And it was a pretty adult experience as well. And I think a pretty unique take on the whole zombie thing because, yeah, my parents watched it as well. [00:31:52] Speaker C: And they're not gamers or anything, but. [00:31:53] Speaker A: They really enjoyed know Pedro Pascal. The guy's a fucking heartthrob. He's like the distillation of hot dad in a fucking actor. What more could you possibly yeah, cap. [00:32:10] Speaker B: I want to talk about grand tourismo real quick. Someone did say, wait, there was a grand tourismo movie. [00:32:15] Speaker C: I haven't seen it, but it wasn't. [00:32:17] Speaker A: Orlando Bloom in it or some shit. And what's his name, the cop out of the Netflix show with Eleven? What's that one? [00:32:25] Speaker C: Stranger Things. [00:32:27] Speaker A: David Hater? [00:32:29] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:32:30] Speaker B: What's his name in that? [00:32:31] Speaker A: David Harmon? [00:32:32] Speaker B: Hopper. [00:32:32] Speaker C: It's his name. [00:32:33] Speaker B: Hopper. [00:32:33] Speaker C: No. Is that the one? [00:32:34] Speaker B: Stranger things. [00:32:35] Speaker A: David something. [00:32:36] Speaker C: Someone in Chat might be out of harbor. [00:32:38] Speaker A: David Harbour. I know, I was close. I know, I was just there. [00:32:41] Speaker B: The whole premise of that movie is a kid that races in his home. [00:32:47] Speaker C: Setup, like in his VR home SIM racing setup, then goes and races in. [00:32:54] Speaker B: A real car for real life. And they've fully dramatized that, but apparently it's based on a true story. But it just seemed real lame to me. [00:33:02] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:33:02] Speaker B: Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? [00:33:04] Speaker A: Just seems a bit it sounds like shit. I don't know. I'm going to be honest, I just do not find car racing interesting at all. All right, Pav, what about you, mate? [00:33:17] Speaker C: What are you thinking? [00:33:18] Speaker D: Yeah, I was on the fence as well with Last of US and the Mari movie. In hindsight, I probably should have gone Last of US, just because I think typically the dark and gloomy stuff does better with the pros what do you call them? [00:33:37] Speaker A: The critics? [00:33:38] Speaker D: Yeah, the critics. I think that's going to respond to them more. And they got, what, like the 90% vote here? But the Mar movie is probably the only title in this entire list that I've actually watched. So I think that's why I've got. [00:33:51] Speaker A: To put your points there, baby. [00:33:53] Speaker D: Yeah. Lend that wave. [00:33:54] Speaker C: Fair enough. [00:33:55] Speaker A: Fair enough, mate. All right, Grizz, next category, best ongoing game. Do you want to give us a bit of a rundown of what that one is? [00:34:02] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:34:03] Speaker B: Awarded to the game for outstanding development of ongoing content that evolves the player experience over time. [00:34:10] Speaker A: Over time, as you heard. Over time. All right, so those games are the following apex Legends Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy 14, which is online. Fortnite and Genshin Impact. So I think wait, we missed performance, but we'll go back and do that one in a second. Sorry. [00:34:33] Speaker B: My bad. [00:34:35] Speaker A: All right, so I would like to see Cyberpunk 2077 win. Personally, I think that game has had almost no Man's sky level rise from the ashes and complete uturn on general sentiment. It's been absolutely crazy. I started replaying the game and kind of fell in love with it again. And I think the adaption that they made, the anime adaption Edge Runners was just phenomenal. And the DLC has been really good as well. I think they've done a really good job of expanding that world in an interesting way and introducing a new interesting area within the existing kind of player space that you kind of play within. But then on top of that, they've also done a really good job of providing another tree of customizability within the artifact system as well. But even on top of that, they basically removed the entire trait system and rebuilt it from the ground up and then added all these extra features. Like, they've done an incredible job for 2.0, their 2.0 release. And yeah, I really think they deserve it, but I don't think they're going to. I think the fact that Fortnite has released its OG map, I think that's just going to usurp any possible outcome for any other game. I think that was insanely. Well, it was recepted insanely. Well know, didn't they have their highest. [00:36:18] Speaker C: Player count ever in one day? [00:36:21] Speaker A: Just when that new map came back out? It's mental. Like the amount of players they had on that day, I can't remember exactly. [00:36:27] Speaker B: Fortnite have done particularly well this year. So first they well, maybe it wasn't this year, but the whole no build thing coming out with that and then the OG map, fuck. They're good at listening to what their community wants and seem to provide it. It's actually interesting Cap, because mine are the other way around. This is a real tough one. I reckon this is where we're going to score different points here. [00:36:49] Speaker C: But look, I would not be surprised if Fortnite win. [00:36:54] Speaker B: I feel like they do a really good job at continually adapting and providing a space for people to enjoy that game. They have so many different crossovers. We've got something that I've added into the quickfire around the most recent crossover that's coming. But look, I'm going to go different to you. I'm going to put in Cyberpunk as who I think will win. [00:37:16] Speaker A: Yeah, I think either is a safe bet. I kind of just felt my personal like maybe Fortnite also. [00:37:24] Speaker B: Cyberpunk isn't a games of a service either, though. So it kind of doesn't fit the mold of what else is in here. Like Apex and Fortnite that continually update it. So it's a bit of a bit of a red herring in amongst this one. [00:37:37] Speaker A: But honestly, as long as Genshin impact doesn't win, I don't really give a. [00:37:43] Speaker B: Like, Apex has done a whole heat this year cap. I don't know, has it been around? [00:37:47] Speaker A: I mean, I haven't heard about Apex at all, so, I mean, I'd be surprised if it won. I feel like there's probably other things they could have put in. Mean, Destiny's done more than Apex has this year. And I mean, maybe not positively, but for a bit of fun they could put that in. Anyways, Pav, what do you reckon, mate? [00:38:05] Speaker D: Kind of on the similar lines as you guys. Absolutely. Fortnite is going to take the win. I think they've just exactly what you guys said. They've done a good job this year and it's been well receptive the entire year around. But I differ with the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if Genshin takes the win. [00:38:24] Speaker A: Yeah, you're probably right. They introduced some incredible gotcha mechanics where you spend shitloads of money. So, yeah, I think they deserve it. They really earned it. [00:38:35] Speaker D: It's got a crazy cult following because being at conventions all year, this year, I think 50% of cosplays I've seen this year have been Genshin cosplay. Man, that's kind of wild, isn't it? It's insane. [00:38:48] Speaker A: Yeah. I wouldn't even know what a Genshin character looks like. [00:38:52] Speaker D: I still don't. There's hundreds of characters, but you can always tell that's Genshin without knowing what the character is. [00:39:01] Speaker A: Love it. All right, moving on to the next one, we have best gaming performance. Grizz. Freaking lock us in, mate. What's going on here? [00:39:09] Speaker B: Awarded to an individual for voiceover acting, motion and or performance capture. [00:39:16] Speaker A: Okay, excellent. So we had the following nominees. Ben Starr for Final Fantasy XVI. Ben Starr voiced Clive main character. Cameron. Monahan. [00:39:30] Speaker C: Monahan. [00:39:31] Speaker A: Star wars jedi survivor. He plays Cal Kestis. Idris elba in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. He plays fucking the other guy in the DLC. Can't see his fucking name. All right. Melanie Libbard. Now, I believe. I don't know which one Melanie Libbard is. Yes, I know who she is. Now, what was her character's name? I can't think of the freaking one. She played a character in Alan Wake too. There's dual protagonists in that game. She plays the detective. Can't think of her name. Her name is Saga Anderson. Just came to me in a dream. We also had Neil Newbin for boulders. Gate three. Neil Newbin, I'm guessing, is probably asterion. I don't know for sure. Yeah, I can't imagine. I mean, everyone has a massive fucking boner for Asterian, so I'd be very surprised if it was anyone else. And then we also had Yuri Lowenthal, who played a character in Marvel, spiderman Two. That character is Spiderman. I think there's two Spiderman, so one of them. So, yeah, Peter Parker is probably a better one anyways. Yeah, so there you go. [00:40:55] Speaker C: All right, I'm going to start. I think honestly, I didn't have the. [00:41:04] Speaker A: Greatest time ever with Final Fantasy 16. I think it was a serviceable game, but where that game really shown was its voice acting and its insane kind of anime sequences. And I think Ben Starr's depiction of Clive was just amazing. Like, just so well, voice actors throughout, insane amount of emotion. And, yeah, just did an incredible job. It was one of the first times I've played a Final Fantasy game. And not just almost instantaneous or even like a Japanese kind