Episode 81

December 04, 2023



Hosted by

Liam Oliver (AKA Captainperth/Cap) Tim Wiegele (AKA GrizzlyGaming86/Grizz)
Oceanic Gaming Radio

Dec 04 2023 | 01:36:37


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On this weeks Questlog:
00:19:40 How about you Bethesdon't
00:32:00 The U in Ublock Origin Stands for Ubisoft
00:41:00 OGR POLL
00:44:50 Larian's Patch Domination!
00:54:00 Bungie Smoking Starter Crack
00:00:00 EVERY screen?
01:02:00 How deep does Dave dive?
01:19:00 RAPID FIRE!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:19] Speaker A: G'day and welcome to Oceanic Gaming Radio. [00:00:23] Speaker B: How you doing? [00:00:24] Speaker A: Great to be here. Thank you for joining us. It is Monday, the fourth of the twelveTH. Gee, where's this year god damn. The fourth of the twelveTH. 2023. It is episode 81 of the Oceanic Gaming Radio podcast. My name is Captain Perth. Again, pleasure to be here. Thank you for joining us. Alongside me, as always. Grizzly Gaming 86 and Pavlover Face Fellas. How are we doing? Good to see you. Good to see you. Beautiful mugs digitally this time, Pav. [00:00:59] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:01:00] Speaker C: See each other in the skin, didn't you? [00:01:01] Speaker D: Yeah, I know. Catch up yesterday at the stream pert's Twitch event. Twitch Meetup. [00:01:08] Speaker A: It's great. [00:01:11] Speaker D: Yeah. I spent today recovering. I think I slept for about 10 hours. [00:01:15] Speaker A: Did you have a day off? Did you? [00:01:17] Speaker D: Yeah, I made sure I booked it. [00:01:18] Speaker A: Off because I knew I'd smart. [00:01:20] Speaker D: Well, I thought I'd be a bit under the weather, but I was just like, social battery, absolutely run dry cooked. [00:01:28] Speaker A: Did you guys kick on for a. [00:01:29] Speaker D: Bit or a little bit longer? We went downstairs, had another drink and just went and got some food afterwards and I was done dusted and I was home by eight. [00:01:38] Speaker B: Nine. [00:01:39] Speaker A: That's not too bad. [00:01:40] Speaker C: Talk me through it, boys. Where was it? [00:01:42] Speaker B: What happened? [00:01:42] Speaker C: Who was there? [00:01:43] Speaker B: Who wasn't there? [00:01:44] Speaker C: Actually, don't say that. [00:01:46] Speaker D: I'll let you get your perspective from it as an attendee. Yeah, I had a behind the scenes point of view. [00:01:56] Speaker A: Well, stress. Well, hey, it was pulled off immaculately. It was such a good event. Look. It was at what's? It planet Royale in northbridge Perth. Western Australia. And I guess it was all run through Twitch's Meetups platform which means people could sign up via their Twitch account to get a ticket and all that. Kind of, you know, you kind of rocked up and went upstairs and there was this cool open kind of space area with a bar and stuff and someone behind the bar and yeah, I mean, obviously pay your own way, but God, it was great. When I walked in, I was greeted by the wonderful Sukai. And Pav was there as well, and who else was there? I think Kennedy was at the front door and Emmy was floating around as well. Got a little Twitch name badge, so wrote down Captain Perth. And then what else did I get? I got a swag bag. And actually, I tell you what, the swag bag was wicked. It had like a little sanity kit with hand sanitizer and lip balm. And I'll tell you what, that lip balm is quite nice and like lemon hand cream. It was amazing. Yeah. Anyways, and also got a free T shirt as well. But yeah, I think outside of all the swag and stuff you got, it was packed. There was like, what, easily 80 people in that room, streamers and adjacent people just who've been in and around the community for anywhere from five plus years to a few months. And it was great. The guys who did the event, Pavin and the crew, they put on some really cool little events to come, kind of go alongside people, just kind of networking and getting to know one another. There was like a really cool little bingo thing where you had to write down you had to go and find a veteran streamer and you had to go and find a VTuber and write their names down on this bingo card, which is great. It was a really good idea, but yeah, honestly, I was just really impressed with I mean, you always worry about alcohol serving events. I think me personally, anyway, when we've done it in the past and you worry about whether people are going to be loose units or not. But it was just a really good vibe. Everyone was really friendly, really stoked to kind of, I don't know, just be there and be immersed in mean, I've kind of been out of the, you know, kind of as know, singular entity for a long time and it was just kind of nice to kind of. [00:04:39] Speaker B: I don't know, get in amongst a. [00:04:42] Speaker C: Lot of the same people there. [00:04:43] Speaker B: Cap from when you were in the. [00:04:45] Speaker C: Twitch game or did you see quite a difference? [00:04:48] Speaker A: I mean, there was a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a long time, but I think the vast majority of people are just people I've never met before, but people that I've met through the show and stuff that I've never kind of met IRL kind of ran into there, which is great. [00:05:03] Speaker C: Yeah, that's excellent, man. [00:05:04] Speaker B: I love that. [00:05:05] Speaker C: And I said that he signed 91 people in. [00:05:07] Speaker B: I'll say, like, I think the last. [00:05:09] Speaker C: Twitch one I went to was an all ages event. [00:05:11] Speaker B: So to get 91 people in an over 18 licensed venue, that's pretty impressive, isn't it? [00:05:17] Speaker C: Yeah, that's pretty great. [00:05:19] Speaker D: It was monstrous. I was just standing there looking like, taking it all in and watching the room. I was like, how is this how has this happened? I'm not going to lie, a little emotional for me, like, all the work the teams put in this year has. [00:05:38] Speaker A: Really come together super paid off big time. I think everything just was really well thought out and just well executed. I don't know, it was just the right amount of, I guess, planned fun and also people just having the opportunity to kind of mingle and meet others. So it was good because, again, not that it's really my kettle of fish these days, but streaming can be fairly isolating, I think, especially if you don't have the opportunity to kind of network or whatever else. So to be able to have an avenue like that with a really solid community of people and just kind of catch up with people and like minded people, people that kind of mix in the same hobbies and stuff as yourself or trying to turn it into something more than a hobby. It's cool kind of seeing those people and even having a bit of a chat to maybe some of the newer people and what they're getting into and what their thoughts are on streaming. It's just very interesting, I guess. But yeah, wicked event. [00:06:45] Speaker B: Really good. [00:06:46] Speaker A: Amazing. [00:06:47] Speaker B: So you should be proud, Brad. [00:06:50] Speaker D: I'm more proud than I could ever be. I don't know. It was awesome. [00:06:54] Speaker A: Yeah, it was really cool. Really cool. It's kind of funny because those that don't know the original, I guess, build of this community kind of I was a part of that along and Pav was kind of in there as well. And so it was kind of cool. Now that I've fully stepped away from that, sort of being able to see that eventuate, I don't know, and kind of just see where it's gone. Grizz, what the fuck are you doing? [00:07:24] Speaker C: I'm just setting you up with little Simpsons background. I just keep talking, man. [00:07:27] Speaker B: It's all good. [00:07:28] Speaker C: It's all good. [00:07:28] Speaker A: That's great. Grizz is doing some green screen shenanigans anyways, but yeah, Pav, well done. Rest of the stream. Perth team. Legendary, amazing. And yeah, I can't wait for the next one and hopefully sort his fucking life out so he can meet the one. [00:07:53] Speaker D: I'm not going to lie. [00:07:54] Speaker C: I'm going to expect to get public. [00:07:55] Speaker D: Apology from Grizz for not. [00:08:00] Speaker B: Yeah, look. [00:08:01] Speaker C: It wasn't ideal timing for me. I'm going to be honest with you boys. I like to commit to things and then realize how the fuck am I going to do anything and I'm in that situation right now. [00:08:09] Speaker A: Have you heard of Google Calendar? [00:08:16] Speaker C: Pretty good idea, mate. [00:08:17] Speaker B: That's a pretty good idea. [00:08:20] Speaker A: But Pav, was there anything else on the weekend? I assume that probably I made sure. [00:08:25] Speaker C: I cleared it up. [00:08:29] Speaker D: Just focus on this event and real guide all came together. Now we finally can relax for a. [00:08:36] Speaker C: Couple few weeks before planning for the. [00:08:39] Speaker D: Next one can start. We got some activations starting up very early in the year. [00:08:44] Speaker A: Yeah, wicked. So good, mate. Well, I mean, I might go next considering that half of my weekend's kind of is counted for now. But yeah, I didn't do an awful lot outside of the stream. Perth event and what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A great sundown event. But other than that, Saturday. Oh, Solo dad, actually, for Friday night and Saturday morning. So just kind of cruising around with Ted. Ted's like really cranky at the moment. I think he's just going through some shit, man. He's growing up real quick and starting to hit him hard. [00:09:20] Speaker C: Is it teeth cap? What is it, mate? [00:09:23] Speaker A: Yeah, I think it's like teeth developmental kind of shit. He's like starting to throw tantrums and stuff, which is equally hilarious and also concerning. You take a thing off him and he just cracks the shits and you're like, oh, God, I thought you were supposed to do this in like, six or so months. Not now. But it's cute and interesting. He's got a lot of developmental shit going on. Like, he's walking around like a legend now. And there's kind of like words and stuff kind of being developed and a lot of mimicry language wise, which is also really cute. And just little things. Like he does shit and you think. [00:10:04] Speaker B: Man, you smart little bastard. [00:10:06] Speaker A: Like, what the hell? Where'd that come from? Yeah, so it's really cool. But yeah. So other than that, that was pretty much my weekend grizzly. What about you, mate? [00:10:17] Speaker B: You had a big one? [00:10:18] Speaker C: Yeah, I had a very interesting one on the weekend. I actually have been excited to tell you about this cap. [00:10:21] Speaker B: So I played fucking one of the. [00:10:23] Speaker C: Most bizarre gigs I have ever played. [00:10:26] Speaker B: At in my life for a number. [00:10:28] Speaker A: Of and when you told me what it was, I thought, what the fuck? [00:10:31] Speaker C: Yeah, dude, get this cap tickets to. [00:10:34] Speaker B: Come see us play with the Chili Peppers band. $75 each. Where the ticket? [00:10:41] Speaker A: Whoa. [00:10:41] Speaker C: Which is which is what you would pay for. [00:10:44] Speaker B: Like, you'd pay like that to see I don't know. [00:10:51] Speaker C: Yeah, you'd probably go to a festival for that. Anyway, it was weird. So it was in Manchema, which is a little town like 3 hours south. [00:10:57] Speaker B: Of Albany in a cabaret bar down there. [00:11:00] Speaker C: And I didn't even know they had. [00:11:03] Speaker A: A cabaret bar in Manchiba. [00:11:04] Speaker B: This is the thing, mate. [00:11:06] Speaker C: Neither did I. But I do now. And it was like couches, dim, lighting booths, and it was like, basically sit down events. Like, people sat down and were ordering cocktails and stuff. I fucking came out and I saw the people and then I was like, oh my God, this is going to. [00:11:19] Speaker B: Be interesting because we're about to get. [00:11:21] Speaker C: Up there and start to play. It's a hard rock band, right? We play like, Metallica and System of the down and Foo Fighters and Nirvana and all this kind of stuff. But it was awesome, man. The whole idea is that these guys book regularly out of town shows to. [00:11:36] Speaker B: Come in for the locals and they just fucking get in there and do it. And they love