of game, I guess, and not instantaneously. Go on to the Japanese voiceover with subtitles. So, yeah, I think Ben Star 100% deserves to take this one away. The rest I will say. I think Melanie Libbert has done an incredible job with their character as well. But I tell you what, I think what could happen is they just give it to Idris Elba to get him on stage and get some fucking clout. That's the only thing I could see possibly happening. I really hope that's not the case. I hope it's Ben Starr. [00:42:14] Speaker C: I think he fucking deserves it. [00:42:16] Speaker A: That's it for me. [00:42:17] Speaker C: There you go. Cap look, I don't particularly know any. [00:42:22] Speaker B: Of these, really because I've really only played Belto's Gate Three out of these and Astarian was fantastic in that. But I will say, from my reading, people are particularly stoked with Alan Wake Two and the voice acting in that, as well as some yes, really. And the narrative. So I'm actually going to go with Melanie LiBird here playing Saga Anderson and Alan wake two around that. [00:42:45] Speaker C: I think that's going to be my lock in Pav. [00:42:49] Speaker A: Yeah, it's interesting because I think Melody Libert's done, like, an incredible job, but I actually think there's probably better performances in Alan Wake, too. And I think, unfortunately, I think she's the only female on this roster of nominations. So I think they probably did it as a filler because whatever, but I wish there was a better representation there. But there's not. And I guess they just kind of went, There you go, that she can go in there. [00:43:20] Speaker B: But anyway, there's some banging voice actors. [00:43:23] Speaker C: From Battles Gate Three as well. [00:43:27] Speaker A: Cap oh, dude, even like Carlak incredible shadowheart. Shadowheart is really well done. I guess you can't put like, five fucking voice actors from Boulder's Gate in the best performance though, right? A little bit one sided. [00:43:43] Speaker B: And Astarian did do a particularly good job. I didn't get to see any of his late game stuff, though, because we killed him in, like, the first three camp sessions. [00:43:52] Speaker A: I'm so glad I'm not in your playthrough. [00:43:54] Speaker B: Christ, it just allows me to do it again. Cap and be surprised with all the extra stuff that you know. [00:44:02] Speaker C: Oh, God. [00:44:02] Speaker A: All right, Pav, what about you, mate? [00:44:04] Speaker D: Yeah, I've got multiple entire groups of friends who've been swooning over starring since release. So that's the only reason I put him in there. [00:44:15] Speaker C: There you go, boys. [00:44:18] Speaker B: We got a few different little votes here. [00:44:21] Speaker A: I think the tallying is going to be quite different, so that's great. All right, now we have the following best indie grizzly Gaming 86. Yeah, what do we got here? [00:44:32] Speaker B: For outstanding creative and technical achievement in a game made outside of the traditional publisher system. I actually really like that explanation, Cap. Outside the traditional publisher system. I like that. [00:44:44] Speaker A: Yeah, it's good because it kind know, obviously covers all bases, know it's not published by a major publisher and it's not developed by a major developer. So it's just perfectly worded in every way. All right, Grizz, we had the following nominees. Cocoon. Dave the diver. Dredge. Sea of stars and ViewFind My God. Yeah, I had a real hard time. Yeah, really hard time because I've played all of these this year and I have fallen in love with every fucking single one. Look, I'm not going to go into why I think all of them are amazing. They are all amazing. [00:45:23] Speaker C: But I'm going to be going with. [00:45:25] Speaker A: I want Cocoon to win, but I think Sea of Stars will take the piece of pie. I think Sea of Stars, when you attempt to recreate a video game that is so well have a spiritual success to a video game that is so well loved by probably the majority of most nostalgic gamers, and that game is Chrono Trigger, and then you manage to pull it off in a way where you receive insanely well received critic reviews. I just find it very difficult to think that you would not win the best independent indie game if you are in that lineup. Dredge was amazing. Dave. The diver is amazing. Cocoon is phenomenal and I think deserves. [00:46:06] Speaker C: To win, but won't because it's not. [00:46:08] Speaker A: The spiritual successor to Corona. Trigger and Viewfinder was an just insanely, incredible experience. [00:46:15] Speaker C: But yeah, I'm going to go with. [00:46:17] Speaker A: Cocoon as my favorite pick. But unfortunately I think Cfstar is going. [00:46:20] Speaker C: To take this one. Right, Cap? [00:46:24] Speaker B: I am actually going to lock in. [00:46:25] Speaker C: Dave the Diver here for the win. [00:46:28] Speaker B: I just think that Dave the Diver did something very different that we hadn't seen before. [00:46:35] Speaker C: I thought it was almost created a whole new genre and the premise of. [00:46:39] Speaker B: The game is just weird. You're an old overweight dude that goes diving in the day for fish and other bits and pieces and then you come back and you work in a sushi restaurant at night. That doesn't sound like the weirdest video. [00:46:51] Speaker C: Game, but somehow they just made it. [00:46:54] Speaker B: Fucking amazing and magical, all these different mechanics that you would gain as you play through that game. [00:47:02] Speaker C: And I just thought they did a. [00:47:03] Speaker B: Particularly good job and captured the hearts of many. But yes, I think it's probably between Dave the diver here and Sea of Stars. I haven't played Sea of Stars, Cap. [00:47:14] Speaker C: So I don't know, I'm kind of bit biased, potentially. Fair enough. [00:47:19] Speaker A: Totally get it. But yeah, I think Dave, you're right. [00:47:22] Speaker C: It's pretty incredible. But I guess we'll see. [00:47:25] Speaker A: We'll see which way they swing. Pav, what are your thoughts, mate? [00:47:28] Speaker D: All right. So I voted before actually checking out any of the games. So I picked Dave the Dive because it's the only one I recognize from the list. But in hindsight of actually checking out just the Steam pages, I think I probably would have picked Cocoon. It looks like a game that I'd actually really enjoy. [00:47:46] Speaker A: Yeah, I've been telling you for weeks. [00:47:49] Speaker D: I think I wasn't here for the episode. You talked about it because I don't remember. [00:47:56] Speaker A: Well, I'm telling you, it's amazing. It's also free on Game Pass FYI just every week, but it's there. [00:48:04] Speaker D: I think I'll be checking that out this week. [00:48:06] Speaker C: Yeah. Love it. [00:48:08] Speaker A: All right, next one is best Debut Indie. Now, Gris, do you want to give me a rock and roll with this one? [00:48:14] Speaker B: It's pretty self explanatory, but the best debut game created by an independent studio. Cappa yeah. [00:48:20] Speaker A: So you're probably wondering why this is a different category to the last one. The last one is for indie studios that have or have not already made games. This one is for indie studios that this is their first video game they're putting out. [00:48:33] Speaker C: Right. [00:48:34] Speaker A: So the following are nominated cocoon, Dredge, Pizza Tower, Vemba, and Viewfinder. Now, I have not played Vember or Pizza Tower, though. Pizza Tower looks absolutely fucking crazy. Looks like you're like a pizza chef going through a weird, like, 90s Nickelodeon, kind of like Red and Stimpy esque cartoon. Like, it just looks out of control. But I'm going to go with I would like to see Cocoon win, and I think Cocoon will win this one. It's just such a perfect puzzling experience in every way. And it's kind of lean into Sci-Fi but mysterious, weird kind of alien technologies that you're trying to figure out how they work. It's just such an incredibly put together game. I don't know if I can possibly blow smoke up its ass anymore. I do it every week, and people probably so sick of me saying, please go and play this game, but please go and play this game. It's just so fucking good. It's actually fucking crazy how good it is. [00:49:39] Speaker C: And people aren't playing know it bothers me. So anyways, go and play the game, Grizz. [00:49:46] Speaker B: Yep. I'm locking in Cocoon for this one, Cap, for all the reasons that you said, even though I haven't played it. No, I just think it looks better out of the options that are there. To be honest, I just think it looks the best out of the ones that are there. So I'm locking that in. [00:49:57] Speaker C: Yeah. All right. [00:49:58] Speaker A: Love it. [00:50:00] Speaker C: Pavo your thoughts. [00:50:03] Speaker D: I Chucked Dredge in there, but I probably would have been a tough choice between that and Cocoon for me as well. [00:50:09] Speaker C: Love it. [00:50:10] Speaker A: All right, next one, boys, is best action game. What do we got here? Grizz, what constitutes an action game? [00:50:17] Speaker B: Well, here we go, Cap. I'll tell you, for the best game in the action genre, focus primarily on combat. [00:50:24] Speaker C: Primarily on combat. [00:50:26] Speaker A: Okay, that makes sense. Cool, because I was wondering what differentiates this from best actionadventure game. So I'm sure we'll find that out soon, but makes sense. The nominees for best action game are the following armacore Five fires of Rubicon dead island two ghost Runner two hi Fi, Rush and Remnant Two. [00:50:49] Speaker C: All right, so I really want Hi. [00:50:53] Speaker A: Fi Rush to win this because I just think the Shadow Drop was incredible. I loved the rhythmic combat, and I just thought that the way that they used the whole the rhythmic combat in terms of the kind of hack and slash, kind of putting moves in and trying to hit your combos and stuff, it just felt so good. Yeah, it was just such a surprising game on every level. [00:51:22] Speaker C: It was just surprising how well put. [00:51:24] Speaker A: Together it was for something that literally just came out out of nowhere. But despite all that, I think what. [00:51:31] Speaker C: Do you call it? [00:51:33] Speaker A: Armored Core. Sorry. Six is probably going to win just because I think it's from software darling, and I think it's probably just going to win. I can't tell you why. I hope Hi fi Rush wins, but I think it's probably going to be Yarn core six. [00:51:49] Speaker B: Look, I reckon this was one of the hardest categories to vote in yet, Cap, but I kind of did this as an elimination, really, and then had. [00:51:58] Speaker C: A look at so genre focused primarily on combat. [00:52:02] Speaker B: Now, I played Remnant Two. I actually got it before it was released and I gave it a week. [00:52:07] Speaker C: And then I refunded it because I. [00:52:09] Speaker B: Can'T remember I found something else released and I wasn't particularly enjoying it. So, look, it just didn't hold my attention. So that was out off the bat. Dead Island's been done before, and I don't think the newest one really built. [00:52:20] Speaker C: On what they had already done. [00:52:23] Speaker B: Same with Ghost Runner Two. So those were kind of out. And I feel like the two standouts here like you mentioned, hi Fi Rush. [00:52:29] Speaker C: And Armored Core, I think both of. [00:52:31] Speaker B: Them were really quite unique. Hi fi rush in particular was unique. This kind of what's it called, Captain Rhythm Game, where you're awarded for being on the beat with bits and pieces. [00:52:45] Speaker C: I thought was particularly well done. [00:52:47] Speaker B: But, yeah, I am going to lock. [00:52:48] Speaker C: In Armored core here, cap as well. [00:52:52] Speaker B: I think it was like if you watch people play this, it literally is combat. And it's so focused on your combat. [00:52:59] Speaker C: You build your mech around being good in combat. [00:53:04] Speaker B: So I think this fitting the brief of an action game, I think it's. [00:53:07] Speaker C: Going to take it, mate. [00:53:08] Speaker A: Yeah, I think you're right there, mate. Yeah, I really want to see hi fi rush win. I think it did some interesting stuff. Whereas the Armored Corps kind of series, it's a known quantity at this stage, and we've seen it, but we'll see what happens we'll see what happens on the day. Pavlich, what are your thoughts there, mate? [00:53:27] Speaker D: Hi fi rush for the oh, lock it in, baby. [00:53:32] Speaker A: I hope you're right, mate, because I think they deserve it by far. All right, moving along to best action adventure game. So what's the difference here? Grizz? [00:53:40] Speaker B: All right, I'll spell it out for you. For the best action adventure game, combining combat with traversal and puzzle solving. [00:53:48] Speaker C: With puzzle solving. [00:53:49] Speaker A: Cool. [00:53:50] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:53:50] Speaker A: Okay. [00:53:51] Speaker B: Traversal and puzzle solving. [00:53:54] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:53:55] Speaker A: Cool. Well, we have the following nominees. So Alan Wake Two, Marvel Spiderman Two, Resident Evil Four, which is a remake. Star Wars Jedi, Survivor and The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. What do I want to win? I think Alan Wake deserves a foot in the door here. [00:54:17] Speaker C: It's approach to I think it's hard. [00:54:22] Speaker A: To give away what it does without kind of spoiling a bit of the narrative here. But a lot of it is just the way you're interacting between the two main characters and what they're experiencing in their kind of nightmare and how that turns into you traversing through the world and having to interact with it to figure out how to progress. It's really freaking well done. And I really think it deserves a shoe in the door here. But I don't think it's going to beat Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom because that game's not going to win. Game of the Year needs to win. Something makes sense for it to win action adventure. [00:55:01] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:55:02] Speaker B: Cap, if you look at what this is asking for. So combining combat, traversal and puzzle solving, I think the two that actually stand out to me that I've seen would be the new Spider Man hits all of those, but, yeah, I think Tataka. [00:55:16] Speaker C: Is going to take it for me. [00:55:19] Speaker A: Yeah, I think you're right, mate. Look, it is a really good game. It's exceptional. I think it does all the right things in iterating upon the Breath of. [00:55:30] Speaker C: The Wild, but yeah. Pav. Yeah. [00:55:34] Speaker D: It's got to be Tears of Kingdom here. There's no other choice. [00:55:38] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:55:38] Speaker A: Lock it in. Lock it in. All right, next on the list, my friends, we have got best RPG. Grizzly. Take it away, my friend. [00:55:48] Speaker B: All right, for the best game designed with rich player character customization and progression, including massively multiplayer experiences. [00:55:59] Speaker C: Very nice. [00:56:00] Speaker A: Okay, we have the following nominees. Boulders, Gate three at the very top. Final Fantasy 16. That's the most recent one. Lions of P, sea of stars and starfield all right, what do I want to see win? I think Boulders get Three absolutely deserves to take this category away again. It is a perfect culmination of all. [00:56:23] Speaker C: Of the possible D and D esque. [00:56:29] Speaker A: Tropes and RPG mechanics. And it does it in such a perfect way that enables you to effectively role play your character. If we talk about the idea of role playing a character, if you have a game where it is almost the amount of possible things you can do when it comes to the narrative in the game itself is almost infinite. I mean, that for me, within the confines of an RPG kind of narrative, that to me, is a superb RPG. And of the games that are listed, the only game that manages to do that, in my opinion, is Boulders Gate Three. Sea Stars is a great little kind of indie RPG thing. Tactical Starfield let's not even talk about it. Liza P. I'm surprised it's not in. [00:57:17] Speaker C: The action game category. [00:57:19] Speaker A: I'm really surprised to see it here. It has RPG elements and then Final Fantasy 16. Almost an RPG, I'd say. But yeah, I think Boulders gate three shines in this category. I'd be very surprised not to see it take it out. So I'm going to pick it for my favorite and what I think will win as well. [00:57:40] Speaker C: Yeah, look, I just got to agree. [00:57:42] Speaker B: Capo, you're looking at role playing game, right? Best game designed with rich player character customization. Now, when you think about that, right, dungeons and Dragons does that incredibly well, where you design your character, you have your backstory, you describe what you look like. I'm talking about Tabletop DND here with your players, and that is almost the funnest part of that experience. I feel like for the first time. [00:58:06] Speaker C: Literally ever, a video game has actually. [00:58:09] Speaker B: Given us the scope to almost feel. [00:58:11] Speaker C: Like a handcrafted DND campaign where you. [00:58:14] Speaker B: Can truly influence what your character looks like and even doing things within the game that you wouldn't think possible. Like using Featherfall when you're falling down a hole to traverse down into the underdark. And there's just so much in that. [00:58:27] Speaker C: Game that is Dungeons and Dragons to me that it is the ultimate RPG. [00:58:33] Speaker B: And I would go as far to say it's probably the best RPG that we have that has been released to date. It is just an absolute masterpiece. I'll be on there with you. I think this is the category for Baldos Gate Three in a nutshell. So it's got to take it, I feel like. [00:58:49] Speaker C: Yeah. Pavo. [00:58:51] Speaker D: Big agree. Big agree. [00:58:54] Speaker C: Love it. Love it. Big agree. [00:58:56] Speaker D: Boulders, gate three. [00:58:57] Speaker A: Big agree. Boulders, gate three. Hell yeah. All right, moving on. Best multiplayer game presented by Discord. [00:59:08] Speaker B: This is an interesting description here. So it's for outstanding online multiplayer gameplay and design, including co op and massive multiplayer experiences, irrespective of game genre or platform. [00:59:22] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:59:25] Speaker A: I found this category quite difficult because the games are so wildly varied. Now, the nominees are the following bouldersgate three diablo. Four Party Animals, street Fighter six and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I would like to see Bouldersgate Three. [00:59:45] Speaker C: Win, but I think something a bit more vanillary. [00:59:51] Speaker A: Multiplayer will probably take this just to take the well, look, I think the idea era of multiplayer Boulders Gate Three is great, and I think it's a great experience and I think it deserves to take it away, but I still think they're probably going to give this away to something else just because it's a multiplayer game. And that's just what I think is. [01:00:13] Speaker C: Probably going to happen, maybe won't. I