it. [00:11:43] Speaker C: So we had, like roughly 70 punters in this little room and it went off. It was awesome, mate. [00:11:50] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:11:50] Speaker A: Had a bloody hell, man. That is wild. Because you played, like Metallica and shit at the gig, right? [00:11:56] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:57] Speaker A: I don't know. Me personally, when I heard that, I was just like, what the fuck, dude? Going on? [00:12:02] Speaker C: People were fucking frothing it. So, like, this band is of rock, so it's like all, like kind of I'd say, like hard rock, basically. [00:12:11] Speaker B: Hard rock? [00:12:12] Speaker A: That's seriously cool. I guess maybe for a bit of context for non West Australians, manjumup's. Like a small country town, say four and a half hours south of Perth. Round the. [00:12:29] Speaker C: South of Perth. Yeah, exactly. Right in the middle of nowhere, mate. [00:12:33] Speaker A: Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it's an old logging town and I mean, God, the population must be like couple of thousand, few thousand max. [00:12:43] Speaker C: Yeah, maybe not even that. And dude, I was actually thinking that they must draw in people from outside of Manjima, but absolutely not. They don't. There was no one outside of Manjumup that was in that room. [00:12:55] Speaker A: They're all. [00:12:58] Speaker C: People. So yes, Sukai, yes. Nailed the nail on the head there, mate. [00:13:06] Speaker B: Lots of druggies down there, which apparently. [00:13:09] Speaker C: Is part of the reason why the ticket sales is what it is, so. [00:13:12] Speaker B: That you get people that actually want. [00:13:15] Speaker C: To be there for a good night. [00:13:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:13:19] Speaker A: The exclusivity factor as well. $75 ticket. [00:13:23] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:13:23] Speaker C: Dude, I think we'll go back there. I think we'll do another show there. [00:13:26] Speaker A: Because it was just so fun after. [00:13:29] Speaker B: You really enjoyed it. [00:13:31] Speaker A: It sounds like it was fairly lucrative, mate. Did they put you up and stuff? [00:13:35] Speaker B: Yeah, they did, yeah. [00:13:36] Speaker C: So we stayed the night there. So I had a couple of beers and a couple of old fashions because there was a red on Chili Peppers tribute band playing after us as well. Mikey's in that one as well, so that was the draw card. [00:13:49] Speaker B: Got people in there, but they were awesome too, man. [00:13:51] Speaker C: They absolutely nailed. [00:13:52] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:13:53] Speaker A: So good, man. What about kids? Did you take the kids down with you? [00:13:57] Speaker C: No, I went down solo, mate. So did a little bit of a carpool action and did that. [00:14:03] Speaker B: Yeah, came back pretty freaking tired the next day. [00:14:06] Speaker C: Bet you did some beers. But look, Cap, other news on my front mate, which I kind of told. [00:14:12] Speaker B: You guys, but essentially the owners of. [00:14:15] Speaker C: The house that I'm in now, this lovely studio, are selling next year. And so we had a quick look around knowing that the rental market's fucked in Perth right now. Like, it's so hard to get a rental. We applied for one, not thinking we're going to get it and we've got. [00:14:28] Speaker B: It and all of a sudden we're. [00:14:30] Speaker C: Moving like next week. So it's just like an extra thing to add to the shit that I've got going on. So, yeah, look, I'm going to pack this studio down. I've got another wicked room though, actually. The room is bigger. [00:14:42] Speaker B: I'm going to be able to have. [00:14:44] Speaker C: Full drum kit set up in there and everything else. [00:14:47] Speaker A: Sweet, dude. [00:14:48] Speaker C: It is a bit shit right before Christmas, but yeah, it's just something we got to do. [00:14:54] Speaker A: Yeah, man. The housing market is out of control. We've been kind of looking for a new house recently and we don't have fairly casual we don't have a time limit or anything like you do, but rentals are fucked. House prices that just keep going up and up. It's wild, dude. Will it end? Who knows? I guess we'll find out next year. Who knows? Yeah, well, I'm glad you found something anyways, Grizz. [00:15:24] Speaker C: It takes the pressure off. [00:15:26] Speaker B: Yeah, we're a bit worried, like, just. [00:15:28] Speaker C: The way the market is, people not being able to get rentals and whatnot. [00:15:31] Speaker B: So the house is beautiful. [00:15:33] Speaker C: We're really happy with it. [00:15:34] Speaker B: So just get in there, sort it. [00:15:37] Speaker A: Out nearby now, mate. [00:15:39] Speaker C: Yeah, pretty close. It's in Beldivas, which is like a suburb over away from the coast, though, which is a shame. [00:15:45] Speaker B: But yeah, nice big nice big place. Got a pool. [00:15:50] Speaker C: No pool this time around. [00:15:52] Speaker B: No pool. [00:15:53] Speaker A: Grizzler. Grizzly, what are you going to do, man? You have to go and get a couple of shell pools, mate. [00:15:58] Speaker C: Yeah, might have to invest in one of those. You can get the ones with the pumps, the stand above ground ones. Yeah, the little above ground. Maybe we get a little above ground pool or something. [00:16:07] Speaker A: You're going to need something, mate. Bloody hell. It's going to be warm this summer. It already is. It's ridiculous. I tell you what, the last week has been insanely muggy. I don't know about you guys, but I fucking hate it. [00:16:17] Speaker C: How's your aircon? Have you got evaporative cap or what? Have you got? [00:16:20] Speaker A: Not anymore. I used to I used to be the sweat box, but we're fine now. I've got like a full reverse cycle refrigerated or whatever ducted aircon, which we put in just after Ted was born because we were like, well, it's too hard to manipulate the temperature in this house. But yes, the best investment I've ever made in Perth, because evaporative just doesn't work in our climate. You have too many humid days and all it does is make the house more humid. Not cool. It's just like, okay, let's multiply this humidity by the floors get slippery, dude. [00:16:57] Speaker B: They're almost, like, wet. Yeah. [00:17:00] Speaker A: When we got rid of the evaporative aircon, I started to realize little things like my towels would dry quicker and the baby formula in the tin wouldn't clump as much. Just little things like that. The amount of humidity in the air and what that does to your environment is just kind of crazy. But yeah. Anyways, we'll stop talking about fuck it. This is like serious dad level conversation. [00:17:23] Speaker C: This is me and you catching up, Cat, because we haven't talked for a little while. [00:17:27] Speaker A: So funny. All right, let's jump in. Anyways, firstly, house rules. Not really, but anyways, just want to say thank you for being here. Thank you for being you, and thank you for you being one of those people that listen to this podcast. It's a wonderful trait that you have, and we're glad that you have that trait. [00:17:49] Speaker C: Except for Caging run. Hey, Cat. [00:17:52] Speaker A: Yeah, that guy can get fucked. Now, one thing I would really like is if you're listening to this podcast via Spotify or something similar, can you please give us a review? We'd really appreciate that. Be great. Otherwise, if you're watching in Twitch, just keep doing your thing. I don't think you can rate the streams yet, but maybe Jeff Bezos has got that in the works. We'll find out. Otherwise, sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and a big thank you to our wonderful Patreons. They are the legends that every week pay a bit of money into the Coffers, the TikTok Fund, as I like to call it. So yeah, thank you, you big bunch of legends. If you want to become a patron, you can do so by going to Patreon.com OGR Show or go to OGR Show and follow the links there. You can also find a Twitch link in amongst that as well, if you want to watch Mondays from 730. Awst. Now the wonderful patreons are as follows Sukai, Moosey, Caging, Runt, sergeant Paul Lee, G, DJ, Libs, Brendan Dan, fantastic strops and Slatos. I actually retract what I said about Caging Runt because I forgot he was a Patreon. And yeah, actually, he could stick around. What a great bloke. [00:19:09] Speaker C: That number is getting pretty long, Kat. [00:19:11] Speaker B: Fuck. [00:19:12] Speaker C: At what point do we have to not say that in the podcast? [00:19:14] Speaker A: Oh, man, I'm going to have to start truncating it right before I talk about Caging Runt in there. We get through two of them. Sukai Moosey. That's it. Anyways, big thanks to you, Legends now big old freaking quest log tonight quite a lot. Pav almost ran screaming from the beginning of the show when he saw the amount of shit on this list. But we'll just see how we go. We'll see how far we get. Now Grizz diving straight in head first, but safely. I'm aware of the depth of this one. Bethesda is responding to negative Steam reviews for Boy. [00:19:57] Speaker C: Responding on steam, aren't they? Like on this actual platform underneath? [00:20:00] Speaker A: They are responding directly to Steam reviews on Steam, which is kind of crazy. Some of the stuff that they're kind of plugging in there, I think it's really interesting because it's the first time I've kind of seen AA developer of this size actually give a shit, kind of about these kinds of user level reviews. And obviously, to me, that kind of implies that there's at least some degree of statistic that implies that these reviews are important and that they want to try and help. Because right now, let me have a look. What do we got? Starfield is sitting on a mixed review, which probably critically not great. People kind of want to be positive reviews, right, on Steam. [00:20:52] Speaker B: It's interesting, Cap, because they have a. [00:20:56] Speaker C: Lot of active players, right? Like the active number of players on. [00:20:59] Speaker B: Starfield is quite a lot. And they've got 80,000 OD reviews on. [00:21:04] Speaker C: Steam, yet it's at mixed. And they've also got other stuff cap as well. [00:21:09] Speaker B: We talked about this last week and not being nominated for Game of the Year. [00:21:13] Speaker C: I kind of feel like Four is. [00:21:15] Speaker B: In a pretty similar boat had like. [00:21:17] Speaker C: A lot of people playing the game, sold a lot of copies, but not particularly well received by the community in terms of reviews. [00:21:25] Speaker A: Yeah, it was kind of fireworks on release and then just really fizzled out really quickly and I guess kind of Starfield. I think it's been fairly popular, I guess, in terms of sales. But I think overall the user kind of reviews, I guess you could call me a user as well. [00:21:46] Speaker C: I'm sure one of these is fucking you, Cat. [00:21:51] Speaker A: You think I actually have time to write a review about this fucking game, mate? It doesn't even deserve my fucking time to type fucking keys down. I'm happy to talk about it verbally, but we're going to spend the effort required. But look, ultimately it's interesting and especially reading some of the reviews that they're putting out, mate, let me just grab one here that I saw earlier. So someone said, okay, here's a review from Uptown Mermaid, where they said a game about space in which your ship is nothing more than a set dressing for storage containers and an optional, extremely simplistic, arcade style minigame where your ship? Where fly your ship in a line while holding a trigger long enough for every AI to blow themselves up flying directly in your path. It kind of goes on. It's pretty scathing. It's quite the review, just kind of noting that it's a bit boring, all. [00:22:41] Speaker B: That kind of shit. [00:22:42] Speaker A: Anyways, we have Bethesda Falco Yamauka Flagged as a developer. [00:22:49] Speaker C: Cap on. [00:22:50] Speaker A: They are indeed flagged as a developer, yes. So obviously they have a number of kind of customer service accounts, I guess, that they just plug responses to. So they said here. Thank you for taking the time to provide your review and we're sorry to hear that you were disappointed with encountering many loading screens while playing. While there may be loading screens in between fast traveling, just consider the amount of data for the expensive gameplay that is procedurally generated to load flawlessly in under 3 seconds. We believe that this shortcoming will not hinder our players from getting lost in our world. Starfield is an RPG with hundreds of hours of quests to complete and characters to meet. Most quests will also vary on your character's skills and decisions, massively changing the outcome of your playthrough. Try creating different characters with backgrounds and characteristics that clash or opposite of your previous character. Basically, they just go on about it's insane. Firstly, let's just talk about the complete fucking just technical bullshit that they're spouting about things loading in under 3 seconds. Firstly, congratulations. But secondly, that's not even true. It's complete and utter garbage. [00:24:08] Speaker C: It's a weird thing, Cap, because you. [00:24:10] Speaker B: Think about all right, so the way. [00:24:11] Speaker C: That they've kind of addressed that, right? Do you reckon this has gone through public relations team in a response here? [00:24:16] Speaker B: Because I honestly feel like these are defensive responses that are not really offering. [00:24:25] Speaker C: Anything apart from a difference of opinion with some supporting information, which I cannot imagine anywhere where this is going to. [00:24:32] Speaker B: Be an effective communication with someone who's giving a negative review. [00:24:39] Speaker A: It doesn't really solve anything because you're literally a lot of the points that these reviews are making is that the RPG and story elements and I guess just the potential for unique story beats is just not there. And then they're kind of saying, well, have you tried doing it in a different way? It's like, well, no, because there's nothing interesting to do. I'm not going to do something slightly different and also be uninteresting. I'm just wasting my time at that stage. So I think ultimately, the way I kind of read these reviews, they almost look like AI generated. [00:25:16] Speaker C: Yeah, they do a bit. [00:25:18] Speaker A: It's almost like a human hasn't looked over the review and it's just kind of picking out some things and then trying to give quick, quippy solutions that aren't really a solution. I wouldn't be surprised if it came out in a year's time saying, you know, all those Bethesda reviews, they were written by an AI. It was a crazy marketing test and it totally sold, paid off, but I can't imagine this paying off. But I don't know, it kind of reads like that. [00:25:45] Speaker B: Right? [00:25:45] Speaker C: There's one here that you can resonate with here. [00:25:48] Speaker B: Right? [00:25:48] Speaker C: So this is someone here in response to one user, so he's gone. [00:25:52] Speaker B: The gameplay is generic and boring and went on to describe why it was generic and boring. [00:26:00] Speaker C: And this is the Bethesda response. You can fly, you can shoot, you can Mine, you can loot. Starfield is an RPG with hundreds of. [00:26:07] Speaker B: Hours of quests to complete and characters to meet. [00:26:10] Speaker C: Most quests will also vary on your character skill and decision, massively changing the. [00:26:15] Speaker B: Outcome of the playthrough. [00:26:16] Speaker C: It then goes on to suggest that maybe they should give the game another chance with different characters with different backgrounds. [00:26:22] Speaker B: To maybe get that less generic and less boring gameplay. [00:26:27] Speaker A: Yeah, I just don't think that's the solution, unfortunately, Bethesda, I just don't think the soundbox is that particularly interesting. I think there's elements of Starfield that I really want to like, but just the way in which they've packaged it, it just continually just annoys me. But hey, Salave is what it is, right? [00:26:48] Speaker C: How many have they responded to? [00:26:49] Speaker B: Cat? [00:26:50] Speaker C: Like, how many out of the 80 reviews? [00:26:54] Speaker A: I think I saw three or four. Three or mean there could be shitloads in there? It'd be hard to tell. There's almost 130,000 player reviews on Steam, so I'm not entirely sure how many they've actually responded to, but the three or four that I've seen have pretty much been almost the exact same cookie cutter response. I'm not entirely sure whether they've targeted particularly strongly reacted to reviews. A lot of the ones that I've seen, they've been the top reviews on the actual games review list. So I'm guessing maybe they want to have eyes on the main ones. [00:27:42] Speaker C: Yeah, because they're up the top with reactions and stuff, right? Like people reacting to them and they. [00:27:47] Speaker B: Get put up the top, given awards. [00:27:48] Speaker C: And stuff for different reviews things. [00:27:51] Speaker B: Right, yeah, exactly. [00:27:53] Speaker A: And I mean, people will comment on these reviews as well. So I guess the ones that are getting the most interactions, I'm guessing those are the ones that they targeted. But what do you think, Riz? [00:28:04] Speaker C: To me, my takeaway on this is absolutely out of touch. And like I said before, I feel. [00:28:10] Speaker B: Like these are defensive responses. Right. [00:28:14] Speaker C: So they're basically commenting on someone's thing and not agreeing with what they're saying. [00:28:19] Speaker B: And then giving them a bunch of. [00:28:20] Speaker C: Reasons why they disagree with the review. [00:28:23] Speaker B: And I honestly don't think that's helping. [00:28:25] Speaker C: And also, I don't think they're being realistic about the actual game. I mean, have a look. It didn't get nominated for Game of. [00:28:31] Speaker B: The Year like you said, Cap, but. [00:28:36] Speaker C: It wasn't voted as being a good enough game to reach its pinnacle, which. [00:28:41] Speaker B: Is nomination for Game of the Year. And it may have sold a lot. [00:28:45] Speaker C: Of copies, but I actually think these mixed reviews are probably rather than responding them to like this, maybe they respond. [00:28:53] Speaker B: To them and say, accept maybe that there are some flaws and maybe they. [00:28:58] Speaker C: Can fix those through patches and stuff. [00:29:00] Speaker B: Happening in the future rather than trying. [00:29:02] Speaker C: To convince people that these negative reviews are falsified. [00:29:06] Speaker B: I don't know. It's just a bit out of touch, I reckon, for sure. [00:29:09] Speaker A: Yeah, definitely agree with you. I think ultimately I kind of feel like a better approach would have been just to not even fucking say anything. Honestly, all it does is make you look like a bit of a twang. And again, the responses do just seem very like they're disconnected from the reality of what that game is and what these reviews are trying to get across to the other people maybe potentially using these reviews as a reason to or not buy a game like Starfield. So I can understand why they would maybe potentially look at this as an avenue to gain a little bit more favor and maybe kind of sway some opinion. But I think ultimately just the way in which they've done it and again, they do legitimately almost read like an AI has created these. It's bizarre. [00:30:07] Speaker C: Just on another, apparently this is not the first time. So this is Bethesda customer support. In that article, it also talks about other strange things that Bethesda customer support have done in the past. And one of those examples is this team asked banned Fallout 76 players to write an essay as to why they should be unbanned from that game until media picked up that this was happening and it was publicized and they stopped doing that. [00:30:34] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:30:39] Speaker A: That is wild. I mean, far out. I love that. I can't believe I've never heard that before. It just seems hilarious but getting your Ted and English teacher to help you out with getting your Flat 76 fucking account of band, but yeah, wow, okay. Bethesda they just do things differently, don't they, mate, developing good video games is one of those things they do very differently, especially at the moment. Anyways, moving along grizz, can you imagine grizz imagine for a moment just close your eyes and just put yourself in a beach, right? You're walking down the beach and then you open up your mini map and as you go to open up your minimap you then get a 15 2nd advert for a loot box. As you're walking down the beach, how. [00:31:33] Speaker B: Does it make you feel? Angry. [00:31:37] Speaker A: Yeah. Disappointed. [00:31:39] Speaker C: Disappointed. [00:31:40] Speaker B: Sad? Yeah. [00:31:41] Speaker C: All those negative emotions, mate. [00:31:44] Speaker A: All those negative emotions could become more of a reality if potentially what Ubisoft. [00:31:50] Speaker B: Seem to be cooking up eventuates. [00:31:54] Speaker A: It seems that recently whilst Ubisoft argued that this was a bug error, that it seems like Ubisoft is experimenting with in game ad pop ups. So things that appear when you pause or open a map menu kind of thing, which I'm going to post this. [00:32:17] Speaker C: In the chat quickfire last week, Cap, wasn't it? People were playing Assassin's Creed games and were getting pop ups in their game. [00:32:28] Speaker B: Displaying ads and bits and pieces and. [00:32:31] Speaker A: It'S quite a significant amount of real estate on the advert. This particular one is, I assume it is Assassin's Creed, looks like Odyssey and they've basically opened up the map and there's literally like an 80% off the screen advert for 20% off Assassin's Creed. What's the new one called? Mirage. [00:33:03] Speaker C: Mirage. [00:33:04] Speaker A: Mirage. And so I guess the thing is, okay, maybe the audience is maybe more inclined to like this particular advert because it is in line with what you're already playing. But I guess the thing I don't like about it is a it's incredibly kind of I don't know, it just sticks out like dog. It's like suddenly in your face as you're expecting the map to open and then bang, you're on the map. But I guess it kind of just worries me generally, Grizz, because I think that this could be a sign of things to come, perhaps. [00:33:44] Speaker C: Yeah, and it scares me, Cap, because I feel like we see recently, especially a lot of things that are coming. [00:33:51] Speaker B: From what is acceptable in mobile gaming. [00:33:54] Speaker C: And one of those is microtransactions and other currencies and bits and pieces and even battle passes and stuff that's coming across. And this is 100% something that is acceptable in mobile gaming. Like if you get a mobile game, absolutely, you're playing it even Candy Crush, you'll watch an ad and if you watch that ad then you'll get some currency or something and there's a bunch. [00:34:14] Speaker B: Of ads in there. But yeah, it scares me a little bit. [00:34:19] Speaker C: But I would like to think, Cap. [00:34:20] Speaker B: That I don't know, we're a bit protected in PC gaming. [00:34:24] Speaker C: I don't know. How do you feel about it? [00:34:25] Speaker B: What do you reckon? [00:34:27] Speaker A: Well, do you know what? I think it's these small kind of intrusions into our very perfect utopia of PC and console gaming where we kind of give things the green flag and go yeah, no worries. And then all of a sudden people are shoving microtransactions down our throat in Diablo Four and Ubisoft starting to do whole minute ads just to unlock your fucking, I don't know, fucking mini map. [00:35:03] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:35:04] Speaker A: I feel like it takes lots of little examples of this over time, and I feel like that's kind of been the ongoing factor for a lot of these kind of sort of lame practices in our video games, is just the constant barrage of them over time and you kind of just get used to them and they kind of what really. [00:35:26] Speaker C: Sucks, Cap, is they're obviously blatantly lying here like ubisoft has come out and. [00:35:31] Speaker B: Said it was an accident, it was an error. But 100%, that's not an error. [00:35:37] Speaker C: That's