think what will probably take it. [01:00:18] Speaker A: Is Street Fighter Six. I think it's gotten pretty good. Critic reviews. [01:00:24] Speaker B: You've been looking at my fucking notes, haven't you, Cat, you bastard. [01:00:28] Speaker A: I'm pretty sure I filled mine in first, pal. [01:00:30] Speaker B: No, look, I actually have Beldor's Gates. [01:00:32] Speaker C: Three as the winner here, but I'm. [01:00:34] Speaker B: Thinking the exact same as you. [01:00:36] Speaker C: So, look, I think they've created something truly incredible playing co op. [01:00:42] Speaker B: My campaign at the moment is a co op campaign. Everything from being able to venture around. [01:00:46] Speaker C: The city and have totally separate dialogues. [01:00:49] Speaker B: Being able to block your dialogue from someone else in your party if you didn't want them to hear, if you're doing something private. An example, cap is the dark urge, right? [01:00:59] Speaker C: The whole dark urge stuff by default is clicked off so your party members. [01:01:05] Speaker B: Can'T see what you're doing. So it really is like a DND campaign. If you kill someone in camp, they won't know that that person's disappeared and. [01:01:13] Speaker A: It can kind of that is brilliant. [01:01:14] Speaker B: Come out through. It's just designed incredibly well. But, yeah, like you say, I feel like it's four sucked, so that's not going to win Wonder. While it's a fantastic game, the online part of that is not what makes Wonder great. No, it really hasn't got a whole heap in there that it's pretty small. [01:01:34] Speaker A: Subset of features, really, for a multiplayer, which is classic and it's not directly multiplayer. [01:01:39] Speaker B: No, like, you can't really do anything. [01:01:40] Speaker C: Apart from almost like Raced Ghosts, like. [01:01:43] Speaker B: In Mario Kart and give some items and stuff in there. So I tend to agree. I think if something else is going to pick this up. Street Fighter Six has been a cracker game this year and obviously that heavily revolves around, like, a PvP online ranked fighter. [01:01:57] Speaker C: So, yeah, I'm going to still lock. [01:01:59] Speaker B: In Beltos gate three, but, yeah, I agree with all your points, mate. I think Street Fighter Six is probably potentially going to take it. [01:02:07] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:02:07] Speaker B: All right, pav. [01:02:08] Speaker A: Now tell me why it's Super Mario Brothers Wonder after we just shit on it. [01:02:11] Speaker D: Yeah, look, I feel real right now. [01:02:17] Speaker B: Look. [01:02:20] Speaker A: I had a great time. [01:02:23] Speaker D: Look, I haven't played it, but it was like, oh, I played it packs and I had a good time. [01:02:29] Speaker B: Take it. Who fucking knows? [01:02:31] Speaker D: Yeah, look, after your notes, maybe I feel like I've picked badly, but I don't know, I wanted to throw something to bloody Mario. I think it was a great game and I think it should win something. [01:02:48] Speaker A: Deserves a bone fab's. Given it one, I get it. [01:02:53] Speaker D: That's a throw to me, unfortunately. [01:03:00] Speaker A: Locked in. Sorry, pal. All right, now, next one on the list. Second of the last two. Most anticipated game. Grizzly, what is our speed? [01:03:12] Speaker B: Recognizing an announced game that has demonstratably illustrated potential to push the gaming medium forward. [01:03:21] Speaker A: Love it. All right, now where am I? Where are the freaking things? For this, we have the following. Where the fuck is it? Anticipated game. Here we go. We've got Final Fantasy seven rebirth, Hades two like a dragon infinite wealth Star Wars, outlaws and Tekken eight all right, I think that out of all those, by far the most anticipated is going to be Hades and Two. And Final Fantasy seven rebirth. It's just which ones do I think is going to win? I am more hotly anticipated for rebirth. I loved Hades, but not as much as I absolutely adored the most recent Final Fantasy Seven remake. So I'm really excited for this game. So I would like to see it win. And I also think that's what I think will win. The other three? Lack of dragon, infinite wealth. I think we've had a billion of these fucking games. You could argue we've had a billion fucking final fantasies, but I'm just saying, okay, I don't think it's that hotly anticipated. Star Wars Outlaws, I think it looks good. I don't think it's that super hotly anticipated. And Tekkenate, I mean, I didn't even realize there was one coming out. So I think that speaks for itself. [01:04:38] Speaker B: Grizz hades is one of my all time favorite video games. I absolutely pumped the shit out of that. And I feel like it was one of those games that kind of came out of nowhere. [01:04:50] Speaker C: And I know that Supergiant had put. [01:04:53] Speaker B: It is super giant games, isn't it, Hades? [01:04:55] Speaker C: Pretty sure. Yep. [01:04:56] Speaker B: Correct. They had other games of a similar nature. [01:05:00] Speaker C: And I feel like this kind of came out of nowhere and surprised a lot of people. [01:05:07] Speaker B: So I'm going to put my eggs on Hades, too for being most anticipated. [01:05:12] Speaker C: But who knows? Matt yeah, gorgeous. [01:05:17] Speaker A: All right, pav, your thoughts. [01:05:19] Speaker D: While Tekken Eight is probably the only game that I'd probably personally play out of this list, I know way too many Final Fantasy nerds not to pick that for the win. [01:05:32] Speaker A: Yeah, I think that's an intelligent choice. But Hades, too, also very easily could be taking this as well. [01:05:37] Speaker B: I got this wrong last year too, boys. Remember, I did not vote on Tutok as being most anticipated. And Cap was losing his fucking mind over it. How could he not vote on the literally the most anticipated game ever? [01:05:53] Speaker A: I was right. [01:05:54] Speaker B: You were right. [01:05:56] Speaker A: I love it. All right, there you go. Now the final category, the Pistol resistance. The game of the year for 2023. Grizzly, what are we expecting here? [01:06:11] Speaker B: What are we recognizing? [01:06:12] Speaker C: A game that delivers the absolute best. [01:06:15] Speaker B: Experience across all creative and technical fields. [01:06:20] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:06:21] Speaker A: All right, we have the following nominees. Alan wake two bouldersgate. [01:06:24] Speaker B: Three. [01:06:24] Speaker A: Marvel Spiderman Two, resident Evil Four. Super Mario Brothers, wonder and Legend of Zelda. Tears of the kingdom. [01:06:32] Speaker C: Now, Cap, this is definitely going to. [01:06:35] Speaker B: TikTok this section right here. So before we jump into it, I want you to describe why Starfield didn't get into the Game of the Year nominations for. [01:06:52] Speaker C: All right, if Starfield actually managed to produce an experience that was considered to be good, it might be here, but it's not, all right? [01:07:04] Speaker A: Every other game on here has produced an experience that would be considered above average. Starfield, not so much. [01:07:12] Speaker C: Good luck. [01:07:13] Speaker A: Next on Bethesda. Honestly though, obviously, it's going to be Boulders Gate Three that wins. I still think alan wait, two. Banger game. Not quite the same caliber, let's be honest. Spiderman Two. Sure. I'm sure. It's great. Resident Evil Four, excellent game, but it's not bringing anything new. It's another Capcom remake. Wonder, incredible platformer, but just not quite the same level of just like, phenomenal gaming experience. [01:07:47] Speaker C: Now the Legend of Zelda. [01:07:49] Speaker A: Tears of the Kingdom. If this was the first game that Nintendo had brought out in the kind of series of Breath of the World and Tears of the Kingdom, I think. [01:07:59] Speaker C: This might be a very different conversation. It's not. And I think Tears of the Kingdom. [01:08:06] Speaker A: Is just not as compelling as a game of the Year anymore because we've had Breath of the Wild. It was a great experience. It had some new kind of takes on the whole thing. But yeah, I mean, ultimately, Boulders Gate has just been phenomenal in literally every fucking mean. I can't I can't imagine a world where it doesn't take it. [01:08:26] Speaker C: So I'm picking it as my most liked and hotly thought. [01:08:33] Speaker A: Yes, it will do it. [01:08:34] Speaker C: Yes. So just going back to the title here. [01:08:39] Speaker B: So experience across all creative and technical fields. [01:08:42] Speaker C: And I feel like Battlesgate Three did. [01:08:45] Speaker B: So many things right, Cap, like the voice acting, every single line in that game, voice acted. And the sheer amount of dialogue in there. I can't remember how many minutes of dialogue there was that they kind of touted that at the start. [01:08:59] Speaker C: I think it was like can't remember. [01:09:00] Speaker A: But it was something insane. [01:09:02] Speaker C: Just remember, but it was ridiculous. [01:09:04] Speaker B: Thousands and thousands of minutes. [01:09:07] Speaker A: I'm assuming 9000 different permutations of the ending or something ridiculous as well. What the fuck? [01:09:14] Speaker B: Just to have that in a video game. And it to be the way it is, open possibilities. Like I say, it's like an online DND game. I think it's going to take it. But yeah, we had some great games this year. I feel like this year in particular was probably a pretty hard one. [01:09:29] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, we've been very spoiled. Been spoiled. Yeah, it's nice. [01:09:34] Speaker A: Nice to get a bit of a tsunami of incredible video games after a couple of shitty years of COVID So good shit. [01:09:44] Speaker C: What do you got? [01:09:46] Speaker D: I'm giving it a star. [01:09:50] Speaker A: He wasn't nominated, by the way. An incredible technical marvel in the sense that they even put it out because it is what it is. Anyway, sorry, I keep shitting on it's. It's fine. It's fine. Don't worry. If you enjoy it, just enjoy know, just have fun with sorry, Pavsky. Love it, love it, love it. Well, there you know, just whilst we're. [01:10:19] Speaker C: Doing this, I actually think I might. [01:10:22] Speaker A: Make a little Google form and chuck it in our discord and just have people submit their picks and we'll just do a bit of a spreadsheet and share it in the community and people. [01:10:32] Speaker B: Can see where they really cool. Dude, that would be cool. We should do that 100%. [01:10:37] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:10:37] Speaker A: So you can go up against us. So keep an eye out for that. I'm going to get Pav to remind me to do that during the week. And, I mean, we'll definitely have it out this week. Promise. I'll make it one of my things to do one of these nights coming up, and I'll post it in the discord during the week. We'll have the same categories as we've just gone through, and we've still got. [01:10:58] Speaker C: A bit of time before that gets released. [01:11:03] Speaker A: Now, if you want to find our discord, you can go to OGR Show and I believe it's on there. Is that correct, Pav? [01:11:09] Speaker C: Yeah. Cool. [01:11:10] Speaker A: So, yeah, just go onto OGR Show and look for the discord link. If you want to come and join in. I'll post it in the general chat. [01:11:16] Speaker C: At some point this week and people. [01:11:18] Speaker A: Can make their votes and we'll see who gets the best score. Okay, Capo. [01:11:23] Speaker D: We might chuck it in the episode description for those of our non twitch streamer. [01:11:32] Speaker B: Sounds good. [01:11:33] Speaker A: Podcast listeners check the description or go to OGR Show. Either works both ways. All right, well, we've kind of spent a shitload of time on that, so we might just touch base quickly, actually. Might go to the poll. [01:11:50] Speaker C: Poll? Yep. Let's do the poll. [01:11:51] Speaker B: I've just banged in the Twitter chat there. [01:11:54] Speaker A: All right, well, Grizz posted an incredibly very important poll this week and wanted to know who was going to win the game of the year for the Game Awards. Grizz, we know who our nominees were. The Bottlesgate legend zelda alan Wake Two Super Mario Brothers wonder we also had Resident Evil Four and Super Mario Super Marvel Spiderman Two. Now, want to run through the absolutely. [01:12:24] Speaker B: All right, so we had it because you don't have enough votes, right? So I said to people to put in gifts for either Marvel Spiderman or Resident Evil Four. So we copped two Spider Man gifts. [01:12:36] Speaker A: Some really that is slatos, posting a starfield gift. [01:12:42] Speaker B: Who is in the starfield suit, though? Is that that the guy who does. [01:12:46] Speaker A: The nod on the motorbike is the GIF. [01:12:48] Speaker C: He's like, just that little nod. [01:12:52] Speaker A: I hope I've described that well, because I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyways, sorry. [01:12:58] Speaker B: We actually copped 40 votes on this poll, so one of the most successful polls to date. You guys can also vote in the poll weekly. On our Twitter, we had Super Mario Brothers Wonder. Super Mario Brother Wonder pulling up 2.5% of the vote, tying with Alan Wake. [01:13:13] Speaker C: Two. [01:13:14] Speaker B: Then we had Legend of Zelda to talk, getting 20% of the vote. And then up the top Baltos Gate three with a whopping 75% of the vote. [01:13:22] Speaker C: Capo yeah, I think it's a fair winner. [01:13:26] Speaker A: I think it's going to win. We'll see what happens. We'll see where it swings on the day, but think it's pretty likely. But, yeah, look, we post one of these every week. So as often as we remember, if you want to vote in next week's poll, if we remember to put it up, go to Twitter.com ogrshow, follow us there. And you too can vote in our weekly, sometimes fortnightly, sometimes monthly poll. Again, depending on when we remember to put it up. All right, there you go. Now, yeah, basically, Grizz, I reckon we're going to talk about Valve Half Life 25th anniversary update. [01:14:04] Speaker C: Okay. [01:14:05] Speaker A: And we'll probably see how we're going. [01:14:07] Speaker C: Now, if you live under a bloody rock, maybe you wouldn't know, but it's. [01:14:13] Speaker A: Been an incredibly wonderful week for many reasons. One is that Half Life is currently a dollar 50 Australian, or something like that. Dollar 45 or something ridiculous Half Life won on the Steam store. Now, you're probably thinking, what, that old bloody game? That old bloody that bloody, half baked, old bloody, bloody thing. Now, yeah, you probably do think that. But guess what? They have unleashed a 25th anniversary update for this game, and it's actually crazy. They've also released a documentary about the creation of the Half Life video game as well. [01:14:55] Speaker B: It was quite groundbreaking. Cap half Life, I remember when it. [01:14:59] Speaker A: Came out, game was huge. [01:15:02] Speaker B: I actually think Adrian on the show. [01:15:04] Speaker C: Last week was saying how Half Life basically kickstarted Steam. [01:15:09] Speaker B: They wanted a way to update that game and that was the platform they were using to update it. And it's kind of built from there. [01:15:18] Speaker A: But I mean, this game also, it doesn't look like it now, but graphically, this game was mental. People were building PCs to play half life. Like, this was one of those games that it was like a crisis of its time. [01:15:37] Speaker B: Realistically, did it form, like, the basis of Counterstrike engine as well, from Half? [01:15:43] Speaker A: Well, Half Life Two was built on the source engine, and that's where Counterstrike came from as a mod of Half Life Two, hence why it's called it uses the source engine. So Counterstrike source, we also had 1.5, which I think was made off the original Half Life, I'm guessing, or something similar. Not entirely sure about 1.5 and stuff like that, but it's in there somewhere. But yeah, this game is a cult classic and realistically, a titan of its day. Like you said, this is where Steam was birthed, straight from this video game. But, yeah, look, they've released an anniversary update, including a bunch of stuff. One thing they did release is a little campaign that actually came out on CD alongside, I believe it was, soundcard purchases back in the olden days. And I think it came with some other bits and pieces as well. So they've released this mini campaign called Half Life Uplink that was originally released kind of exclusively if you purchased these things. So that's available now alongside the base game. They've also released four new multiplayer maps which they're touting as pushing the limits of what's possible in the Half Life engine, which I'm sure if you compare to what's possible in engines today, is not quite the same degree. But I think they look quite cool. There's like. [01:17:24] Speaker C: What do you call it? [01:17:25] Speaker A: Like a contamination facility. And then there's one that's called Pool Party, which has like a Xeno pool or some shit. Then like a radioactive place and a big rocket bloody silo thing. So pretty exciting. I've also updated the graphics. Grizzly Gaming 86, you can play in full widescreen view. You can also disable texture smoothing on the GL renderer. Lighting fixes include long lost GL, overbright support and software rendering on Linux. Crisp colors, animated water and unfiltered textures. They've also got controller and Steam network supported. Now. And also they finally verified this game. [01:18:07] Speaker C: For the Steam deck. Yeah, pretty exciting. [01:18:10] Speaker B: I've seen that. That looks cool. Output steam deck. There's upscaling support as well. Cap isn't there Upscaling support as well? [01:18:17] Speaker A: There is UI upscaling support for high resolution stuff. So that's pretty radical. They've also restored a bunch of old content, so they brought back the old Valve logo, which, if you remember it, you remember it when that came on and it had the that noise, it was just iconic. Also, they had some old original heroes that you would play as in the game. And they look absolutely fucking whacked out. So they're going to be available as multiplayer skins as well as this other multiplayer skin called Too Much Coffee Man, who I've never seen in my life, but he's coming. There's also some extra multiplayer maps that they're noting, as well as a bunch of sprays and a shitload of bug fixes. Like there's heaps. So they've given it a real good once over and I think that's bloody exciting. Grizz, how do you feel? [01:19:14] Speaker B: Yeah, I don't know. [01:19:17] Speaker C: It's all right. [01:19:18] Speaker B: I probably won't play it. Not super excited. But you know what, mate? Good on them. It's been a long time. I got to be honest. [01:19:24] Speaker A: I probably won't play it either, but the fact it's there that excites me. [01:19:28] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:19:28] Speaker B: Got to celebrate that shit, dude. 25 years, man. [01:19:31] Speaker C: I remember when it came out. [01:19:33] Speaker B: I remember it being pretty cool. Also remember it being real scary. Those face huggers were terrifying, mate. [01:19:39] Speaker A: Oh, dude, absolutely. It's