them. Trialing out this work. [00:35:39] Speaker A: Of course it is. Of course they're going to say that. [00:35:43] Speaker C: Even that is scummy. [00:35:44] Speaker B: I find, mate, they're just not upfront and honest. [00:35:47] Speaker C: They're saying, oh, we're going to be trialing out some advertising on these particular games over this period of time to. [00:35:54] Speaker B: See how it goes. [00:35:56] Speaker A: They should give you the opportunity to opt out of it because the other factor of this is I mean, I've paid probably 80, OD dollars to purchase this particular game potentially. I mean it's an older game, Odyssey, so you might argue that perhaps the values kind of change significantly but still they're probably charging a fairly reasonable price for this game. I kind of feel like at this stage, I have purchased a full priced video game where I should be able to be completely immersed without having to be drawn out of that game because you're showing me some advert, which is something Erie j in Chat saying. Just saying that they hate being reminded of the real world in the middle of their immersive escapist media, which is what video gaming is, dude. [00:36:46] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:36:48] Speaker C: That's going to really impact gaming if that is the kind of ads that you're receiving. And at the same note, Cap and I'd be interested to hear your take. [00:36:56] Speaker B: On this and diving a step further here. [00:36:59] Speaker C: I do believe that we will see advertising in video games in some form. [00:37:05] Speaker B: Or other but I also think that. [00:37:07] Speaker C: It needs to change for the consumer itself as well if that is going. [00:37:10] Speaker B: To be what's happening. [00:37:11] Speaker C: I mean, when you think about the mobile market, most of the games that. [00:37:14] Speaker B: Have those pop up ads that you've got to watch through there is an. [00:37:19] Speaker C: Incentive for you to watch those, whether you get a currency for watching it or whether the game is free to play. And that's just part of the game, because it's free to play. [00:37:28] Speaker B: And there's an ad, you know, kind. [00:37:31] Speaker C: Of like testing this on Ubisoft with full price games. [00:37:34] Speaker B: Doesn't add up. So what is in it for the viewer of having these ads in it? [00:37:39] Speaker C: Are the games cheaper for us? Do you get a currency for watching the ads? Is there something that can be done? Can you pay for an ad free version of the know? What is there for the consumer? [00:37:51] Speaker A: I suppose some of those things would be great if the game was literally cheaper just for you to watch this ad. [00:37:57] Speaker B: Cool. [00:37:57] Speaker A: That's cool. But as soon as you start adding currencies inherently kind of you're probably creating some kind of inorganic economy within your video game to support having that currency in it. Right? [00:38:16] Speaker C: Pay to win mechanics right there? Kind of almost, yeah. [00:38:19] Speaker A: And again, if it's a full price game, that's something I'm actively trying to avoid in my full price games. If those adverts are introducing these kinds of currencies, those are like kind of the free to play mobile gaming currencies that I'd expect, the purple gems and your freaking V bucks and shit like that. That's the kind of level of shit that I'd expect from having to watch those kinds of ads and I don't really want them in my AAA experiences. [00:38:49] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:38:49] Speaker A: Overall I think it kind of sucks and I hope that it doesn't go too out of hand, but I'm sure that in the next ten years we'll probably come back and go, fucking hell man, look at this. I suppose one thing that have brought up at the beginning of the show before we were even live was maybe adverts that you might be okay with and Pav brought up a good one, was in certain video games. Like if the billboards in cities and stuff were actually populated with real adverts, which I think is a cool idea. [00:39:22] Speaker B: I mean, obviously that's going to be. [00:39:24] Speaker A: Limited to games that can immersively provide those ads in a gaming environment that it doesn't feel out of place. Like you're not going to put them in the middle of the fucking Witcher Three and have Mountain Dew ads on your horse or something. [00:39:41] Speaker C: There's a bunch of stuff we see it in movies, subliminal advertising where you'd. [00:39:45] Speaker B: Have like a branded car. [00:39:47] Speaker C: It'd be a Tesla or something like that. There's loads of opportunities for that kind of right. [00:39:52] Speaker A: One of the new cars is a Porsche. For mean there's inherently advertising there and brand recognition and collaboration there. [00:40:03] Speaker C: What's your take here, Cap? [00:40:05] Speaker B: Does this have to happen? [00:40:07] Speaker C: What is actually driving ads in video games? Is it an extra revenue source from developers that make these games more viable for them to create? [00:40:15] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. And I think the reason we're seeing a developer like Ubisoft kind of trial this now is because they're struggling big time. We've seen Ubisoft shed a significant number of developers. They've also canceled a number of projects. They've actively said that they've not received the kind of profit from their games, projects that they were hoping for, for a number of projects that have released recently. Yeah, I think they're probably bleeding at the moment. And this kind of feels like a kind of last ditch attempt to me to try and kind of generate some more income. So, I mean, I will kind of give it to Ubisoft. The one thing know doesn't bother me immensely about this is I'm playing Assassin's Creed and I'm getting an advert for another Assassin's Creed game. It's still not a green flag for me. I don't want that ad to begin with, but at least. [00:41:15] Speaker B: It I don't. [00:41:16] Speaker C: Think any ad should interrupt your gaming. [00:41:18] Speaker A: No, no. And I'm sure that some Ubisoft representative would. You know that mini map takes X seconds to load. And so we just prime the dead time with an ad for your viewing pleasure and we troll the marketing statistics for your account and we give you exactly what you want to see. Anyways, there'd be a bullshit about it, but regardless, not Stoked interested to see what you guys think at home now? [00:41:48] Speaker B: It's probably worth find that out right now. [00:41:50] Speaker A: Yeah, let's do it. Now, over the weekend, we asked, would you be okay with advertising in your video games? If so, in what form? Now, obviously, we're very aware that there are already advertising in video games. [00:42:01] Speaker B: I guess in terms of exactly what. [00:42:03] Speaker A: We wanted to know was, would you be okay with this kind of advertising in your video games? Chris, you want to go with the results, my friend? [00:42:13] Speaker C: Yes, absolutely. And I just want to thank you Twitter users for voting in the recent polls. [00:42:17] Speaker B: Had some great numbers in there. [00:42:19] Speaker C: Keep it up. Absolutely no to ads and yes to ads. Yes to ads had 10% of the vote and no to ads had 90. Now, I probably could have worded this poll slightly better to get a little. [00:42:31] Speaker B: Bit more insights here, but I think to see that at least two people wouldn't mind having advertising in their video. [00:42:38] Speaker C: Games, pav being one of them. Do you want to explain yourself, Pav, what you were getting at there, mate? I'd love to. [00:42:43] Speaker D: I might not have read the poll right, but I was just more of we already have ads in our games and I think it's going to happen, but I'd be okay with it in certain situations where, like what Cap mentioned earlier in games where there's like, billboards already prevalent places where they could fit into. [00:43:04] Speaker A: The environment. [00:43:06] Speaker B: Yeah, absolutely. [00:43:07] Speaker D: I think it was something like that. Something where it doesn't hinder the gameplay or hinder your experience. I'd be okay with it. [00:43:20] Speaker A: Ultimately for me, I think as soon as my immersion is broken in my game that I'm seeking immersion from, that's where it pisses me off and I think that's where people are also getting caught. [00:43:31] Speaker C: Interesting. Sukai Au comment on this one saying, obviously voting no. Sukai he said no, but it's nuanced. If the game is free to play, I understand it. They've got to make money somehow. And ads are less annoying than predatory monetization. But if I paid $80 for it, hell no. Don't be shoving advertising there too. So that's kind of what Cap and I were discussing previously. [00:43:53] Speaker B: Reservation, I tend to agree. Yeah. [00:43:56] Speaker C: Free to play, got to be monetized. [00:43:57] Speaker A: Absolutely. [00:43:57] Speaker B: Somehow. [00:43:58] Speaker C: And advertising plays a big portion of that, for sure. [00:44:01] Speaker A: Yeah, big time, mate. But yeah, look, we post a poll very often, almost weekly, and you can go and vote in those polls@twitter.com. OGR show. Go and join us on Twitter. Follow us. [00:44:18] Speaker B: We might even follow you back and. [00:44:20] Speaker A: Keep an eye out on weekends for the poll to go live. It's not every weekend, but it's most just get in there, be involved, have you, say, drop a comment if you're interested in a bit of elaboration, and you might even get your comment read out by myself, truly. Or perhaps even the wonderful Grizzly Gaming 86. You could only be so lucky. So, yeah, anyways, top shit now, grizzly. [00:44:46] Speaker B: Boulders Gate, they have a freaking fifth patch, dude. [00:44:50] Speaker A: World patch domination. [00:44:52] Speaker C: It is an absolute cracker cat. It's a ball so big, it's 3500. [00:44:58] Speaker B: Lines of text to be extra dialogue. [00:45:02] Speaker A: Extra dialogue, which is that's a significant amount of extra dialogue, let's be honest. [00:45:09] Speaker B: Like huge. [00:45:10] Speaker A: So they've added a new section to the end of the game. They've also added a couple of new interesting play modes, which we'll go through shitload of performance improvements, particularly in Act Three, which was having some sort of slowdown issues. And there's one particularly poor thing that was going on, which I believe was to do with there's basically like a queuing system that assesses whether you have stolen something or under watch for being a sneaky little thieving devil. And that queue wasn't kind of unqueng events that were queued into there. And so basically the queuing system wasn't working efficiently and causing kind of slowdowns because inevitably that was filling up with data and it wasn't being kind of ejected out of that queue. So they've readdressed that and that's helped a lot, apparently. And then, yeah, they've just done a shitload of stuff in here, man. While at camp, you can now access and manage inventories of companions who aren't even in your party, which is great. [00:46:18] Speaker C: That'S big because you often got the only five people in your party, but you've given stuff to other characters. Exactly. Being able to access their stuff is cool, for sure. [00:46:27] Speaker A: Yeah, very rad. And then there's just a shitload of other small bug fixes that they've added in there. There's a lot of sort of spoilery shit in here that I'm not going to even talk about, but some balance changes and stuff. But yeah, I think probably the big things grizz here are the new modes that they've got access to. Have you got any specs on what those are here? [00:46:49] Speaker C: Yeah, I've got them up. Before we jump into that, I do want to say without spoiling as well, I think the other big one, Cap. [00:46:54] Speaker B: Is the extra dialogue lines towards absolutely. [00:47:00] Speaker C: Because I've heard a lot of people. [00:47:02] Speaker B: Kind of mentioning that that was kind. [00:47:05] Speaker C: Of missing in these particular scenes. [00:47:07] Speaker B: So, yeah, if you haven't finished the game yet, yeah, you get to see it. [00:47:11] Speaker A: I will say it's kind of wild a game, because 3000 extra