amazing. What would scare you back in the day, right, when you compare it to now, what is required to scare you. That would not scare me at the moment. Currently. [01:19:51] Speaker C: Not even close. [01:19:53] Speaker A: But yeah, he's pretty wild. Now, alongside this, again, the documentary came out and obviously Gabe Newell, GabeN the Jesus Christ of video games, he had a few things to say. One thing of which was his own kind of take on that fake Miyamoto. [01:20:11] Speaker C: Quote that people attributed to Know, the. [01:20:16] Speaker A: One that said a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. Apparently he never actually said that, or at least there's no evidence to suggest that he actually did say it. Anyways, in this documentary, Gabe Newell has his own version of that particular quote. Not that he's referencing it per se, but he says something similar and he says late is just for a little while, suck is forever. And that was talking about how they delayed Half Life one by I think it was about a year in 1998. So yeah, just a funny little that's right, little moment. [01:20:51] Speaker B: Bring out too early and it sucks. Unless you know that sky and you can fix it. [01:20:56] Speaker A: Well, you're good cyberpunk and you manage to spend two years on adaptions and major DLC patch updates. Yeah, it might very well just suck forever. So there you go. Now, one final interesting little tidbit was that we also found out during this documentary that all of the textures in Half Life were created by a single person. [01:21:20] Speaker C: Now, that probably doesn't sound like much. [01:21:23] Speaker A: But when you think about the size of these video games back in the day and what was required to build these games, we don't have all the weird and wonderful little tools to accelerate game development and stuff like that anymore. Someone would have had to handcraft these textures and put them all together. And I was kind of reading through this article and normally you'd have a few designers and you'd have a few programmers and you'd have a couple of guys doing Voicing and stuff like that. And then probably some other people doing sound effects and all that. But this person kind of just became the textures person. And all of that work funneled. [01:22:04] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:22:05] Speaker A: And yeah, it just became a huge job. Like just gargantuan. But they did it. [01:22:11] Speaker B: I don't know whether it was tendered like that cap because he's got no here that it's really funny. He's like, first of all, I had a bunch of textures. Then every time I made new ones, whoever was working on the level would. [01:22:22] Speaker C: Be like, oh, fresh textures, I'm going to use those. [01:22:25] Speaker B: Somebody making another level would start using them as well. And it was just chaos. Everyone was just using all the textures he was making. What a mad dog, though. [01:22:34] Speaker C: Pretty cool. Yeah, pretty rad. [01:22:36] Speaker A: And I can imagine being in a team like that at the time. That probably would have been a fairly fresh and new experience for developers. Like having all those kinds of textures available all the time, despite that not really being that person's job. But, yeah, it kind of ended up becoming like that. So, yeah, just a really cool little story. So very radical. Very radical. Now, I think, finally, Grizz, we might just quickly sort of touch on the fact that Mario Kart eight, has just fallen off the monthly 20 best selling games in the United States for a given month chart since it was first released in April 2017. [01:23:21] Speaker B: Yeah, big POG. That is out of control time. And they've done the thing where they just keep releasing more maps and stuff. [01:23:27] Speaker C: For it as well, for you to. [01:23:29] Speaker B: Play, which is pretty cool. So keep it current. [01:23:32] Speaker C: Yeah, absolutely. [01:23:33] Speaker A: So, just to kind of reiterate this, 78 consecutive months in the top 20 best selling video games in the US. I didn't even realize people were still buying this game, which is kind of crazy. So, obviously, switches are still selling like hotcakes and they're still selling many, many copies of this game, but that's really rad. The website that is collating this data, someone reached out for comment on this, just asking if they know whether this is like an all time record because it's ridiculously long and they said almost probably likely, but they don't have the exact data to confirm it. They did say that if Grand Theft Auto's sales were included in the chart, it might be a slightly different story because basically they had to take down the sales due to the reporting standards of something or other. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is it's up there with GTA, which is impressive in itself. [01:24:35] Speaker B: FYI sold a lot of copies, mate. [01:24:40] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, big time. Now. Grizz one final thing I wanted to. [01:24:44] Speaker C: Touch on this as well, was we have another remaster coming soon and it's. [01:24:50] Speaker A: Probably not one you're expecting. [01:24:53] Speaker C: They're remastering. The Last of US part Two Grizz. [01:24:58] Speaker B: When did that game come out? [01:25:00] Speaker A: Cat, when was last this game came out? In 2020. [01:25:03] Speaker C: See, that to me, like, three years. [01:25:06] Speaker B: Ago, is fucking why that's taken the. [01:25:08] Speaker A: Piss, don't you think? [01:25:09] Speaker B: Why are they remastering that, dude? [01:25:11] Speaker C: Why? [01:25:12] Speaker A: It is because people are buying the remasters. And so now, instead of giving you native PS Five enhancements, a host of graphical improvements and visual performances output sorry. At improved loading times and also wireless. [01:25:32] Speaker C: Controller integration for free, as most other. [01:25:36] Speaker A: Games do, they're going to pay wallet behind a brand new copy and make you pay for this one as well. So I think this is fucking scummy now, cap? [01:25:45] Speaker B: I know what you're thinking. [01:25:46] Speaker A: Naughty dog can do this. Oh, my God. Yes. [01:25:49] Speaker C: What do you mean? [01:25:50] Speaker B: I can read your brain from here, mate. [01:25:51] Speaker C: All right. You are thinking, why the fuck would they not give us bloodborne remaster? [01:25:59] Speaker A: I'm telling you, I've been wanting bloodborne forever. That should have been the first cab off The Rake. And why wasn't it? I can't believe they haven't done it. So I don't know. I mean, just the fact that they've. [01:26:13] Speaker C: Actually put time and effort into this. [01:26:15] Speaker A: I think is a massive money grubbing thing. And it's really gross in my opinion. I mean, again, this game came out three years ago. Maybe give it about a few more years just to kind of breathe. And yeah, it's kind of a yikes. I'm interested to see what you guys think at home. Yeah, what a joke. [01:26:39] Speaker C: But yeah. [01:26:40] Speaker A: So there you go. If you wanted to buy The Last of US Part Two, again, for no particular reason, you can very soon. So get excited for the next remaster. But yeah, there you go. [01:26:50] Speaker C: Now, Grez, got a little question for you. [01:26:53] Speaker A: I want to know how's your gaming been going. [01:26:59] Speaker B: It's a sad state of affairs, cap but you know what, I'm going to take this opportunity, mate, to actually speak about my Steam Deck with you because I talked about it last week, but you weren't here. So I've been doing a lot of travel, guys. I've traveled domestically four times in the last 30 days. So I've literally been nonstop traveling, which has meant I've had very limited time behind my PC, which sucks. So I haven't been able to rarely sink my teeth into a PC game for a while. But Steam Deck has been filling the void where possible. Cap I've actually been playing the Souls games, replaying the Souls games on Steam. [01:27:35] Speaker A: Nice. Where did you start? [01:27:36] Speaker B: I started at Dark Souls Three, which is my all time favorite. And it's crazy, man. I have the most hours played on Dark Souls. Three over All Souls games. But I've really taken my time and I've found so much more story stuff that I've missed. [01:27:50] Speaker C: Like things that I just didn't complete, I've gone through. [01:27:54] Speaker B: And I've done all the who's the big onion man? [01:27:57] Speaker C: Cap what's his name? [01:27:59] Speaker B: Sigmund, I think, seagood or something. Seagood? [01:28:03] Speaker A: Yeah, it's one of the three it is takes on it. [01:28:08] Speaker B: Have you ever done his story in that game? [01:28:11] Speaker C: Dude, yeah, it's exceptionally sad. [01:28:13] Speaker B: It is exceptionally sad. But it's also so fucking complicated, man. You have to do certain things and then someone steals his armor patches, and then you've got to confront Patches and then go give the armor you got to buy his armor off patches, and then you've got to find him in a random well somewhere and drop his armor into him. [01:28:33] Speaker C: Anyway, there is like so much in. [01:28:35] Speaker B: There, but I've been really enjoying that. Cap I don't know what it is, but it's different. Being able to play a Souls game. [01:28:40] Speaker C: In handheld form, never been able to. [01:28:42] Speaker B: Experience that and probably really play any game of that fidelity in handheld form. [01:28:48] Speaker C: It runs at 60 frames and it. [01:28:52] Speaker B: Plays probably better than my PC does on Dark Souls Three at the moment. So it's pretty nice, pretty radical on the long flights. Capo, I've been putting the Steam deck to 40 frames on Souls Games and. [01:29:06] Speaker C: Turning the brightness down and it performs. [01:29:09] Speaker B: Still fantastic and gets a bit more extra battery life out of it, mate. [01:29:14] Speaker A: Yeah, I think I haven't really pushed because I've mostly been using it for rogue lights and stuff, and I played it for bits and pieces, for 3d kind of AAA experiences, but I've been meaning to download Eldon Ring and see how it goes, because apparently it runs pretty well on the deck. So maybe I'll give it a slight nudge soon, just for a bit of fun. But give it a ticket. Yeah, I think it looks like a great way to play those games. Definitely keen to get down there and just go and die a bunch of times. Sounds like a great time. [01:29:52] Speaker B: The other one I want to bring up, mate, is when I got back, I have been continuing my Beltos Gate Three co op playthrough. [01:29:59] Speaker C: Hell yeah. [01:30:00] Speaker B: So I'm now into the third and final act with the boys and all's going pretty well. Nothing catastrophic has really happened, but I do rarely wonder how different the game would be in terms of the story if we had have taken different options. I think I may have mentioned last time, but we killed Shadowheart because we weren't agreeing with what she wanted to do and then we're just trying to decide who we side with in the end. I don't think you finished it, Caps. I don't want to spoil it for. [01:30:28] Speaker C: You, but it is just such a. [01:30:31] Speaker B: Fucking amazing co op experience. I've actually really enjoyed it because we found ourselves talking between each other like you would in a D and D game, about the decisions that we want to make as a team based on the law that we know. And it just reminds me so much of tabletop D and D being able to do that kind of banter about the story that we kind of know and where we see ourselves making those decisions and what decisions we want to make. So, yeah, it's just a great game. Really enjoying it. So should be finished with that reasonably soon, mate, and then I'll probably start another one with friends and do something different, I reckon. [01:31:04] Speaker A: Hell yeah, man. [01:31:05] Speaker C: Love that. Nice. [01:31:06] Speaker A: Well, yeah, look, I mean, thanks for asking, by the way. You didn't. In all honesty, mate, I don't think I played a single video game last week and maybe even the week before. I've not had time to do anything. And when I get home at night, I've just been cooked, like, completely knackered from the day and so I end up just sitting in bed watching TikToks or Instagram Reels. Not TikToks, I don't have that on my phone, but anyways, that's besides the point. But, look, basically, I did actually download Elder Scrolls online and played that for about ten minutes and then got too tired and went to bed. But I'm thinking I might give that a bit of a nudge because I've been craving a bit of MMO time and I might put it on the Steam deck and see how it goes. [01:31:55] Speaker C: But I did decide that, well, I. [01:32:01] Speaker A: Haven'T finished Boulderscape Three and I figured I need to finish this game before. [01:32:05] Speaker C: The end of the year, ideally before. [01:32:07] Speaker A: Game of the Year is announced. So over the next week and a bit, I'm going to do my absolute best to try and knock it out. So next few nights, just chuck in a few hours here and there, see. [01:32:19] Speaker B: How we go get it done. [01:32:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm not too far off Steam Deck. [01:32:23] Speaker B: Can you play it on Steam Deck cap? [01:32:25] Speaker A: I'd probably stream it onto Steam deck from my PC. I tried to play it on my deck and it just ran like garbage despite being Steam decks verified. I mean, it's not always the case. Don't listen to what Valve has to say. Basically, if it has an FPS above five, it could potentially be verified. So, yeah, it's not a great experience. [01:32:46] Speaker C: In my opinion, but it's technically playable. [01:32:48] Speaker A: If you want to play it straight off the deck, I'd recommend streaming it from your PC onto your deck. [01:32:52] Speaker B: I'll tell you what, dude, when you are streaming, even with games that require like, no input lag, I actually played. I just wanted to test out and play Binding of Isaac. I can play it natively normally, but I just want to try it to see whether it would run like shit. [01:33:05] Speaker C: Dude, it ran. [01:33:06] Speaker B: Surprisingly, I could barely even tell I was streaming the game to the deck. [01:33:11] Speaker A: I found with my PC linked directly to my router and me using a 5G connection for my Steam deck. [01:33:22] Speaker C: I. [01:33:22] Speaker A: Don'T even notice an input lag. It's virtually instantaneous, maybe a very slight one. And sometimes there's like a buffer issue, which is just standard with Wi Fi, but still very reasonable. So, yeah, look, overall gaming's been going pretty slow recently, but I plan to pick it up soon. I also need to finish Alan Wake, too. I'm pretty close to finishing that game as far as I can tell, so try and finish that before the year as well. I've got two weeks off after Christmas, so I'm going to knock out some gaming there as well, just because Ted's. [01:33:55] Speaker C: Still in daycare, which is awesome. [01:33:58] Speaker A: So it means I get some gaming time and he gets to go and. [01:34:02] Speaker C: Play in the sand pit. [01:34:03] Speaker A: So we're both doing exactly what we're going to be doing, living the dream together. All right, Grizz, let's freaking dive straight in, eh? Brought to you by Rapid it's in the game. It's in the freaking game, baby. We have got a few RFS cap. [01:34:21] Speaker B: I just want to say that did you know that the original DJ Francesco sound bite got played last week with me and really? [01:34:29] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:34:30] Speaker B: Pav bought out the origin. [01:34:32] Speaker D: I was bullied into it. [01:34:34] Speaker B: I was bullied into it. [01:34:35] Speaker A: All right, I have to get back and listen to that. Sounds amazing. [01:34:40] Speaker C: Excellent. [01:34:41] Speaker A: All right, grizz. First off the cab off the first Ranky Cabby. Yes. Game Maker will go free for non commercial use on all platforms soon. TM I believe they had a exact date, which I currently cannot find. But anyways, if you're not aware with what Game Maker is, it's a game development platform. It kind of simplifies some of the aspects of it, makes it fairly easy to do. [01:35:12] Speaker C: But, yeah, I believe what's that fucking game with the Daisy as the InBOSS. [01:35:24] Speaker A: Undertale was made in Game Maker. [01:35:27] Speaker C: So there you go. [01:35:28] Speaker B: There you go. [01:35:30] Speaker A: But, yeah, I think it's a fairly simplified kind of game engine, but it's still very powerful and does a lot of things, so soon you'll be able to do that. So very cool. [01:35:41] Speaker C: Cool. [01:35:41] Speaker B: Give it a whirl. [01:35:42] Speaker C: Cap I don't know. [01:35:44] Speaker B: This is such a weird fucking announcement, I'm going to be honest with you. Battles. Gate Three and Lord of the Rings golem are getting game trials added to PlayStation Premium. If you don't know what that is, if you have PlayStation Premium, you are able to play up to an hour of select games on there for free, actually. [01:36:02] Speaker C: Is it 2 hours? [01:36:04] Speaker B: Battlesgate Free gives you 2 hours. [01:36:05] Speaker A: 2 hours for BG Three, 1 hour for Lord of the Rings Golem, and that is more than enough time for you to realize it's one of the worst games you've ever played. Don't even worry about it. Five minutes. [01:36:18] Speaker B: I reckon they're advertising that as a thing there. [01:36:22] Speaker A: I have no idea. Unbelievable. It's not like they don't read the news anyways. Grizz a new report notes that 83% of mobile games fail three years after release, which that's not surprising. I feel like mobile gaming these days is just like, just chase every possible new fad to the absolute death and then that new fad dies and people move to a new game pretty quickly. I would have thought maybe that statistic would be even higher, but surprisingly not. [01:36:54] Speaker B: So there you go. By the way, I've just deleted that because I also had that down the bottom. So that's my bad. The next Cod title is set in the Gulf War and part of the Black Ops series. [01:37:07] Speaker C: There you go. [01:37:07] Speaker A: Yeah, exciting for you. Call of Duty gamers coming 2024 Release. Yes, I do believe you're correct. Which is next year. [01:37:19] Speaker C: And we're almost there. [01:37:20] Speaker A: I mean, it's actually kind of wild. Dude, we're almost in December. [01:37:23] Speaker B: Christ. [01:37:25] Speaker A: Dear Lord. Dear Lord. Speaking of games coming out beyond the new year, there is a new subnautica game coming in 2025. No details yet, but it has been kind of revealed as part of some stuff that the developer said. [01:37:46] Speaker B: Now, Cap, this is an actual subnautica game, isn't it? This is a sub nautica game. [01:37:51] Speaker A: It is indeed. This is another subnautica game. I mean, I think these games are making them a significant amount of cash. Subnautica number one is still like one of the greatest survival games of all time, in my opinion. It's hard for me to believe that they don't keep milking this series for what it is and I think keep doing it, please. [01:38:11] Speaker C: Cap, what happened to that game they. [01:38:13] Speaker