lines of dialogue, some people probably were thinking, yeah, fucking big whoop. But for a company that has sold and released their game now and sold probably the vast majority of their copies, and now spending the extra time and money to improve and tighten the screws on their video game experience to this extent and add this much extra content in a freaking patch, not even DLC a patch. Hello. That is insane. [00:47:42] Speaker C: Did they go get the voice actors for these characters? [00:47:45] Speaker B: Well, they would have had to. [00:47:46] Speaker C: They would have had to. All right, look, I want to say this. [00:47:48] Speaker A: Unless they're going to go and AI. [00:47:49] Speaker C: It, which I don't think they prefer a game to do this, then go into a review page and try to. [00:47:56] Speaker B: Convince people why the game is good. Yeah. [00:47:58] Speaker A: Put your money where your mouth is. Like, spend some cash and make your games better again. [00:48:04] Speaker B: Great. [00:48:04] Speaker A: Again, a bit of a Donald Trump. [00:48:09] Speaker C: Now in the new game mode. So there's a couple of new things. [00:48:11] Speaker B: Here, but the one that I am. [00:48:14] Speaker C: Most excited about is they have introduced. [00:48:16] Speaker B: A new difficulty called Honor Mode. And this makes the game more difficult in and out of combat in a. [00:48:24] Speaker C: Couple of ways and I think some very interesting ways. So it introduces new tweaks to a lot of the boss fights in the game. If you are familiar with DND, there. [00:48:35] Speaker B: Is quite an in depth action system. [00:48:37] Speaker C: Around legendary actions which are only given to certain mobs in the game. [00:48:42] Speaker B: It allows them to have like, legendary resistances and new abilities that actually aren't. [00:48:47] Speaker C: In the DND rule set that are. [00:48:49] Speaker B: Only for legendary bosses. [00:48:52] Speaker A: That's kind of cool. [00:48:53] Speaker C: A lot of the boss fights have. [00:48:55] Speaker B: Been tweaked given very specific sets of actions and resistances. [00:49:00] Speaker C: But what I think is cool, Kat, is they have removed save scumming from Honor Mode. So you cannot save and reload instances like you could. You're stuck with your dialogue options, you're stuck with your other thing. [00:49:13] Speaker B: And apparently this was to add weight. [00:49:17] Speaker C: To the inspiration system, which, if you don't know Baldosgate Three has, is all on dice rolls. Everything you do, there's a dice roll behind it. So you're trying to persuade someone you'd roll a dice. The way the inspiration system works is if your character is inspired by something. [00:49:33] Speaker B: That you have done, you are given. [00:49:34] Speaker C: A free reroll of any dice. [00:49:37] Speaker B: You can just reroll your D 20 for a check. [00:49:40] Speaker C: But of course, if you can save and load, then you don't really need the inspiration because you can just load before the dice was rolled and use it. So the intention to remove the save scumming is to make those inspiration dice. [00:49:53] Speaker B: That you receive something, actually mean something and rerolling it. [00:49:57] Speaker C: But what's really cool is they're rewarding. [00:49:59] Speaker B: Players who can complete honor mode without dying. [00:50:02] Speaker C: So if you can complete honor mode. [00:50:04] Speaker B: Without dying, then you were given a. [00:50:06] Speaker C: Golden D 20 to use in game that you can apply to your character. It's pretty cool, man. [00:50:12] Speaker B: I like that a lot. [00:50:13] Speaker C: I think I'd be pretty careful. [00:50:15] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:50:16] Speaker A: And I'm just looking at a picture of the Golden D 20 and it's pretty damn cool. Yeah, I think the whole idea of providing an experience like that where you are actively, I don't know, promoted to just kind of stick with what you've been given is kind of great. I certainly have done a fair bit of safe scumming in my game. Just because you get into a battle and you're like, oh, I didn't want to start it like that, that kind of fucking sucks. Or I had the wrong person selected and now I'm in the middle of this fucking conversation and I don't want to be that person talking to this person. So I think it's going to be cool to have that option for this particular game. But also I think the custom mode sounds pretty cool as well. Grizz like you can have some of those finer, I guess, options available in your game. You can set up, for example, one thing that sounds really great is the fact that you can turn off the outcomes showing up of perception checks in the game, which there's nothing worse than walking into a room and seeing everyone fail a perception check and you just. [00:51:35] Speaker B: Go. [00:51:37] Speaker A: Missing out on awesome. Or you just don't get access to a cool secret room. Like that kind of sucks. So I think that's going to be a really great addition. [00:51:48] Speaker C: Yeah, it's really interesting, Kat, because they did this for Divinity Two as well. [00:51:52] Speaker B: After that has launched. [00:51:54] Speaker C: You've opened that for a while, but allows you to really customize your playthrough with a lot of different stuff in there. And I think at the end of. [00:52:01] Speaker B: The day, this also allows for some. [00:52:03] Speaker C: Really nice. [00:52:06] Speaker B: What is that word? [00:52:08] Speaker C: People to tweak the game experience to. [00:52:10] Speaker B: How they want to play it. [00:52:11] Speaker C: What is it? [00:52:12] Speaker A: Modders. [00:52:12] Speaker B: Modding. What is the word? Cap. [00:52:16] Speaker A: Where is role playing? [00:52:18] Speaker B: Role playing? No, it's not that. [00:52:20] Speaker C: We have a control accessibility features. Cap accessibility. Because I do know that battlesgate as a whole is quite daunting to some people that want to play this game. [00:52:30] Speaker B: Because got all these dice rolls and. [00:52:33] Speaker C: Heavily DND inspired, but being able to. [00:52:37] Speaker B: Change the game and customize it to something that might suit you more I think is something pretty cool. [00:52:46] Speaker A: Yeah, dude, absolutely. There's just so many new options that they're coming out, you know, on top of the perception check thing, you can also hide the ability to hide what role is required for DC checks and stuff as well. [00:53:03] Speaker C: It's also enemy HP, which some of these are straight from DND too. Cap, you know, you don't know when you're succeeding dice checks and stuff in DND if you're not meeting the requirements. [00:53:15] Speaker B: And you don't know what the enemy's HP is. [00:53:19] Speaker C: You just described how they look. Yeah, it's interesting. [00:53:24] Speaker A: How does he look? He's quite bloody. [00:53:26] Speaker B: Pretty bloody. [00:53:28] Speaker A: Pretty bloody. Got a few bruises. So, yeah, very cool options. And just good to see that Boulder's Gate is continuing to go from strength to strength, know, addressing issues swiftly and just being a bunch of fucking legends, man. So good on him. Absolutely good on him. Now, Grizz, I'm going to skip this next one because we're going to talk about in how's your gaming going and I want to go along to Destiny. We're going back to Destiny. It was our destiny to come to this particular topic tonight, Grizz. [00:54:03] Speaker B: Now Bungie, I think it was last. [00:54:07] Speaker A: Week sometime announced and revealed and released a $15 USD pack for Destiny Two. And that starter pack was basically full of just junk, just absolute garbage like shards and glimmer and stuff that you just don't really need. Very average looking sparrows and ship designs and a ghost design and then a bunch of legend exotics that you can get fairly easily without having to spend money, as far as I'm aware. And so, yeah, basically just kind of stoking the fires underneath their player base, which is already well and truly stoked. And yeah, it's just not a very good look. Grizz, having a $15 starter pack for your MMO game that's kind of bleeding players that has virtually just a bunch. [00:55:07] Speaker B: Of shit in it. [00:55:09] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm just reading the reddit post. [00:55:11] Speaker B: Here and the top upvoted comment says. [00:55:15] Speaker C: Destiny has no sorry, this has no place in a game with paid seasons and expansions. This is a mobile game level of microtransaction. [00:55:26] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:55:26] Speaker A: Would you remember that kind of spoken about that? Well, yeah, absolutely. But I think you know what, it's one thing that I think has been slowly again eased its way into Destiny is this kind of approach to monetization, whether it be skins or whatever else, emotes and garbage, giving you Glimmer in. [00:55:48] Speaker C: That pack as well. [00:55:49] Speaker B: 125,000 Glimmer. [00:55:51] Speaker A: Yeah. And the thing is, 125,000 Glimmer can be kind of farmed fairly quickly. It's not a particularly big selling point. So, yeah, it's just a little bit upsetting in a sea of fairly upsetting actions from Bungie. So, yeah, they just kind of continue to be doing the wrong thing. Now, following up from this, they did pull this pack from the store. They announced, hey, everyone, we launched Season of the Wish, which is their current kind of DLC season of not DLC season, but Season of content yesterday. And I've been monitoring the conversation around what you've been enjoying and what you haven't. We'll start things off with a starter pack, which is not something bringing joy, which is why we've pulled it from stores. Yeah, they basically just said, we've heard your concerns. Agree. There are parts of Destiny Two that new players should want to dive into first before chasing these exotics cosmetics and upgrade materials. So, yeah, I guess. [00:56:54] Speaker C: Look, it's reactive. [00:56:58] Speaker A: They could very easily just not and just leave it up because it's kind of no skin off their nose ultimately. But, yeah, they're listening. But will they continue to do shit like this? We'll see. They've kind of done some pretty garbo shit recently, just chiming in on some. [00:57:18] Speaker C: Discussions in the Twitch chat, which have, might I say, been exceptionally awesome tonight. You legends. [00:57:24] Speaker B: But we've got Sukai saying that his. [00:57:26] Speaker C: Understanding was that a lot of it is being pushed by execs and the actual devs aren't happy about it. And we've got someone else chiming in saying, the fucking suits. [00:57:35] Speaker B: Which I feel like we've talked about. [00:57:37] Speaker C: The suits quite a bit in recent. [00:57:39] Speaker A: Weeks podcast Capital, especially when it comes to Bungie. We had the recent swath of, what do you call it, redundancies and whatever else that happened at Bungie. And a lot of what came out of that is that the upper class of Bungie, the management, weren't prepared to really sort of cut their bonus structure heavily enough to maybe save a few more of those. You know, you're kind of seeing that over and over again, greed and everything else. It kind of just sucks generally. Clearly, Destiny and Bungie aren't doing particularly well at the moment. I think a lot of that is they've probably bitten off a bit too much than they can chew with trying to develop and maintain a game as a service like Destiny Two, but then also trying to develop Marathon, which is another kind of game, as a service. They want to publish as well through Sony. But yeah, I think they're just kind of starting to feel the pressure and it's starting to show, like big time. So it's unfortunate, but here we are talking about it now. [00:58:52] Speaker B: Grizz. [00:58:54] Speaker A: Xbox has a vision, and their vision is for Games Pass to be on every single screen possible, including PlayStation, Nintendo. [00:59:05] Speaker B: Can you game? Pass. [00:59:08] Speaker C: No, I don't see Game Pass coming to PlayStation. Nintendo Cap because I could never, ever see PlayStation Accepting having Game Pass on PlayStation. That doesn't sound like it's going to happen. What about yourself? [00:59:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I think you're definitely right on that one. I think personally, PlayStation, I just can't see ever coming to the table with anything Xbox ever puts on the table because they just seem to be always butting heads against one mean, even just the whole AKB buyout and friction that was it's it's I can't imagine it happening. Nintendo maybe. But then also I think about some of the games that persist on Game Pass. For example, your personas and stuff like that. They sell for quite a significant number of spondulies and for them to be free on Game Pass and you then be selling and having Game Pass on your marketplace, it kind of is kind of doing yourself no good and you're not really getting the sales from the actual physical sales of those games at that stage. So it's hard to imagine a place where Nintendo does actually enable that. I think one thing that I'd love to see is the Steam deck. Get a native game. Pass. [01:00:32] Speaker B: App. [01:00:32] Speaker A: You can kind of jerry rig it to do the streaming side of stuff currently. It's not ideal, it's not super great. You kind of have to do some backwards shit with getting Steam to recognize the Internet Explorer as a game in itself and then you kind of have some weird native commands that you run to get it to output the display resolution at a certain size. Anyways, it kind of sucks. But I guess what I'm going at with this is just bring it to Steam. It would be great. [01:01:08] Speaker B: I would love that. [01:01:09] Speaker A: And I mean Steam and Valve have even said that they're pretty keen to put it on there so I'm not too sure what's kind of stopping them. [01:01:15] Speaker C: But dude, imagine if they had like. [01:01:17] Speaker B: A Steam Pass thing that you could do that would be fucking exceptional. Or are you saying to have Xbox. [01:01:26] Speaker C: Game pass on Steam? [01:01:27] Speaker B: Is that what you're saying? Is that what you're getting at? [01:01:29] Speaker A: Yeah, basically just let us have a native app version of Game Pass on Steam so I can have my games from Game Pass, download them onto my Steam deck which is currently not really easy. Probably possible, but not easy. Just a native way to do that properly without me having to do some really dumb Linux workaround or something. Yeah, I mean it's interesting to hear. Guess, you know, vision for this. Yeah, interesting. Now Grizz probably a topic that I'd like to spend a bit more time on than we've got, but I'm just going to touch on it quickly. There's been a lot of stuff going on with Dave the Diver. Yeah, great game, dare I say indie game. Basically the skinny on this one is Dave. The Diver is kind of marketed as an indie game, and some people argue that it is indeed an indie game. But its nomination for the Game Awards has been kind of is under fire at the moment, where people have brought up the fact that this game is backed as a publisher backed by Nexon, which is a South Korean company that makes $1.8 billion in revenue almost every year. And so it kind of begs the question what actually is an indie game? Grizz because if you've got the backing of a gaming giant of this proportion, does your game have the risk and everything else associated that an indie, I say in quotation marks indie Game Studio would normally have. I mean you'd probably argue for this one. Absolutely not. I mean there's probably a parachute underneath these guys so little get out of jail free card. It's an interesting kind of discussion because the game itself looks indie, but is it indie? [01:03:28] Speaker B: Grizz well, I want to start this. [01:03:31] Speaker C: Conversation by you describing to me what you think an indie game is. What defines an indie game for you? [01:03:36] Speaker B: What is it? [01:03:38] Speaker A: I think personally, I think an indie game for me has more recently been about the feel and scope of the game, which probably isn't the greatest viewpoint. I guess ultimately I think again coming down to it small team working on a video game, probably less than ten people. I also feel like the game probably doesn't have a huge scope so probably really nails one particular niche or game design element and really goes with it, whether that be graphical or narrative or maybe a small combination of that plus gameplay and I guess generally just a little bit rough around the edges. Personally that's kind of like what an indie game is to me. I less so think about the money behind the game because that's always a sliding scale. I mean obviously this slides the scale quite significantly in one way. I'm sure it's slight of budget, but it is a difficult one to kind. [01:04:52] Speaker B: Of I mean, there's not really an actual definition. [01:04:56] Speaker C: It's not a definition. But when I think of an indie game, cat, I think of a small. [01:05:00] Speaker B: Studio that is independently owned, someone a. [01:05:05] Speaker C: Studio that produces very small amount of games. [01:05:08] Speaker B: Like may have working on one IP. [01:05:11] Speaker C: Maybe two IPS at. [01:05:13] Speaker B: A time with a small dev team that doesn't have a huge access to expandable funds, to hire massive teams of. [01:05:23] Speaker C: People to build their games. [01:05:24] Speaker B: And I think that's for me, that's. [01:05:26] Speaker C: What I picture when I think of an indie studio. [01:05:27] Speaker B: And studios that pop to mind are people like the guys that did Hollow Knight and a couple of Blokes or. [01:05:36] Speaker C: The Bloke Concerned Ape that did Sardi Valley, which was one individual. And I tend to agree with people. [01:05:42] Speaker B: Being a bit confused over Dave the Diver cap they've got have a look at it, $1.8 million revenue. Where's the financial risk in that's? [01:05:53] Speaker A: Not for Dave the Diver, that's for the parent company that's publishing. But yeah, absolutely. Like again, it comes to this idea of there's no real risk involved, right? And you can kind of cherry pick your development team. And all of those other things that generally plague indie development studios are kind of obfuscated because you have a larger parent company to rely on. Now, the next question I'm going to ask you, Grizz, is do you believe that games that come under the devolve. [01:06:20] Speaker B: Of digital banner are indie games? Yes. Well, okay, that's a good I do. [01:06:27] Speaker C: I do because, well, I don't know. That's a good question. Is that essentially what's happened with David Diver? [01:06:31] Speaker B: Is it? [01:06:32] Speaker A: But I feel like specifically one thing I will say is the scale of revenue being made by a publisher like Devolver Digital is much smaller and much, much smaller than Nexon. But these games are still published by a significant company. And so this is where this thing kind of gets brought into question for me personally is because where do you draw the line? [01:06:54] Speaker B: Do you go? [01:06:55] Speaker A: An indie game can't be published by anyone apart from being self published because if you think about an indie film, for example, most indie films tend to be self published or somewhat to that degree. Whereas with video games it becomes difficult because a publisher often helps you with little things. Like, for example and I say little things and not little marketing. For example, how do you get your game marketed properly? How do you get your game onto these platforms like Steam and shit properly? Because I kind of float around in some reddits for game dev and stuff and a lot of the things that people say is that navigating these areas is quite difficult. So to be able to fall back on a major publisher helps a lot. So I think it's definitely stoked an interesting question on the interwebs, Grizz, I don't think anyone quite has the correct answer. [01:07:49] Speaker B: But yeah, look, Cult of the Lamb. [01:07:52] Speaker C: Cap is under Devolve of Digital and it's massive monster. And I think that that is definitely an indie game, right? [01:07:59] Speaker B: Surely like when you think about that particular game, that genre just a smaller studio. So I think they need to fucking. [01:08:07] Speaker C: Define what an indie game is a little bit better. [01:08:09] Speaker B: And I don't know, I always kind. [01:08:12] Speaker C: Of question the Game of the Year awards and nominations and we went through I remember last year we were talking. [01:08:17] Speaker B: Through some of the nominees and other. [01:08:20] Speaker C: Bits and pieces in there and how they exactly qualified. [01:08:22] Speaker B: But yeah, seems like a bit of a dark art, mate. [01:08:25] Speaker C: Maybe there needs to be some more definition. [01:08:28] Speaker A: Yeah, I dare say there might be some more definition next year. Jeff Keeley kind of had a bit of a word about it and gave his take on it. Didn't really kind of go either way about it. And I guess Suit Guy has a fairly reasonable point about Devolver being a publisher that works with an indies, whereas Dave the Divers owned by a Billion Dollar Corp, which again, fair, but I'm just saying it comes down to where's the line drawn, I guess, ultimately, where do we actually draw this line? I know that they're obviously two very different publishers and I'm also very aware of their revenue structure and how insanely different those two things are. But where I guess ultimately, I don't fucking know. I see a game that has pixel art and I go, that's a fucking indie game. That's basically my definition these days. Or it has low poly artwork, indie game bang. So? [01:09:21] Speaker B: Yeah. I don't know. [01:09:22] Speaker A: I guess time will tell, Grizz, and we'll see what it does next year. [01:09:25] Speaker B: All right, well, there you go. [01:09:28] Speaker A: Now, Grizz, I've got a little question for you, mate. I would love to know how your gaming has been going. [01:09:34] Speaker C: I'm going to play the Uno reverse card here on you, Cap, because you always give me a hard time about not asking you how's your gaming going. So I'm going to throw that back at you to start tonight, mate. How is your gaming going? How's it been going? [01:09:46] Speaker A: Well, it's interesting, Grizz, because my gaming has been fairly limited recently, mostly just from being completely and utterly shagged after work. Almost every, you know, I get into bed after I put Ted to bed and think, oh, I'll get up and jump on the PC for a little bit soon. And then I'm probably an hour and a half into my Instagram Reels Doom scroll. And then I just turn the lamp off and I'm asleep. But I had a little moment where I was like, I need to finish Boulders Gate Three before the year ends. [01:10:21] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:10:21] Speaker A: So I've dived back into there. I'm making my way through that final act. I'm kind of ticking off everything in the city of Boulders Gate. So working my way through there. [01:10:32] Speaker C: Where are you in the final act, Cap? [01:10:35] Speaker B: Where are you? [01:10:36] Speaker A: So is it oren? I've met Oren. I know what the Go is there and I've also met Gortash and I'm kind of navigating what to do next. I'm kind of trying to figure know, I need to figure out what I want to do. Know all the major events that are kind of happening. I'm still exploring a lot of Boulders Gate and I haven't specifically gone and confronted those two people, but I know that they exist and I know where to go to go and sort of see them, I guess, and see what's next. [01:11:13] Speaker C: Did you go to the whorehouse, Cap? [01:11:15] Speaker B: Did you go to the whorehouse at all? [01:11:17] Speaker A: I think I have. Is that where the little floating elephant is? [01:11:22] Speaker B: Yes. [01:11:23] Speaker C: Same building. [01:11:25] Speaker A: Yeah. So I've been in there. I don't know what you might be referencing. I can't quite remember what I did in there, in all honesty. But yeah, there's all kinds of shit going on to there. [01:11:34] Speaker C: Yeah, there is. Pretty interesting. Pretty interesting little area in there. [01:11:37] Speaker A: Pretty interesting little place. But yeah. So spent a little bit of time in there, Grizz. But yeah, it's such a good game. But I don't know, you might have seen Grizz Dragons Dogma Two had a