B: Were going to release about the Figurines? Remember that weird one by that Dev subnautic attack? [01:38:18] Speaker A: I don't know, where is that? Hopefully they just stopped development on that because it looked like shit. [01:38:24] Speaker B: I actually didn't mind the idea of. [01:38:26] Speaker A: That, but it looked fine. It looked a bit like cash. It kind of looked like they're trying to make warhammer in a video game and I just wasn't for it. [01:38:35] Speaker B: All right, Cap? Crazy here, because, yeah, Lethal Company has passed 100,000 concurrent players. [01:38:44] Speaker C: There you go. [01:38:45] Speaker B: Streamers playing this. [01:38:47] Speaker A: I played this on Saturday. I completely forgot because I was so tired. But, yeah, I played this with a few mates on Saturday because I couldn't get my usual group of mates to pipe in and say that they'd play it with me. So I went with another set of wonderful mates and we played this game and it was so fucking funny. It was hilarious. Is it good? It's really funny. As long as I feel like what really helped was I had no idea what the game was about and we had to kind of figure it out and that kind of accelerated our fun, I guess. So I had no idea what the game was about and I'm not going to tell people what it's about in here because I think that's part of the allure for this game. If you haven't played it, go a bit of a squeeze and see if it's for you. You'll need a few mates to have fun with it, but but, yeah, it's bizarre. Just to give it a kind of brief description, you're on this spaceship with your mates and you are working for. [01:39:43] Speaker C: A corporation and you've got to go. [01:39:45] Speaker A: And find scrap on these alien planets and bring the scrap back and sell it. [01:39:49] Speaker C: And it sounds boring, but it is weird. [01:39:54] Speaker B: The art style looks real strange to me. [01:39:58] Speaker A: Yeah, it is. I mean, the game's fucking strange, but yeah, have a crack. All right, Gruce. PS Five controllers are now better supported by Steam. What does that mean? Thank you for asking, as my page loads. It's a very good question, Grizzly. Thank you. Now, they've done a bunch of stuff. Basically, there's been some store updates to make the browsing of the store a bit more controller friendly. Store page displays, sporter controllers much better. So you'll see whether they're Xbox compatible, PlayStation, et cetera. There's also better search options for the store that are kind of like Xbox kind of search sorry, controller searchable. And then a bunch of library updates to support. Just configuring things, seeing if things are configurable and then yeah, so pretty rad. [01:40:50] Speaker C: Yeah. There you go. [01:40:51] Speaker B: That cap. [01:40:52] Speaker C: The Ubisoft launcher always been quite shit. [01:40:57] Speaker B: Well, Assassin's Creed players over the weekend were having their Ubisoft games interrupted by full screen pop up ads in the form of, like, videos advertising. [01:41:10] Speaker A: Oh, man, this is so ubisoft. I just love it. I just think it's the best story. [01:41:18] Speaker B: There is a video. [01:41:19] Speaker A: Imagine you pay in a bit of Assassin's Creed and you get the hot milks in your area. A little pop up. Yeah, they'll be too good. Anyway, it's very funny. All right, grizz PUBG is getting an Escape from Tarkov style spin off. It's going to be available in 2024. [01:41:40] Speaker C: Interesting. [01:41:41] Speaker B: Actually, I don't know. I mean, PUBG, I don't know how it continues to be around. I feel like it still runs like a hog now, but I feel like. [01:41:48] Speaker C: That if they can do it right, would be quite fun because I don't. [01:41:53] Speaker B: Know, I think those games I actually didn't mind the Modern Warfare take on that as well. They could have done better. [01:41:58] Speaker C: But yeah. [01:41:59] Speaker A: Do you know what, it's interesting, I feel like a lot of games are trying to capitalize on this Escape from Tarkov kind of like, what do they call it? Extraction Shooter. [01:42:08] Speaker C: But I feel like they're not obscenely popular or anything. [01:42:13] Speaker A: I think people just like the idea of mean, we've got marathon coming out that's by bungie that's going to be like a revitalization of the marathon IP and turning it into the similar kind of thing. [01:42:26] Speaker C: But, yeah, I don't know, I find. [01:42:28] Speaker A: It interesting that everyone's kind of trying to draw their line in the sand with this particular genre because I feel like it's not like a battle royale or it's not like a MOBA when the first MOBA came out, everyone was scrambling to make a MOBA. When the first battle royale came out, same thing again. But everyone's been a bit slow to kind of pick up the they have. [01:42:50] Speaker B: I reckon it could be done, really. Like, for me, Escape From Tarkov seems great, but it's just too much for me. It's just too fucking, what do you call it? Like, heavy on mechanics and it's just so punishing. [01:43:05] Speaker A: Yeah, I think you're like, maybe we just need one really good one to really set the fire underneath this. [01:43:12] Speaker C: But yeah, we'll see. Cap. [01:43:15] Speaker B: I didn't know this, but Davidiva studios are actually developing another game, a Zombie Survival SIM, and it is in pre alpha. And the play test is next week. The developer, Mint Rocket, shared 22 minutes of gameplay footage. So if you like David Diver, I'm not saying that this game is a bit different, right. But, yeah, maybe go check it out if you're into zombies. I don't even know if we know a name for this yet, but yeah. [01:43:44] Speaker C: No, I think it's just purely an. [01:43:47] Speaker A: Announcement there you go. Now, speaking of purely an announcement, eminem is getting a Fortnite skin, and he's also coming to Fortnite in a live event capacity. So we're getting a Fortnite crossover with Eminem, which, I mean, that's kind of cool. So Fortnite continues to just do some fucking crazy crossovers. Pretty radical. [01:44:12] Speaker B: Pokemon popular Streamer has had a big announcement a couple of weeks ago that she's selling cookies. Her cookies are worth $28 for four packets of cookies, which a lot of people said was far too much for cookies. She took it another step further when someone complained about the price in her chat and she called this gentleman poor and then continued to ban him. So setting a great example for Streamers there, capo? [01:44:40] Speaker A: Yeah, what a surprise. Just another example of gross fucking over entitled, disgusting fucking content creators. What a surprise. $28 for a fucking packet of cookies? [01:44:59] Speaker B: US dollars, mate. [01:45:00] Speaker A: All right, that's like, going to be pushing $40. Like Aussie dollars. That's out of control. For how many cookies in a packet? [01:45:07] Speaker B: Like ten max less, I think. Dude, I think it's like those little packets of Oreos that you put in your kids school lunch. [01:45:14] Speaker A: Dude, you are joking me. [01:45:15] Speaker B: That is serious out of control. [01:45:17] Speaker A: I mean, I know the economy is pretty rough, but come on, Pokemon, get your shit together. All right, well, there you go. Line up for the expensive cookies, I guess. [01:45:29] Speaker C: Anyways, that's the show. Appreciate you guys being here. [01:45:33] Speaker A: Thank you so much. It's been a big one. [01:45:36] Speaker C: We will endeavor to get that Google. [01:45:40] Speaker A: Form or whatever form into the discord. If you are interested in making your votes in the OGR Game Award sweepstakes. [01:45:49] Speaker C: The prize of which, well, guess what? [01:45:53] Speaker B: Pokemon cookies. [01:45:54] Speaker C: Fuck yeah. [01:45:55] Speaker A: Actually, that's a fucking good idea. [01:45:58] Speaker C: Bags. [01:45:58] Speaker A: Not buying them because they're expensive as shit. You'll get full bragging rights. We'll give you a discord roll or some shit. We'll figure something out. There'd be something cool. Well, cool is very arguable, but there'll be something. Now, thank you so much for being here. [01:46:15] Speaker C: We really appreciate it. [01:46:17] Speaker A: If you'd like to join us next week and listen to the show live, you can do so by going to Twitch TV Oceanicgamingradio. Or if you'd like to listen to your own time, well, actually, that happens at 07:00 P.m. Awst on Mondays. Just FYI, if you want to listen to it in your own time, go to any of your favorite podcasting places, sites, et cetera, type in Oceanic Gaming Radio or go to OGR Show. You find all of our links there. You can listen to it directly in. [01:46:41] Speaker C: The website or wherever you like. Now, as we said, we got a. [01:46:47] Speaker A: Discord if you want to join the discord, to get involved in the sweepstakes, go to the website OGR Show. Click the link. If you want to join our Patreon. [01:46:57] Speaker C: Cohort and pay us money to buy. [01:47:01] Speaker A: More Pokemon main cookies, you can do so. Patreon.com ogrshow or go to the website. We also have what else we got? Pav. What am I missing here? Twitter Tvog. You can vote in our poll. [01:47:16] Speaker C: That's about it. [01:47:18] Speaker A: Keep an eye out for TikToks and. [01:47:19] Speaker C: Shit during the week. [01:47:21] Speaker A: OGR cookies coming soon, probably. We'll announce that on Twitter TV. We're going to be selling for 29 USD sorry. Cookies. Yeah, pretty excellent. All right, that's it from us. Thanks so much for being here. We'll see you guys next week. [01:47:41] Speaker C: Take care. Wow.

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