release date trailer that they announced and. [01:11:54] Speaker B: They kind of question Dragons Dogma Two. [01:11:57] Speaker C: Is this the MMO or is this the single player experience? [01:12:01] Speaker A: It is a single player experience but it kind of feels like an MMO. It's almost got kind of like Black Desert online vibes but definitely feels a lot more kind of RPG combat ish and maybe a little bit skyrimified, but I do feel like the combat systems are much more interesting. It's kind of got a shadow of the Colossus element going on and pretty good magic and combat system there as well. So the new trailer came out for that. They plan to release this game in March next year. A lot of like climbing tall, big creatures and yeah, just smacking the shit out of them, kind of like you would in Shadow Colossus and it just looks really good. I've sort of given Dragons Dogma One a bit of a crack in the past and never really stuck with it for too long for no particular reason. I quite enjoyed it. What I did is I installed it on my Steam deck and it runs really well. So I've been playing that in bed at night. [01:13:06] Speaker B: It's been great. I actually played the MMO Cap back. [01:13:12] Speaker C: When I lived in Japan because that. [01:13:14] Speaker B: Game is not available in Australia. Definitely didn't have to play it. Yeah, and dude, it was wicked. [01:13:22] Speaker C: The MMO was fantastic as well. [01:13:24] Speaker A: I forgot that they had an MMO for this, but yeah, it's pretty cool. So, yeah, that's my gaming grizz. What about you, mate? What have you had on the books? [01:13:33] Speaker B: Look like you cap life is just kicking my ass. [01:13:38] Speaker C: I think it's the time of year. [01:13:38] Speaker B: But also moving house and everything else. [01:13:41] Speaker C: But I have been playing a few things. [01:13:43] Speaker B: I've been making sure that I keep. [01:13:46] Speaker C: This Battles Gate Three playthrough going. So Belly is here in the chat. I play with Belly and we're working. [01:13:53] Speaker B: Through and dude, it's just so good. I definitely know what you were telling me around Act Three not feeling as polished as the first two acts in. [01:14:07] Speaker C: Terms of a cohesive story and I don't know what it is and I'm hoping that maybe the patch fixes some of that. [01:14:15] Speaker B: I kind of don't want to spoil. [01:14:16] Speaker C: Anything but it looks like they have tweaked quite a lot of the story in that act and other bits and pieces in there. [01:14:23] Speaker B: But yeah, so far I think that's. [01:14:25] Speaker C: Been the weakest of the acts so far. [01:14:27] Speaker B: But as a whole, mate, it's just. [01:14:29] Speaker C: Been such an enjoyable experience, especially playing through I think playing through with a. [01:14:34] Speaker B: Co op has just been a joy. [01:14:38] Speaker C: So I definitely don't regret doing that. [01:14:41] Speaker B: Because I know that it's kind of like throwing up whether to do it. [01:14:44] Speaker C: With the group or myself. [01:14:45] Speaker B: But I haven't missed any of the. [01:14:47] Speaker C: Story because we find ourselves talking about the story elements as we go. [01:14:51] Speaker B: So it's not like I'm missing any. [01:14:53] Speaker C: Of the dialogue and you can listen into someone else talking and other bits and pieces. [01:14:56] Speaker B: So, yeah, pretty cool otherwise. [01:15:00] Speaker C: Cap, I also installed Magic the Gathering Arena, which they now offer Steam. Yeah, they offer it through Steam now, which is cool. Otherwise you used to have to have your own app to kind of play. [01:15:13] Speaker A: So you can get it on the Steam deck, I assume. [01:15:15] Speaker C: Well, I haven't tried that, but I'm very curious to know. I'm going to give that a crack tonight and see if I can install it. [01:15:20] Speaker B: And I'm sure it will run on there perfectly fine. Should do. [01:15:23] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:15:24] Speaker B: Oh, that's cool, mate. [01:15:26] Speaker C: Enjoying that. Just kind of a couple of arena runs because right now, Cap, I just need something that doesn't belong me having good reaction speed. And I just would rather kind of. [01:15:35] Speaker B: Just chill, like, you know how you. [01:15:37] Speaker C: Got to go through those periods? [01:15:39] Speaker A: Absolutely, yeah. I feel like I'm definitely in that period at the moment. Another game I forgot that I installed on my Steam deck was I actually installed Elder Scrolls online just for a bit of shits and giggles. And I kind of felt like I felt like an MMO, but I didn't want to have to get out of my bed. And so I gave that a bit of a crack. And it actually runs pretty well too. I mean, it's apparently not supported at all by Steam deck, but I installed it on Steam and stuffed around with it. And it runs on high settings, quite reasonably. [01:16:07] Speaker B: Weren't you playing wow a couple of weeks ago, Cap? [01:16:11] Speaker A: Yeah, I was. And then I realized I don't want to sit on my computer at night, which makes things very difficult and it's very setting up wow on your Steam deck is not a fun experience. And it was something I didn't really put myself through. [01:16:24] Speaker B: Can you do it, Cap? Play wow? [01:16:26] Speaker A: Yeah, you can because I mean, wow actually supports gamepads now, so you can kind of stuff around with it to get it working fairly nicely and add some add ons to make the text a little bit easier on the eyes for the small screen size. You can't really raid and stuff properly. But I mean, it will probably be a really good way to play classic, I think, so things like that will probably be fairly fun. [01:16:55] Speaker C: I know a lot of people have been hyped up about this Discovery thing. [01:16:58] Speaker B: Cap, that has released now. You seen that discovery? [01:17:03] Speaker A: What's that? [01:17:03] Speaker C: Yeah. Is that new game mode that you talked about that you might potentially jump into? Yes, that's released and it's apparently brought a lot of people back into the game to play. [01:17:13] Speaker A: Oh, it's actually out. [01:17:14] Speaker B: Yeah, it's out. [01:17:15] Speaker C: Yeah, people are playing it now, so it's in. It's vanilla. And the way it kind of works. [01:17:19] Speaker B: There'S like you got to go find different quests runes or whatever it is. And it will give you basically like. [01:17:28] Speaker C: Unlocks for your character things like Mages. [01:17:31] Speaker B: Can tank and Rogues can heal because. [01:17:33] Speaker C: You can unlock all these different spells. [01:17:35] Speaker B: And yeah, it just kind of opens. [01:17:36] Speaker C: The game up a lot more. But from what I've seen so I've seen some big streamers that are playing it. [01:17:43] Speaker B: They're calling it sod. [01:17:45] Speaker C: So Shroud is streaming it right now. [01:17:47] Speaker A: And they're like, yes, season of Discovery. [01:17:51] Speaker C: Yes, Season of Discovery apparently been quite successful. People are enjoying that. [01:17:59] Speaker A: Rad yeah, I'll have to check that out because when I heard about, I guess, the premise of what they were offering for that, I was quite excited about it because I thought that sounds like a really great way to jump back into classic. Because for me, a lot of what's I know what to expect with vanilla, I know what vanilla is because I played that. And so I guess that sense of discovery is very lacking for that particular game for me. Right. And also just the fact that the buy in for time is significant because there's so little quality of life improvements there. So to have an option like that sounds like the way to go. So, yeah, maybe we should jump in. Grizzly. [01:18:46] Speaker C: You know what, Cap? I would love to. I've kind of been thinking about WAB because it's kind of like a mindless, enjoyable game. Apparently people have been experiencing like Tad been so popular. There's been lines of people to get the runes and stuff because they're kind of like hidden around Azeroth and starting or something. Yeah, there's just like lines of people lining up to pick up the quests and do things. [01:19:12] Speaker A: That's really cool, man. Yeah, let's try and tee it up. That sounds great. [01:19:17] Speaker B: Keenas. [01:19:19] Speaker A: All right. Well, there you bloody go, Grizz. Now, look, let's freaking dive in, mate. It's time for a bit of rapid fire news. Brought to you by DJ Francesco. It's in the freaking game. Brought to you by the one, the only DJ Francesco. What a legend. Did not sponsor the Stream Perth event, which I saw was not impressed by, actually. But at least he sponsors this. [01:19:48] Speaker C: He was invited, though. Oh, okay. [01:19:51] Speaker A: Fair. Just didn't rock mean. Look, he's the big time. He's the big dog. All right, Grizz, first things first. The Game awards may in the future add best remake and best supporting actor to their lineup of nomination categories. It sort of came out recently that these were two categories that they wanted to add or were thinking about doing so. But Jeff Keeley just didn't quite get into that. Yeah, I mean, these ones make I tell you what, the Best Supporting Actor. Absolutely. I think the Grammys. Sorry. Not the Grammys. The fucking what's? The one the Oscars has that instead of all the other ones. Best Remake. [01:20:40] Speaker C: See, I actually like the best remake. [01:20:43] Speaker B: Cat, because, I don't know, there's some. [01:20:46] Speaker C: Fucking great ones and there's some real shit ones have a look at, but. [01:20:49] Speaker A: I feel like that's finite. And also, I guess it's kind of two things. Like, I do kind of want to promote the games that I liked that I want to see remake. But also I don't want to promote video game companies to waste time on remaking games that shouldn't be remade. [01:21:08] Speaker B: You know what I mean? [01:21:09] Speaker C: Here's my opinion. There are devs out there that all they do is remake great games. And I think there's some great examples. [01:21:16] Speaker B: Of them done right, like Dark Souls One and Diablo Two I think were both excellent. I think having something like Game of. [01:21:26] Speaker C: The Year Awards where they can potentially. [01:21:29] Speaker B: Have their own, I don't know, genre or category would be rewarding for those guys. I don't know. But you're right, Cap. [01:21:38] Speaker C: I mean, you don't want the Warcraft. [01:21:40] Speaker B: Three remake getting nominated in there, because that sucks. [01:21:44] Speaker C: Or even the last of us two mate. You don't want that in there either. [01:21:47] Speaker A: Well, yeah, it's just kind of like, whatever. But I guess we'll see what happens next year. Gris we may or may not have two new spicy little categories. [01:22:00] Speaker B: So there you go. Very nice. Capo so the new Naruto fighting game receives backlash for questionable redub, raising eyebrows. [01:22:12] Speaker C: Of a potential AI voiceover. [01:22:16] Speaker B: Pretty wild. [01:22:18] Speaker A: Yeah, big time wild, in fact. Seems like one of The Voice actors basically said I do not remember saying those lines. [01:22:28] Speaker C: You know what's crazy, Cap? There's a mod for wow now that. [01:22:32] Speaker B: Uses AI to read out the quest, your quests. [01:22:36] Speaker C: So you can go and accept a quest, really, and then you can walk away and AI will read it out to you. [01:22:41] Speaker B: And it is insane how well The. [01:22:44] Speaker C: Voice acting is in AI. [01:22:46] Speaker A: Wow. [01:22:47] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:22:48] Speaker A: Holy shit, dude. That is wild. [01:22:50] Speaker B: Okay. Interesting. [01:22:52] Speaker A: It's happening. Come at you fast. All right. Grizz also on Game Awards territory, they're. [01:23:01] Speaker B: Going to be tightening security this year. [01:23:04] Speaker A: To hopefully prevent another incursion. They've had a couple one last year, had that little kid who kind of ran up on didn't run up on stage. He just walked up behind Miyazaki and the rest of the from software team. And once they'd finished speaking, he kind of walked up and said something about Bill Clinton or some shit. And it was just not picked up on until it was too great, I think. Yeah, makes sense. Definitely could probably do with some more. [01:23:41] Speaker B: What do you call it? [01:23:41] Speaker A: A bit more security. [01:23:42] Speaker B: Grizz yeah, having someone walk up on stage randomly is a bit hey, go on. Yeah. So cap nintendo's plan works wonders as. [01:23:53] Speaker C: Mario Games sales leap to multi million dollar sales in the six months period after Super Mario Bros. Movie released in April. This is kind of interesting because I. [01:24:04] Speaker B: Reckon that Wonder would have done well in its own right without the release of the film. But the film was particularly good. [01:24:12] Speaker C: What do you reckon, mate? [01:24:13] Speaker B: Are these related game sales and the movie? [01:24:15] Speaker A: Oh, absolutely. I think you think know, kids asking for toys and shit for birthday presents and Christmas presents if they've just seen a Mario movie. I think kids are like grizz you've got three of them. [01:24:33] Speaker C: Yeah, well, we've actually joyce got Mario Brothers Monopoly for her birthday. And it's cool, man. [01:24:40] Speaker A: Is it the movie version? [01:24:41] Speaker B: I think it is the movie version, potentially, yeah. [01:24:44] Speaker C: And there's like it's crazy because there's. [01:24:46] Speaker B: A whole mechanic that isn't in Monopoly. There's like a little electronic question mark block that you press and depending on. [01:24:55] Speaker C: What noise it makes, will do things take coins away from you or give you coins. And that's the whole chance. [01:25:05] Speaker A: And I mean, this also kind of extends to other Mario games as well. Like, it seems like the Mario Party games, and we even had a bit of a chat last week about how Mario Kart Eight had only just recently fallen off the best sellers charts for the US week to week or whatever it was after. Since 2017, these games are exceptionally popular. And to have a spike like this again, it's pretty good for old Nintendo. [01:25:36] Speaker B: Absolutely. [01:25:38] Speaker A: All right. Grizz now, Gabe Newell is going to be making an in person deposition for the Val versus Wolffire games lawsuit. [01:25:50] Speaker B: Which. [01:25:50] Speaker A: Is kind of wild. Seems like Wolffire games, I believe, has I think there's like an anti what is it? Antitrust inquiry or some shit that they've sort of launched against Steam. I got to be honest, I'm not a full bottle on this, but all I know is that Gabe Newell is going to be in court telling people what's what. Okay? So get excited. I hope we get one of those court drawings of Gabe Newell. I think that'll be like just I'd hang that up on my fucking wall. That would be great. [01:26:24] Speaker C: Pull his voice lines from dota two, mate. Yeah, get him in there. [01:26:28] Speaker B: Yeah. Love it. Okay. [01:26:31] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:26:32] Speaker B: Yours, mate. [01:26:33] Speaker C: On December 5, the same day as Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition hits the shelves, they are also releasing a free Update 2.1, introducing new and hotly anticipated gameplay elements. So what are they introducing? Cap I haven't read too much about. [01:26:48] Speaker A: This yet, but there's actually shitloads, man. These guys are doing a big patch as well, which is pretty rad. They are finally actually releasing a Metro underground system that you can use to fast travel around the map. Trying to remember what other stream for. [01:27:07] Speaker C: This did they cap they had a stream to talk about it all, didn't they? [01:27:10] Speaker A: Yeah. I'm just going to fucking quickly give it a 1227 seven 2.1 patch. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff. They got the Metro system, a rideable Metro system, which you can get onto the thing. And I think this actually is something that's going to be really helpful for this game because the fast travel is not bad. You just got to kind of find a point and then you can travel to any other points that you've found around. I think also having kind of a fairly significant metro line as well is going to kind of just help you get around and utilize that, which would be great. They're also enabling you to listen to music while students running around in the world, so you can turn on your radio port and listen to some great chisel. And then they're also adjusting some of the boss fights as well. So one particular, the Adam Smasher boss fight, the final boss fight, depending on how your gameplay goes, they're adjusting the difficulty of that significantly to make it a little bit more harder. I think you could cheese it quite easily, basically touching that up. There's also a lot of stuff going on with vehicles, so there's like, car chases being added. They already exist, but more car chases. There's also replayable races and new vehicles. As I said, they've also got the Porsche going in, there, new motorbikes, and then they got a bunch of other shit, like bigger font sizes for accessibility, expanded HUD settings, adaptive triggers and trigger effect intensity for PS Five controllers, weapon cycling to arm cyberware and hacking minigame time limits. So better get moving. But, yeah, it's a lot of shit coming in. [01:29:04] Speaker B: A lot of shit. A lot of stuff happening. Love it. Sounds good. Pretty good. There you go. Me cap to me, you. [01:29:17] Speaker A: Also, they sold 4.3 million units. Very big numbers. That's for the phantom liberty DLC. [01:29:24] Speaker C: Wow. [01:29:24] Speaker A: That's a significant number of sales on your DLC, especially when the game had a bit of a Tumultuous launch and everything else that's kind of happened. I think they've done a pretty good job. Also, they've cleaned up pretty well. So, yeah, good on them, mate. [01:29:39] Speaker B: Overall. [01:29:40] Speaker A: Just bloody good on them. [01:29:42] Speaker C: Cat Valve accidentally compiled and pushed the earliest Left for Dead prototype called Terra. [01:29:49] Speaker B: Strike into the latest CS 1.6 update. [01:29:53] Speaker C: And the community figured out how to. [01:29:55] Speaker B: Play it and how to unlock it. Yeah. [01:29:58] Speaker A: Now, have you watched this? It's kind of fucking wild. Counterstrike 1.6 with mode, is it? Yeah, it's kind of just like terrorist and counterterrorist mobs, just kind of slowly running at you in a zombie like fashion. But, I mean, it's kind of cool to see where things have clearly started and you obviously know what Left for Dead is, and it's a known quantity, and to see where it kind of originated from is very rad. So pretty cool. Pretty cool to see these little nuggets kind of exist. Grizz. A study has noted that you notice states kids want game subscriptions and virtual currencies more than actual games this Christmas. [01:30:46] Speaker B: Yeah, look, on my wish list was the Steam card. [01:30:50] Speaker C: Steam Voucher. [01:30:54] Speaker A: You're the biggest United States kid I know. [01:30:57] Speaker C: Yeah, big time. Would you be happy with a Steam Voucher? [01:31:00] Speaker B: Cap? [01:31:01] Speaker C: Would you be happy with the Steam Voucher? [01:31:02] Speaker A: Would I'd be stoked with that. I don't know. I'm always a Voucher kind of guy because I can get what I want. I'm not going to get like some not to say shit present, but it might be a present that I deem not to be as good as the one I could just buy myself. [01:31:19] Speaker B: Box of shorts, mate. [01:31:22] Speaker A: Well, actually I like those brand new. I love the jocks and socks prezzies. They're great. [01:31:32] Speaker C: Good news, Grizz. Remnant One and Two is now available on Game Pass, which thank fuck, I refunded that game, Cap, because play it for free, right? [01:31:42] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:31:42] Speaker A: Now you can play it for free. [01:31:43] Speaker C: Pretty cool. [01:31:44] Speaker A: Thanks, Grizz. Finally on the run sheet tonight, mate. Nearly half of City Project Red is now working on the Witcher Four. Pretty exciting. I wonder how long that's going to. [01:31:57] Speaker B: Take to come out. So, Cap, given what's happened with Cyberpunk. [01:32:03] Speaker C: Do you now feel slightly more optimistic about the Witcher? [01:32:07] Speaker B: Witcher Four? [01:32:08] Speaker A: Yeah, I think so. I think they probably well, I would hope that they've learned a lesson, though. I got to admit, Grizz, I don't hold out an awful lot of hope for AAA gaming just in general anymore. I actually think AA gaming is a very difficult project management situation and that's becoming more and more realized every time we release a new game in the I think you see some of the quality of these games coming. Out and the way that they ship and they get delayed and then still ship with a shitload of bugs or just particularly poor quality. And then you compare them to know again, dare I say, indie games. And the quality is completely different. It's kind of mental. [01:32:55] Speaker C: It's really interesting. Adrian and I were talking about this Cap last time he was on the. [01:32:58] Speaker B: Show and he was talking about minimum viable product. [01:33:03] Speaker C: And that essentially is what AAA studios are bringing out. Something that meets the minimum requirements for. [01:33:10] Speaker B: People buying that game and then they fix it after the fact if it's worth fixing, if it's successful. Otherwise they just release it and try. [01:33:19] Speaker C: To assume what a minimum viable product is. And then if it's shit, then they. [01:33:22] Speaker B: Just let it burn. Die and burn. Unless you're I think the only way. [01:33:27] Speaker A: That'S ever going to change is if people buy video games that deserve to be bought. Until that happens, there's no reason for these companies to stop doing what they're doing and it'll just keep happening. And I think it's interesting because gaming is such a unique kind of industry and media type, if you released a shit movie, people just wouldn't go and watch it. It's pretty much that simple. You can release a fairly average game and people will still probably give it a crack if there's enough marketing behind it and may even look beyond some of its bad qualities. It's really weird. [01:34:04] Speaker B: Yeah, well, I mean, Cap, there's a. [01:34:08] Speaker C: Couple of games that have. Been exactly that this year. Hype it up through the marketing people buy. [01:34:16] Speaker A: But yeah, anyways, well, grizz, that's the end of the show and that's the end of us. We're going to go and jump into bed and dream little OGR dreams and it's going to be great. Now, I just want to say a big thank you again to everyone listening, whether it be via podcasts, if you'd like to listen via podcasts, go and type in Oceanic Gaming Radio or OGR in your favorite podcasting platform, or go to OGR Show and you can find all of our links there. You can find links to our Twitch page, which is Twitch TV Oceanicgamingradio. You can come and join the chatters such as Caging Runt, Mezanong. Who else we got in here? We got Honda Civic 2014 Ex. What a fucking name. Sukai au snippo erie j obviously twelve. Orcs I mean, Lava fired. There's a shitload of legends in here tonight, so thanks for being here, bloody appreciate you guys. Yeah, you can join them every Monday night as we record this live. 07:00 P.m awst. Outside of that, we've currently got a thing going on in the discord. Again, you can find the discord link on our OGR Show link and you can go and check the Announcements channel. There's a form to place your bets on who's going to win which categories in the game awards and winner gets a cameo from Pav and also a discord role for the rest of the year. They get to become the Discord King, basically. [01:35:49] Speaker C: Get in there. [01:35:52] Speaker A: Second runner up prize, obviously being the cameo from Pav with the grand prize being the discord role as I wait a second, what the fuck? But yeah, so there you go, very exciting. Outside of that, what else? We got Twitter polls on the weekends probably, and all the rest of it. You guys figure it out. Anyways, we'll see you guys next week. Love you guys immensely. Look after yourselves and yeah, we'll see you soon. Wow.

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